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Food Control ◽  
2022 ◽  
Vol 132 ◽  
pp. 108521
Alfonso Narváez ◽  
Luigi Castaldo ◽  
Luana Izzo ◽  
Noelia Pallarés ◽  
Yelko Rodríguez-Carrasco ◽  

2022 ◽  
Vol 4 (3) ◽  
pp. 655-662
Efrita Norman ◽  
Zulficar Ismail ◽  
Abdul Husenudin ◽  
Enah Pahlawati ◽  
Rio Kartika Supriyatna

Zakat is one of the pillars in the Islamic economy which is a pillar of the Islamic religion, the importance of zakat in the economy is why in the Qur'an zakat is always juxtaposed with prayer, there are even 29 words zakat which are always juxtaposed with prayer, because zakat is meritorious in Community economic empowerment must be managed properly by amil zakat, in this context is BAZNAS Bogor City. The purpose of zakat itself is not only to help asnaf but also to make mustahiq become muzakki, therefore the distribution of zakat funds must be right on target so that this goal is achieved. This study aims to determine the determination of recipients of zakat funds distributed by BAZNAS Bogor City through one of its programs, namely Bogor Berkah, whether with this program the zakat asnaf group is helped and this study takes the object of ta'lim majlis. The approach used in this research is descriptive qualitative with SWOT analysis approach, IFAS (Internal Strategic Factor Analysis Summary) and EFAS (External Strategic Factor Analysis Summary). The results of this study indicate that in determining the receipt of zakat funds distributed by BAZNAS Bogor City through the Bogor Berkah program is the majlis ta'lim criteria which have small or medium business groups. and with this program there are not a few ta'lim majlis that empower their congregations of ta'lim majlis. Keywords: zakat, bogor blessing program, empowerment of dhu'afa

Matthias Klumpp ◽  
Dominic Loske ◽  
Silvio Bicciato

AbstractThe COVID-19 pandemic is a global challenge to humankind. To improve the knowledge regarding relevant, efficient and effective COVID-19 measures in health policy, this paper applies a multi-criteria evaluation approach with population, health care, and economic datasets from 19 countries within the OECD. The comparative investigation was based on a Data Envelopment Analysis approach as an efficiency measurement method. Results indicate that on the one hand, factors like population size, population density, and country development stage, did not play a major role in successful pandemic management. On the other hand, pre-pandemic healthcare system policies were decisive. Healthcare systems with a primary care orientation and a high proportion of primary care doctors compared to specialists were found to be more efficient than systems with a medium level of resources that were partly financed through public funding and characterized by a high level of access regulation. Roughly two weeks after the introduction of ad hoc measures, e.g., lockdowns and quarantine policies, we did not observe a direct impact on country-level healthcare efficiency, while delayed lockdowns led to significantly lower efficiency levels during the first COVID-19 wave in 2020. From an economic perspective, strategies without general lockdowns were identified as a more efficient strategy than the full lockdown strategy. Additionally, governmental support of short-term work is promising. Improving the efficiency of COVID-19 countermeasures is crucial in saving as many lives as possible with limited resources.

2022 ◽  
Vol 8 (1) ◽  
pp. 114-118
Rif'ati Dina Handayani ◽  
Sri Handono Budi Prastowo ◽  
Trapsilo Prihandono ◽  
Lailatul Nuraini ◽  
Bambang Supriadi ◽  

Abstraction is the primary key in computational thinking. This study aims to analyze students’ computational thinking skills of abstraction on the concept of kinematics. The data were collected through students’ project documents and interviews. The data is examined using a content analysis approach that emphasizes writing, verbal, or visual communication. The results revealed that students’ abstraction skills were evident in collecting data and analyzing, and recognizing patterns but were less visible in building models or simulations. Abstraction skills can be used as a foundation and framework for viewing a concept in physics not only in mathematics or formulas views but as a data iterative relationship. This research is expected to provide an overview for physics instructors to integrate computational thinking in their learning classroom

2022 ◽  
pp. 147078532110590
Hui-Ju Wang

With the popularity of online reviews, brand managers have opportunities to segment their markets according to the reviews of their products or services by customers. Nonetheless, it has been suggested that traditional market segmentation methods are ineffective at analyzing online review data due to the complex features and large amount of this type of data; specifically, traditional methods fail to take into account the networked nature of interactive relationships among reviewers and brands across online review websites. Accordingly, this study proposes a network analysis approach for the market segmentation of online reviews. Collecting samples from Yelp via web scraping, this study demonstrates how network analysis techniques can be utilized to segment online reviewers through a four-step process. The results reveal the core and peripheral market segments, as well as the bridge segment in the core. The study contributes to offering marketing researchers and managers a new network structure analysis approach for the market segmentation of online reviews.

Aksara ◽  
2022 ◽  
Vol 33 (2) ◽  
pp. 257-268
Bakdal Ginanjar ◽  
Dwi Purnanto ◽  
Hesti Widyastuti ◽  
Chattri S. Widyastuti

AbstrakPenelitian ini diarahkan pada kajian teks wacana pariwisata dengan pendekatan analisis wacana. Permasalahan yang dikaji adalah aspek kebahasaan pembangun kepaduan teks wacana berupa kohesi gramatikal referensi persona pada teks pariwisata di laman Tujuannya adalah untuk mendeskripsikan aspek kebahasaan kohesi gramatikal referensi persona pada teks pariwisata dalam media digital yang hasilnya dapat dipakai sebagai salah satu dasar merespons tuntutan kualitas strategi komunikasi promosi yang kreatif.  Penelitian ini berjenis kualitatif deskriptif dalam linguistik. Sumber data berasal dari situs/laman pesonaindonesia.kompas.combulan Januari—Oktober 2019. Data berwujud teks wacana pariwisata. Metode pengumpulan data dilakukan dengan metode simak. Data dianalisis dengan metode agih dengan teknik ganti. Kajian ini menemukan pendayagunaan referensi pronominal persona yang difungsikan untuk membangun teks wacana yang khas dari teks pariwisata secara koheren. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan bahwa teks pariwisata menggunakan aspek-aspek gramatikal kohesi referensi persona pertama, kedua, ataupun ketiga. Referensi persona kedua mendominasi dalam teks pariwisata di laman guna menciptakan keutuhan dan kepaduan wacana. Lebih lanjut, pemilihan referensi persona tersebut ditujukan untuk mendekatkan diri dengan pembaca dan terkandung implikasi persuasif bagi pembaca. Kata kunci: kohesi, referensi persona, teks pariwisata, wacana AbstractThis research is directed at the study of tourism discourse texts with the discourse analysis approach. The problem studied is the linguistic aspects of the building of the discourse text cohesion in the form of grammatical cohesion of persona references in the pariwisa text on the page. The aim is to describe the linguistic aspects of grammatical cohesion of references to charms in the tourism text in digital media, the results of which can be used as a basis for responding to the demands of the quality of creative promotional communication strategies. This research is a descriptive qualitative type in linguistics. The data source is from website / page from January to October 2019. The data is in the form of a tourism discourse text. The method of data collection is done by referring to the method. Data were analyzed by the method of distribution. The results showed that the tourism text uses grammatical aspects of the first, second, and third persona reference cohesion. The second persona reference dominates in the tourism text on the page. in order to create wholeness and cohesiveness of discourse. Furthermore, the selection of the reference persona is intended to get closer to the reader and has persuasive implications for the reader.Keywords: discourse, cohesion, personal pronouns, tourism text

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