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L.K. Miroshnikova ◽  
A.Yu. Mezentsev ◽  
G.A. Kadyralieva ◽  
M.A. Perepelkin

This study focuses on the markers of tectonically stressed zones inside the rock mass, that were identified during the regional geodynamic zoning of the mine fields of the Talnakh orogenic system. Identification features for tracing geodynamically active structures within the western flank of the Talnakh orogenic system have been identified based on morphometric analysis of the Tunguska series sediments, which are the upper layer of the ore-bearing intrusions and associated ore deposits. In the larger morphostructural groups, the boundaries of contrastingly alternating zones of elevated and depressed absolute depths at the base and the roof of the Tunguska series sediments represent the boundaries of tectonic blocks of different elevation levels with sharply contrasting indices of terrain stress. The circular-shaped structures highlighted in the morphostructural schemes spatially coincide with the tectonic forms were formed as the result of strike-slip and torsional processes. A heterogeneity, which is reflected in the allocation of blocks with different values of the stress distribution coefficient (K) is identified in the initial stress field of the Tunguska series sediments. The boundaries of the geodynamic blocks that were identified using to different methods are identical. It is established that the assumed faults correspond to the faults identified based on the detailed exploration data.

2022 ◽  
Vol ahead-of-print (ahead-of-print) ◽  
Benjamen Sunkanmi Adeyemi ◽  
Clinton Ohis Aigbavboa

PurposeThis study aims to evaluate impacts of construction professionals (CPs) conflict on performance in the Nigerian construction industry (NCI).Design/methodology/approachA quantitative method was used for this research. Questionnaires were sent to various CPs in Southwestern part of Nigeria. A total of 150 questionnaires were sent out, while 135 were gotten back from the partakers. The data received from the partakers were computed by applying descriptive and exploratory factor analysis.FindingsIn this study, conflict leads to the abandonment of the CPs’ task being rated highest by the participants. This was followed by conflict that results in insufficient communication, generates job pressure, results to frustrations and displeasure among the CPs, helps in early problem identification, causes work damage among professionals, helps in solving professional organization problems, improves productivity of professionals, improves communication among the professionals and so on.Research limitations/implicationsThis paper is limited to CPs that are members of professional bodies in Nigeria, and only 135 participants participated. Though, this paper suggests that a mixed-method approach should be utilized in further studies with a wider coverage.Practical implicationsThe findings from this paper will increase the understanding of CPs in Nigeria on various impacts of conflict on performance in the construction industry, most specifically the professional bodies. Moreover, this study will increase the knowledge of CPs to always avoid whatever that leads to the abandonment of their tasks. Additionally, this study will benefit the CPs to avoid insufficient communication among themselves, in order to accomplish great performance and efficiency in their respective professional bodies.Originality/valueSince previous studies on impacts of construction conflict in Nigeria were only focused on contractors and consultants in construction project, this current study filled the gap by evaluating the impacts of CPs’ conflict on performance in the NCI. Also, the method of analysis used for this study is exemptional because previous studies have overlooked the method. However, it is recommended that CPs must communicate more with others so as to ensure favorable conflict effects on performance.

D. V. Pilipenko ◽  
E. G. Mamaev ◽  

New data and analysis of changes in the number of wintering Anseriformes on the Commander Islands, the northernmost wintering site in the Far East, are presented. The surveys were carried out in March 2015-2019, mainly overland and covering 61 % of the coast of Bering Island, with 100 % of the coast in 2015 as an exception. Boat surveys of A. canagicus were carried out separately in the southwestern part of the island in April. In total, 17 species were encountered, including 12 recorded regularly, and 5 not annually. On Medny Island, the survey was carried out once, on April 3-4, 2017, by boat, and covered the entire coast. There, 7 species were taken into account. The total number of wintering Anseriformes of the Commander Islands is about 21 thousand birds, including 18.5 thousand on Bering Island and 2.5 thousand on Medny Island. The majority is concentrated in the northern and central part of Bering Island; in the south, the number is much lower. The dominant species is H. histrionicus: 65-72 % on Bering Island and 63 % on Medny Island. Subdominant is P. stelleri (16-20 % on Bering Island) as well as S. mollissima (30 % on Medny Island). The density of birds in the northern and central parts of Bering Island is 90-111.5 individuals per km of the coastline; in the south of the island, there are about 12 individuals; and on Medny Island, 14.9 individuals per km of the coastline. Over the past 25 years, the numbers of A. canagicus, A. platyrhynchos, A. acuta, B. clangula, and M. serrator have increased. P. stelleri and C. hyemalis have decreased. A. penelope, M. americana, and B. albeola began to regularly occur at the wintering, and B. bernicla, A. crecca, and A. marila have been observed more often than before. M. deglandi and M. merganser are now more common during migration, and practically are not observed at the wintering.

Abstract In the Middle Anisian, extensional tectonic movements led to the development of isolated carbonate platforms in the area of the southwestern part of the Transdanubian Range. The platforms are made up of meter-scale peritidal–lagoonal cycles bounded by subaerial exposure surfaces. One of the platform successions (Tagyon Platform) consists predominantly of limestone that contains partially and completely dolomitized intervals, whereas the other one (Kádárta Platform) is completely dolomitized. Drowning of the platforms took place in the latest Pelsonian to the early Illyrian interval when submarine highs came into existence and then condensed pelagic carbonate successions with volcanic tuff interbeds were deposited on the top of the drowned platforms from the late Illyrian up to the late Ladinian. The comparative study of dolomitization of the coeval platforms, affected by different diagenetic histories, is discussed in the current paper. Traces of probably microbially-mediated early dolomitization were preserved in the slightly dolomitized successions of the Tagyon Platform. This might also have been present in the successions of the Kádárta Platform, but was overprinted by geothermal dolomitization along the basinward platform margin and by pervasive reflux dolomitization in the internal parts of the platform. The Carnian evolution of the two submarine highs was different, and this may have significantly influenced the grade of the shallow to deeper burial dolomitization.

2021 ◽  
Nadezhda Khristoforova ◽  
Anna Litvinenko ◽  
Vasily Tsygankov ◽  
Maxim Kovalchuk

Yu. Kutinov ◽  
Z. Chistova ◽  
T. Belenovich

The purpose of the work is to analyze the modern geodynamic mode of framing of the Eurasian lithospheric plate to determine the types of deformations in the structures of spreading, subduction and rift genesis and favorable conditions for oil and gas formation at certain stages of structure development. The authors have analyzed the Arctic spreading zone, the Kamchatka subduction zone, the southwestern part of Eurasia and the Baikal rift system. The author's development of calculation of slip vectors of rock masses in foci of earthquakes and methods of tensor analysis of mechanics of fractured media were used in the work. Differences and similarities between the Arctic spreading zone, the Kamchatka subduction zone, the southwestern part of Eurasia and the Baikal rift system are shown. All of the above structures have a complex layered-block structure. That is, in a layered-block medium in layers, and in individual blocks and in time, the stress-strain state of the lithosphere changes, which directly depends on the direction of the axes of compressive stresses

2021 ◽  
Vol 56 ◽  
pp. 53-58
Larissa A IVANOVA ◽  
Leonid A IVANOV ◽  
Anatoliy A KHAPUGIN ◽  

The annual weed Bidens frondosa L. (Asteraceae) has been registered for the first time in the Kurgan Region in 2020 during research on the riverine vegetation of the southwestern part of Western Siberia. This invasive species was found in ten locations along the Iset River banks in the Kurgan Region. We have postulated that the Sverdlovsk Region serves as a source for the B. frondosa invasion into the Kurgan Region along the River Iset. Despite a single short-term field survey, B. frondosa was found in several sites. In the Kurgan Region, this invasive species is characterized by low population density in all plots. Since B. frondosa populations are characterized by much higher density in other regions of European Russia, an increase in the number of locations and density of populations is expected in the Kurgan Region in the future.

2021 ◽  
Vol 2 (5) ◽  
Yue Liu

Through the questionnaire for the professional commitment, self-efficacy, academic burnout of the southwestern part, and explore the relationship between the three and its intrinsic mechanisms, in order to reduce learning burnout of normal students in special education, improve their Academic quality provides effective recommendations. The results showed that self-efficacy positively affected the low sense of achievement in learning burnout, negatively affected the inappropriate behavior, and had no significant effect on the depression. Among them, self-efficacy positively affects professional commitment, and then significantly negatively affects low sense of achievement in learning burnout. Professional commitment has a complete mediating effect between self-efficacy and low sense of achievement, while professional commitment has no mediating effect between self-efficacy, low mood and inappropriate behavior.

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