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2022 ◽  
Vol 166 ◽  
pp. 106543
Mehran Eskandari Torbaghan ◽  
Manu Sasidharan ◽  
Louise Reardon ◽  
Leila C.W. Muchanga-Hvelplund

2022 ◽  
Vol 62 ◽  
pp. 102433
Mona Ashok ◽  
Rohit Madan ◽  
Anton Joha ◽  
Uthayasankar Sivarajah

Janak Damre

Abstract: We've been hearing a lot about cryptocurrencies lately. With about 3,000 distinct cryptocurrencies on the market right now, it's evident that they're here to stay, despite their unpredictable nature. But did you realise that nearly all cryptocurrencies are based on the same idea? Blockchain technology underpins nearly all cryptocurrencies. Blockchain, also known as the shared ledger, is one of the most secure digital technologies due to its distributed nature. Keywords: Centralized & Decentralized, Blockchain, Solidity

2022 ◽  
Vol 9 (1) ◽  
pp. 174-186
Febry Khunto Sasongko ◽  
Diah Kristina ◽  
Abdul Asib

This article discusses the strategies used by five non-millennial teachers (aged 54-59 years old) of a junior high school in coping with the online teaching during the COVID-19 pandemic, in Ngawi, East Java, Indonesia. The teachers were interviewed, and the data were transcribed and analyzed by creating a data repository, expanding the codes, describing the coded data, and drawing conclusions. The results revealed that the teachers had several strategies used, which were to increase students’ interest in learning, provide students with knowledge and attention, create efficient learning resources, and use SIMPEL (Sistem Informasi Manajemen Pembelajaran or Learning Management Information System), which is specifically available only in Ngawi. SIMPEL was specially developed by the Ngawi district education office, to ensure that the learning processes in Ngawi Regency continue to run optimally during the COVID-19 outbreak. SIMPEL substituted the use of online YouTube videos and materials because the materials were already provided by the system, decreasing the need for the teachers to depend on other resources. Despite these teachers also using other online platforms, hence issues such as the slow internet connection, running out of quotas and blackouts, hindered their efforts to use these platforms at times. Hence, WAG was the most used media to conduct their online learning due to its simplicity and availability. These teachers continued to strive to learn digital technologies ever since they changed from their previous face-to-face teaching strategies.

2022 ◽  
Vol 14 (2) ◽  
pp. 983
Léo-Paul Dana ◽  
Aidin Salamzadeh ◽  
Samira Mortazavi ◽  
Morteza Hadizadeh

International markets and digital technologies are considered among the factors affecting business innovation. The emergence and deployment of digital technologies in emerging markets increase the innovation potential in businesses. Companies with an entrepreneurial orientation also strengthen their innovation capabilities. The present study aimed to investigate the impact of international markets and new digital technologies on business innovation in emerging markets, and to estimate the mediating effect of entrepreneurial orientation on this relationship. The present research was applied research in terms of aim and descriptive survey in terms of data collection method and quantitative in terms of the type of collected data. A standard questionnaire was to collect data. The study’s statistical population consisted of all companies providing business services in Tehran, Iran. To analyse the data, the structural equation modelling method with partial least squares method and Smart PLS-3 Software was used. The results revealed that international markets and digital technologies are positively associated with innovation. They also revealed that when a company’s entrepreneurial orientation increases, the digital technologies and international markets will be more involved in mutual relationships.

Yu.N. Malyshev ◽  
A.V. Titova ◽  
E.V. Khotchenkov ◽  
G.I. Titov

Важнейшими в современном образовательном процессе являются инновационные интерактивные приемы, способные расширять кругозор учащегося, помогающие творчески подходить к изучаемому объекту. Фактическими материалами, которые могут представлять интерес как для учащихся, так и для преподавателей и методистов высших и средних образовательных учреждений в области естественнонаучных знаний, является значительный научный и методический материал, накопленный ГГМ РАН, а также академическим сообществом в целом. В свою очередь новые условия дистанционного взаимодействия и передачи информации требуют новых интерактивных форма с использованием цифровых технологий. Все это помогает усилить научную емкость и интеграцию в образовательную среду, способствует расширению коммуникационной площадки в системе непрерывного отраслевого просвещения и образования.

2022 ◽  
Vol 11 (1) ◽  
pp. 1
Joris Vlieghe

This contribution deals with the impact of digitisation on what it means to educate and to be educated, especially in the wake of the massive switch to on-screen learning during the COVID-19 crisis. It is argued that we can only adequately relate to this phenomenon if it is based on a strong pedagogical and technocentric account of (school) education. Drawing from authors such as Arendt, Lahire, Stiegler and Serres, the argument is made that four basic pedagogical operations (sharing love for the world, showing newcomers that there is a common world, drawing attention to things that matter, creating the student experience and sense of belonging within a new generation) is under considerable threat. At least, this is the case if we don’t try to conceive of new digital technologies in a pedagogically meaningful manner, instead of unreflectively relying on existing conferencing technologies.

2022 ◽  
Vol 12 (4) ◽  
pp. 416-433
B. M. Bizhoev

Purpose: the aim of the article is to calculate the reduction in transaction costs when transferring purchases to electronic format, as well as determine the potential for digitizing the consideration of all requirements for procurement participants.Methods: the study is based on the conceptual provisions of the institutional economic theory, the use of the system approach methodology, the use of survey research methods, and the generalization of expert assessments. The development of the proposed topic is also based on the use of methods of economic and statistical analysis, scientifc abstraction, comparison and scientifc generalizations.Results: as a result of a detailed analysis, the digital transformation electronic trading platforms into the digital trading platforms was substantiated. The paper also shows the role of electronization and digitalization in reducing transaction costs and time spent on customers. It was revealed that the transfer of authority to the electronic trading platforms not only excludes the possibility of errors, unfair and opportunistic behavior of customers, and as a result – the imposition of fnes, but also reduces the time spent on procurement. The main approaches to improving the contract system, building its digital ecosystem, where the necessary actions are performed by the software and hardware complex, and the contract manager only "accompanies" the purchase, are proposed. The article presents the evolution of the use of digital technologies and the corresponding legal regulation in Russia.Conclusions and Relevance: the use of digital technologies in public procurement is becoming a factor causing changes in the contractual system. The electronic form of trading has brought a new reality, opportunities for digital transformation are opening up. The use of automated counterparty verifcation technologies in the activities of electronic trading platforms is a potential factor in reducing transaction costs. In the future, it is possible to use digital technology “big data”, which helps to identify and categorize the necessary information regarding the availability of experience in the execution of similar contracts.

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