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Farong Kou ◽  
Xinqian Zhang ◽  
Jiannan Xu

Steering Angle is related to the design and optimization of steering mechanism and suspension, but it is not equal to the angle of knuckle around kingpin because of the existence of wheel alignment parameters. To calculate the steering angle, this paper derives based on homogeneous transformation its function expression by analyzing spatial geometric relation between the two angles and calculating coordinates related to steering trajectory of wheel center. Then, multi-body model of McPherson suspension with steering system is built and the calculation correctness is verified by comparing the function curve plotted by MATLAB software with the curve simulated by Adams/Car software. The calculation and simulation indicate that between the two angles, there is a ratio which is related to wheel alignment parameters and greater than 1.

2022 ◽  
Vol 8 (1) ◽  
pp. 16-32
Shiyong Yu ◽  

<abstract> <p>Radiocarbon ages must be calibrated due to the remarkable fluctuations of the atmospheric radiocarbon level. The traditional method (e.g., Calib) does not make use of any constraint such as the temporal/stratigraphical ordering of the ages, thereby resulting in one or several large age ranges. Bayesian age modeling is advantageous over the traditional method in several aspects. First, it can provide precise age estimates by applying some constraints known <italic>a priori</italic>. Second, it may provide a timing of an archaeological feature or a geological event that is unable to be dated directly. Although several Bayesian age modeling frameworks have been developed, inexperienced users may need not only a more user-friendly environment for data entry and definition of their project-specific problem, but also a powerful post-processing tool for analyzing and visualizing the results. Here a hierarchical Bayesian model with a minimum level of structural complexity is presented. It provides users with a flexible and powerful framework to incorporate radiocarbon ages into a sequence along a one-dimensional continuum so that it best reveals their temporal order, thereby yielding a more precise timing. The accompanying Matlab software package not only complements the existing MatCal package designed to calibrate radiocarbon ages individually, but also serves as an alternative to the online tools of Bayesian radiocarbon age modeling such as OxCal and BCal.</p> </abstract>

Aisha Ajeerah Azahar ◽  
Nor Akmal Mohd Jamail ◽  
Amal Hayati Mat Isa ◽  
Fatin Nazirah Md Sani ◽  

Economical home system can be defined as one realization of home that have a cost-effective ideal by using specific set of technologies combined with the renewable energy as a power supply. This system has a highly advance for lighting, temperature control, socket and own power supply by using solar panel. This system is developed in this project and focused on B40 community that represents the bottom 40% of income earners and also this project becomes suitable for this community for getting an energy efficiency system. Due to the COVID-19, B40 households were reported to have lost their jobs causing financial hardship and had to face the issue of high electricity bills which are very burdensome for them at all in order to pay the cost electricity for monthly. The aim of the article is to design and simulate the solar power system including battery storage in suitable software for a residential house especially in B40 community home and also to analyze the potential of battery storage in order to store the energy from solar panel. Therefore, the economical electricity home system using solar energy for B40 community is proposed in this project for producing an energy efficient system at home. In addition, an electrical floor plan and floor plan of B40 community home is designed in the SketchUp software that using basic electrical equipment such as lighting, ceiling fan and socket. The system is developed by using the MATLAB software in order to produce the result of energy efficiency by using the renewable energy which is solar system and also battery storage. According to the data produced from the calculation of old bills and new bills, the energy consumptions are calculated and also be compared before and after using the renewable energy which is using solar system. The data obtained through calculation of maximum demand in new bill is used in the simulation of solar system in MATLAB software. The results obtained show that after using an energy-efficient load, the monthly new bill is around RM 27.79 which is around RM 10.75 less than the monthly old bill before using an energy-efficient load. It can be concluded that the use of renewable energy in B40 community home can save the energy and also money.

2021 ◽  
Vol 14 (4) ◽  
pp. 2277-2284
AN. Nithyaa AN. Nithyaa1 ◽  
Prem Kumar R ◽  
Gokul .M Gokul .M ◽  
Geetha Aananthi C.

This paper aims to automate the detection of cancer using digital image processing techniques in MATLAB software. The analysis of white blood cells (WBC) is a powerful diagnostic tool for the prediction of Leukemia. The automatic detection of leukemia is a challenging task, which remains an unresolved problem in the medical imaging field. This Automation in Biological laboratories can be done by extracting the features of the blood film images taken from the digital microscopes and processed using MATLAB software. The aim of this approach is to discover the WBC cancer cells in an earlier stage and to reduce the discrepancies in diagnosis, by improving the system learning methodology. This paper presents the potent algorithm, which will eliminate the dubiety, in diagnosing the cancers with similar symptoms. This Algorithm concentrates on major WBC cancers, such as Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia, Acute Myeloid Leukemia, Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia and Chronic Myeloid Leukemia. As they are life threatening diseases, rapid and precise differentiation is necessary in clinical settings. These cancers are categorized by segmentation and feature extraction, which will be further, classified using Random forest classification (RFC). RFC will classify the cancer using a decision tree learning method, which uses predictors at each node to make better decision.

Indra Maryanti

This study aims to describe the role of MATHLAB software in numerical method lectures, improve students' ability to solve numerical problems through learning assisted by MATHLAB software, improve students' abilities in formulating algorithms through learning assisted by MATHLAB software, improve students' abilities in programming through assisted learning MATLAB software; and describing student responses after numerical learning assisted by MATLAB software. This research is a quantitative research. To prove the hypothesis and answer the problems in this study, several statistical tests were carried out as follows:1. Test the description of the data, namely: making a data frequency table, testing the average value, and standard deviation.2. Prerequisite test, namely: normality test with Liliefors table and homogeneity test.3. Hypothesis testing, namely: statistical tests to see how much improvement in student competence is using the MATLAB software application in the numerical method course. The tests used are regression and correlation tests to see the increase in student competence using the MATLAB software application. The research method used is experimental. The population of this research is UMSU 7th semester students in the 2019/2020 academic year as many as 98 students.

2021 ◽  
Vol 2021 ◽  
pp. 1-10
Reza Alayi ◽  
Mahdi Mohkam ◽  
Hossein Monfared ◽  
Alibek Issakhov ◽  
Nima Khalilpoor

In this paper, the physical parameters of the absorber pipe of a linear parabolic collector have been investigated. The types of solar collectors, specifically the linear parabolic collector, have been comprehensively studied. Then, the mathematical model of heat transfer in the absorber pipe of the collector has been presented based on valid references. Numerical solutions of the equations related to the absorber pipe were performed by MATLAB software, and the effects of the physical parameters of the absorber pipe on its efficiency were investigated. The results show that increasing the length of the absorber pipe causes a nonlinear decrease in the efficiency of the absorber pipe. One of the important results is the increase in fluid temperature due to the increase in the diameter of the adsorbent tube, which increases the diameter of the fluid temperature by 60 K, in which the parameter increases the efficiency by 0.38%.

2021 ◽  
Vol 1200 (1) ◽  
pp. 012021
J S Ng ◽  
T N T Chik ◽  
N A Yusoff

Abstract The vibration produced by road traffic can contribute to the long-term adverse effects on heritage structures. The objectives of this study were to analyze the dynamic response of the heritage building under time-dependent loads caused by traffic vibration by carried out the transient analysis in ANSYS and to determine the level of Vibration Criterion of the heritage building due to traffic vibration by using VSATs in MATLAB software. This research was to predict the traffic vibration effect on the old building of Telecom Muar at Johor, Malaysia. A field testing was carried out using a mobile application, iDynamics, to obtain the vibration signal induced by road traffic. The data obtained were analyzed using ANSYS and MATLAB software. Two types of analysis were carried out using ANSYS, which are modal analysis and transient analysis. MATLAB was used to obtain the vibration criteria plot (VC) for the building. The natural frequency of the fundamental mode shape was 2.57Hz. The natural frequency of the building is acceptable as it is below the human sensitivity frequency range. On the other hand, the level of vibration criteria of the building falls on VC-E, which is the lowest level in the Generic Vibration Criteria Plot implemented by Gordon (1991). In conclusion, both natural frequency and the vibration criteria of the selected building is acceptable according to the results obtained from the analysis conducted.

2021 ◽  
Vol 2125 (1) ◽  
pp. 012049
Yufan Wang ◽  
Yi Ren ◽  
Xinyan Yang ◽  
Zhongfeng Zhang

Abstract In order to apply the group technology to the production of Ming style furniture, enhance the ability of enterprises to cope with the production of small-batch, multi-variety furniture, this article will take Ming-style chair furniture as an example to make a reasonable division of its parts. The types of Ming-style chair parts are combed, the characteristic information of each component is extracted and the joint mode of mortise and tenon between two parts is summarized. In this way, the process of each mortise and tenon structure is summarized, and the correspondence between mortise and tenon structure and the machinery is established. According to this method, the Ming-style chair parts are summarized and classified into 211 kinds. Based on the similarity of parts processing machinery, all parts of the Ming-style chairs are classified into groups by fuzzy clustering algorithm and MATLAB software calculation. The purpose of this article is to provide a divisional idea for the pre-part classification preparation of Ming-style chair parts in groups for the part family.

2021 ◽  
Vol 2070 (1) ◽  
pp. 012132
A Vasanthi ◽  
Yogesh Misra ◽  
P V Murali Krishna

Abstract In current days Fuzzy logic plays auspicious role to provide so many choices for many applications which are system control. Fuzzy logic having no. of practical methodologies in soft computing. Sugar making industries are one of the applications using fuzzy logic controller. sugarcane juice extraction is an industry which is highly seasonable. If the supply of sugar cane is irregular then that reduces the efficiency of extractor from cane to mass producing sugar. So, it is necessary to improve the efficiency of extractor, which gives juice from cane billets. For that we must keep up the Donnelly height (or) level of cane is closed to 90cm. Where a methodology introduced to improve the three inputs controller with fuzzy is used to keep up the cane volume (or) level of Donnelly channel. For that cane level must and should always at 90cm. To limited that level (or) height of cane in chute (or) channel was developed by using of tool box in fuzzy logic designer, MATLAB software.

Jyoti Singh ◽  
Dr. Prateek Nigam ◽  
Achie Malviya

Power transformers are essential devices for the durable and reliable performance of an electrical system. the main objective of this study is to analyze three classical diagnosis techniques to identify incipient faults in Transformer oil using Rogers’s Ratio Method, Doernenburg Ratio Method, and ANN which is a type of artificial intelligence learning method. Implementation of the system in MATLAB software for each diagnosis method and compare their accuracy and efficiency and hence design three diagnosis methods of DGA for condition assessment of Power Transformer. And the analysis on the MATLAB software shall be carried so as to detect the best method for detection of a certain type of fault and the best suited method for overall fault analysis for a certain data sets out of the three methods. This technique utilizes the learning capacity of that artificial neural network has been shown to be more efficient in detecting different mistakes. The overall error detection accuracy of such gas neural network study was found to be 73.8 percent.

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