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2023 ◽  
Vol 83 ◽  
M. Hussain ◽  
I. Liaqat ◽  
S. M. Bukhari ◽  
F. S. Khan ◽  
R. Adalat ◽  

Abstract To investigate the role of cow dung in soil reclamation and bio assimilation along with bio accumulation of heavy metals in earthworm (P. posthuma) (N=900) earthworms were used and treatment groups of CD-soil mixture of different proportion of cow dung were designed. Nonlethal doses of lead acetate and cadmium chloride were added in treatment groups. Mature P. posthuma were released in each experimental pot maintaining the favorable conditions. The pH, carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus, exchangeable cations, and heavy metal level of each mixture was evaluated. The results indicated that bio-assimilation of Pb and Cd by P. posthuma were significantly (P ˂ 0.01) higher in different soil-CD treatments compared to control. Highest bio-assimilation of both metals was observed in T1 of both groups (Pb = 563.8 mg/kg and Cd = 42.95 mg/kg). The contents of both metals were significantly (P ˂ 0.05) lowered in casting. The nutrient concentration in the final castings of all soil-CD treatments were also equally transformed from less or insoluble to more soluble and available for plants, except for carbon level which increased with CD proportion. It is concluded that cow dung as organic matter has a positive effect on soil reclamation and bio-assimilation of metals by P. posthuma.

2022 ◽  
Vol 30 (6) ◽  
pp. 0-0

Resource utilization not only meets the needs of economic development, but also has a far-reaching negative impact on the environment. Environmental regulation is regarded as the key measure to solve environmental pollution. However, the rent-seeking behavior of local enterprises will seriously weaken the implementation effect of environmental regulations. Under the background of the development of big data era, the massive micro enterprise data provided by China's private enterprise survey database provides favorable conditions for this paper to study its impact effect from the direction of big data. This paper uses OLS model and Tobit model to investigate the impact of rent-seeking on the implementation effect of environmental regulation. The results show that environmental regulation will make honest enterprises actively reduce output to control the emission level. However, rent-seeking enterprises will further expand their output to gain greater profits because they are sheltered by local governments.

Raimunda A. Silva ◽  
Glécio M. Siqueira

ABSTRACT The edaphic community comprises several organisms that perform ecological functions in the environment, such as litter fragmentation, nutrient cycling, and modifications of soil structure, in addition to acting as food chain regulators. Thus, the objective of this study was to evaluate the composition of the edaphic fauna and the physical and chemical attributes of soil in different physiognomies of Cerrado in the Parque Estadual do Mirador (PEM). The study was carried out in two Cerrado formations (Sparse Cerrado and Typical Cerrado) in PEM, where 100 pitfall traps were installed. The edaphic organisms were screened and identified in terms of orders, suborders, subfamilies, families, abundance, richness, Shannon diversity, and Pielou’s equitability. A total of 4,149 individuals were collected from two experimental plots. The plot in the Typical Cerrado showed greater taxonomic richness (25 groups) and greater Shannon diversity (H’ = 1.65), while the plot in Sparse Cerrado presented 19 edaphic groups and Shannon diversity equal to H’ = 1.51. The factorial exploration explained 84.43% of the original data from the Sparse Cerrado and 90.84% from the Typical Cerrado. It is concluded that the plot in the Typical Cerrado showed greater differences in terms of richness and abundance due to the more favorable conditions for soil fauna, such as a high content of organic material and greater vegetation cover.

Vinod T. Atkari ◽  
Krantidip R. Pawar ◽  
Sujit C. Patil

The moisture content of grains, oxygen and carbon dioxide concentration in storage environment affects the storage life of food grains. The moisture content affects on storability of food grains severely, hence the storage structures must be provided with sufficient protection from moisture exchange between grain and atmosphere. The insect and pests grows very fast in presence of oxygen and moisture in the storage environment. The humid climate provides favorable conditions to moulds and insects to grow in most of the food grains and oilseeds. The grains exposed to these favorable environment further not useful for human consumptions. Many harmful chemicals like aflatoxins are formed in oilseeds and cereals. The emerging hermatic storage is highly effective technology to prevent the spoilage of grains without use of any harmful fumigants and chemicals, hence it is popularly known as organic storage technology. In this technology the flow of oxygen and water from external environment is fully controlled by impermeable, triple layer hermatic plastic bags.

eLife ◽  
2022 ◽  
Vol 11 ◽  
Nannan Guo ◽  
Kelsey D McDermott ◽  
Yu-Tzu Shih ◽  
Haley Zanga ◽  
Debolina Ghosh ◽  

Experience governs neurogenesis from radial-glial neural stem cells (RGLs) in the adult hippocampus to support memory. Transcription factors in RGLs integrate physiological signals to dictate self-renewal division mode. Whereas asymmetric RGL divisions drive neurogenesis during favorable conditions, symmetric divisions prevent premature neurogenesis while amplifying RGLs to anticipate future neurogenic demands. The identities of transcription factors regulating RGL symmetric self-renewal, unlike those that regulate RGL asymmetric self-renewal, are not known. Here, we show in mice that the transcription factor Kruppel-like factor 9 (Klf9) is elevated in quiescent RGLs and inducible, deletion of Klf9 promotes RGL activation state. Clonal analysis and longitudinal intravital 2-photon imaging directly demonstrate that Klf9 functions as a brake on RGL symmetric self-renewal. In vivo translational profiling of RGLs lacking Klf9 generated a molecular blueprint for RGL symmetric self-renewal that was characterized by upregulation of genetic programs underlying Notch and mitogen signaling, cell-cycle, fatty acid oxidation and lipogenesis. Together, these observations identify Klf9 as a transcriptional regulator of neural stem cell expansion in the adult hippocampus.

V. V. Rzaeva ◽  
E. A. Krasnova ◽  

The solution to the problem of feed protein deficiency is possible with an increase in acreage and the selection of agrotechnical methods of soybean cultivation, taking into account the conditions of the natural and climatic zone. One of the main elements of the farming system that allows to increase the yield of soybeans is rational basic tillage, its depth depending on the type of soil, providing favorable conditions for plant growth and development, which has not been studied in the northern forest-steppe in the Tyumen region. The purpose of the work was to study the influence of agrotechnical techniques on soybean productivity in the northern forest-steppe in the Tyumen region. During the research the influence of basic tillage and its depth on agrophysical (soil density, reserves of productive moisture), agrochemical soil parameters, uniformity of sowing depth, germination and preservation of soybean plants has been established. The contamination of crops, the species composition of weeds, and the degree of contamination during soybean cultivation by basic tillage with the use of herbicide during the growing season has been studied. It has been found that the highest level of profitability of 39,7 % was achieved with the differentiated method of tillage, with the mouldboard plowing (20–22 cm) it was less by 7,2 %, with the subsurface tillage (20–22 cm) it was less by 19,3 %. The decrease in the depth of processing leads to the decrease in the level of profitability by 4,0 % with the mouldboard plowing, by 2,2 % with the subsurface tillage and by 7,4 % with the diff erentiated method. With zero tillage, the profitability level was below control by 14,6 %. Thus, the most cost-effective was the differentiated method of tillage (20-22 cm) with the profitability level of 39,7 % and a profit of 9765 rubles/ha.

2022 ◽  
Vol 8 (1) ◽  
pp. 24
Hysni Terziu

The Internet as a communication medium, with its possibilities and its rapid development, revolutionized the way of doing business, so much so that it pushed a large number of economists to declare that, in the coming years of doing business through information technology, will be one of the most preferred opportunities for businesses and consumers across the globe. The main purpose of this paper is to identify the opportunities that businesses have to influence the economic development in the Republic of Kosovo, through their ability to generate new jobs, increase exports, and contribute to improving the living standards of the citizens of the Republic of Kosovo. Kosovo, using the Internet, as a contemporary and competitive form of business development. In order to realize such an environment, of course we have to consider two main issues, one to recognize and identify the problems that business has and another issue, how much human and material capacity Kosovo has, to provide a favorable environment. doing business online. The study realizes the first issue, which means that, in a scanned way, we tell the decision-making institutions that here are the administrative barriers that concern the business, here are the obstacles that unfairly tire the business, etc. The second issue should be asked by the relevant institutions and it should be noted that, if we want a success and sustainable economic development, then Kosovo should also provide an attractive business environment by applying the Internet.We conclude that favorable conditions must be created for the development of business and the Internet, in order for it to be efficient and sustainable, which is a necessary precondition for achieving the main goals of a sustainable economy, which contributes to the generation of countries. new jobs, improving the welfare and living standards of citizens in the Republic of Kosovo.

2022 ◽  
Vol 42 ◽  
pp. 02012
Marina Yu. Sautkina ◽  
Nina F. Kuznetsova ◽  
Michael A. Semenov ◽  
Andrew S. Khoroschev

The transition to biologically based technologies is one of the priority scientific areas of agriculture and forestry in Russia. The aim of the work is to develop and modify the technology of using biological products on forest tree species and to test it on Scots pine. The effect of pre-sowing inoculation of pine seeds with biological products on soil germination, safety of one- and two-year-old seedlings and their biometric characteristics was studied. The results of the analysis of soil germination of seeds and the safety of 1-year-old seedlings showed that these biological products can be introduced into the technology of growing planting material of Scots pine. It was revealed that the seeds of sensitive trees of the Stupinskaya population turned out to be the most responsive to inoculation with biological products. A stimulating effect has been established on the survival rate of seedlings, preservation, height, growth and diameter of 2-year-old plants in a forestry area (Vernadsky forestry, Tambov region). The height of 2-year-old seedlings of pine 'Ostrogozhskaya' exceeds the control by an average of 18.1%. The use of this biotechnology in forestry production will create favorable conditions for the germination of pine seeds, the growth of seedlings and their higher survival rate.

T. E. Bazhenova

The article highlights the problem of the typology of dialects of the Middle Volga region. Particular attention is paid to secondary dialects with signs of South Russian dialect bases, the status of which in the Volga atlases is determined ambiguously. The area of the described dialect type is indicated. It is indicated that in the left-bank part of the Middle Volga region, in the so-called Trans-Volga region, there is a high probability of the existence of secondary Central Russian dialects with the preservation of signs of southern Russian maternal stems. The main source is data from regional atlases. The materials of dialectological expeditions to the villages of the Samara region are used. The description of the typological characteristics of the secondary dialects with a southern base, which are designated on the maps of regional atlases as Central Russian, is based on the analysis of isogloss of phonetic, grammatical and proper lexical dialect phenomena. In dialects with a completed transition to Central Russian, typologically significant South Russian features are types of yakany with the preservation of vowel dissimilation, obstruent pronunciation of g of secondary origin and other phonetic, morphological and lexical features that make up the series of two-term dialectal correspondences. According to the linguistic basis, such dialects are often polydialectal. In some dialects, the South Russian basis is not in doubt, and we can only state the beginning of the transition to the Central Russian type. The question is raised about the existence of secondary dialect types, formed as a result of the assimilation of dialects of the South Russian dialect with other dialects, not only in the Volga region, but also in other territories with favorable conditions for inter-dialectal contact. It is concluded that the presence of the Central Russian type and South Russian bases in the described dialects is possible only if there is a sufficient amount of information on typologically significant levels of the dialect language, in which systemic relations are clearly manifested and which are represented on linguistic maps by stable isoglosses. Data on secondary types of dialects should be based on the structural-typological classification of dialectal phenomena of various levels, including the lexical one.

2021 ◽  
pp. 72-75
M. M. Rozhko ◽  
M. V. Pavlyshyn ◽  
A. I. Grybyk

The aim of the research is to increase the effectiveness of treatment of patients with chronic catarrhal gingivitis living in ecologically favorable conditions and in ecologically polluted regions of Precarpathian, by adding to the complex therapy of quercetin and chlorhexidine dent. The results of research by a number of scientists indicate that the use of quercetin in complex therapy helps to restore the antioxidant system, improve oxygen uptake by tissues and peripheral circulation, improve the rheological properties of the patient's blood. These properties of the drug were used by us in the research. We studied changes in periodontal tissues in children living in ecologically favorable conditions and in ecologically polluted regions of Precarpathian, conducted a comparative characterization of changes in periodontium and proposed a treatment plan for patients with chronic catarrhal gingivitis, supplemented with chlorhexidine dent and quercetin. We examined 60 children with chronic catarrhal gingivitis living in the contaminated areas of Precarpathian (Burshtyn) and 15 people with intact periodontium living in environmentally stable conditions. All patients underwent a full range of treatment measures, taking into account the removal of dental plaque and rehabilitation of the oral cavity. In 1 group of patients (30 people) patients were treated with chlorhexidine, calendula and chamomile infusion and 1% mefenamine paste. Patients of group 2 (30 people) - the drug quercetin on the mucous membrane of the gums under the individual gingival cap and chlorhexidine dent in the form of oral baths. In order to compare the two groups, an index assessment of the condition of periodontal tissues and a study of rheographic parameters of periodontal tissues were performed. The results of the research did not show a significant difference between clinical and laboratory parameters in patients 1 and 2 groups before treatment (p> 0.05), but they differed significantly from those in the comparison group (p <0.05), which indicates the fact that unfavorable environmental living conditions have an impact on the course of periodontal disease in children. We obtained a significant difference in the blood supply to periodontal tissues in patients with chronic catarrhal gingivitis compared with (p <0.05). The results of the research showed that the use of quercetin and 0.12% chlorhexidine solution in the complex treatment of patients with chronic catarrhal gingivitis provided a significant improvement in clinical parameters and laboratory characteristics of periodontal tissues in children living in different environmental conditions, and provided stabilization of these indicators in long-term observation. The use of the proposed scheme of treatment of patients with chronic catarrhal gingivitis stimulates metabolic processes in periodontal tissues, reduces cyanosis, edema of periodontal tissues according to the results of rheography of periodontal tissues. After treatment, we observe the normalization of the rheological characteristics of the gums, which indicates an improvement in blood circulation in the periodontal tissues in these patients (normalization of qualitative and quantitative characteristics of rheograms).

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