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2022 ◽  
Vol 4 (1) ◽  
pp. 001-012
Carlos Henrique Marchiori

Simuliidae belong to the order Diptera, suborder Nematocera, Infraorder Culicomorpha, Superfamily Chironomoidea, and Family Simuliidae. They are known as “borrachudo” or “pium” in Brazil and as “black flies” in English-speaking countries. This study objective to report the characteristics of the Family Simuliidae. The research was carried out in studies related to quantitative aspects of the Family, Subfamily and Species (taxonomic groups) and conceptual aspects such as: biology, geographical distribution, species, life cycle, damage, economic importance, medicinal importance, biological aspects, and reproduction. A literature search was carried out containing articles published from 1950 to 2021. The mini-review was prepared in Goiânia, Goiás, from September to October 2021, through the Portal of Scientific Journals in Health Sciences, Pubmed, Online Scientific Library (Scielo), internet, ResearchGate,, Frontiers, Biological Abstract, Publons, Qeios, Dialnet, World, Wide Science, Springer, RefSeek, Microsoft Academic, Science, ERIC, Science, SEEK education, Periodicals CAPES, Google Academic, Bioline International and VADLO.

Trine Dahl-Jensen ◽  
Lif Lund Jacobsen ◽  
Ann-Sophie Graulund Sølund ◽  
Tine B. Larsen ◽  
Peter H. Voss

Abstract The paper seismograms from 100 years of observations in Denmark and Greenland has since October 2021 been made available through the Danish National Archives. Five case stories illustrate the quality and variation of the seismograms, and the historical context of operation of the stations. (1) The earliest recorded earthquake in the archive is recorded at GDH station in Greenland, where the 1907 Mw 7.2 earthquake in Tajikistan is recorded on smoked paper. (2) The first Danish earthquake is a local event close to Copenhagen in 1930. (3) We have illustrated the 50 megaton nuclear explosion in Novaya Zemlya in 1961—the largest nuclear test explosion ever. (4) The M 9.2 earthquake in Alaska in 1964 recorded on several instruments at COP. (5) A local earthquake in northeast Greenland recorded both on paper on World-Wide Standard Seismographic Network instruments and digitally on a modern broadband instrument.

María del Mar Sánchez Ramos

Las prácticas de traducción colaborativa en línea han aumentado desde la llegada de la llamada World Wide Web, en donde el usuario pasivo se vuelve un usuario activo capaz de controlar y compartir información con otros usuarios de una forma que no se habría imaginado años atrás. Basado en un estudio mixto no experimental, el presente artículo analiza la percepción de un grupo de veinte alumnos de traducción en la Universidad de Alcalá (Madrid) hacia las plataformas colaborativas de localización. De entre los resultados obtenidos de los datos cuantitativos y cualitativos, se desprende que se trata de prácticas traductoras desconocidas para la mayoría del estudiantado, y que deben investigarse para su mejor integración dentro del aula de traducción.

2022 ◽  
Vol 11 (1) ◽  
pp. e29211124877
Juliana Hiromi Emin Uesugi ◽  
Caroline Ferreira Fernandes ◽  
Jonatan Carlos Cardoso da Silva ◽  
Hadassa Hanna Soares Martins ◽  
Eliane Leite da Trindade ◽  

O objetivo deste trabalho foi descrever as aplicações da telemedicina no atual cenário da pandemia de COVID-19 com enfoque no Brasil. Trata-se de um estudo descritivo, qualitativo, realizado a partir de um levantamento bibliográfico acerca dos impactos positivos e negativos do uso da telemedicina na atualidade. A literatura foi obtida das plataformas SciELO, ResearchGate, PubMed e World Wide Science. A telemedicina pode se tornar uma ferramenta fundamental para garantir a universalização da saúde, pois possibilita que consultas e atendimentos especializados sejam realizados de maneira remota, reduzindo custos com deslocamento e ampliando o acesso à saúde pela população. Com as medidas de segurança impostas com a pandemia de SARS-CoV-2, a telessaúde se tornou uma opção viável, pois evita a exposição de indivíduos ao vírus nas unidades de saúde. Apesar disso, existem desafios relacionados à sua utilização, como o alto custo, a resistência de profissionais de saúde e pacientes, as desigualdades regionais e a falta de profissionais qualificados. Portanto, cabe refletir acerca da aplicabilidade da telemedicina no atual cenário brasileiro. Embora existam algumas dificuldades quanto à adesão da telemedicina no país, é evidente que ela traz muitos benefícios para os sistemas de saúde. Com o aumento dos investimentos em todas as regiões brasileiras de acordo com as suas necessidades, a telemedicina poderá solucionar desafios recorrentes no sistema de saúde, a partir da ampliação da cobertura de serviços especializados, melhoria da qualidade da atenção, redução do tempo de diagnóstico e terapia e diminuição de custos com deslocamento.

2022 ◽  
Tomohiro Taniguchi ◽  
Sanefumi Tsuha ◽  
Soichi Shiiki ◽  
Masashi Narita

Abstract Background Febrile urinary tract infections (fUTIs), which include pyelonephritis, prostatitis, and urosepsis, are the most common cause of sepsis. However, the treatment has become more complex because of the world-wide increase in antimicrobial resistance (AMR). The objective of this study was to clarify whether point-of-care Gram stain (PCGS) of urine contributed to fUTI diagnosis and treatment in adults. Methods This hospital-based observational study was undertaken between January 2013 and March 2015 in Okinawa, Japan. All enrolled patients were adults who had been admitted to the Division of Infectious Diseases with suspected fUTI. The usefulness of PCGS results were compared for urinalysis (U/A) and urine cultures (U/Cs). The targeted therapy type and its effectiveness based on PCGS were analyzed, and each was investigated in two groups: the uncomplicated pyelonephritis group and the complicated pyelonephritis/prostatitis group. Results Two hundred sixty-six patients were enrolled. The results of PCGS were closely correlated with those of U/A for pyuria and bacteriuria, and moderately correlated with the results of U/C for bacterial types. In the uncomplicated group, narrow-spectrum antimicrobials such as cefotiam were initially selected in 97.9% (47/48) of patients, and their effectiveness was 97.9% (47/48). In the complicated group, the effectiveness was 84.2% (186/221) (p=0.009) despite frequent AMRs (14.7%; 32/218) and low use of broad-spectrum antimicrobials such as carbapenems (7.7%; 17/221). Conclusion Urine PCGS led to a more precise fUTI diagnosis and prompted clinicians to select narrower-spectrum antibiotics with high effectiveness.

2022 ◽  
pp. 121-124
D Shindo ◽  
A Taniyama ◽  
Y Murakami ◽  
K Hiraga ◽  
T Oikawa ◽  

N. Kovalyuk ◽  
N. Altukhova ◽  
M. Glushchenko ◽  
A. Solovykh

Purpose: to determine the potential of the Russian subpopulation of the Holstein breed in relation to selection by loci of beta-and kappa-casein.Materials and methods. For loci CSN2 and CSN3, 1,539 Holstein cattle were genotyped, including 1,242 cows and heifers and 297 sires, and information on CSN2 and CSN3 genotypes of 297 US bulls was analyzed (World Wide Sires, Ltd).Results. It has been established that in the last two years there has been an increase in the percentage of sires in WWS with CSN2 genotypes A2A2 and CSN3 genotypes BB. Thus, sires allele frequency in the 2019 catalog was 0.51 and 0.29, respectively; and in the 2021 catalog was 0.68 and 0.31, respectively.Genotyped sires of domestic breeding organizations, which are mostly foreign origin, were characterized by predominance of the A2 allele CSN2; in this group the frequency of the allele was 0.63. However, the CSN3 B allele in the group of sires belonging to domestic organizations was found with a frequency of 0.34, which is 1.6 times lower than that of sires of American origin.In the genotyped group of Holstein cows and heifers (n = 1242) belonging to 3 large farms in the Krasnodar Krai, the gene frequency CSN2 allele A2 was minimal (0.57), and the CSN3 allele B (0.40) was higher than the allele frequency in the sires group of domestic breeding enterprises.Conclusion. At present, Russian breeding enterprises and farms are lagging behind in these indicators, however, by conducting targeted selection in accordance with the indicated trend, by selecting the appropriate breeding bulls, it is possible in the next generation to increase the proportion of animals carrying valuable genotypes.

2022 ◽  
pp. 137-148
John Christopher Woodcock

In modern times, Western philosophy eschews any metaphysical or occult references to invisible reality as being culturally obsolete. Modern culture now privileges language that reflects our unshakeable allegiance to materialism in which the things of the world no longer have any depth of meaning. This chapter compares two modern cultural approaches to invisible reality emerging in the late 20th century in response to the growing world-wide crisis of meaninglessness. The first approach gathers many different methodologies under the umbrella term The New Materialism. The second approach focusses on initiatory experiences once known as Spiritual Emergency. Both approaches are moving us towards a new understanding of matter, based on the reality of the invisible. Throughout the chapter, the author will italicise words such as “invisible,” “life,” “alive,” “alien,” “ether,” “spatial,” “virtual,” “fluid,” and “absence” in order to refer to a new kind of fluid, living, invisible matter that we are bringing to language in modern times.

2022 ◽  
pp. 880-898
Nilofer C. Naqvi ◽  
Sarah J. E. Wong-Goodrich ◽  
Amanda Martinage ◽  
Sarah L. Gordon ◽  
Jacqueline A. DeCuffa ◽  

Autism spectrum disorder or autism is seen world-wide, however in Tanzania there is emerging awareness and understanding about the disorder among teachers. This study examines the knowledge outcomes of teachers after a multi-day training on autism at three sites across the country. A total of 99 teachers completed the training. At the end of the training, there was a significant increase in the knowledge scores on an autism knowledge measure across all sites. There was a significant difference in knowledge scores across sites, with teachers at one site scoring higher than teachers in both other sites. Reasons why are further discussed. This study provides a detailed description of how to increase the awareness of autism in the teaching community in Tanzania with positive outcomes.

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