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2021 ◽  
Vol 9 (12) ◽  
pp. 501-506
Mohammad HAAA Alsaffar ◽  
Nawaf M.O.S Ali ◽  

Critical limb ischemia (CLI) is a common health problem among adults. CLI is a progressive type of peripheral artery disease associated with non-healing ulceration and ischemic pain at rest. Patients with CLI may suffer from gangrene, a consequence of arterial occlusive disease. Patients with CLI have a high-risk of developing chronic health issues such as hyperlipidemia, renal failure, hypertension, and diabetes mellitus. The health and well-being of patients with CLI is low and heterogeneously complex. Patients with CLI cope with complex and chronic health issues that often require appropriate treatment and management. The newly developed Limflow system is the promising future for vascular interventions in CLI patients.

2021 ◽  
Vol 12 (2) ◽  
pp. 93-105
Ekaterina ANTIPOVA ◽  
Chen LI

The article provides an economic and geographical analysis of the demographic processes in China, considering a set of natural and geographic factors, selected to reflect the influence of the state policy of family planning, as well as the policy for the development of separate regions in the period under study. The methodology included the use of geoinformation technologies, classification method and geographical systematization. Based on the identified spatial differences at the level of provinces, radical and previously absent spatial shifts in the demographic processes in China were established for the first time. They consist in the formation of positive and negative dynamics zones, as well as natural increase and natural decline zones. The demographic balance, for the first time calculated for the provinces of China, for 2010 and 2019, made it possible to indicate the dominance of provinces of a progressive type (53.0%) and a zone of provinces of a regressive type (8.8%). The established trend proves not only a differentiation, but also a spatial polarization at the national level and acts as a phenomenon of modern demographic development in China, in the 21st century. The results of the geographical systematization of the demographic space has practical significance as it provides the opportunity to use this methodology at the microgeographic level in other territories and serves as a scientific justification for the development of the directions of China’s regional demographic policy.

2021 ◽  
Vol 15 (2) ◽  
pp. 249-262
Suad Fikriawan ◽  
Syamsul Anwar ◽  
Misnen Ardiansyah

All this time, both in academic discourse and the reality of legal practice in the field tend to show a lack of attention to the rule of judges as an instrument of legal reform. Generally, the law is regarded as the main instrument of legal reform. Therefore, instilling an understanding of the law enforcement officers, especially the judges through their decision, is a very urgent thing to do. The main issue to be discussed in this paper is: How is the contribution of the Judge's decision to legal reform in Indonesia? This study used the perspective of the School of Sociological Jurisprudence, mainly the philosophical mind of Roscoe Pound. The results of this study show that the effort to make a judge's decision as a means of legal reform is a necessity. This can be realized through a progressive legal paradigm. The presence of a progressive legal paradigm is very important in order to give birth to a progressive type of judge who has a legal decision that qualifies maturity of law. The product of a progressive judge's decision is expected to become a jurisprudence that can be used as a reference in solving the next case so that judges will be able to make the law, not merely as a tool of social control as well as a tool of social engineering. These conceptions of legal function are essentially about to reveal that the nature of the law is dynamic rather than static. The legal philosophy of the sociological jurisprudence school offers a holistic understanding and a holistic view of the law, that is, the law applied must pay attention to the values, the living law, and the local wisdom of society. This holistic understanding of the law will ultimately be able to unify the law and society as its sociological basis.

Mahdi Alimohammadi ◽  
Maryam Esna-Ashari ◽  
Jorge Navarro

Due to the importance of generalized order statistics (GOS) in many branches of Statistics, a wide interest has been shown in investigating stochastic comparisons of GOS. In this article, we study the likelihood ratio ordering of $p$ -spacings of GOS, establishing some flexible and applicable results. We also settle certain unresolved related problems by providing some useful lemmas. Since we do not impose restrictions on the model parameters (as previous studies did), our findings yield new results for comparison of various useful models of ordered random variables including order statistics, sequential order statistics, $k$ -record values, Pfeifer's record values, and progressive Type-II censored order statistics with arbitrary censoring plans. Some results on preservation of logconvexity properties among spacings are provided as well.

2021 ◽  
Vol 17 (6) ◽  
pp. 5-9
V.V. Ponomarev ◽  
A.V. Boika ◽  
Sialitski Sialitski ◽  
V.A. Bahamaz

Background. Parkinson’s disease (PD) is a multisystem disease that requires a more comprehensive approach to its study and treatment. The purpose was to give clinical and laboratory characteristics of PD patients, in whom the onset of motor symptoms of the disease is associated with the action of precipitating factors and provide a theoretical justification for the underlying and/or associated electrophysiological phenomena. Materials and me-thods. Two hundred and seven patients with PD were examined. Questionnaire analysis and laboratory research were performed. Results. Among patients with a rapidly progressive type of PD, pain during the survey was registered in 49 (42.2 %) cases, and stress in 73 (62.3 %). In cases of a slowly progressive course, 14 (15.4 %) individuals experienced pain syndromes, and 53 (58.2 %) patients — stress. Statistically significant differences between patients with rapidly and slowly progressive PD courses were noted in the number of cases of herpetic diseases, inflammatory diseases of the oral cavity. The results of laboratory tests also showed statistically significant differences between these groups in the blood serum level of IL1β and cortisol, the level of IL1β in the cerebrospinal fluid, and the albumin coefficient. The patients with a rapidly progressive type of disease presented with a greater number of precipitating factors for PD development. In patients with rapidly progressive PD, the number of precipitating factors and the serum level of antibodies to α-synuclein (r = –0.18), IL10 (r = 0.31), and cortisol (r = 0.18) correlated. Some objective characteristics of non-motor PD symptoms statistically significantly correlated with a level of laboratory biomarkers in blood serum (Montreal Cognitive Assessment value with cortisol level (r = –0.4); Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index value with antibodies to α-synuclein (r = 0.31); Epworth Sleepiness Scale value with IL10 level (r = –0.21)). Significant acute psychological stresses and pain syndromes may change the pattern of propagation of depolarization waves in the nervous system with the formation of “autowave penumbra”. Possible clinical criteria for the effectiveness of therapy that change the course of PD are presented. Conclusions. Pain syndromes and acute significant psychological stresses not only contribute to the onset of motor symptoms of PD but also lead to the rapid progression of the disease. The effect of precipitating factors may manifest itself not only in clinical, morphological, and laboratory changes but also in changes in the excitability of nerve cells. The electrophysiological penumbra (“autowave penumbra”) can be considered a possible target for the action of a therapy method that modifies the course of PD.

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