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2022 ◽  
Vol 4 (2) ◽  
pp. 51-56
Nur Cahyani Ari Lestari

Anxiety before labor in pregnant women is a physiological matter, but in facing labor process in which there are a series of physical and psychological changes that starting with uterine contractions, dilatation of the birth canal, and spending baby and placenta which ended with first punding between mother and baby. Anxiety and depression are two types of interference that related each other. The objectives of this study is to explore mother’s anxiety facing labor primigravid 20-35 years old in BPM Sulityowati Cengkalsewu Village Sub Kayen Pati Regency. This study used a qualitative method with phenomenological approach. Technique of data collection with in depth interview and purposive sampling. The results of in-depth interview in participant obtained information mother’s anxiety resolve labor primigravid 20-35 years old about definition, causes, family support, factors of anxiet. and how to prevent and resolve anxiety. All mothers who are facing labor already know about the content of the anxiety in the face of first child labor. As well as how to prevent and resolve that anxiety.Mother’s anxiety facing labor primigravid 20-35 years old is good.

2022 ◽  
pp. 1-30
Karol Morales Muñoz ◽  
Alejandra Dinegro Martinez

Abstract Recently in Latin America, numerous mobilizations of workers against the precariousness of work in delivery platforms have been developed. In this study, we argue that consolidation into strong organizations for defending platform workers’ interests is strongly related to the socio-political and institutional contexts they are involved in. Drawn upon the understanding of solidarity among workers as a phenomenon rooted in the labor process, as well as the relevance of socio-political and institutional context for the organizing processes among precarious workers, this study addresses the cases of self-organization of platforms deliverers in Chile and Peru. Based on ethnographic research, the results show common characteristics of workers’ self-organization, which are related to similar labor processes in delivery platforms. In addition, results shed light on the relevance of the socio-political and institutional context in providing resources for the consolidation of grassroots organizations, especially after platform counter-actions.

2021 ◽  
pp. 38-42
L. F. Horzov ◽  
M. V. Krivtsova ◽  
E. Ya. Kostenko ◽  
M. I. Balega ◽  
V. I. Voitovich

One of the most socially important types of work is the work of medical workers. Due to the presence of a significant number of harmful and dangerous factors, the medical profession is divided into a separate group, which in turn is characterized by unique aspects of work. The work of doctors and nurses of different specialties of the dental profile differs significantly in the density of the working day, the volume and nature of professional activities; responsibility for the life of the patient, which affects many physiological processes. The purpose. Assessment and comparative characterization of the presence of occupational risks in the dental field, which are daily exposed to factors of aggressive and dangerous nature, as well as the development of a set of preventive measures aimed at reducing occupational morbidity. Materials and methods. Hygienic research of working conditions of medical staff of the University Dental Clinic in the form of a questionnaire. Statistical analysis of data of special assessment of working conditions; sanitary and hygienic characteristics, acts, maps of cases of nosocomial diseases; laboratory and instrumental research conducted as part of production control; dosimetric control, air sampling with subsequent sowing on the nutrient medium of IPA. Results. It was found that in the studied premises, the total microbial count varied from 756 ± 0.8 CFU / 1m3 to 6497 ± 3.4 CFU / 1m3. In most medical institutions, the level of artificial lighting in the workplaces of medical workers was insufficient. The largest negative contribution was provided by such production factors as: labor intensity and intensity - 26.41%; physical: noise, vibration, non-ionizing and ionizing radiation - 25.32%; chemical - 12.77%. The total contribution of the main factors was 91.78%. Assessment of working conditions is based on hygienic criteria to assess the degree of deviations of the parameters of the production environment and labor process from the current hygienic standards, as well as after analysis and processing of data submitted by employees in the format of their questionnaires. In this regard, the distribution of harmful production factors and their degree of impact on the health of medical personnel was established with the help of multifactor analysis. Conclusions. Thus, the research interprets the results, which clearly in the format of a specific percentage, identify those factors that have a strong driving impact on the health of dental professionals. The most substantiated are such production factors as: chemical (exposure to drugs and chemicals), physical (noise and vibration, non-ionizing and ionizing radiation), the severity and intensity of the labor process, lighting (non-compliance with regulations for artificial lighting in the workplace) and microclimate and biological (work with biological, potentially contaminated material, samples, patients), non-ionizing and ionizing radiation, labor intensity (tension of the visual organs).

2021 ◽  
Vol 3 (2) ◽  
pp. 47
Ira Kartika ◽  
Tiara Putri Claudya

Rasa cemas menghadapi proses persalinan menduduki peringkat teratas yang paling sering dialami oleh ibu hamil dalam menghadapi kehamilan dan persalinan, salah satu cara mengurangi kecemasan pada ibu hamil adalah dukungan keluarga. Kurangnya dukungan keluarga yang mengakibatkan kecemasan pada ibu hamil bisa berakibat bayi lahir prematur, anak akan kesulitan belajar, hiperaktif, atau bahkan anak menjadi autisme Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mengetahui hubungan dukungan keluarga dengan tingkat kecemasan ibu hamil menghadapi proses persalinan di PMB Bd. C Kota Bandung. Penelitian menggunakan metode penelitian survey analitik dengan pendekatan cross sectional, dengan teknik sampel accidental sampling, yang menggunakan instrumen kuesioner. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan bahwa rata-rata hubungan dukungan keluarga dengan tingkat kecemasan ibu hamil menghadapi proses persalinan di PMB Bd. C Kota Bandung dengan nilai P value > 0,05. Penelitian ini menunjukkan bahwa tidak ada hubungan antara dukungan keluarga dengan tingkat kecemasan ibu hamil menghadapi proses persalinan di PMB Bd. C Kota Bandung.Anxiety facing the labor process topped the list most often experienced by pregnant women in the face of pregnancy and childbirth, one way to reduce anxiety in pregnant women is family support. Lack of family support that results in anxiety in pregnant women can result in babies born prematurely, children will have learning difficulties, hyperactivity, or even children become autistic This study aims to find out the relationship of family support with the level of anxiety pregnant women face the labor process in PMB Bd.C Bandung City. Research uses analytical survey research methods with a cross sectional approach, with accidental samplingsample techniques, which use questionnaireinstruments. The results showed that the average relationship of family support with the anxiety level of pregnant women facing labor in PMB Bd.C Bandung city with a value of P value > 0.05. This study shows that there is no relationship between family support and the level of anxiety pregnant women face the labor process in PMB Bd.C Bandung City.

2021 ◽  
Vol 9 (36) ◽  
pp. 11330-11337
Hai-Chuan Shen ◽  
Huan Wang ◽  
Bo Sun ◽  
Lan-Zhi Jiang ◽  
Qian Meng

2021 ◽  
pp. 089692052110632
Rodrigo M. Medel ◽  
Diego Velásquez ◽  
Domingo Pérez

By examining the demands of labor strikes in the private sector, this article claims that Chilean trade unions have experienced a politization process from the transition to democracy to our days (1990–2019). Assuming a Marxist perspective on the labor process, we propose operationalizing politization into three levels based on the nature of demands: (1) remunerative, (2) related to work conditions, and (3) related to the organization of the labor process. The study regards these three levels as a latent variable ranging from less to more control over the productive process, but, also, as a continuum ranging from more legal demands to more illegal demands according to Chilean labor regulation. The results show an increase of politized demands (i.e. more control and less legality) through the years. This case study sheds light on the consequences of a rigid and ineffective regulation and on the necessity to rethink politics in the workplace.

2021 ◽  
Lindsey D. Cameron ◽  
Hatim Rahman

Existing literature examines control and resistance in the context of service organizations that rely on both managers and customers to control workers during the execution of work. Digital platform companies, however, eschew managers in favor of algorithmically mediated customer control—that is, customers rate workers, and algorithms tally and track these ratings to control workers’ future platform-based opportunities. How has this shift in the distribution of control among platforms, customers, and workers affected the relationship between control and resistance? Drawing on workers’ experiences from a comparative ethnography of two of the largest platform companies, we find that platform use of algorithmically mediated customer control has expanded the service encounter such that organizational control and workers’ resistance extend well beyond the execution of work. We find that workers have the most latitude to deploy resistance early in the labor process but must adjust their resistance tactics because their ability to resist decreases in each subsequent stage of the labor process. Our paper, thus, develops understanding of resistance by examining the relationship between control and resistance before, during, and after a task, providing insight into how control and resistance function in the gig economy. We also demonstrate the limitations of platforms’ reliance on algorithmically mediated customer control by illuminating how workers’ everyday interactions with customers can influence and manipulate algorithms in ways that platforms cannot always observe.

Elena P. Kotelevetc ◽  
Valery A. Kiryushin

Hygienic working conditions and the labor process affect the functional state of the body of workers and reflect in the performance indicators of the cardiovascular system. The study aims to learn the temporal characteristics of heart rate variability in doctors and nursing staff of second-and third-level obstetric institutions. Scientists examined 228 people of higher and secondary medical personnel with the help of the Varikard 2.51 hardware and software complex. In the dynamics of the working shift, we studied the mean square deviation of the cardiac intervals R-R; the square root of the sum of the differences of a sequential series of NN intervals; the voltage index of regulatory systems. We researched the basis of maternity institutions of the second and third levels in some cities of the Central Federal District: Ryazan, Kolomna, Lipetsk, Smolensk. The data obtained during the study of the features of the regulatory potential of medical workers of various professional groups allowed us to understand the influence of factors of the labor process on adaptive resources, estimated by the indicators of the time analysis of heart rate variability (HRV). The researchers obtained statistically significant differences in time indicators of heart rate variability (the mean square deviation of cardiac intervals R-R; the square root of the sum of the differences of a consecutive series of NN intervals; stress index of regulatory systems) in professional groups of obstetricians, gynecologists, neonatologists, midwives, anesthesiologists, as well as ward nurses of perinatal centers and maternity hospitals in the dynamics of the work shift. It is possible to use the results of the conducted research to develop scientifically based recommendations for the prevention of professionally caused overstrain of adaptive systems of the body.

Tatsyana M. Rybina ◽  
Aleksei N. Gomenjuk ◽  
Tatsyana M. Sushinskaya ◽  
Viachaslau V. Makeev ◽  
Ihar K. Karpeko ◽  

The article presents a retrospective of the leading research directions on preserving the health of the able-bodied population of the Republic of Belarus based on the results presented at the XVI Congress with international participation "Profession and Health". These are the possibilities of monitoring "working conditions-employee health", laboratory assessment of the intensity of the labor process, monitoring the health of workers employed under the influence of industrial vibration, industrial aerosols, development of a risk management system for the development of occupational diseases of certain professions on the Belarusian railway, a pilot project of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus "Caring Polyclinic", assessment of the effects of low-intensity production factors in oil refining, etc.

2021 ◽  
Vol 8 (1) ◽  
Meng Liang

AbstractThis article presents an empirical study of the labor process of internet virtual teams. It argues that organizations with a “horizontally virtual and vertically real” structure face a dilemma in the virtual team labor process. While a culture of engineers, which embodies equality, liberty, and cooperation, is the cultural basis of the virtual team, management is bureaucratic, emphasizing individual interests and hierarchical features. The coexistence of the two leads to cooperation and division of labor in virtual teams. Essentially, this is a compromising institutional arrangement adopted by corporations to triangulate technology culture and managerial control to obtain surplus value. Based on the preceding discussion, this paper ends by proposing a new theoretical framework for studying the labor process under the technological conditions of the internet.

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