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2022 ◽  
Vol 1 (2) ◽  
pp. 104-111
Ahyar Rosidi Ahyar Rosidi

This service research aims to determine the application of the method of memorizing the Qur'an at the Al-Qur'an Islamic Boarding School Nuur Ahmad Lombok. Memorizing the Qur'an is a worship that began during the time of the Prophet Muhammad and has grown to the present day. Over time, many methods were born to make it easier to memorize the Qur'an. This activity is the final report of the KKP-DR UIN Mataram which aims to find out the method used in memorizing the Qur'an at the Al-Qur'an Islamic Boarding School Nuur Ahmad Lombok. The method in accelerating memorization used is the FOURT4 method (Tahsin, Tahfidz, Tarjamah, Tafsir). This method has proven useful in facilitating students in memorizing the Qur'an, gaining an understanding of the Qur'an, strengthening and maintaining memorization, fostering motivation in memorizing the Qur'an and creating an intensive relationship between students and the Qur'an. an. The results of this service activity are expected to be a reference for existing Tahfidz institutions.

Leni Maryani ◽  
Saiful Almujab ◽  
Yudho Ramafrizal ◽  
Veri Aryanto Sopiansah

The objectives of the final report of this research are (1) to determine the understanding of students and lecturers in the Merdeka Learning policy program at the Merdeka Campus at the Economic Education Study Program, FKIP, Pasundan University; (2) to find out the involvement of students and lecturers in the Independent Learning Policy Program at the Independent Campus at the Economics Education Study Program, FKIP, Pasundan University. The implementation method in the research program on the implementation of the Independent Learning Policy-Independent Campus (MBKM) is in the form of a population survey (total sampling) involving students, and lecturers at the Pasundan University economic education study program. The survey results show that in general students understand the independent campus learning policy program in the economic education study program FKIP Pasundan University, this is indicated by the average student answers about each question item in the survey showing a response according to the answer indicators provided. Some of the author's suggestions are input as a form of concern for the study program in implementing the MBKM program so that it can be even better, of course the consistency of all human resources involved is very necessary in optimizing the implementation of this MBKM activity.

2022 ◽  
Vol 24 (1) ◽  
pp. 96-100
Frank Cranmer

Though public policy continued to be dominated by the COVID-19 pandemic, restrictions began to ease as the vaccine rollout progressed. The volume of secondary legislation barely slackened, however, and the lack of parliamentary scrutiny was a cause of concern both to academic commentators and to parliamentarians. On 10 June, the House of Lords Constitution Committee published its third and final report on the constitutional implications of coronavirus and was clearly very unhappy with the course of events: ‘The Government has introduced a large volume of new legislation, much of it transforming everyday life and introducing unprecedented restrictions on ordinary activities. Yet parliamentary oversight of these significant policy decisions has been extremely limited.’

2021 ◽  
Kimberly Gray ◽  
Gerald Hill ◽  
Patricia Berry ◽  
David Riestenberg
Phase Ii ◽  

2021 ◽  
Heath Spidle ◽  
Jonathan Esquivel ◽  
Andrew Schaub ◽  
Jake Janssen ◽  

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