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Ivanna Shubina ◽  
Oleh Plakhotnik ◽  
Olha Plakhotnik

There has been emerging interest in the effectiveness of technology usage in professional education for establishing various competences among future educators. However, the field still lacks in holistic overviews of the role of technology for establishing various competences among future educators. The present bibliometric study was employed to identify and synthesize the results from studies exploring domains of professional education, technology and establishing competence. An author analyzed the papers published in highly ranked and cited journals which were indexed and ranked in the Web of Science Core Collection and Scopus, in the period of 2000 to 2020. The results demonstrated high interest in studied domains within various subjects and fields of study, demonstrating the interest in the opportunities which provide the technology for professional education and developing methodological competences.

2021 ◽  
Isidro Jesús González-Hernández ◽  
Rafael Granillo-Macías ◽  
Carlos Rondero-Guerrero ◽  
Isaías Simón-Marmolejo

L Radha ◽  
J Arumugam

Bibliometrics is one of the statistical methods to analyze the research output of books, articles, and other scientific publications. This paper attempts to study the three types of Bibliometric indicators such as quantity, quality, and structural indicators. This study pertains to the information on the research growth of Bibliometric study, especially in the subject category of Library and Information Science published in Web of Science Database. This paper presents the findings of a Bibliometric study, targeting five year period (2014–2018), with the aim of identifying emerging research directions, the top-20 institutions, coupling, and collaboration by applying VOS viewer and Biblioshiny for bibliometric tools.

Francisco Samuel Rodrigues Carvalho ◽  
Déborah Isis de Oliveira Barbosa ◽  
Iara Furtado Torquato ◽  
André Mattos Britto de Souza ◽  
Roberta Dalcico ◽  

Abstract Introduction Orthognathic surgeries require the use of surgical splints (SS) to stabilize the occlusion and the segments fixed with plates and screws. Technological advances in the field of computing and the possibility of generating three-dimensional (3D) images have brought different possibilities for making SS, which has generated greater predictability and customization of surgical plans. The bibliometric study can have a qualitative character through the scope of articles in a certain area of knowledge. It is a selection process that can track a topic or scientific production. Methods The present study aimed to carry out a bibliometric literature review, in order to assess the evolution of the use of SS and the different planning protocols in orthognathic surgery. The Scopus database was used, with the terms “splint” and “orthognathic surgery.” Results A total of 331 articles were found. These were exported to Rayyan for application of the inclusion and exclusion criteria and selection of articles. A total of 76 references were selected and exported to the VOSviewer application for the analysis of bibliometric data. Conclusions Orthognathic surgery was initially not associated with any computerized technological resource; however, it underwent updates between the years 2010 to 2012. These advances allowed surgical planning to become faster, cheaper, and more accurate.

2021 ◽  
Carole Lunny ◽  
Sai Surabi Thirugnanasampanthar ◽  
Salman Kanji ◽  
Nicola Ferri ◽  
Dawid Pieper ◽  

Abstract Introduction: An increasing growth of systematic reviews (SRs) presents notable challenges for decision-makers seeking to answer clinical questions. Overviews of systematic reviews aim to address these challenges by summarising results of SRs and making sense of potentially discrepant SR results and conclusions. In 1997, an algorithm was created by Jadad to assess discordance in results across SRs on the same topic. Since this tool pre-dates the advent of overviews, it has been inconsistently applied in this context. Our study aims to (a) replicate assessments done in a sample of overviews using the Jadad algorithm to determine if the same SR would have been chosen, (b) evaluate the Jadad algorithm in terms of utility, efficiency, and comprehensiveness, and (c) describe how overviews address discordance in results across multiple SRs. Methods and Analysis: We will use a database of 1218 overviews (2000-2020) created from a bibliometric study as the basis of our search for overviews assessing discordance. This bibliometric study searched MEDLINE (Ovid), Epistemonikos, and Cochrane Database for overviews. We will include any overviews using Jadad (1997) or another method to assess discordance. The first 30 overviews screened at the full-text stage by two independent reviewers will be included. We will replicate Jadad assessments in overviews. We will compare our outcomes qualitatively and evaluate the differences between our Jadad assessment of discordance and the overviews’ assessment. Ethics and Dissemination: No ethics approval was required as no human subjects were involved. In addition to publishing in an open-access journal, we will disseminate evidence summaries through formal and informal conferences, academic websites, and across social media platforms. This is the first study to comprehensively evaluate and replicate Jadad algorithm assessments of discordance in SRs.

2021 ◽  
Vol 13 ◽  
pp. 1656-1663
Karine Kamila De Lima Carvalho Garcia ◽  
Marcella Costa Souto Duarte ◽  
Márcia Virgínia Di Lorenzo Florêncio ◽  
Fabíola Fialho Furtado Gouvêa

Objetivo: verificar os indicadores bibliométricos referentes a produção científica disponível em periódicos online acerca do tema equilíbrio e medo de cair em idosos. Métodos: estudo bibliométrico, cuja amostra foi de 51 artigos, publicados no período entre 2008 e 2018, nos idiomas inglês e/ou português, disponibilizados na íntegra em bases de dados nacionais e internacionais. Resultados: verificou-se maior pico de produções no ano de 2016 (21,6%). Predominou as publicações disponibilizadas na base de dados MEDLINE (92,5%), no idioma inglês (96,1%), em revistas internacionais, com Qualis A1 (52,9%). Quanto ao enfoque dos estudos, prendominou os temas acidentes por queda; medidas de prevenção e tratamento; medidas de testes e avaliação; e morbidades. Conclusão: os indicadores bibliométricos acerca do tema equilibrio e medo de cair em idosos apontam uma produção científica em desenvolvimento. Esta temática tem sido foco recente de pesquisadores na área de saúde que atuam no cuidado e reabilitação do idoso.  

2021 ◽  
Vol 13 (1) ◽  
pp. 971-984
Entesar Yaseen Abdo QAID ◽  
Idris LONG ◽  
Khairunnuur Fairuz AZMAN ◽  
Asma Hayati AHMAD ◽  
Zahiruddin OTHMAN ◽  

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