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Ciwuk Musiana Yudhawasthi ◽  
Lydia Christiani

Independent Learning Independent Campus (MBKM) was launched by the Ministry of Education, Culture, and Research and Technology to support the readiness of students to face challenges in the world of work by applying active learning. Documentary institutions in universities, namely libraries, archives, and museums, should become strategic partners in supporting the MBKM program because the documentary institution has all the necessary conditions, facilities, and infrastructure to succeed MBKM program. This study aimed to determine the readiness of documentary institutions in the university environment to exploit the opportunities and challenges and what obstacles they encountered. This study used the qualitative method and in-depth interviews for data collection and a literature study. The researcher concludes that the biggest challenges facing documentary institutions are regulation and the readiness of human resources. Due to this, changes to regulations and educational curricula and the introduction of new documentation of pure science are priorities in improving professional education providers in library science, archives, and museology.

2022 ◽  
Vol 2022 ◽  
pp. 1-9
Lizhe Zhang ◽  
Juan He

In the digitized era, life has become simpler with the increased information technology. The Education Department in the whole world is facing a tremendous revolution with the development. The traditional classroom study is converted to a modernized and digitized classroom with visualization. This modernization has increased the learning capability of the students with an increase in student and teacher interaction. From this teaching and learning process, most colleges and universities have improved performance in preparing course materials, effective teaching, and independent learning among the students in the theoretical courses. Ideological and political education (IPE) is a theoretical subject that is taught and understood at higher education institutions, such as colleges and universities. A hybrid hierarchical K -means clustering for optimizing clustering with unsupervised machine learning is proposed to analyze the student performance and concluded that the proposed algorithm shows improved performance than the K -means algorithm.

Yevhen Kulyk ◽  
Liubov Kravchenko ◽  
Mykola Blyzniuk ◽  
Liudmyla Chystiakova ◽  
Nataliia Orlova ◽  

In recent decades, technological advances have revolutionized all areas of society, including the teaching resources and methodologies used in education. The relevance of pedagogical technologies in vocational education cannot be overemphasized, since technologies are constantly changing in today's environment, thus creating new challenges for modern education in globalization. The research aims are to establish patterns for promoting the implementation of pedagogical technologies in educational institutions for providing quality competent training of specialists in professional education. Research methods: comparative analysis; survey; systematization, generalization. As a result of the survey was established that pedagogical technologies positively influence the provision of competent training of specialists in Ukrainian professional education (89.7%), a smaller number of students (7.5%) were not sure about the quality of competent training of specialists in Ukrainian professional education with modern pedagogical technologies. It was determined that the students of educational institutions are most familiar with such pedagogical technologies as mobile learning (100%), e-learning (98%), independent learning (90%), virtual classroom (85%), and massive open online courses (MOOC) (71%). The study found that teachers need to improve digital competency from technologies such as Gamification and Next Generation Digital Learning Environment (NGDLE). Based on statistical data, it was found that the need for competent specialists in vocational education in the labor market is increasing every year, while those willing to study at vocational education institutions are decreasing every year. According to the negative trends, it has been determined that vocational education institutions should improve the educational process to increase the number of future competent specialists for the labor market.

Sarwahita ◽  
2022 ◽  
Vol 19 (01) ◽  
pp. 83-92
Muhammad Yusro ◽  
Aodah Diamah

Abstract The rapid advancement of information technology and telecommunications has caused Internet of Things (IoT) technology to be increasingly developed and utilized in various activities and tasks at the home, office, school, industry, and others. 24-hour connectivity and various automation features make IoT an effective way to remotely monitor and manage jobs. In the context of learning in Vocational High Schools (SMK), ideally, the use of IoT technology applications is taught by teachers in the field of industrial electronics expertise. The uneven understanding and technical skills of teachers about the application of IoT technology is one of the factors that have not updated the ability of vocational students with IoT technology information. From these problems, the solution offered is to provide technical knowledge and skills to teachers about the use of IoT using a microcontroller so that they can teach it to students. The workshop/training was conducted online which was attended by 20 (twenty) teachers from several vocational schools in the Jakarta, Bekasi, Cibinong, and Bogor areas. In this workshop, theoretical and practical learning about the use of IoT technology is given. The material taught is the development of IoT, the use of the ESP32 IoT development board, and some practical examples using the ESP32 board. In this workshop, IoT learning e-modules (theory and practice) were also distributed which can be used by teachers for independent learning and as teaching materials in SMK. From the workshop, an overview of the understanding and technical skills of teachers regarding IoT technology was obtained which still needs to be improved. The participants were very enthusiastic about participating in the IoT workshop because they got new and useful information and knowledge to improve their competence in the field of industrial electronics technology. The usefulness of this workshop was felt by the participants who gave a positive impression of the material taught by the instructor/lecturer.   Abstrak Pesatnya kemajuan teknologi informasi dan telekomunikasi, menyebabkan teknologi Internet of Things (IoT) makin berkembang dan dimanfaatkan dalam berbagai kegiatan dan tugas di rumah, kantor, sekolah, industri, dan lainnya. Konektivitas 24 jam serta berbagai fitur otomasi menjadikan IoT sebagai cara efektif untuk memantau dan mengelola berbagai pekerjaan dari jarak jauh. Dalam konteks pembelajaran di Sekolah Menengah Kejuruan (SMK), maka idealnya pemanfaatan aplikasi teknologi IoT diajarkan oleh para guru bidang keahlian elektronika industri. Belum meratanya pemahaman dan keterampilan teknis guru tentang aplikasi teknologi IoT, menjadi salah satu faktor belum ter-update nya kemampuan siswa SMK dengan informasi teknologi IoT.  Dari permasalahan tersebut maka solusi yang ditawarkan adalah dengan memberikan pengetahuan dan keterampilan teknik kepada guru tentang pemanfaatan IoT menggunakan mikrokontroler sehingga dapat mengajarkannya kepada siswa. Workshop/pelatihan dilaksanakan secara daring yang diikuti peserta guru dari beberapa SMK di wilayah Jakarta, Bekasi, Cibinong dan Bogor sebanyak 20 (dua puluh) orang. Dalam workshop ini diberikan pembelajaran teori dan praktikum tentang pemanfaatan teknologi IoT. Materi yang diajarkan adalah perkembangan IoT, pemanfaatan ESP32 IoT development board, dan beberapa contoh praktikum menggunakan ESP32 board. Dalam workshop ini juga dibagikan e-modul pembelajaran IoT (teori dan praktik) yang dapat digunakan para guru untuk pembelajaran mandiri dan sebagai bahan ajar di SMK. Dari workshop tersebut didapatkan gambaran terkait pemahaman dan keterampilan teknis para guru tentang teknologi IoT yang masih perlu ditingkatkan. Para peserta sangat antusias mengikuti workshop IoT karena mendapatkan informasi dan pengetahuan yang baru dan berguna untuk meningkatkan kompetensinya di bidang teknologi elektronika industri. Kebermanfaatan workshop ini dirasakan sekali oleh para peserta yang memberikan kesan positif dari materi yang diajarkan oleh instruktur/narasumber.

Leni Maryani ◽  
Saiful Almujab ◽  
Yudho Ramafrizal ◽  
Veri Aryanto Sopiansah

The objectives of the final report of this research are (1) to determine the understanding of students and lecturers in the Merdeka Learning policy program at the Merdeka Campus at the Economic Education Study Program, FKIP, Pasundan University; (2) to find out the involvement of students and lecturers in the Independent Learning Policy Program at the Independent Campus at the Economics Education Study Program, FKIP, Pasundan University. The implementation method in the research program on the implementation of the Independent Learning Policy-Independent Campus (MBKM) is in the form of a population survey (total sampling) involving students, and lecturers at the Pasundan University economic education study program. The survey results show that in general students understand the independent campus learning policy program in the economic education study program FKIP Pasundan University, this is indicated by the average student answers about each question item in the survey showing a response according to the answer indicators provided. Some of the author's suggestions are input as a form of concern for the study program in implementing the MBKM program so that it can be even better, of course the consistency of all human resources involved is very necessary in optimizing the implementation of this MBKM activity.

2022 ◽  
Vol 13 (3) ◽  
pp. 2747-2756
Tuti Marjan Fuadi ◽  
Irdalisa Irdalisa

The independence policy is a hot topic in the world of education. The premise that learning exists is carried out in the preparation of university graduates, both public and private, to meet the modern-day and rapid change challenges. Independent learning is a notion that aspires to excel from graduates as future leaders with an increasing number of personalities. Independent programs provide students with independence and flexibility to develop their potential through their hobbies and talents. This study will first examine the format of the eight Merdeka Belajar Kampus Merdeka programs (MBKM) featured in the Merdeka Independent Campus Free Book released by the Ministry of Education and Culture's Directorate General Higher Education (Published in 2020). Second, a variant of MBKM that was adopted in the Odd and Even semesters of the 2020/2021 Academic Year at a university in Aceh's Faculty of Teacher Training and Education. The findings indicated that there were eight Merdeka Belajar Kampus Merdeka programs, including the following: 1) student exchange, 2) internship/work experience, 3) teaching in educational institutions, 4) village projects, 5) research, 6) entrepreneurial activities, 7) independent studies, and 8) humanitarian projects. The Faculty of Teacher Training and Education has run a student exchange program with another university, a teaching assistant program in educational institutions, and a program to build villages/thematic lectures for students and lecturers who passed the selection process for a grant program called "Kampus Mengajar."

Irina Markovina ◽  
Varvara Krasilnikova

The article focuses on the experience of online language learning in the time of the COVID-19 pandemic at Sechenov University (Moscow, Russia). Due to the differences in accepted professional communication practices in medical sphere in Russia and abroad there is a need of commenting, propagation and constant focusing on the part of the instructor. The aim of this research was to obtain a clear and a detailed picture of medical students’ attitude towards the change in the mode of delivery in teaching languages for medical purposes, which occurred during the lockdown and triggered a sudden shift in the roles. We analyzed the technologies used, the alterations to the academic content, modes of delivery, and the student’s attitude towards ESP/EMP employing mainly a quantitative methodology of gathering and analyzing data. The survey of the students showed that, though there is a strong preference in favor of technology use and more independent learning, they fully understand the role of the instructor in the process. 

Atik Dwi Kurniasih

<p><em>To realize the Pancasila Student Profile, the Ministry of Education and Culture, Research and Technology issued one of the Independent Learning Program policies, namely the "Sekolah Penggerak". "Sekolah Penggerak" is implemented by strengthening the capacity roles of principals and driving teachers. The principal is a learning leader in each academic unit who is expected to move the school by collaborating with stakeholders to realize a student-centred school. "Guru Penggerak" are learning leaders who apply independent learning and move the entire educational ecosystem to realize learner-centred education. Becoming a learning leader as a "Sekolah Penggerak" Principal or "Guru Penggerak" requires a new paradigm shift. There is one Javanese local wisdom that can be actualized as a leadership model, namely Astha  Brata . This research is a descriptive study by examining the actualization of Astha  Brata 's leadership to realize the Pancasila Student Profile in the "Sekolah Penggerak". The method used is literature study through books, journals related documents and news/online. Study results show that Astha  Brata 's leadership values are still relevant and can be actualized to answer the challenges of being a school principal and "Guru Penggerak", who is expected to become a learning leader to realize the Pancasila Student Profile.</em></p>

2022 ◽  
Harmanto Harmanto ◽  
Bambang Yulianto ◽  
Muhammad Sholeh ◽  
Hasan Subekti ◽  
Sueb Sueb

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