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2022 ◽  
Vol 509 (1) ◽  
Nguyễn Trọng Khoa ◽  
Hoàng Bùi Hải

Nghiên cứu nhằm tìm hiểu giá trị của xét nghiệm hs Troponin T thời điểm 0-1h trong chẩn đoán hội chứng vành cấp ở các bệnh nhân đau ngực vào cấp cứu. Đây là một nghiên cứu mô tả cắt ngang trên 290 bệnh nhân đau ngực vào cấp cứu. Các bệnh nhân được làm 2 mẫu xét nghiệm hs troponin T lúc nhập viện và sau 1h để tìm hiểu giá trị của xét nghiệm với bệnh nhân đau ngực cấp. Kết quả cho thấy tỷ lệ bệnh nhân đau ngực vào cấp cứu do HCVC gặp ở 49,7% trường hợp. Giá trị và biến thiên nồng độ troponin thời điểm 0-1h có hiệu quả rất tốt trong chẩn đoán NMCT cấp với diện tích dưới đường cong (AUC) lần lượt là: 0,863; 0,914; 0,932 (với p<0.001). Với ngưỡng giá trị hs troponin T lúc nhập viện là 5 ng/l để loại trừ chẩn đoán NMCT (Rule-out) thì độ nhạy là 0,989 và giá trị dự báo âm tính là 94,9%. Trong khi đó nếu lấy ngưỡng 52 ng/l để chẩn đoán NMCT (Rule-in) thì độ đặc hiệu là 0,957 giá trị dự báo dương tính là 85,6%. Với ngưỡng biến thiên Hs-Troponin T  0-1h là 5 ng/l, thì độ đặc hiệu chẩn đoán NMCT là 0,957 giá trị dự báo dương tính là 88,7%. Nghiên cứu cho thấy xét nghiệm hs-Troponin T và biến thiên hs-Troponin T 0-1h có giá trị cao trong chẩn đoán NMCT ở bệnh nhân đau ngực vào cấp cứu.  

Genes ◽  
2022 ◽  
Vol 13 (1) ◽  
pp. 132
Mathilde Filser ◽  
Betty Gardie ◽  
Mathieu Wemeau ◽  
Patricia Aguilar-Martinez ◽  
Muriel Giansily-Blaizot ◽  

High oxygen affinity hemoglobin (HOAH) is the main cause of constitutional erythrocytosis. Mutations in the genes coding the alpha and beta globin chains (HBA1, HBA2 and HBB) strengthen the binding of oxygen to hemoglobin (Hb), bringing about tissue hypoxia and a secondary erythrocytosis. The diagnosis of HOAH is based upon the identification of a mutation in HBA1, HBA2 or HBB in specialized laboratories. Phenotypic studies of Hb are also useful, but electrophoretic analysis can be normal in 1/3 of cases. The establishment of the dissociation curve of Hb can be used as another screening test, a shift to the left indicating an increased affinity for Hb. The direct measurement of venous P50 using a Hemox Analyzer is of great importance, but due to specific analytic conditions, it is only available in a few specialized laboratories. Alternatively, an estimated measurement of the P50 can be obtained in most of the blood gas analyzers on venous blood. The aim of our study was therefore to determine whether a normal venous P50 value could rule out HOAH. We sequenced the HBB, HBA1 and HBA2 genes of 75 patients with idiopathic erythrocytosis. Patients had previously undergone an exhaustive medical check-up after which the venous P50 value was defined as normal. Surprisingly, sequencing detected HOAH in three patients (Hb Olympia in two patients, and Hb St Nazaire in another). A careful retrospective examination of their medical files revealed that (i) one of the P50 samples was arterial; (ii) there was some air in another sample; and (iii) the P50 measurement was not actually done in one of the patients. Our study shows that in real life conditions, due to pre-analytical contingencies, a venous P50 value that is classified as being normal may not be sufficient to rule out a diagnosis of HOAH. Therefore, we recommend the systematic sequencing of the HBB, HBA1 and HBA2 genes in the exploration of idiopathic erythrocytosis.

Rahmathulla Safiyul Rahman ◽  
Ali Saeed Alharbi ◽  
Bassam Ahmed Basaben ◽  
Ahmad Adnan Alsalman ◽  
Anas Sulaiman Aljohani ◽  

Colon polyps might originate from the submucosa including lymphoid aggregates, carcinoids and lipomas. On the other hand, most polyps usually arise from the mucosa and include various types, whether neoplastic or not. The prognosis and treatment of these lesions depend on establishing an adequate diagnosis to rule out the presence of malignancy. Therefore, clinicians should be aware of each subclassification's different types and presentations to achieve the best outcomes. When conducting colonoscopy screening for colorectal cancer, colorectal polyps are commonly discovered. The prevalence of these lesions is high. However, most of them do not have any clinical significance. On the other hand, evidence shows that some polyps might have premalignant characteristics, which are usually challenging to manage in clinical practice. Therefore, evidence shows that the most appropriate approach to managing these lesions and achieving the best prognosis would be identifying and treating them as early as possible before complications appear to intervene against potential morbidities and mortality. Clinicians should consider the wide variations of colorectal cancer to establish the most appropriate diagnosis. A histological diagnosis is essential in these events to exclude malignancy and decide the most appropriate treatment plan.

2022 ◽  
pp. 6-11
Risa Shimizu ◽  
Fumihiko Tsushima ◽  
Ruri Komiya ◽  
Yuko Yamagata ◽  
Hiroyuki Harada

Fixed drug eruption (FDE) is a type of drug reaction in which cutaneous or mucocutaneous lesions recur at the same site due to repeated administration of the causative drug. The most reported FDE-inducing drugs are nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). We report a case of FDE associated with the use of NSAIDs for menstrual pain. A 33-year-old woman was referred to our department with blisters and soreness on her lips, tongue, and labial mucosa. The results of blood examination helped rule out herpes simplex virus infection, pemphigus, and pemphigoid. An FDE was suspected because these symptoms coincided with the use of NSAIDs for menstrual pain. Thus, the patient was advised not to use these NSAIDs but to use acetaminophen instead. No recurrence has been observed since the patient began avoiding these NSAIDs.

2022 ◽  
Vol 6 (1) ◽  
pp. 10
Tom Seccull

Abstract The Jupiter Trojan asteroid 128383 (2004 JW52) was recently reported to have optical colors that are incongruous with its dynamical class. New and archival observations show that this is not the case. This is a reminder that we must always rule out the possibility that the Point-Spread Function of a minor planet is blended with that of a background sidereal source in survey images before its colors in the associated survey catalog can be considered reliable.

2022 ◽  
pp. 174702182210750
Federica Scarpina ◽  
Clara Paschino ◽  
Massimo Scacchi ◽  
Alessandro Mauro ◽  
Anna Sedda

Objective. Obesity is a clinical condition that impacts severely the physical body. However, evidence related to the mental representation of the body in action is scarce. The few available studies only focus on avoiding obstacles, rather than participants imagining their own body. Method. To advance knowledge in this field, we assessed the performance of twenty-two individuals with obesity compared to thirty individuals with a healthy weight in two tasks that implied different motor (more implicit vs. more explicit) imagery strategies. Two tasks were also administered to control for visual imagery skills, to rule out confounding factors. Moreover, we measured body uneasiness, through a standard questionnaire, as body image negativity could impact on other body representation components. Results. Our findings do not show differences in the motor imagery tasks between individuals with obesity and individuals with healthy weight. On the other hand, some differences emerge in visual imagery skills. Crucially, individuals with obesity did report a higher level of body uneasiness. Conclusions. Despite a negative body image and visual imagery differences, obesity per se does not impact on the representation of the body in action. Importantly, this result is independent from the level of awareness required to access the mental representation of the body.

M. Kankra ◽  
A. Mehta ◽  
J. P. S. Sawhney ◽  
S. Solanki ◽  
S. Bhargava ◽  

Khan Shazia Islamuddin ◽  
Deepak Singh

Marma Science is one of the most distinctive concepts of Ayurveda. There are 107 marma sites in the body, and they are the conglomeration of muscles, veins, ligaments, bones, and joints. This peculiarity makes Marmamarma a somewhat vulnerable point, and any injury can lead to disability, dysfunction and demise. The cause of the damage can either be traumatic or iatrogenic; therefore, it becomes a necessity to rule out the exact location of the marma and anatomical structure responsible for the traumatic effects. Katiktarun being a Prishthagata marma, is prone to get injured during significant surgeries of the gluteal region and spine. Its injury can lead to delayed death. The aim of this study revolves around the anatomical entity responsible for delayed death caused by katiktarun injury. By identifying the location and structure involved in the marma, it might be possible to repair the structure and deferment the delayed end. Based on Ayurvedic literature and cadaveric observations, the superior margin of the sciatic notch (suprapiriform foraman) is considered as the position of Katiktarun Marma, whereas the neurovasculature associated with suprapiriform foramen is the causative structure of marma trauma symptoms.

Fabrice Correia

AbstractIt would be a good thing to have at our disposal a general theory of location that is neutral with respect to (i.e. that does not rule out or entail) (i) the view that some objects have more than one exact location, (ii) the view that some objects are located without having an exact location, and (iii) the view that some objects are “spanners”—where a spanner is an object exactly located at a region that has proper parts but which has no proper part exactly located at a proper part of the region. As far as I know, no theory of location that can be found in the literature has this feature. I put forward a new theory that does—or so I argue. The theory takes as its sole locational primitive the notion of being entirely located at.

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