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Muchamad Rizky Nugraha ◽  
Andi Adriansyah

<span>Solar energy is a result of the nuclear fusion process in the form of a series of thermonuclear events that occur in the Sun's core. Solar radiation has a significant impact on the lives of all living things on earth. The uses, as mentioned earlier, are when the solar radiation received requires a certain amount and vice versa. As a result, a more accurate instrument of solar radiation is required. A specific instrument is typically used to measure solar radiation parameters. There are four solar radiation parameters: diffusion radiation, global radiation, direct radiation, and solar radiation duration. Thus, it needs to use many devices to measure radiation data. The paper designs to measure all four-radiation data by pyranometer with particular modification and shading device. This design results have a high correlation with a global standard with a value of R=0.73, diffusion with a value of R=0.60 and a sufficiently strong direct correlation with a value of R=0.56. It can be said that the system is much simpler, making it easier to monitor and log the various solar radiation parameters.</span>

Gloria Yaneth Florez-Yepes ◽  
Alejandro Rincón ◽  
Vladimir Henao Céspedes ◽  
Juan Carlos Granobles Tores ◽  
Fredy Edimer Hoyos Velasco

In order to determine an index of the status of optimal water variables for biodiversity conservation in the Sonso Lagoon, the data obtained from 2004 to 2018 were used. To determine the index, a methodology based on a multivariate analysis of the physical-chemical water variables was used, as well as a correlation analysis for their delimitation. Subsequently, the definition of weights and the parameterization of the variables for the final construction of the index were made. As a result, it was found that the lagoon is in an adequate state with a value index of 0.65, with a highly vulnerable tendency to be in an acceptable state and go to a critical state, depending on the anthropic pressure it has. As a conclusion, it was obtained that variables such as dissolved oxygen, total phosphorus and electrical conductivity are determining factors in establishing the index.

2022 ◽  
Vol 10 (1) ◽  
pp. 1-7
A. D. Mulia ◽  
E. Taufik ◽  
A. Atabany

North Bandung Cattle Ranching Cooperative (KPSBU) Lembang is a single primary business cooperative that acts as a distributor of fresh milk produced by cows owned by its member breeders. The distribution of fresh milk from farmers to cooperatives is a movement of material flow from suppliers to factories known as inbound logistics. This study was aimed to analyze the inbound logistics performance of fresh milk at KPSBU Lembang, its value added for the farmer, as well as the nutritional and microbiological quality. SCOR-AHP was used to analyse inbound logistics performance. The Hayami method was used to analyse value added of fresh milk for the farmer. Fresh milk quality indicators were total solid, protein, fat, pH, specific gravity and total plate count. Obtained data were analyzed descriptively. The results showed that fresh milk inbound logistics performance at KPSBU Lembang was 92.77% (above average). The added value obtained by breeders based on concentrate input amounted to Rp. 8.464 per cow with a value-added ratio of 73.83%. The quality of fresh milk during inbound logistics fulfilled national standard SNI 3141.1.2011.

2022 ◽  
Vol 10 (1) ◽  
pp. 022-032
Okol Sri Suharyo ◽  
Ayip Rivai Prabowo ◽  
Mardi Winoelyo

Surabaya East Shipping Channel is part of the busiest shipping lanes west of Surabaya in Indonesia after inflows in Tanjung Priok. With the navigation, channel conditions are long and narrow plus the number of flows in and out of the harbor boats is very vulnerable to accidents resulting in either the stranded sea, ship collision, or other accident types, which would harm the cruise interocular. By looking at the facts above, so it is necessary to conduct a more in-depth study of the accident risk assessment of the shipping channel east of Surabaya. This study aimed to obtain any kind of accident that has a high risk in the port of Surabaya, to know what impact may result from an accident with a high risk and gain steps that can be taken to reduce accidents in Surabaya East Shipping Channel by using Method Formal Safety Assessment (FSA). Of the six types of accidents that occur, there are three accidents with the highest risk of stranded ships, human accidents, collisions with ships dock at the time of sailing ships and dock. The impact of the third accident caused huge material losses. To reduce the risk of all three types of accidents was measured Implied Cost of Averting a Risk (ICAR), the lowest of any risk reduction options. Reduction of risk to do is impose a routine patrol and installation of signs groove ICAR ports have amounted to 234 million, giving a human rescue training vessel which has a value of 112 million ICAR and the latter is tightened harbor area with ICAR 84 million so that unauthorized parties do not enter in the harbor area.

2022 ◽  
Vol 4 (3) ◽  
pp. 683-693
Reni Ria Armayani Hasibuan ◽  
Anggi Kartika ◽  
Firdha Aigha Suwito ◽  
Lismaini Agustin

This study has the benefit of analyzing the effect of regional gross domestic product on poverty in the city of Medan in 2010-2020. The research method used is a quantitative method with reference to a descriptive approach. The data used is time series data on economic growth and poverty at the Central Statistics Agency (BPS) of Medan City in 2010-2020. Data collection techniques used are journals, book documentation, and previous reports. The technique of analyzing the data uses simple linear regression analysis which is carried out to determine whether the model used is free from deviations from the classical assumption test. The equations obtained from the simple linear regression analysis test Y = 24576.325 – 0.365X and have the understanding that the GRDP variable (X) has a significant effect on Poverty (Y). Obtained a value of R2 (R square) of 0.556 with the understanding that the independent variable, namely GRDP, affects the variable of the poverty level in Medan City by 55.6%. Meanwhile, the remaining 44.4% are influenced by different independent variables and are not included in this study. For this reason, it can be concluded that when GRDP increases, it will have an impact on decreasing the value of Poverty in Medan City, and vice versa. Keywords: Gross Regional Domestic Product; Poverty; Medan city

K E Hales ◽  
C A Coppin ◽  
Z K Smith ◽  
Z S McDaniel ◽  
L O Tedeschi ◽  

Abstract Reliable predictions of metabolizable energy (ME) from digestible energy (DE) are necessary to prescribe nutrient requirements of beef cattle accurately. A previously developed database that included 87 treatment means from 23 respiration calorimetry studies has been updated to evaluate the efficiency of converting DE to ME by adding 47 treatment means from 11 additional studies. Diets were fed to growing-finishing cattle under individual feeding conditions. A citation-adjusted linear regression equation was developed where dietary ME concentration (Mcal/kg of dry matter [DM]) was the dependent variable and dietary DE concentration (Mcal/kg) was the independent variable: ME = 1.0001 × DE – 0.3926; r 2 = 0.99, root mean square prediction error [RMSPE] = 0.04, P &lt; 0.01 for the intercept and slope). The slope did not differ from unity (95% CI = 0.936 to 1.065); therefore, the intercept (95% CI = -0.567 to -0.218) defines the value of ME predicted from DE. For practical use, we recommend ME = DE – 0.39. Based on the relationship between DE and ME, we calculated the citation-adjusted loss of methane, which yielded a value of 0.2433 Mcal/kg of DMI (SE = 0.0134). This value was also adjusted for the effects of dry matter intake (DMI) above maintenance, yielding a citation-adjusted relationship: CH4, Mcal/kg = 0.3344 – 0.05639 × multiple of maintenance; r 2 = 0.536, RMSPE = 0.0245, P &lt; 0.01 for the intercept and slope). Both the 0.2433 value and the result of the intake-adjusted equation can be multiplied by DMI to yield an estimate of methane production. These two approaches were evaluated using a second, independent database comprising 129 data points from 29 published studies. Four equations in the literature that used DMI or intake energy to predict methane production also were evaluated with the second database. The mean bias was substantially greater for the two new equations, but slope bias was substantially less than noted for the other DMI-based equations. Our results suggest that ME for growing and finishing cattle can be predicted from DE across a wide range of diets, cattle types, and intake levels by simply subtracting a constant from DE. Mean bias associated with our two new methane emission equations suggests that further research is needed to determine whether coefficients to predict methane from DMI could be developed for specific diet types, levels of DMI relative to body weight, or other variables that affect the emission of methane.

2022 ◽  
Vol 11 (1) ◽  
pp. 79
María Ángeles Turrado-Sevilla ◽  
Isabel Cantón-Mayo

The creation and implementation of innovation proposals in education can provide a new key towards sustainable development. We are aware that schools perform very different innovations but often, with very low levels of impact and dissemination in their community. There are not many studies that describe, put a value on, categorize or analyse the innovations. This study sought to gain insight into the ICT innovations produced in Spanish primary and pre-primary schools. A quantitative approach based on a questionnaire was used to collect the data, named MANEDUIN, completed by 86 teachers selected by stratified random sampling (public - private, rural - urban). The reliability and the construct-related validity was evaluated from the questionnaire and the validity of content decided by means of experts’ judgment. Our findings point to a good consistency in the questionnaire (Cronbach’s Alpha: 0.848). The descriptive statistics and the analysis were made by factorial categories. The results of the factorial analysis confirm the dimensions proposed in the design of the questionnaire in the categories of the factors included in the innovation (social cohesion, interaction with the community, technologies, and success), the innovative schools and their characteristics, the topic and the type of innovation (on resources, direction, materials and time), as well as the obstacles to the innovation. This paper concludes that the questionnaire MANEDUIN is a valid and reliable tool to measure the management of schools’ innovations.

BMC Surgery ◽  
2022 ◽  
Vol 22 (1) ◽  
Ming Huang ◽  
Weiliang Tian ◽  
Shikun Luo ◽  
Xi Xu ◽  
Zheng Yao ◽  

Abstract Purpose The present study aimed to identify the predictive value of duration of postoperative hyperlactatemia in screening patients at high risk of recurrent fistula after major definitive surgery (DS) for intestinal fistula. Methods If the initial postoperative lactate (IPL) > 2 mmol/L, DS was defined as major definitive surgery. The 315 enrolled patients with major DS were divided into group A (2 mmol/L < IPL ≤ 4 mmol/L), group B (mmol/L < IPL ≤ 6 mmol/L), and group C (IPL > 6 mmol/L). The characteristics of patients were collected, and the duration of postoperative hyperlactatemia was analyzed. According to the occurrence of recurrent fistula (RF), patients were further divided into RF group A, and Non-RF group A; RF group B, and Non-RF group B; and RF group C, and Non-RF group C. Results The duration of postoperative hyperlactatemia was comparable between the RF group A and the Non-RF group A [12 (IQR: 12–24) vs 24 (IQR: 12–24), p = 0.387]. However, the duration of hyperlactatemia was associated with RF in group B (adjusted OR = 1.061; 95% CI: 1.029–1.094; p < 0.001) and group C (adjusted OR = 1.059; 95% CI: 1.012–1.129; p = 0.017). In group B, the cutoff point of duration of 42 h had the optimal predictive value (area under ROC = 0.791, sensitivity = 0.717, specificity = 0.794, p < 0.001). In group C, the cutoff point of duration of 54 h had the optimal predictive value (area under ROC = 0.781, sensitivity = 0.730, specificity = 0.804, p < 0.001). Conclusion The duration of postoperative hyperlactatemia has a value in predicting RF in patients with an IPL of more than 4 mmol/L after major definitive surgery for intestinal fistula.

2022 ◽  
Vol 4 (3) ◽  
pp. 447-460
Khusniah Khusniah ◽  
Didik Subiyanto ◽  
Epsilandri Septyarini

This research was conducted with the aim of knowing the effect of employee engagement, perceived organizational support, and motivation on the performance of employees of PT. Dino Jaya Karya. This research uses descriptive research with a quantitative approach. The data collection technique was carried out using a questionnaire media with the Likert method. The population in this study were 80 permanent employees of PT. Dino Jaya Karya. The sampling technique used is using a saturated sample (total sampling). The total sampling obtained is as many as 80 employees from PT. Dino Jaya Karya. The t test shows that the employee engagement variable (X1) has a positive and significant effect on the employee performance variable (Y) with a value of 0.000, the perceived organizational support variable (X2) has a positive and significant effect on employee performance ( Y) with a value of 0.000, and the motivation variable (X3 has a positive and significant effect on employee performance variable (y) with a value of 0.004. In the F test results employee engagement, perceived organizational support, and motivation have a simultaneous effect on employee performance as indicated by a significance value of 0.000.  Keywords: Employee engagement, perceived organizational support, motivation, employee

A K Blomme ◽  
H K Wecker ◽  
M D Tokach ◽  
J C Woodworth ◽  
C R Stark ◽  

Abstract This study aimed to estimate the net energy (NE) value of expelled, extruded soybean meal (MSBM) relative to dehulled, solvent-extracted soybean meal (SSBM) and determine its effects on growth performance of late nursery pigs. A total of 297 pigs (DNA 241 x 600) were weaned (BW 5.10 kg) and placed into 60 pens (2 rooms of 30 pens) with 5 pigs per pen balanced by gender and weaning weight. Pigs were fed a common diet for 21 days. Then, pens of pigs (BW 9.3 kg) were randomly assigned to one of five treatments to provide 12 replications per treatment. Treatments consisted of increasing amounts of MSBM replacing SSBM in the diet (0, 25, 50, 75, 100%). All diets were fed for 28 days and were formulated to 1.30% standardized ileal digestible lysine and met or exceeded NRC (2012) recommendations for amino acids, calcium, and phosphorus. The SSBM diet was formulated to 2,421 kcal/kg and NE was not balanced between diets. Analyzed values for CP, EE, CF, and total lysine for the SSBM were 47.28%, 0.47%, 3.80%, and 3.00% while the MSBM contained 47.41%, 6.88%, 5.32%, and 2.99% respectively. The MSBM had increased values for KOH solubility and trypsin inhibitor (83.62% and 7,026 TIU/g) compared to the SSBM (73.05% and 3,011 TIU/g) while urease activity was similar between the two (0.03 and 0.02 Δ pH, respectively). Data were analyzed using Proc GLIMMIX (SAS 9.4; Cary, NC) with pen as the experimental unit and room as the blocking factor. There was no evidence of differences in ADG and ADFI in pigs fed diets with increasing concentrations of MSBM. Pigs fed diets with increasing concentrations of MSBM had improved (linear, P &lt; 0.001) G:F and caloric efficiency on an NE basis. Using caloric efficiency to estimate NE of the MSBM relative to SSBM, MSBM was estimated to have a value of 2,566 kcal/kg. In conclusion, MSBM contains approximately 123% of the energy of SSBM, which improved feed efficiency when fed to nursery pigs.

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