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Raimunda A. Silva ◽  
Glécio M. Siqueira

ABSTRACT The edaphic community comprises several organisms that perform ecological functions in the environment, such as litter fragmentation, nutrient cycling, and modifications of soil structure, in addition to acting as food chain regulators. Thus, the objective of this study was to evaluate the composition of the edaphic fauna and the physical and chemical attributes of soil in different physiognomies of Cerrado in the Parque Estadual do Mirador (PEM). The study was carried out in two Cerrado formations (Sparse Cerrado and Typical Cerrado) in PEM, where 100 pitfall traps were installed. The edaphic organisms were screened and identified in terms of orders, suborders, subfamilies, families, abundance, richness, Shannon diversity, and Pielou’s equitability. A total of 4,149 individuals were collected from two experimental plots. The plot in the Typical Cerrado showed greater taxonomic richness (25 groups) and greater Shannon diversity (H’ = 1.65), while the plot in Sparse Cerrado presented 19 edaphic groups and Shannon diversity equal to H’ = 1.51. The factorial exploration explained 84.43% of the original data from the Sparse Cerrado and 90.84% from the Typical Cerrado. It is concluded that the plot in the Typical Cerrado showed greater differences in terms of richness and abundance due to the more favorable conditions for soil fauna, such as a high content of organic material and greater vegetation cover.

Pharmaceutics ◽  
2022 ◽  
Vol 14 (1) ◽  
pp. 204
María Gabriela Montiel Schneider ◽  
María Julia Martín ◽  
Jessica Otarola ◽  
Ekaterina Vakarelska ◽  
Vasil Simeonov ◽  

The enormous development of nanomaterials technology and the immediate response of many areas of science, research, and practice to their possible application has led to the publication of thousands of scientific papers, books, and reports. This vast amount of information requires careful classification and order, especially for specifically targeted practical needs. Therefore, the present review aims to summarize to some extent the role of iron oxide nanoparticles in biomedical research. Summarizing the fundamental properties of the magnetic iron oxide nanoparticles, the review’s next focus was to classify research studies related to applying these particles for cancer diagnostics and therapy (similar to photothermal therapy, hyperthermia), in nano theranostics, multimodal therapy. Special attention is paid to research studies dealing with the opportunities of combining different nanomaterials to achieve optimal systems for biomedical application. In this regard, original data about the synthesis and characterization of nanolipidic magnetic hybrid systems are included as an example. The last section of the review is dedicated to the capacities of magnetite-based magnetic nanoparticles for the management of oncological diseases.

Synlett ◽  
2022 ◽  
Yanbang Li ◽  
William Kopcha ◽  
Antonio Rodriguez-Fortea ◽  
Jianyuan Zhang

We explored the reactivity and substrate scope of the reactions among an alkyl isocyanide, an sp-hybridized reactant (i.e. alkyne or allene), and a carbon cage, as a new approach to functionalize fullerenes and metallofullerenes. This account summarizes the key findings in our recent published work, and some original data for the reaction involving an isocyanide, allenes, and metallofullerene Lu3N@C80.

2022 ◽  
Vol 14 (2) ◽  
pp. 915
Klaudia Nowicka

All tangible and intangible elements of cultural heritage that the past has conceded to local communities create unique landscapes shaped by tightly connected anthropogenic and natural factors. This heritage is a keystone of local identity which plays a significant role in politics, economic development, society and world view. In some regions, such as in the Vistula delta in Poland, the cultural heritage has been created by consecutive groups of settlers who represented different values, beliefs and ways of life. On the one hand, such a rich heritage may be perceived as a valuable asset and become a landmark or tourism product of a region. On the other hand, it may be perceived as alien and unwanted by contemporary residents, especially when they are not descendants of the former communities. The main objective of the study presented herein is to analyse how the residents of the Vistula delta region, called Żuławy Wiślane, perceive and use cultural heritage of the Mennonites, representing the most extraordinary group of settlers who used to live in the region. The analysis covers original data gathered during survey research in the period of 2017–2018 under the project Miniatura I “Perception and usage of cultural heritage of the Vistula delta Mennonites” financed by the National Science Centre in Poland.

Electronics ◽  
2022 ◽  
Vol 11 (2) ◽  
pp. 267
Félix Morales ◽  
Miguel García-Torres ◽  
Gustavo Velázquez ◽  
Federico Daumas-Ladouce ◽  
Pedro E. Gardel-Sotomayor ◽  

Correctly defining and grouping electrical feeders is of great importance for electrical system operators. In this paper, we compare two different clustering techniques, K-means and hierarchical agglomerative clustering, applied to real data from the east region of Paraguay. The raw data were pre-processed, resulting in four data sets, namely, (i) a weekly feeder demand, (ii) a monthly feeder demand, (iii) a statistical feature set extracted from the original data and (iv) a seasonal and daily consumption feature set obtained considering the characteristics of the Paraguayan load curve. Considering the four data sets, two clustering algorithms, two distance metrics and five linkage criteria a total of 36 models with the Silhouette, Davies–Bouldin and Calinski–Harabasz index scores was assessed. The K-means algorithms with the seasonal feature data sets showed the best performance considering the Silhouette, Calinski–Harabasz and Davies–Bouldin validation index scores with a configuration of six clusters.

2022 ◽  

Abstract The full text of this preprint has been withdrawn by the authors while they make corrections to the work. Therefore, the authors do not wish this work to be cited as a reference. Questions should be directed to the corresponding author.Additionally, the authors have provided this withdrawal declaration: "In this preprint, the criteria for inclusion and exclusion of study designs were not rigorous enough. After data verification, we found that there were some missing or unknown people in the follow-up results of the original data. This part of data may cause information bias. we recognize that the results and conclusions obtained based on these data may be unreliable. After careful discussion, all authors have agreed that, based on the need of scientific accuracy and honesty, it is necessary to withdraw the preprint."

2022 ◽  
Vol 11 (1) ◽  
pp. e43211125191
Luana Nayara Gallego Adami ◽  
Valter Luiz Maciel Junior ◽  
João Diego Losano

Male infertility is one important factor among the multifactorial causes of couple infertility, being oxidative stress one of the main related sources. Sperm is a specialized cell extremely susceptible to stress. To understand and mitigate this event, many studies have used different antioxidants, orally or in vitro supplementation, trying to improve sperm quality and function. Considering the extensive available literature regarding approaches and attempts to solve male fertility issues, the aim of this review is evaluating the effects of antioxidant supplementation on sperm, in both humans and experimental models with animals. This review selected original data from PubMed. The keywords used were: antioxidant, sperm, male fertility, antioxidant supplementation, male infertility; and the term "rodents" was added to the descriptors “antioxidant” and “male fertility”. Only studies published in indexed journals, in English, between 2015 and 2019 were included. This review involves i) human sperm and ii) rodent sperm. For the human approach, the search retrieved 496 articles and 80 were included, among which 28 studies were of in vitro antioxidant supplementation, 19 involved oral antioxidant supplementation and the remaining 33 concerned quantification of oxidants and antioxidants already present in the seminal samples. For the rodent approach, 152 articles were retrieved and 52 were included: 3 of varicocele, 11 of diabetes, 10 of therapeutic drugs, 3 of physical exercise, 10 of environmental exposure and 3 of heat stress. The remaining studies involved oxidative stress status in experimental models. Antioxidants use for reproductive purposes is increasing in an attempt to achieve better gametes and embryos. Vitamins C, B and E, selenium and zinc are the most commonly used antioxidants, with remarkable evidences in improving pathophysiological seminal conditions.

Legal Studies ◽  
2022 ◽  
pp. 1-21
James Hand

Abstract The appointment of recent Attorney-Generals for England and Wales has occasioned much comment about their experience. This paper considers whether, following the transmogrification of the Lord Chancellorship over a decade ago, the backgrounds and activities of recent leaders of the Attorney-General's Office suggest the time is now right for similar changes to the Law Officers’ roles. In doing so, it presents a range of original data on aspects of the role and on characteristics of Attorney-Generals, which suggests that unless self-restraint is exercised (by the Prime Minister and the post-holders) we may ineluctably be on the path to reform.

2022 ◽  
Elham Mahmoudi ◽  
Reza Mollazadeh ◽  
Pejman Mansouri ◽  
Mohammad Keykhaei ◽  
Shayan Mirshafiee ◽  

C. Sapna Kumari ◽  
C. N. Asha ◽  
U. Rajashekhar ◽  
K. Viswanath

At present, due to the various hacking approaches, the protection for any data transmitted through any channel or mode is one of the important issues. Nowadays, providing data security is satisfactory, developments are extended for obtaining data among the transceivers. Security level depends on the size of a symmetric key which is employed for encryption and decryption using various cryptography systems management and in modern approaches like block and RF codes including AES use a larger size of key simultaneously and there exists security problems due to hacking approaches. To illustrate the protection level and hacking problems, a new ECC is presented as well as by employing scalar duplication, the synchronous key is generated and consists of point doubling and point addition. The created focuses are encrypted before transmission by using ECC-Elgamal-Holomorphic (ECCEH) and transferred through a distant channel and encipher data is failed at the receiver using ECCEH which includes the reverse process. The unique standards of cryptography context have been generated by MATLAB; the defined framework has endeavored to the extent that speed, delay as well as control, and many others are accepted in MATLAB 2017a. The user of the sender, the original information is transformed into integer value by employing Holomorphic and encodes it by utilizing the Elgamal ECC algorithm which employs point doubling and point addition. The encoded information is uploaded into the cloud for storage, here www.thingspeak.com is utilized for storage. When the user presents at the receiver request the cloud to access from it, initially the cloud server authenticates the access control strategies of the requester, and then access is provided by the cloud server. If the user authenticates the strategies, then encoded data can download and the original data is decoded by synchronous key employing ECC- Elgamal algorithm. Using original and decrypted data, various performance factors are calculated in terms of execution time, packet delivery ratio, throughput, latency and compare these results with conventional methods and found to be 12%, 31%, 24%, and 8% progress concerned with packet delivery ratio, latency, outturn and execution time.

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