scholarly journals Advanced process and electron device technology

2022 ◽  
Vol 27 (3) ◽  
pp. 534-558
Dan Zhang ◽  
Xiaojing Su ◽  
Hao Chang ◽  
Hao Xu ◽  
Xiaolei Wang ◽  
M.E. Lee

The crystalline perfection of bulk CdTe substrates plays an important role in their use in infrared device technology. The application of chemical etchants to determine crystal polarity or the density and distribution of crystallographic defects in (100) CdTe is not well understood. The lack of data on (100) CdTe surfaces is a result of the apparent difficulty in growing (100) CdTe single crystal substrates which is caused by a high incidence of twinning. Many etchants have been reported to predict polarity on one or both (111) CdTe planes but are considered to be unsuitable as defect etchants. An etchant reported recently has been considered to be a true defect etchant for CdTe, MCT and CdZnTe substrates. This etchant has been reported to reveal crystalline defects such as dislocations, grain boundaries and inclusions in (110) and (111) CdTe. In this study the effect of this new etchant on (100) CdTe surfaces is investigated.The single crystals used in this study were (100) CdTe as-cut slices (1mm thickness) from Bridgman-grown ingots.

1992 ◽  
Vol 139 (3) ◽  
pp. 208 ◽  
P.A. Kiely ◽  
G.W. Taylor ◽  
D.P. Docter ◽  
P.R. Claisse ◽  
T. Vang ◽  

2020 ◽  
Vol 5 (1) ◽  
pp. 89
Nasirudin Nasirudin ◽  
Sunardi Sunardi ◽  
Imam Riadi

Technological advances are growing rapidly, including mobile device technology, one of which is an Android smartphone that is experiencing rapid progress with a variety of features so that it can spoil its users, with the rapid development of smartphone technology, many users benefit, but many are disadvantaged by the growing smartphone. technology, so that many perpetrators or persons who commit crimes and seek profits with smartphone facilities. Case simulation by securing Samsung Galaxy A8 brand android smartphone evidence using the MOBILedit forensic express forensic tool with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) method which consists of four stages of collection, examination, analysis and reporting. The results of testing the Samsung Galaxy A8 android smartphone are carried out with the NIST method and the MOBILedit Forensic Express tool obtained by data backup, extraction and analysis so that there are findings sought for investigation and evidence of crimes committed by persons using android smartphone facilities.

Dongmei Meng ◽  
Joe Rupley ◽  
Chris McMahon

Abstract This paper presents decapsulation solutions for devices bonded with Cu wire. By removing mold compound to a thin layer using a laser ablation tool, Cu wire bonded packages are decapsulated using wet chemical etching by controlling the etch time and temperature. Further, the paper investigates the possibilities of decapsulating Cu wire bonded devices using full wet chemical etches without the facilitation of laser ablation removing much of mold compound. Additional discussion on reliability concerns when evaluating Cu wirebond devices is addressed here. The lack of understanding of the reliability of Cu wire bonded packages creates a challenge to the FA engineer as they must develop techniques to help understanding the reliability issue associated with Cu wire bonding devices. More research and analysis are ongoing to develop appropriate analysis methods and techniques to support the Cu wire bonding device technology in the lab.

2014 ◽  
Vol 8 (1) ◽  
pp. 404-411 ◽  
Guo Rongyan ◽  
Zhang Honghui

As an important electrical safety protection device in low voltage distribution system, residual current protection device is to protect the insulation line leakage fault; the electric shock of the people plays an important role in fault. From the protection characteristics of residual current protective device to points, those can be divided into, residual current protection device for residual pulsating direct current and residual dc, according to the residual sinusoidal alternating current.

Dan Luo

Background: As known that the semi-supervised algorithm is a classical algorithm in semi-supervised learning algorithm. Methods: In the paper, it proposed improved cooperative semi-supervised learning algorithm, and the algorithm process is presented in detailed, and it is adopted to predict unlabeled electronic components image. Results: In the experiments of classification and recognition of electronic components, it show that through the method the accuracy the proposed algorithm in electron device image recognition can be significantly improved, the improved algorithm can be used in the actual recognition process . Conclusion: With the continuous development of science and technology, machine vision and deep learning will play a more important role in people's life in the future. The subject research based on the identification of the number of components is bound to develop towards the direction of high precision and multi-dimension, which will greatly improve the production efficiency of electronic components industry.

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