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Jan Havlíček ◽  
Kateřina Rubešová ◽  
Vít Jakeš ◽  
Romana Kučerková ◽  
Alena Beitlerová ◽  

2022 ◽  
Jiaoe Wang ◽  
Yanan Li ◽  
Jingjuan Jiao ◽  
Haitao Jin ◽  
Fangye Du

AbstractUnderstanding the temporal and spatial dynamics and determinants of public transport ridership play an important role in urban planning. Previous studies have focused on exploring the determinants at the station level using global models, or a local model, geographically weighted regression (GWR), which cannot reveal spatial autocorrelation at the global level. This study explores the factors affecting bus ridership considering spatial autocorrelation using the spatial Durbin model (SDM). Taking the community in Beijing as the basic study unit, this study aims to explore the temporal and spatial dynamics of bus ridership and identify its key determinants considering neighboring effects. The results show the following: (1) The temporal dynamics are quite distinct on weekdays and weekends as well as at different time slots of the day. (2) The spatial patterns of bus ridership varied across different time slots, and the hot areas are mainly located near the central business district (CBD), transport hubs, and residential areas. (3) Key determinants of bus ridership varied across weekends and weekdays and varied at different time slots per day. (4) The spatial neighboring effects had been verified. This study provides a common analytical framework for analyzing the spatiotemporal dynamics and determinants of bus ridership at the community level.

2022 ◽  
Vol 905 ◽  
pp. 353-358
Zi Xin Liao ◽  
Xiao Hao Li ◽  
Ying Bin Xue ◽  
Nai De Yang ◽  
Zheng Wei Wu ◽  

Soybean seedlings were treated with different phosphorus (P) concentrations for 20 days to investigate their growth and development. The root growth and development of soybean seedlings was the best when the concentration of phosphorus was 250 μmol/L. After 20 days of cultivation at this concentration, the roots of soybean seedlings were developed, indicating that the main root length, lateral root length, and the number of lateral root was the best among all treatments, and the number of lateral roots was quite a few. In addition, when the concentration of P was at 250 μmol/L, it had a better promotion effect on the plant height of soybean seedlings, and could significantly enhance the development of soybean seedlings. Moreover, the growth of soybean seedlings would be inhibited at the condition of phosphorus deficiency or excessive phosphorus. In this experiment, the growth indexes of soybean seedlings were compared between four treatments of phosphorus concentration, so as to make a basic study on the physiological effect of soybean on phosphorus in early stage.

2022 ◽  
Vol 43 (1) ◽  
pp. 77-80
Yosuke Yasuda ◽  
Takayuki Masumoto ◽  
Naohisa Inoue ◽  
Tetsuya Sakuma

Bakhtiyar Bakhtiyar ◽  
Agus Ervianto

The research intends to describe the role of libraries as public service institutions in the field of information in the era of globalization. The research object is based on the discussion focusing on analysis based on comprehensive detailed studies about the content of library information services in the era of globalization. The research includes in-depth evaluation and analysis activities, based on a basic study of the management of the library's role as a public service institution in the field of information. Analyzing activities require realistic critical thinking, to be able to apply the conceptualization of historical traces in the past and what is currently happening so that it is appropriate to use the historical approach, namely research that is a critical investigation of the development of a thought or term. Primary information sources are considered as the most important elements to be utilized as primary data. Data collection utilizes library research, carries out literature reading activities with the subject of the role of libraries, library information services, and the era of globalization, to realize synchronization and harmonization of conceptualization lines of thought. The analysis uses descriptive qualitative analysis, relying on sources of analysis from various reading materials that are theoretical, research, or non-research. Research puts forward listening, studying, and examining carefully to be able to evaluate various facts and find various solutions to the problems contained in social phenomena. Validity can be achieved, then the analysis requires content analysis that is useful in analyzing the meaning of the most important concepts, the role of libraries, information services, and the era of globalization. Observation is utilized as an essential element to support the construction of theory. The results of the study are (1). Information in the era of globalization is not only to increase knowledge but serves as a necessity of life, so that information has a very decisive position in all activities of people's lives. (2). Information is free and open, so you can take advantage of the library which acts as a center for information sources and sources of knowledge.Keywords: Information; Information Services; library

2021 ◽  
Vol 17 (43) ◽  
pp. 260
Kien Kouassi Brahiman ◽  
Ndiaye Awa ◽  
Aboua Benié Rose Danielle

La connaissance de la faune ichtyologique des eaux ivoiriennes préoccupe à la fois les scientifiques et les responsables de développement du secteur de la pêche. En effet, l’intensification croissante de l’exploitation des ressources halieutiques en milieu continental fait planer de réels risques de régression et de disparition des espèces.Cette étude vise à caractériser la variation spatio-temporelle de la fauneichtyologique et d’identifier les indices biologiques qui déterminent la distribution des espèces de poissons et l’état d’exploitation de ces poissons dans le fleuve Bandama.Les poissons ont été échantillonnés de juillet 2019 à juin 2020 à partir des captures des pêcheurs locaux. Chaque spécimen identifié, est pesé et mesuré.L’analyse spatio-temporelle a indiqué une variation non significative (p > 0,05) de la faune ichtyologique et des indices de diversité H’ et E. Néanmoins, L’analyse de la structure du peuplement (H’ de 2,09 à 2,34; E de 0,83 à 0,85) a révélé un milieu fluvial assez diversifié. Il est dominé par les Cichlidae et Cyprinidae au niveau des familles et Labeo coubie, Coptodon zillii et Chrysichthys nigrodigitatus au niveau des espèces quel que soit le site de pêche. Ce peuplement est composé majoritairement de spécimens juvéniles. Les résultats de ce travail constituent une étude de base pour les gouvernants dans la mise en place de plan de gestion durable des ressources halieutiques en milieu continental.L’essentiel de la production du fleuve Bandama est fourni par les Cichlidae et dans la localité de Tiassalé. Néanmoins, les indices de diversité calculés montrent une ichtyofaune diversifiée. Cette ichtyofaune est dominée par des juvéniles. Knowledge of the ichthyological fauna of Ivorian waters is of concern to both scientists and those responsible for the development of the fishing sector. In fact, the increasing intensification of the exploitation of fishery resources in the continental environment poses real risks of regression and disappearance of species.This study aims to characterize the spatio-temporal variation of the ichthyological fauna and to identify the biological indices which determine the distribution of fish species and the state of exploitation of these fish in the Bandama River.The fish were sampled from July 2019 to June 2020 from the catches of local fishermen. Each identified specimen is weighed and measured.The spatio-temporal analysis indicated a non-significant variation (p> 0.05) in the ichthyological fauna and the indices of diversity H 'and E. Nevertheless, the analysis of the structure of the stand (H' of 2.09 at 2.34; E from 0.83 to 0.85) revealed a fairly diverse fluvial environment. It is dominated by Cichlidae and Cyprinidae at family level and Labeo coubie, Coptodon zillii and Chrysichthys nigrodigitatus at species level regardless of the fishing site. This stand is mainly composed of juvenile specimens. The results of this work constitute a basic study for those in charge in the establishment of a plan for the sustainable management of fishery resources in the continental environment.Most of the production of the Bandama River is supplied by the Cichlidae and in the locality of Tiassalé. Nevertheless, the calculated diversity indices show a diversified ichthyofauna. This ichthyofauna is dominated by juveniles.

Viruses ◽  
2021 ◽  
Vol 14 (1) ◽  
pp. 57
Kyoko Tsukiyama-Kohara ◽  
Michinori Kohara

We acknowledge the publications for this Special Issue, “Basic Studies for Vaccine Development Targeting Virus Infections” [...]

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