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Retos ◽  
2022 ◽  
Vol 44 ◽  
pp. 34-44
Gerard Foppiano-Vilo ◽  
Carlos Matus-Castillo ◽  
Miguel Cornejo-Améstica

  La brecha de género sobre la participación femenina en puestos de toma de decisiones está evidenciada en las organizaciones deportivas. Las juntas directivas de las Federaciones Deportivas chilenas no están ajenas a esta situación. Por ello, esta investigación tuvo como objetivo determinar barreras, facilitadores y estrategias que influyen en la participación y desarrollo de las mujeres en cargos directivos en las Federaciones Deportivas de Chile. El método fue de tipo cualitativo con enfoque descriptivo y, la técnica fue la entrevista personal mediante aplicación de un guion semi-estructurado de preguntas. Durante octubre y noviembre de 2020 se desarrollaron entrevistas virtuales a mujeres que formaban parte de juntas directivas de federaciones deportivas. El análisis se realizó mediante categorías de análisis y codificaciones empleando el software Atlas. Ti. Las barreras identificadas se asocian a situaciones familiares tales como el cuidado de miembros de la familia. También se reconoce la existencia de prejuicios asociados a estereotipos de género en las funciones que se desempeñan; subestimación de las opiniones femeninas y desarrollo de los cargos en ambientes masculinizados que invisibilizan a las mujeres. Como agentes facilitadores se identifica el soporte familiar; el tener una profesión, experiencia laboral y capacitación en gestión deportiva, junto con algunos aspectos de la personalidad de las dirigentes. Como estrategias se releva la necesidad de un cambio cultural al interior de las federaciones en torno a la participación femenina, implementar cuotas de participación por género y desarrollar programas de capacitación en liderazgo para las mujeres.  Abstract. The gender gap in female participation in decision-making positions is evident in sports organizations. The boards of directors of Chilean sports federations are no strangers to this situation. Therefore, the objective of this research was to determine barriers, facilitators and strategies that influence the participation and development of women in managerial positions in Chilean Sports Federations. The method was qualitative with a descriptive approach and the technique was the personal interview through the application of a semi-structured script of questions. During October and November 2020, virtual interviews were conducted with women who were members of the boards of directors of sports federations. The analysis was carried out through categories of analysis and coding using Atlas. Ti. The barriers identified are associated with family situations such as caring for family members. The existence of prejudices associated with gender stereotypes in the functions performed, underestimation of women's opinions and the development of positions in masculinized environments that make women invisible are also recognized. Family support is identified as facilitating agents, having a profession, work experience and training in sports management, together with some aspects of the leaders' personalities. As strategies, the need for a cultural change within the federations regarding women's participation, the implementation of participation quotas by gender and the development of leadership training programs for women were identified.

2022 ◽  
Vol 13 (2) ◽  
pp. 1-23
Haomin Wen ◽  
Youfang Lin ◽  
Huaiyu Wan ◽  
Shengnan Guo ◽  
Fan Wu ◽  

Over 10 billion packages are picked up every day in China. A fundamental task raised in the emerging intelligent logistics systems is the couriers’ package pick-up route prediction, which is beneficial for package dispatching, arrival-time estimation and overdue-risk evaluation, by leveraging the predicted routes to improve those downstream tasks. In the package pick-up scene, the decision-making of a courier is affected by strict spatial-temporal constraints (e.g., package location, promised pick-up time, current time, and courier’s current location). Furthermore, couriers have different decision preferences on various factors (e.g., time factor, distance factor, and balance of both), based on their own perception of the environments and work experience. In this article, we propose a novel model, named DeepRoute+, to predict couriers’ future package pick-up routes according to the couriers’ decision experience and preference learned from the historical behaviors. Specifically, DeepRoute+ consists of three layers: (1) The representation layer produces experience- and preference-aware representations for the unpicked-up packages, in which a decision preference module can dynamically adjust the importance of factors that affects the courier’s decision under the current situation. (2) The transformer encoder layer encodes the representations of packages while considering the spatial-temporal correlations among them. (3) The attention-based decoder layer uses the attention mechanism to generate the whole pick-up route recurrently. Experiments on a real-world logistics dataset demonstrate the state-of-the-art performance of our model.

2022 ◽  
Vol 11 (1) ◽  
pp. 1-22
Thapasya Maya

The workplace is not immune to conflict and stress, specifically when fulfilling people's responsibilities at great personal costs. Doctors and nurses are always on the frontline in hospitals, vaulting from one stressful high-stakes situation to the next. The HEXACO model of personality traits: Honesty-humility, Emotionality, Extraversion, Agreeableness, Conscientiousness, and Openness, has long been hypothesized to be a major predicting factor when determining individuals' responses to stress and susceptibility to experiencing depression. Most research suggests that personality traits resonate with a person's cognitive abilities and how they can deal with stress and depression. However, there is a lack of research on their correlation to depression severity in the Middle East. The current study aimed to investigate the impact of HEXACO personality traits and socio-demographic factors on depression amongst doctors and nurses. A sample of 170 doctors and nurses (62.1% doctors) completed HEXACO-60 and PHQ-9 depression severity questionnaires. The data were analyzed through descriptive statistics, independent samples t-test, ANOVA, correlation, and regression analysis. The findings showed that Honesty-humility was the strongest predictor, while extraversion was the second strongest. Emotionality had the least impact on depression. The relationship between Agreeableness and Openness to Experience with depression was insignificant. However, gender, age, working hours, and work experience were significant predictors of depression. Marital status and level of specialization were insignificant predictors. Thus, it was concluded that not all HEXACO traits and socio-demographics predict depression. Study findings could be utilized in the implementation of employee recruitment, job crafting, positive psychology, and coaching.

2022 ◽  
Vol 4 (3) ◽  
pp. 628-644
Mariani Dela Seran ◽  
Prayekti Prayekti

The purpose of this research is to find out the influence of education, work experience, contract work system and HR management on the quality of pt. Srikandi Mandiri Duta Mulia. The research method used in this study is descriptive quantitative by using a statistical correlation of multiple regressions. Popolasi in this study is the entire workforce available at PT. Srikandi Mandiri Duta Mulia, with a sample of 53 respondents. The results stated that education, work experience, contract work systems and HR management have a positive influence both partially and simultaneously on the quality of the workforce.  Keywords: education, work experience, contract work system, HR management, Quality of work.

2022 ◽  
Vol ahead-of-print (ahead-of-print) ◽  
Suhaiza Ismail

Purpose The objective of this study is to examine the perceived usefulness of accrual accounting-based financial information for accountability and for supporting decision-making in public sector organisations. Design/methodology/approach A questionnaire survey adapted from Kober et al. (2010) was used to survey Malaysian Federal Government accountants to ascertain their views on the usefulness of accrual accounting information across 12 situations regarding accountability and decision-making. Mean scores and mean score ranking were computed on a total of 165 usable responses received. The independent t-test was conducted to investigate the differences in the perception between “accountants with” and the “accountants without” prior work experience in the private sector. Findings The study provides evidence that Malaysian Federal Government accountants consider accrual accounting information as very useful for decision-making. The three most important decision-usefulness indicators in the survey are “To assist in managing the department’s assets and liabilities”, “To assess cash flow needs of a department” and “For departmental resource allocation decisions”. The least useful accrual accounting information as perceived by the Malaysian public sector accountants is “To assist in discharging the department’s accountability obligations”. Originality/value The study provides valuable insights into the extent to which accrual accounting information is considered useful for accountability and decision-making, lending support to the Malaysian Government’s reform agenda of moving towards using accrual accounting in public sector organisations at the federal level.


Enhancing the index of crisis resilience is one of the key goals in medical environments. Various parameters can affect crisis resilience. The current study was designed to analyze crisis resilience in medical environments based on the crisis management components. This cross-sectional and descriptive-analytical study was performed in 14 hospitals and medical centers, in 2020. A sample size of 343.5 was determined based on the Cochran's formula. We used a 44-item crisis management questionnaire of Azadian et al. to collect data. The components of this questionnaire included management commitment, error learning, culture learning, awareness, preparedness, flexibility, and transparency. The data was analyzed based on the structural equation modeling approach using IBM SPSS AMOS v. 23.0. The participants’ age and work experience mean were 37.78±8.14 and 8.22±4.47 years. The index of crisis resilience was equal to 2.96±0.87. The results showed that all components of crisis management had a significant relationship with this index (p <0.05). The highest and lowest impact on the resilience index were related to preparedness (E=0.88) and transparency (E=0.60). The goodness of fit indices of this model including RMSEA, CFI, NFI, and NNFI (TLI) was 2.86, 0.071, 0.965, 0.972, and 0.978. The index of crisis resilience in the medical environments was at a moderate level. Furthermore, the structural equation modeling findings indicated that the impact of each component of crisis management should be considered in prioritizing measures to increase the level of resilience.  

L.S. Pastuhova ◽  
A.N. Lepyavskij ◽  
M.A. Perepelkin ◽  
E.N. Fomin

In contemporary Russian practices, mentoring is a multifaceted innovative 'human resource technology' aimed at developing professional skills and corporate competencies, as well as systematic and targeted participation in professional development of employees who have insufficient work experience or have difficulties in mastering new technologies and work techniques. Today, the institution of mentoring is an open industrial, educational and social space where the mentor transfers not only readymade ways to solve production problems, but also teaches how to use available intellectual and material resources. Although the mentoring process in its traditional sense does not require large financial investments, most business entities, industrial enterprises and companies are more actively using training, coaching techniques and various forms of internships, which are valuable forms of professional development of employees, but, as our research has shown, they do not have the potential that the targeted on-the-job mentoring possesses. With all the variety of forms and programmes of mentoring activities, there is a clear lack of innovative ideas aimed at improving its efficiency, which fully applies to the mentoring of students who take their work placements during vocational education, which is the subject of the research presented in this article. The literature and research studies do not fully analyse the potential of the third mission of universities regarding the issue of targeted mentoring aimed at more proactive and advanced applied training of graduates, capable of responding to "the great challenges". The article highlights the mentoring models used in foreign companies, which are similar to the types of mentoring technologies successfully implemented by Russian enterprises.

2022 ◽  
Vol 7 (1) ◽  
pp. 366-389
Tuan Muhammad Zukri Tuan Sembok ◽  
Wan Ahmad Amir Zal Wan Ismail

Background and Purpose: Efforts in bringing about changes to fishers' lives are often met with obstacles due to their lack of participation in empowerment programmes as well as their excessive reliance on external assistance. However, such situations are said to be the results of their level of education and work experience. This paper also examines the relationship between work experience with empowerment and formal education as a control variable to the relationship. Therefore, this paper aims to observe the reality of empowerment among fishing communities from the lens of participation and self-reliance among fishers in Terengganu, Malaysia. Concurrently, this study also reviews the theme mentioned above from the lens of formal education and work experience and their impacts on the fishing community empowerment.   Methodology: This study used a survey design and involved 220 coastal fishers, who were identified through multi-stage sampling. Data were gathered using a questionnaire, and data analysis was done through descriptive statistics and the Analysis of Variance Test (ANCOVA).   Findings: The empowerment of the fishing community in this study is not influenced by the number of years they have spent as fishers. On the other hand, their level of education plays a pertinent influence on their empowerment. Such a finding clearly shows that experience is not only a major factor in increasing the empowerment of the fishing community.   Contributions: This study contributes to our understanding that it is undeniably true that formal and informal education play an integral role in empowering the fishing community, where through education, fishers are more participative in their community and exhibit autonomy towards their work.   Keywords: Fishers, empowerment, formal education, experience, community development   Cite as: Tuan Sembok, T. M. Z., & Wan Ismail, W. A. A. Z. (2022). Formal education, work experience and empowerment of the fishing community in Terengganu, Malaysia. Journal of Nusantara Studies, 7(1), 366-389.

Ирина Станиславовна Бочарникова

В современном научном дискурсе появляется много интересных тем, рассматривающих самые острые проблемы социума, и одна из них - табуированная тема - эвтаназия. Эта проблема носит междисциплинарный характер. Философы, в рамках биоэтики, осмысливают нравственные аспекты, психологи «решают» дилемму «хорошо/плохо», «убийство/самоубийство/гуманный акт помощи», юристы прорабатывают нормативно-правовые акты по защите, зачастую трудносовместимых, прав пациентов/врачей/выгодополучателей, медики, сталкиваясь с «невыносимой физической и психологической болью» пациентов и близких родственников, предлагают свои варианты решения проблемы, физики, химики, генетики не остаются в стороне, развивая нейротехнологии, регенеративную медицину, фармакологию, био- и генные технологии. Политики, разворачивая широкие дискуссии о морально-этической стороне этого вопроса, российском традиционализме, либеральных ценностях, устраивая политические дебаты, разрабатывают дивиденды. Социологи, рассматривая эту социальную проблему, замеряют «градус общественного мнения». Общество, как живой сложносоставной организм, опираясь на свои ментальные программы, реагирует по-разному: от полного неприятия («человеческая жизнь - божественный дар») до однозначной легализации процедуры «достойной смерти, качественной смерти». Одна из важных проблем медицинского профессионального сообщества - проблема обеспечения «достойной смерти» неизлечимо больных пациентов и связанная с ней проблема эвтаназии. Мнение полярно. На понимание медиками проблем легализации эвтаназии оказывают влияние разновекторные факторы: во-первых, ценностные установки, во-вторых, опыт и место работы (врачи паллиативных отделений, хосписов, онкологи, имеющие большой стаж работы, более склоны к легализации эвтаназии), в-третьих, техническое, технологическое, фармакологическое обеспечение медицинского учреждения, в-четвертых, нормативно-правовая составляющая. Many interesting topics appear in the modern scientific discourse. They consider the most acute problems of society and one of them is a taboo topic - euthanasia. This problem is of an interdisciplinary nature. Philosophers within the framework of bioethics comprehend the moral aspects. Psychologists "solve" the dilemma of "good/bad", "murder/suicide/humane act of assistance". Lawyers are working on regulatory legal acts to protect the rights of patients/doctors/beneficiaries, which are often difficult to replace. Doctors, facing the "unbearable physical and psychological pain" of patients and close relatives, offer their own solutions to the problem, physicists, chemists, geneticists do not stay away, developing neurotechnologies, regenerative medicine, pharmacology, bio and gene technologies. Politicians also do not stand aside, unfolding broad discussions, arranging political debates, developing dividends. Sociologists considering this social problem measure the "degree of public opinion". Society as a living complex organism relying on its mental programs reacts in different ways: from complete rejection to legalization of this procedure. One of the important problems of the medical professional community is the problem of ensuring a “dignified death” of terminally ill patients and the related problem of euthanasia. The opinion of doctors is polar. Doctor`s understanding of the problems of legalizing euthanasia is influenced by various factors: firstly, values, secondly, experience and place of work (doctors of palliative departments, hospices, oncologists with long work experience are more inclined to legalize euthanasia), thirdly, technical, technological, pharmacological support of a medical institution, and fourthly, the regulatory component

2022 ◽  
Vol 6 ◽  
Ni Putu Achintya Wibawa Putri ◽  
I Nyoman Wijana Asmara Putra ◽  
Made Gede Wirakusuma ◽  
I Dewa Gede Dharma Suputra

This study aims to examine the effect of independence, professionalism, and experience of internal auditors on fraud prevention with organizational culture as a moderating variable. The research data were collected through questionnaires, the research respondents were the internal auditors of Rural Banks in Bali. The method of determining the sample using purposive sampling with the criteria of internal auditors who have more then a year work experience, with 140 respondents. The data analysis technique used in this research is Path Analysis (SEM-PLS). The results showed that the independence, professionalism, and experience of internal auditors had a positive effect on fraud prevention; and organizational culture strengthen the positive influence of independence, professionalism, and experience of internal auditors on fraud prevention.

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