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Zhiguo Zhang ◽  
Chengnan Ma ◽  
Youbiao Hu ◽  
Yonghong Zheng ◽  
Fangling Chen ◽  

Keiji Yasuda ◽  
Koji Hamada ◽  
Yoshiyuki Asakura

Abstract The enrichment characteristics of amino acids by ultrasonic atomization were investigated. Samples were aqueous solutions of L-phenylalanine and L-tyrosine. The ratio of amino acid concentration in the mist to that in the solution was defined as the enrichment factor. As the flow rate of carrier gas became higher, the collection mass of mist increased and the enrichment factor decreased. The enrichment factor depended on the solution pH. The enrichment factor increased with decreasing amino acid concentration in the solution and enhanced by the addition of ultrafine bubbles.

Life ◽  
2021 ◽  
Vol 11 (9) ◽  
pp. 925
Lin Liu ◽  
Junkai Zhu ◽  
Tong Jin ◽  
Mengjia Huang ◽  
Yi Chen ◽  

Tumour immunotherapy combined with molecular typing is a new therapy to help select patients. However, molecular typing algorithms related to tumour immune function have not been thoroughly explored. We herein proposed a single sample immune signature network (SING) method to identify new immune function-related subtypes of cutaneous melanoma of the skin. A sample-specific network and tumour microenvironment were constructed based on the immune annotation of cutaneous melanoma samples. Then, the differences and heterogeneity of immune function among different subtypes were analysed and verified. A total of 327 cases of cutaneous melanoma were divided into normal and immune classes; the immune class had more immune enrichment characteristics. After further subdividing the 327 cases into three immune-related subtypes, the degree of immune enrichment in the “high immune subtype” was greater than that in other subtypes. Similar results were validated in both tumour samples and cell lines. Sample-specific networks and the tumour microenvironment based on immune annotation contribute to the mining of cutaneous melanoma immune function-related subtypes. Mutations in B2M and PTEN are considered potential therapeutic targets that can improve the immune response. Patients with a high immune subtype can generally obtain a better immune prognosis effect, and the prognosis may be improved when combined with TGF-β inhibitors.

Materials ◽  
2021 ◽  
Vol 14 (17) ◽  
pp. 4937
Shaoyan Hu ◽  
Deyong Wang ◽  
Xianglong Li ◽  
Wei Zhao ◽  
Tianpeng Qu ◽  

Concentrating the chromium in chromium slag and improving the chromium–iron ratio is beneficial for the further utilization of chromium slag. In this paper, chromium slag obtained from a chromite lime-free roasting plant was used as the raw material. Pellets made of the chromium slag and pulverized coal were reduced at different pre-reduction temperatures and then separated by a melting separation process or magnetic separation process, respectively. The mass and composition of the metallized pellets before separation, along with the alloy and tail slag after separation, were comprehensively analyzed. The experimental results showed that the output yield of alloy, iron recovery rate, and chromium content in the alloy were all higher when using melting separation than when using magnetic separation, because of the further reduction during the melting stage. More importantly, a relatively low pre-reduction temperature and selection of magnetic separation process were found to be more beneficial for chromium enrichment in slag; the highest chromium–iron ratio in tail slag can reach 2.88.

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