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Lingling Zhang ◽  
Nan Zhang ◽  
Bibo Zhou

Abstract In this note, the main emphasis is to study two kinds of high-order fractional p-Laplacian differential equations with mixed derivatives, which include Caputo type and Riemann–Liouville type fractional derivative. Based on fixed point theorems on the cone, the existence-uniqueness of positive solutions for equations and two iterative schemes to uniformly approximate the unique solutions are discussed theoretically. What’s more, the sufficient conditions for stability of the equations are given. Some exact examples are further provided to verify the analytical results at the end of the article.

2022 ◽  
Vol 5 (4) ◽  
pp. 89-99
N. A. Bobrova

The subject. The article is devoted to conflictology as one of the most relevant, almost significant, debatable problems in law theory, legal sciences, political science, philosophy, psychology and economics. The author analyzes specific examples of conflicts of interest in various corruption spheres and manifestations, for example, in the sphere of participation of economic actors in the procurement announced by state and municipal authorities.The purpose of the article is to identify the nature of conflicts of interest as the basis of corruption.The methodology. The author uses comparisons of common and private, cause and effect, patterns and randomness, content and form, essence and phenomenon, the transition of quantity into quality, as well as the methods of sociology and psychology.The main results, scope of application. The article analyzes the relationship between corruption and nepotism. The article discusses legal and moral ways to prevent conflict, the role of ethical standards in conflict prevention, regulatory framework for preventing and settling them, the ratio of conflict of interest and employee qualifications, balance of material and personal interest, Commissions to prevent conflicts of interest, guaranteeing the role of writing notice of a conflict of interest, Features of the notification procedure, moral means of preventing and resolve conflicts of interest. Exclusively legal methods are insufficient to prevent and eliminate conflicts of interest and corruption-related risks. A combination of legal and moral measures is necessary, and most importantly, the exclusion of kinship and other forms of nepotism in the formation of government bodies and the appointment of officials, the hiring of state and municipal employees. It is necessary to exclude formalism from the institution of competitive selection of civil servants.Conclusions. The elimination of the contradictions between some federal anti-corruption laws has much less effect on the state of corruption in the state than the flourishing nepotism. The exercise of official functions takes place in the form of law enforcement: if there is no application of the law – there is no corruption. The main emphasis should be directed to the process of forming the apparatus of state and municipal authorities, employees of state and municipal institutions, primarily in the educational sphere, on which the upbringing of new generations of employees depends, the steady observance of high professional and moral requirements imposed on state and municipal employees and teachers in schools and universities.

2022 ◽  
Vol 5 (4) ◽  
pp. 109-119
M. Karfíkova ◽  
E. V. Chernikova

The methodology. Comparative legal, historical and analytical scientific methods were used. The main results, scope of application. Formation of financial-legal theory in both countries took place under the circumstances of political changes. In relation to the Czechoslovak Republic, the attention is focused on the period from the formation of the Czechoslovak Republic in 1918 to the formation of the Czech Republic in 1993, and the main emphasis is made on the period of the 21st century. Periodization of financial law and financial science, and also the system of financial law considers the teaching of financial law and financial science at the Faculty of Law, Charles University. The study also characterizes the process of development of financial law and financial science in pre-revolutionary Russia, highlights the Soviet period of development of financial law, focuses on the problems of development of modern financial law. Periodization of financial law, as well as the system of financial law, are presented from the perspective of teaching of the subject of financial law at the faculties of law. The authors suppose that the modern system of financial law and financial science has retained the original division into two parts, general and specific. All sub-branches of the special part of financial law may be divided into three main blocks: (1) sub-branches of the fiscal part of financial law; (2) sub-branches of the non-fiscal part of financial law; common sub-branches of the non-fiscal part of financial law.Conclusions. The hypothesis about the unity of the principles of financial law and financial science, and public finance as the main category, as well as about the independence of this branch of public law was confirmed during the study. Due to the growing volume of legal regulation in both countries, the historical division of the financial law system is not enough, there is an extensive fragmentation of division in the financial law system. We are observing the emergence of new sub-branches, which are likely to tend to the formation of new branches.

2022 ◽  
pp. 268-293
Mahdi Shafaati Shemami ◽  
Marzieh Sefid

This chapter emphasizes the utilization of the plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) as a backup power source for residential loads in under-developing and developing countries. It works as a source of energy in residential micro-grid based on the condition of vehicle battery without harming its function as an EV (electric vehicle). The suggested V2H system uses solar PV power to charge vehicle battery; therefore, the entire system works as a residential nano-grid system. The EV is considered as a load of home when its batteries are charged by solar PV or grid. However, the main emphasis is given to use solar PV power to reduce charging from the grid. The key objectives of this work are to minimize the energy cost of a household by reducing the dependency of residential loads on the power grid to enhance the reliability of power supply to residential loads during load shedding and blackouts and to maximize the utilization of power produced by solar PV array mounted on the rooftop.

2021 ◽  
Vol 107 (7) ◽  
pp. 18-26
Lyubov Fadeeva ◽  

The author of the article attempts to use the theories of the European identity, memory politics, identity politics by placing them in the context of the European (international) security. The author considers it fundamentally important to pay attention not so much to the threats to European identity, but to how identity is used to legitimize foreign policy of the European Union. The article highlights such perspectives of this problem as the confrontation inside the EU on the politics of memory and identity and the justification of the EU foreign policy towards Russia by the need to protect the European identity and European values. The author uses the discourse-analysis and identity research methods. The main emphasis is placed on the competitiveness of identity politics and the possibilities of using it for political purposes, to legitimize solutions to ensure the security of the European Union and the world as a whole.

2021 ◽  
pp. 151-171
Carlos Soriano Jiménez

This study lies within the framework of the years 1945-1955, which correspond to Clement Attlee’s Labourite and Winston Churchill’s Conservative administrations. The objective is to demonstrate, by means of an analysis of their speeches and the proposals of their respective political parties, that the ideological differences hindered a total agreement. These primary sources are examined from several perspectives. The main emphasis of this study falls on the ideology as a distinctive element and its influence on other fields such as education, the welfare system or the economy. The results reveal a lack of consensus based on their opposite political cultures.

2021 ◽  
Vol 2 (80) ◽  
pp. 57-87
Magdalena Gikiewicz ◽  
Karolina Bralewska

One of the challenges in modern rescue are terrorist attacks in which use is made of chemical, biological, radiation and nuclear (CBRN) agents. The mass nature of such incidents causes participation in the operations of various services. The first stage of responding to CBRN incidents is often attended by several hundred rescuers. Important factor influencing the speed and effectiveness of actions thus increasing the safety of rescuers is the appropriate selection and optimization of personal protective equipment (PPE). Although the discussion on the selection of PPE during CBRN incidents has been going on for many years, the main emphasis is on solutions used by the military. There is much less work on PPE for rescuers who are usually the first line of defence. The variety of tasks performed by them and a multitude of factors determining the selection of PPE makes it difficult to find a unified approach to this problem. The aims of this paper consist of identification of factors that should be taken into account when selecting PPE for rescuers, reviewing the standards in this area and select the optimal PPE for rescuers during CBRN incidents based on the two the most realistic hazard scenarios. This study contains a critical review of literature and standards in the field of PPE for rescuers, includes outcomes from observation and may be a catalyst for a discussion of this problem.

2021 ◽  
Vol 51 (44) ◽  
pp. 163-185
Zlatko Bukač

This paper examines the discursive formation of Croatianness (hrvatstvo) during the Croatian War of Independence in the 1990s and the post-war era, focusing mainly on the domain of popular culture. In this analysis of Croatian children’s popular culture, the main emphasis is on chocolate bar stickers and sticker albums manufactured by Kraš. At the time, the company had published Cro-Army chocolate stickers and the accompanying Croatian army sticker album, Knights’ Tales, about Croatian history and various historical events, and Maki, a sticker album of Catholic saints. In relying on theoretical and methodological frameworks of representational and discourse theory regarding national identity and fantasy, this paper shows one of the ways in which Croatianness was formed in children’s popular culture through three main aspects – war, history, and religion

2021 ◽  
Vol 02 (02) ◽  
Baback Khodadoost ◽  

Recently there have been speculations concerning a possible link between the covid-19 pandemic and al-Muddaththir, the 74th chapter of the Quran. An examination of this chapter presented in this article shows further evidences in support of these speculations. It is shown that indications of not only the current Covid-19 pandemic, but also the horrific 1918 Spanish flu can be detected in chapter 74. The main emphasis of this article will be to demonstrate the timings of the pandemic events as they appear to have been encoded in four of the chapter verses. The concept of Translational-Coding and in particular, its use in decoding one of the time-informing verses will be explained. A remarkable scheme of al-Muddaththir to announce the exact occurring years of the two major pandemics, will also be exposed. Coincidences of the Super Moon occurrences with major events of both, Covid-19 and Spanish flu pandemics, will be shown as the possible reason for “by the moon” swearing in verse 74:32. In connection with these observed coincidences, possible effect of the moon’s differential gravity on suppression of the human immune system during a Super Moon occurrence will be addressed. Some other verses in al-Muddaththir with possible relevance to the pandemic perspective of this chapter will also be discussed.

2021 ◽  
Vol 63 (2) ◽  
pp. 193-202
R.B. VERMA ◽  
B. L. VERMA ◽  

One of the most significant impacts of landfalling tropical cyclones is caused by the copiousrainfall associated with it. The main emphasis of present study is to provide some guidance to the operational forecastersfor indicating the possible rainfall over the areas likely to be affected by the cyclones after landfall. Study of 14 pastlandfalling cyclones reveals that the maximum rainfall occurred in the first forward quadrant of tropical cyclonemovement, followed by the second quadrant and the areas near the track of the cyclones. Isohyetal analysis of 24 hoursrainfall for each cyclone reveals that occurrence of heavy rainfall is generally confined up to 150 kms radius from thestorm centre and rainfall is found to generally extend up to 300 kms with gradual decrease in amount. The rainfallreceiving areas are mostly covered with convective clouds with cloud top temperatures of -80 to -60 ºC, prior to and afterthe landfall of the systems. In 93% of tropical cyclones out of the 14 cases studied, 70 % convection lay to the right of thetrack. To examine the rainfall asymmetry due to asymmetry in distribution of convection, cloud top temperatures derivedfrom satellite infrared imagery data have been taken as the proxy of strong convection. It is also revealed in the study thatthe slow moving tropical cyclones cause heavy rain rather than fast moving tropical cyclones. The Bay of Bengalcyclones which crossed coast as cyclonic storm and very severe cyclonic storm caused 71.4% rainfall within the range 0-10 cm, 22.8% rainfall in the range 11-20 cm and 4.3% rainfall within the range 21-30 cm in the area of radius of 300 kmsfrom the centre of the cyclonic storms. For the Arabian Sea tropical cyclones, in general, about 70% rainfall occurredwithin the range 16-25 cm in 24 hours.

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