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Christin Natalia Sianipar ◽  

This study aims to find out the conflict and termination of employment both partially and simultaneously have a significant effect on the morale of employees at PT. The benefits of Medan Technique and how much it affects. The method used in this research is quantitative method with several tests namely reliability analysis, classical assumption deviation test and linear regression. Based on the results of primary data regression processed using SPSS 20, multiple linear regression equations were obtained as follows: Y = 1,031 + 0.329 X1+ 0.712 X2.In part, the conflict variable (X1)has a significant effect on the employee's work spirit (Y) at PT. Medan Technical Benefits. This means that the hypothesis in this study was accepted, proven from the value of t calculate > t table (3,952 < 2,052). While the variable termination of employment (X2) has a significant influence on the work spirit of employees (Y) in PT. Medan Technical Benefits. This means that the hypothesis in this study was accepted, proven from the value of t calculate > t table (7,681 > 2,052). Simultaneously, variable conflict (X1) and termination of employment (X2) have a significant influence on the morale of employees (Y) in PT. Medan Technical Benefits. This means that the hypothesis in this study was accepted, as evidenced by the calculated F value > F table (221,992 > 3.35). Conflict variables (X1) and termination of employment (X2) were able to contribute an influence on employee morale variables (Y) of 94.3% while the remaining 5.7% was influenced by other variables not studied in this study. From the above conclusions, the author advises that employees and leaders should reduce prolonged conflict so that the spirit of work can increase. Leaders should be more selective in severing employment relationships so that decent employees are not dismissed unilaterally. Employees should work in a high spirit so that the company can see the quality that employees have.

2022 ◽  
Ahmad Lukman Nugraha ◽  
Adib Susilo ◽  
Abdul Latif Rizqon ◽  
Achmad Fajaruddin ◽  
Nurdiyanah Sholihah

This study aims to determine the profile of Islamic financial literacy in employees and customers of Baitu-l-maal wa Tamwil Darut Tauhid Bandung. This research uses descriptive quantitative method with interval formula to determine the literacy level of the respondents. The data collection technique used a questionnaire to 121 respondents. The results of this study indicate that the profile of Islamic financial literacy among BMT employees and customers is moderate. The employee profile has an Islamic financial level of 0.76. The profile of the level of Islamic financial literacy shows that the level of behavior towards Islamic finance among employees is not in accordance with the knowledge and attitudes of employees in managing finances. The customer profile has an Islamic financial literacy level of 0.50. The level of customer Islamic financial literacy shows that the level of customer behavior towards Islamic finance is not in accordance with the level of customer knowledge and attitudes in managing finances.

2022 ◽  
Vol 1 (3) ◽  
pp. 191-198
Destia Herlisya ◽  
Purna Wiratno

Tik tok is one of the most loved apps in the millennial era. The Tik Tok application is an application to create and share various short videos in vertical format, which is played by simply scrolling the screen up or down. Tik Tok users are increasing every day, especially during the pandemic era. In 2020, as of October Tik Tok reached 2 billion downloads worldwide. This application originating from China is widely downloaded by social media users to relieve boredom when they have to stay at home. This study aims to improve students' speaking skills through the Tik Tok application. The subjects of this study were 20 students of the third semester in English education major at STKIP PGRI Bandar Lampung. The method used is descriptive quantitative method using classroom action research techniques. Based on the result, the improvement of students’ learning activities showed mean score of students’ learning activities in pre cycle is 68.88, in cycle I was 69 with the criteria was less active. While, the mean score of students’ learning activities in cycle II was 76.75 with the criteria were quite active. So, the improvement of students’ learning activities the first cycle to the second cycle was 7.75 point. From analyzing data, it could be concluded that classroom action research by using Tik Tok App improved students’ learning activities and students’ speaking skill.

2022 ◽  
Sunardin Stiki

Instagram comes from the word "instant" or "insta", Instagram can also display photos instantly in its display. As for the word "gram" comes from the word "telegram", where the way the telegram works is to send information to other people quickly. In Indonesia, the number of Instagram users until July 2021 is 91.77 million users. The largest users are in the 18-24 year age group, which is 36.4%. The emergence of Instagram social media is now increasingly booming, and many unknown people appear on the screen. But they are very well known on Instagram, so they are called Celebgrams. The Instagram Accounts of the 5 Highest Paid Female Celebrities in the World, namely: Kenddell Jenner, Selena Gomez, Kylie Jenner, Khole Kardashian, Priyanka Copra Jonas. The purpose of this study is to calculate from the performance of the Instagram accounts of the 5 Highest Paid Female Celebrities in the World. The method used for this research is exploratory quantitative method. The results of this study indicate that Kylie Jenner is ranked first and has a good account performance

2022 ◽  
Vol ahead-of-print (ahead-of-print) ◽  
Benjamen Sunkanmi Adeyemi ◽  
Clinton Ohis Aigbavboa

PurposeThis study aims to evaluate impacts of construction professionals (CPs) conflict on performance in the Nigerian construction industry (NCI).Design/methodology/approachA quantitative method was used for this research. Questionnaires were sent to various CPs in Southwestern part of Nigeria. A total of 150 questionnaires were sent out, while 135 were gotten back from the partakers. The data received from the partakers were computed by applying descriptive and exploratory factor analysis.FindingsIn this study, conflict leads to the abandonment of the CPs’ task being rated highest by the participants. This was followed by conflict that results in insufficient communication, generates job pressure, results to frustrations and displeasure among the CPs, helps in early problem identification, causes work damage among professionals, helps in solving professional organization problems, improves productivity of professionals, improves communication among the professionals and so on.Research limitations/implicationsThis paper is limited to CPs that are members of professional bodies in Nigeria, and only 135 participants participated. Though, this paper suggests that a mixed-method approach should be utilized in further studies with a wider coverage.Practical implicationsThe findings from this paper will increase the understanding of CPs in Nigeria on various impacts of conflict on performance in the construction industry, most specifically the professional bodies. Moreover, this study will increase the knowledge of CPs to always avoid whatever that leads to the abandonment of their tasks. Additionally, this study will benefit the CPs to avoid insufficient communication among themselves, in order to accomplish great performance and efficiency in their respective professional bodies.Originality/valueSince previous studies on impacts of construction conflict in Nigeria were only focused on contractors and consultants in construction project, this current study filled the gap by evaluating the impacts of CPs’ conflict on performance in the NCI. Also, the method of analysis used for this study is exemptional because previous studies have overlooked the method. However, it is recommended that CPs must communicate more with others so as to ensure favorable conflict effects on performance.

2022 ◽  
adi suantara

TikTok is a social media application launched by a Chinese company. TikTok allows users to create 15-second videos accompanied by music, filters, and several other creative features. In Indonesia, there are 30.7 million active users, making Indonesia the country with the largest TikTok users in the world. The large number of active TikTok users in Indonesia can certainly provide an opportunity for brands to make the TikTok platform a social media marketing platform. As for the 5 world fashion brands that use TikTok as a marketing platform, the purpose of this study is to calculate from the performance of the TikTok account the 5 best fashion brands in the world. The method used for this research is exploratory quantitative method. The results of this study indicate that the Bur berry brand is ranked first and has good account performance.

2022 ◽  
Vol 2 (2) ◽  
pp. 191-206
Umniyatul Azizah ◽  
Chairul Rahman ◽  
Ida Farida ◽  
Nina Nurmilasari

This study aims to explain a comparative analysis of the content standards among 5 PAI teachers (Teacher of Islamic Education) and 5 Non PAI teachers (Not the Teacher of Islamic Education), and to find out the legal basis for the content standards and then note on each indicator appears. The method used in this research is the descriptive quantitative method. The population of this research is Junior (Islamic) High School (SMP/MTS) in Bandung. The data collection techniques applied in this research are observation, questionnaire, documentation, and data analysis. Retrieval of data and observation which used is google form that was distributed to 5 PAI teachers and 5 Non-IRE (Islamic Religious Education) teachers. The result of collecting authentic data and data triangulation through interviews with teachers and through comparative data analysis between IRE and Non-IRE shows that from 5 points presented by the researcher, PAI is superior in 3 points, while Non-IRE is superior in 2 points.

2022 ◽  
Vol 8 (1) ◽  
pp. 12
Servais Dieu-Donné Yédia DADJO

This research work investigates pragmatic transfers in Okedokun’s Mopelola: The Tale of a Beauty Goddess. It aims at identifying, analyzing and interpreting pragmatic features through which specific meanings are conveyed in the selected play. In the attempt to reach this goal, the data are randomly collected from the whole play on the basis of a quantitative method. Then, the statistical results are qualitatively discussed and interpreted in terms of their frequency distribution. The findings show a predominance of pragmatic transfer of loan words representing 33.33% followed by proverbs 32.14% and loan-blends 16.16%. Transfers of greetings, insults and apology are low as they represent respectively 3.57%, 3.57%, and 2.38% whereas other transfers such as request, gratitude, offer, blaming/reproaching and advice are almost nonexistent. The high proportions of loan words as well as proverbs suggest the author’s determination to value Yoruba culture and tradition. The almost important proportion of loan-blends constitutes a strategy for the author to attract readers’ attention on the various authentic Yoruba expressions. The presence of transfer in greetings stresses the peculiarity of Yoruba culture characterized by the expression of profound respect to elderly people. On the other hand, the presence of insults indicates that though Yoruba culture is characterized by the expression of profound respect, some Yoruba people, as the black sheep, do develop arrogance in contradiction to their culture.

Owner ◽  
2022 ◽  
Vol 6 (1) ◽  
pp. 705-708
Hery Haryanto ◽  
Yuni Nuraeni ◽  
Martasya Martasya ◽  
M Mardin Zen

Income earned by an area in a certain time. The existence of income earned by an area at a certain time has an impact on economic conditions in the area. Bogor City is one of the regions in West Java Province with a fairly good economic movement in 2016-2020, it can be seen in terms of Regional Original Income (PAD) which decreased and increased from 2016-2020. This study will analyze the income received by the city of Bogor in 2016-2020, and will increase economic growth in the city. This study uses a quantitative method, where various data are taken from previous research and using data released by the Bogor City government in 2016-2020. This study found that Bogor City's income was quite good because it was able to increase PAD in 2019 and 2020. This result had an impact on Bogor City's economic growth which also increased. This study concludes that income and good economic development will have a good impact on a certain area for both infrastructure and non-infrastructure development.

2022 ◽  
Vol 3 (2) ◽  
pp. 197-209
Nurwaningsih Ningsih ◽  
Ika Wijayanti ◽  
Ratih Rahmawati

The study aims to know the relationship of pandemic COVID-19 policy toward teenager marriage factor. The method used in this study is quantitative method with associative approch. Data collection techniques using questionnaires, while data analysis techniques use spearman correlation analysis the results showed that there was a significant relationship between COVID-19 Pandemic policy toward teenage marriage factor with relationship rate off 8,11%. Also Policy in pandemic covid-19 raises the awareners of healthy and clean life exercise a healthy lifestyle by following the healthy protocols applied by the goverment. But on the others hand, there is an event of latent or an uncological function of the policy of COVID-19 pandemic is one of the factor behind teenage marriage, where the policies are related to social restrinctions and network learning (online), socioeconomic, cultural and environment become the factor that cause teenagers in marriage.

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