comprehensive assessment
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2022 ◽  
pp. 85-91
E. V. Krukovich ◽  
G. O. Momot ◽  
E. A. Osipenko

The article highlights one of the current issues of pediatrics - the study of the dynamics of Physical Development (PD) in children and adolescents. The numerous methods of assessment are used. The methods contain one-dimensional, two-dimensional and / or trimeric indicators. They do not fully give an idea of the level of the child's PD and do not reflect the patterns of his growth and development. In some cases, a pediatrician at the outpatient stage requires a comprehensive assessment of PD including age determination and compliance of biological age with the real age, determination of the PD harmony, somatotype determination, assessment of the direction of growth and development along with the calculation of indexes, functional state assessment, assessment of the degree of fat deposition or bioimpedance measurement, which allows determining the risk group. The assessment of PD indicators must be carried out according to regional tables.

2022 ◽  
Vol 15 (1) ◽  
pp. 15
Yulia Vertakova ◽  
Irina Izmalkova ◽  
Evgeniy Leontyev

The effectiveness of the unification of enterprises in the cluster is also associated with high uncertainty and risks. Thus, the development of theoretical approaches and methodological instruments for efficient risk management of enterprises under the conditions of cluster association is an urgent scientific task. The methodology of a comprehensive risk assessment of the cluster enterprise is based on the use of the approach for building a functional-target model of a cluster enterprise, and is reduced to the search for a response to the question: can an event change the value of a providing indicator in such a way that this will lead to a deterioration in the resulting indicator in each enterprise subsystem? Based on the results of forecasting external risks, it was established that the group of state and global risks, in particular, political, territorial and financial, is characterized by significant threats for the next 5 years for the studied cluster enterprises. We proposed and tested a methodology for a comprehensive assessment of the risks of cluster enterprises, based on a functional-target approach, according to which a cluster enterprise as a socio-economic system is considered as a set of three basic subsystems: management, production and financial and economic.

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