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Comunicar ◽  
2022 ◽  
Vol 30 (70) ◽  
Ángel Acevedo-Duque ◽  
Víctor Martin-Fiorino ◽  
Elena Cachicatari-Vargas

The processes of social confinement caused by the global health crisis (COVID-19), have forced professors to assume new research competencies that allow them to improve science indicators and contribute to the research culture in the digital era for the Latin American region. This article analyzes the research culture of Latin American professors in 20 countries in the digital era, and their relationship with the production of scientific papers indexed in the Journal Citation Report (JCR) between 1996 and 2019. A questionnaire (with validity and reliability criteria) with a Likert-type scale was applied to 2,215 professors selected from five international scientific events. The main results show that 78% of the professors have less than 15 years of teaching experience, with ages under 44 years of age and 38.9% of them with an undergraduate academic level, 62.5% of whom responded that they have never published in indexed journals, and that they do not know the proper application of paradigms and research designs. On the other hand, 23.86% of the total citations are self-citations. Therefore, the results reflect a significant relationship between the research culture of professors and Latin American scientific production. Finally, Latin American professors have found themselves in economic, political and social circumstances that affect good research and scientific publication practices, leaving a training gap in research competencies in the new digital era. Los procesos de confinamiento social provocados por la crisis de salud mundial (COVID-19), han obligado a los docentes a asumir nuevas competencias investigativas que le permitan mejorar los indicadores de ciencia y aportar a la cultura de investigación en la era digital para la región latinoamericana. Este artículo analiza la cultura investigativa de los docentes latinoamericanos de 20 países, en la era digital y su relación con la producción de documentos científicos indexados en Journal Citation Report (JCR) entre 1996 y 2019. Se aplicó un cuestionario (con criterios de validez y confiabilidad) con escala tipo Likert a 2.215 docentes derivados de cinco eventos científicos internacionales. Los principales resultados dan cuenta que el 78% de los docentes tienen menos de 15 años de experiencia docente con edades que no superan los 44 años y un nivel académico del 38,9% de pregrado. Estos, a su vez, en un 62,5% respondieron que nunca han publicado en revistas indexadas, además desconociendo la aplicación adecuada de los paradigmas y diseños de investigación. Por otra parte, el 23,86% de las citaciones totales son auto citas. Por tanto, los resultados reflejan una relación significativa entre la cultura investigativa del docente y la producción científica latinoamericana. Finalmente, los docentes latinoamericanos se han visto en circunstancias económicas, políticas y sociales que afectan las buenas prácticas de investigación y publicación científica dejando entre ver una brecha de formación sobre competencias investigativas en la nueva era digital.

2021 ◽  
Vol 10 (4) ◽  
pp. 873
Nur Chayati ◽  
Christantie Effendy ◽  
Ismail Setyopranoto

<p>It is disconcerting that until today there are no agencies or research to recommend the appropriate indicators of home nursing care of stroke patients according to Indonesian conditions. Hence, this research aimed to verify the validity and reliability of quality indicators of home nursing care for stroke patient that resulted from Delphy process. Confirmatory factor analysis was carried out for validity and reliability testing with data collected from 350 respondents. Based on the value of loading factors, 62 indicators were declared valid and five indicators were invalid. This study successfully proved the validity of 62 indicators of quality home care for stroke patients. Further research is needed to pilot project this indicator in a larger area.</p>

2021 ◽  
Vol 10 (4) ◽  
pp. 751
Chaterina Anjelia ◽  
Octarina Octarina

During the COVID-19 pandemic in Indonesia, all professional program students learning online and still expected to have good knowledge including dental materials. Color stability of anterior teeth restoration is the most important thing. Professional program students with a good level of knowledge were expected to support the use of composite resin towards patients without causing discoloration. The aim of this study was to assess the knowledge level of professional program students towards color stability of composite resin restoration in the Faculty of Dentistry, Universitas Trisakti in the COVID-19 pandemic era. This was a descriptive observational study using a cross-sectional approach. Data were collected using Google Form with a questionnaire that had been tested for validity and reliability. The sample was 100 professional program students who met the inclusion criteria and accepted informed consent. This study found that in the COVID-19 pandemic era, the knowledge level of 49 respondents (49%) was good, 37 respondents (37%) were fairly good and 14 respondents (14%) were less good. The majority of the professional program students of the Faculty of Dentistry, Universitas Trisakti were in the good category of knowledge about the color stability of composite resin restoration.

Emine EKİCİ ◽  
Hatice IKIISIK ◽  
Handan ANKARALI ◽  
Gulay MANAV ◽  
Merve COLAK ◽  

2021 ◽  
Vol 22 (5) ◽  
pp. 386-392
Nermin Gurhan ◽  
Selma Aydogan Eroglu ◽  
Ulku Polat ◽  
Emel Kaya ◽  

2021 ◽  
pp. 154134462110451
Chang-kyu Kwon ◽  
Seung-hyun Han ◽  
Aliki Nicolaides

The purpose of this study was to assess the validity and reliability of the Transformative Learning Outcomes and Processes Survey (TROPOS) in the workplace context. The results of a confirmatory factor analysis of the data gathered from 132 employees of a steel manufacturing company in the United States have shown that the TROPOS is an appropriate instrument for measuring transformative learning in the workplace context. Implications for transformative learning research and practice will be discussed.

Pharmaceutics ◽  
2021 ◽  
Vol 13 (10) ◽  
pp. 1683
Adina Turcu-Stiolica ◽  
Irina Paula Doica ◽  
Bogdan Silviu Ungureanu ◽  
Ion Rogoveanu ◽  
Dan Nicolae Florescu ◽  

This study aims to develop a new self-report tool (HCV-AD) measuring adherence factors, intentional or unintentional, during Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) treatment with direct-acting antivirals (DAA) aiming to achieve high efficacy, otherwise resulting in drug resistance and treatment failure. Two phases were conducted: in the first phase, items were generated based on an extensive literature review, and, in the second phase, a prospective cohort study was conducted using HCV patients from Gastroenterology Department from University County Hospital of Craiova, Romania (n = 222), to evaluate the validity and reliability of the questionnaire. A number of 19 items were generated following a systematic review and through expert opinion. The internal consistency reliability was evaluated using Cronbach’s alpha. The construct validity was assessed using correlations with two other instruments: visual analog scale (VAS) and medication possession ratio (MPR). The final questionnaire (HCV-AD10) was derived through exploratory factor analysis, with 82% of total variance explained. This instrument appeared as a reliable and valid measure for medication adherence, with Cronbach’s alpha (0.867) and significant high positive correlations between adherence scores calculated with HCV-AD10 and VAS (ρ = 0.61, p < 0.001) or with HCV-AD10 and MPR (ρ = 0.75, p < 0.001). This research would make a worthwhile contribution to HCV management.

Hadi Tehrani ◽  
Mahbobeh Nejatian ◽  
Alireza Jafari

Abstract Objectives The seeking and use of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) modalities by people to treat mental disorders has increased and it is necessary for psychologists to have the necessary information in this field. This study aims to evaluate the use and perception of CAM by Iranian psychologists. Methods This cross-sectional study was conducted on 100 psychologists selected by the census in 2019. Data collection tools consisted of four sections of the demographic section, the CAM questionnaire for psychologists, awareness of CAM, and use of CAM. The validity and reliability of this questionnaire were confirmed. Results The mean (standard deviation) scores of attitude and educational needs were 40.45 (11.36) and 33.93 (5.96), respectively. Only 19.25% of psychologists had sufficient knowledge of CAM, and most of them (56.34%) reported that there is an educational need for CAM. In this study, 64% of psychologists used CAM for themselves. There was a significant relationship between the attitude toward CAM modalities and the suggestion of CAM to the clients (p=0.025). There was also a significant relationship between the use of CAM by psychologists and the suggestion of these modalities to their clients (p<0.001). Conclusions Psychologists had not sufficient awareness about CAM and had a moderate attitude. Most of the psychologists reported that there is educational need for CAM. Therefore, it is necessary to design and implement appropriate training courses for psychologists toward CAM modalities.

Moch Anas Kurniawan ◽  

The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of leadership and competence on employee motivation and performance at the Indonesian Employee Cooperative Center (PKP-RI) Jember Regency.. This research is a quantitative research with a survey approach and uses a measuring instrument in the form of a questionnaire. The population is all employees of PKP-RI Jember Regency, totaling 130 people, all of which are used as research samples, so they are called saturated samples. Instrument testing using validity and reliability tests. The analytical technique used in this research is the Structural Equation Model (SEM) using WarpPLS. The results of the analysis show that leadership and competence have an effect on work motivation. Competence has no effect on employee performance, while work motivation and leadership affect the performance of PKP-RI employees in Jember Regency.

2021 ◽  
Vol 5 (3) ◽  
Sardjana Orba Manullang

This paper aims to understand the legal basis for administering the COVID vaccine to Indonesian citizens. In order to complete this understanding, we have collected data on the evidence of the study of publications from several journals that have a high level of investment in the discussion on the legal point of giving vaccines to the public and many journals that raise the issues of this COVID outbreak. So, after we collect the data, we continue with a study involving the coding system, evaluate the data carefully, and then try to interpret it as much as possible to get answers that we consider validity and reliability in answering this legal study issue. After we reviewed our data and continued our discussion, we finally found that the state has a legal umbrella in implementing the COVID-19 vaccination program for all Indonesian citizens with so many legal foundations, so at this moment, the results of our study will be helpful in the development of legal studies discussions and problems with the rising COVID vaccination program in Indonesia future.

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