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2021 ◽  

Abstract We estimate the relationships between innovation and human resources in Europe using the European Innovation Scoreboard of the European Commission for 36 countries for the period 2010-2019. We perform Panel Data with Fixed Effects, Random Effects, Pooled OLS, Dynamic Panel and WLS. We found that Human resources is positively associated to “Basic-school entrepreneurial education and training”, “Employment MHT manufacturing KIS services”, “Employment share Manufacturing (SD)”, “Lifelong learning”, “New doctorate graduates”, “R&D expenditure business sector”, “R&D expenditure public sector”, “Tertiary education”. Our results also show that “Human Resources” is negatively associated to “Government procurement of advanced technology products”, “Medium and high-tech product exports”, “SMEs innovating in-house”, “Venture capital”. In adjunct we perform a clusterization with k-Means algorithm and we find the presence of three clusters. Clusterization shows the presence of Central and Northern European countries that has higher levels of Human Resources, while Southern and Eastern Europe has very low degree of Human Resources. Finally, we use seven machine learning algorithms to predict the value of Human Resources in Europe Countries using data in the period 2014-2021 and we show that the linear regression algorithm performs at the highest level.

2021 ◽  
Vol ahead-of-print (ahead-of-print) ◽  
Jack J. Phillips ◽  
Patti P. Phillips ◽  
Klaas Toes

Purpose This paper aims to explore the executive request for program results. With major programs in place and other programs planned, executives want to know if they are working. The executive’s perspective focuses on whether these programs impact the organization and do they deliver a positive return on investment (ROI). Design/methodology/approach The paper describes how an executive’s request for ROI will lead human resources professionals to plan an evaluation, collect data, analyze data and present the results to the program sponsors and funders. The success of the results presentation will influence program support and future allocation of funding to HR programs. Findings To be credible, the presentation must include five moments of truth. These five moments of truth require credible data, collected from credible sources, presented in five categories, and a conservative analysis that executives can believe, including proof the program has made a difference. Executives must believe the results are true, or the presentation becomes a waste of time. Originality/value The critical challenge for the HR team is to involve executives in each of the five truths. In the findings, the most successful programs have high executive involvement, beginning with investment alignment and business alignment, and moving through to solution implementation and capability development, and motivation attainment.

2021 ◽  
Vol 1 (15) ◽  
pp. 22-33
Galyna Malynovska ◽  
Larysa Mosora ◽  
Sviatoslav Kis ◽  
Tetiana Topolnytska ◽  
Yaryna Kalambet

Personnel certification is one of the most effective tools for implementing human resources development processes and procedures. By certifying employees, either enterprises, institutions or organizations strive to expand their capabilities by acquiring new or improving already existing knowledge, skills, abilities and experience in order to improve the efficiency of performing professional duties. The purpose of the article is theoretical and methodological justification, practical testing and evaluation of personnel certification processes using design thinking procedure. The research goal is achieved by setting and solving the following tasks:- to investigate the theoretical and methodological basis of design thinking procedure, to establish the possibilities and ways of its practical application in the processes of human resource development of the organization;- to improve the implementation of international certification processes for professional drillers with the help of the prototyping tool; - to develop recommendations and evaluate the influence on the certification procedures according to the international standards.The draft study presupposes the analysis of the preparatory and final stage of international certification of oil and gas enterprises personnel, as well as the development of recommendations for their improvement, by using design thinking procedure. The study combines methods of quantitative and qualitative analysis. In particular, statistical analysis tools are used to study the results and evaluate the influence on personnel certification. Qualitative methods are used to establish intellectual, psychological and professional options of a person, by applying prototyping tools. Based on the results of the study, it is planned to obtain:» design thinking procedure integrated into the process of international personnel certification of oil and gas enterprises, which will increase the efficiency of human resources development;» improved approach to the organization of international certification procedures for professional drillers, which is based on the use of prototyping tools;» a list of influences on the certification procedures according to international standards and an approach to their evaluation.

2021 ◽  
Vol 4 (3) ◽  
pp. 307-312
Muhammad Amin ◽  
Muhammad Sabir Ramadhan

Abstrack : The training carried out at CV. Rifanta Tanjungbalai is a tridharma of community service in understanding computer assembly for employees of CV. Rifanta Tanjungbalai in installing computer hardware and software, where the quality of employees is very influential on human resources that can be used as a benchmark in mastery of assembly. As is known CV. Rifanta Tanjungbalai is engaged in trade and services and this is a benchmark for employees in knowing or understanding the main parts of a computer. The computer assembly training activities are presented in the form of explanations, video screenings, discussions and practice in the field. The benefits derived from this activity include being able to assemble computers and computer parts, so that employees work according to their field of expertise and can master proper assembly techniques. It shows the employees CV. Rifanta Tanjungbalai is very proficient in recognizing hardware and software, so that consumers are satisfied with the performance of employees.Keyword : computer assembly; hardware; softwareAbstrak : Pelatihan yang dilaksanakan di CV. Rifanta Tanjungbalai merupakan tridharma pengabdian kepada masyarakat dalam pemahaman perakitan komputer untuk karyawan CV. Rifanta Tanjungbalai dalam melakukan instalasi perangkat keras dan perangkat lunak komputer, dimana kualitas karyawan sangat berpengaruh pada sumber daya manusia yang dapat dijadikan sebagai tolak ukur dalam penguasaan perakitan. Sebagaimana diketahui CV. Rifanta Tanjungbalai bergerak dalam perdagangan dan jasa dan ini merupakan tolak ukur karyawan dalam mengetahui atau pun memahami tentang bagian-bagian utama komputer. Kegiatan pelatihan perakitan komputer tersebut disajikan dalam bentuk penjelasan, pemuataran video, diskusi dan praktek dilapangan. Manfaat yang diperoleh dari kegiatan ini anatara lain dapat melakukan perakitan komputer dan bagian-bagian komputer, sehingga karyawan bekerja sesuai dengan bidang keahlian dan dapat menguasai teknik merakit secara tepat. Ini menunjukkan para karyawan CV. Rifanta Tanjungbalai sangat mahir dalam mengenal perangkat keras dan perangkat lunak, sehingga konsumen merasa puas dengan kinerja para karyawan.Keyword : perakitan komputer; perangkat keras; perangkat lunak

2021 ◽  
Vol ahead-of-print (ahead-of-print) ◽  
Vicky Walker

Purpose This paper aims to assess the varied and valuable well-being lessons learnt throughout the pandemic, from people and businesses alike and how they can be taken forward. To support its argument, Westfield Health uses research that demonstrates a link between health and happiness and the quality of an individual’s contributions to a business. The paper will also show how employee expectations have changed, and companies that acknowledge those changes and continue to keep in mind the valuable learnings from last year will be best placed to survive and recover. Design/methodology/approach Westfield Health undertook a 1,500 person study into the physical and mental well-being of the country, with a focus on our changing experiences, attitudes and expectations of working through a pandemic for Westfield Health’s Divided Together report. A further study surveyed 400 human resources (HR) leaders, to investigate policy changes, well-being spend and successful improvements to workplace well-being. Findings The study shows that learnings around implementing, measuring and investing in workplace well-being must continue throughout 2021 to provide businesses and their teams with the best chance of success in the new year. Originality/value This paper uses data from a variety of reliable sources that can help HR leaders understand which learnings from 2020 are here to stay and how to improve their well-being offering.

Hendriyanto , Bei harira

ABSTRACT Human resources design section at an Event Organizer is a vital part considering that the design will be seen by the event participants in addition to the technical events. The selection of employees who understand design and have extensive experience is important. The process of selecting employees in the design field can sometimes be difficult to predict if there are several prospective employees with balanced abilities. From the calculation results of the dataset as many as 14 applicants using the C4.5 algorithm, the highest Gain Ratio value obtained in the design Ability and Experience = 0.7172, Origin of Schools = 0.0511 and Age = 0.0205. Keywords : event organizer, C4.5 algorithm, prospective employees, Gain Ratio

Paulo Pereira Louro Filho ◽  
Guacira Lopes Louro

This paper describe another interchange experience among lnstitutions working in the New Methodologies Project; this experiences was developed at São Luiz do Maranhâo, where another training in Introduction to Teaching Methodology was made by Dental School of Rio Grande do Sul University. The training with 15 teachers had the same purpose of previous experiences (improuve the speeed in training universitary teachers in the field of educational methodolbgy using Modules; in the paper comparison with other experiences are presented. The objetives was search and the satisfastion level was higher than in the other groups. All the experiences suggested that the best sequence in this kind of training, using this technology and instructional materials, must follow separetes and independent stops: 1 – teaching methodology; 2 – statistics; 3 – principles and technics in educational research. Another conclusion was that if the schools can get the instructional materials they would became multiplications centers of such trainings using their own human resources which can adapt the instructional materials to their own characteristics and condictions.

2021 ◽  
Vol 7 (9) ◽  
pp. 521-529
K. Osmonbaeva ◽  
A. Dootaliev

At present, when education has become a goods in the service market, it is necessary to competently approach the issue of managing the human resources of universities. The value of a university is determined by the value of its human resources. Today, there is a shortage of competent specialists in the humanitarian universities of the Kyrgyz Republic. The main task of the university's human resources management is to attract the most valuable employees to the university who are able to bring educational services to a new level. The article describes the features of human resources management of a humanitarian university, considers the classification of university human resources, studies the elements of university personnel management, such as planning, organization, motivation and control.

2021 ◽  
Vol 6 (2) ◽  
pp. 46-59

Globalization has a big impact on the business world. One of the spearheads that must be owned by a company is qualified and capable human resources in their fields. One effort to improve the quality of human resources is to improve work efficiency and effectiveness so that employee performance increases, where performance is a function of motivation and ability (Gomes, 2000). Through the fulfillment of abilities and motivations that are believed to improve employee performance, in this case Lavalette Hospital and Malang Islamic Hospital employees. This study uses explanatory research with a questionnaire as the main tool for data collection. The data analysis uses multiple linear regression. The results of inferential analysis indicate that the variables of existence needs, relationship needs and needs to develop, technical abilities and behavioral abilities partially and simultaneously have a significant effect on employee performance. Variable technical ability and behavioral ability partially or simultaneously have a significant effect on employee work performance. Thus, the company must be able to maintain and improve motivation and ability of employees, especially for the needs of relationships and behavioral abilities because it has a dominant influence on employee performance

Ni Wayan Sitiari ◽  

The purpose of this study is to find out whether human resources (HR) practices in cooperatives in Bali have adopted Balinese cultural values. How Balinese cultural values are applied to HR practices in cooperatives in Bali has never been studied. The title of this research is Exploration of HR Practices Based on Local Cultural Values in cooperatives in Bali. The number of respondents 79 who are managers of cooperatives in Bali. The analytical technique used is statistical analysis techniques. The results of the study show HR practices in cooperatives in Bali have been implemented based on local Balinese cultural values with high criteria. It can be said that HR practices in cooperatives are in a strong category. The results of the identification of HR practices based on local culture which include (1) Dimensions of performance appraisal, (2) Dimensions of career development, (3) Dimensions of compensation, (4) Dimensions of training and development, (5) Dimensions of the selection process. Implementation of HR practices that are in accordance with Balinese Cultural Values, among others: HR practices contained in the concept of menyamabraya are reflected in the dimensions: performance appraisal, career development, and the selection process. HR practices contained in the concept taksu, namely in the selection and recruitment process, HR practices contained in the concept of jengah: Implemented in selecting and awarding compensation.

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