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2527-4554, 1978-2462

2021 ◽  
Vol 25 (1) ◽  
Maylanny Christin ◽  
Rico Kurnia Yudhaswara ◽  
Dasrun Hidayat

Television is one of the media that delivers information about COVID-19. In the midst of the COVID- 19 emergency, television deserves to be the foremost, quality and reliable source of information. Researchers are interested in researching how people experience selective behavior in choosing COVID-19 information in television mass media. The existence of selective behavior is expected by society to be able to reduce anxiety due to media exposure. The purpose of this study was to find out how the community experiences selective behavior in choosing information about COVID-19 on television media. The research used a descriptive- qualitative approach with the type of phenomenological research. Data collection techniques through interviews with 5 informants with criteria that have been determined by the researcher. The results of the study focus on the behavioral experiences of selectively selecting COVID-19 information including ensuring information is in accordance with needs, adjusting the frequency of accessing COVID-19 information, and cross-checking information from other sources. The results of this study are expected to have implications for the level of awareness of the importance of media literacy. Selective behavior reflects that the audience is smart in determining the appropriate media channels and content.

2021 ◽  
Vol 25 (1) ◽  
Andi Akifah ◽  
Rizqy Alfiyaty ◽  
Nabillah Sasha Monica

After the social conflict with the issue of ethnicity, religion, race and inter-group. the image of Poso Regency has changed to become a "City of Conflict". This study aims to determine the rebranding process carried out by the Poso Regency Tourism Office in changing the image as a conflict area that is already attached. This study uses qualitative methods through observation and in-depth inteviews with selected informants by purposive sampling technique. The results of the study shows that in carrying out the rebranding process, the Poso regency tourism office has done several things, including trying to promote its area as a safe, peaceful and fair area through participation in various tourism events at both domestic and overseas; Cooperating with security forces in creating safe conditions in the Poso Regency area; Changing the tourism tagline, which was originally “mandago-dago ri tanah Poso”, then became “the land of thousand megaliths” to introduce the uniqueness of Poso land which has many historical relics in the form of megalithic statues. The final process is to publish all changes and carry out large-scale promotions through mass media, both conventional and contemporary

2020 ◽  
Vol 24 (2) ◽  

AbstrakPenggunaan TIK telah memepengaruhi kehidupan sosial masyarakat umumnya. Perubahan sosial terjadi dari kemampuan adaptasi TIK/internet. Ibu rumah tangga terintegrasi dalam ikatan sosial, inklusi, kohesi dan layanan sosial. Penelitian pada rumah tangga / individu dan ibu rumah tangga, difilterisasi dengan pivot excel untuk mendapatkan data responden di empat provinsi, dengan analisis deskriptif. Hasilnya 35,00% responden memiliki perangkat TIK/internet, 65,00% menggunakan TIK/internet dengan bantuan keluarga tetangga dan kerabat. 70,59% tidak memiliki keterampilan TIK, 29,41% berketerampilan dasar/pemula dengan belajar sendiri/melalui orang lain. Manfaat TIK/internet dominan mencari informasi, dan sebagai media pendidikan. TIK/internet sebagai alat komunkasi pengikat kehidupan sosial. Partisipasi inklusi sosial  bekerja sama, pengambilan keputusan dan aktifitas politik dengan masyarakat sekitar domisili, di atas  52,00%. Kohesi sosial dalam kontribusi  norma kehidupan bersama, dipersepsi baik diatas 60,00% sedangkan layanan sosial daring pemerintah masih rendah pemanfaatanya. Simpulannya; penggunaan TIK/internet memperlancar komunikasi, mendorong ikatan sosial, memperkuat inklusi dan menjadi enabler kohesi sosial. Saran; keterbatasan pendidikan dan ekonomi keluarga, kepada stakeholder terkait dapat memfasilitasi,  pendampingan pelatihan literasi untuk menjadikan responden yang lebih familiar dengan TIK/internet akan membantu kehidupan sosial ekonomi keluarganya. Kata kunci: Penggunaan TIK/internet, komunikasi, partisipasi sosial dan ibu rumah tangga.  Abstract ICT usage has influenced social life in general. The social change happened through the ability of ICT or internet adaptation. Housewives have integrated into social ties, inclusion, cohesion and social services. A descriptive analysis study on individuals and housewives filtered by pivot excel to collect data in four province shows 35% of respondents had ICT/internet devices, 65% using ICT/internet helped by them neighbor/family. 70,59% was unable to use ICT, 29,41% was able to use ICT with limited skills by learning it themselves or helped by others. The benefits of ICT that is looking for information and such an education media center. ICT/internet as a socially binding communication tool. Participation in social inclusion in cooperation, decision making, and political activities with the community around the domicile is above 52%. Social cohesion in contributing to the norm of living together was perceived well above 60% while the government’s online social services are still of low usage. ICT as a communication tool for social life. Conclusion; ICT usage could unleash communication, encourage social ties, reinforcing social inclusion and could be an enabler of social cohesion. Suggestion: education boundaries and family economy, related stakeholders hopefully could facilitate, giving some literacy assistance training to make the respondents familiar with ICT and it might help the socio-economy life of their families.

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