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Jiangnan He ◽  
Ying Qian ◽  
Xiaoyin Yin

For e-commerce companies, it is easier to obtain a large amount of aggregated data about user behavior with the help of embedded network platforms, which contains valuable information that helps to form effective decision-making. This article first gives a detailed introduction to the evaluation and selection of e-commerce and suppliers; then puts forward the analytic hierarchy process and entropy method; finally, the AHP analytic method is used to build a supplier evaluation system and a selection system. The experimental results of this paper show that after obtaining the entropy AHP weights through the analytic hierarchy process, these 8 suppliers can be ranked and selected. Using the ABC classification method, classification is based on the ranking of suppliers. Among them, Class A suppliers account for 12.5%, which plays a key role in the construction of the evaluation and selection system of e-commerce suppliers.

Energies ◽  
2022 ◽  
Vol 15 (2) ◽  
pp. 613
Li Wu ◽  
Jiqun Zhang ◽  
Deli Jia ◽  
Shuoliang Wang ◽  
Yiqun Yan

Block M of the Ordos Basin is a typical low-permeability tight sandstone gas accumulation. To develop these reservoirs, various horizontal well fracturing technologies, such as hydra-jet fracturing, open-hole packer multistage fracturing, and perf-and-plug multistage fracturing, have been implemented in practice, showing greatly varying performance. In this paper, six fracturing technologies adopted in Block M are reviewed in terms of principle, applicability, advantages, and disadvantages, and their field application effects are compared from the technical and economic perspectives. Furthermore, the main factors affecting the productivity of fractured horizontal wells are determined using the entropy method, the causes for the difference in application effects of the fracturing technologies are analyzed, and a comprehensive productivity impact index (CPII) in good correlation with the single-well production of fractured horizontal wells is constructed. This article provides a simple and applicable method for predicting the performance of multi-frac horizontal wells that takes multiple factors into account. The results can be used to select completion methods and optimize fracturing parameters in similar reservoirs.

Fishes ◽  
2022 ◽  
Vol 7 (1) ◽  
pp. 20
Yutong Li ◽  
Jiaojiao Kong ◽  
Jianyue Ji

This study aims to examine the relationship between environmental regulation, technological innovation and the development of China’s marine fisheries. We make a theoretical overview of the relationship between environmental regulation, technological innovation and the development of marine fisheries. Using data from 10 coastal regions of China, we calculate the comprehensive development level of China’s marine fisheries in each region from 2009 to 2018 through the entropy method. Then, we use a double logit model to analyze the effects of environmental regulation and technological innovation on the development level of China’s marine fisheries, and further test the mediating effect of technological innovation. The results show that environmental regulations have a “U-shaped” effect on the development of China’s marine fisheries. Moreover, technological innovation is crucial in promoting the development of China’s marine fisheries. Further, we identify the mediating role of technological innovation, that is, environmental regulation affects the development of China’s marine fisheries by influencing technological innovation. These findings offer theoretical support for the development of China’s marine fisheries.

2022 ◽  
Vol 14 (0) ◽  
pp. 1-7
Rokas Eitutis

Port of Šventoji is a maritime facility in the settlement of Šventoji, located within the country Lithuania, near the seaside resort town of Palanga. In this paper five Port of Šventoji development alternatives are overviewed using a multi-criteria decisionmaking (MCDM) method. The results will be compared with the ones found in “Port of Šventoji reconstruction feasibility study” (liet. Šventosios jūrų uosto atstatymo galimybių studija). Criteria weights of the analysed alternatives are determined using the entropy method. Alternative analysis is carried out using the TOPSIS multicriteria method.

2022 ◽  
Vol 12 ◽  
Yang Li ◽  
Xuewei Chao

Smart agriculture is inseparable from data gathering, analysis, and utilization. A high-quality data improves the efficiency of intelligent algorithms and helps reduce the costs of data collection and transmission. However, the current image quality assessment research focuses on visual quality, while ignoring the crucial information aspect. In this work, taking the crop pest recognition task as an example, we proposed an effective indicator of distance-entropy to distinguish the good and bad data from the perspective of information. Many comparative experiments, considering the mapping feature dimensions and base data sizes, were conducted to testify the validity and robustness of this indicator. Both the numerical and the visual results demonstrate the effectiveness and stability of the proposed distance-entropy method. In general, this study is a relatively cutting-edge work in smart agriculture, which calls for attention to the quality assessment of the data information and provides some inspiration for the subsequent research on data mining, as well as for the dataset optimization for practical applications.

Energies ◽  
2022 ◽  
Vol 15 (2) ◽  
pp. 531
Jingna Kou ◽  
Fengjun Sun ◽  
Wei Li ◽  
Jie Jin

There is a global move toward being “carbon neutral”. Reducing the use of coal to generate power has become an inevitable choice for many countries when transforming their energy structures. Many countries have proposed phasing out coal. China is a major energy producing and consuming country and intends to reach a carbon peak by 2030 and become carbon neutral by 2060. China has repeatedly emphasized coal reduction, but has not explicitly proposed phasing out coal, due to the influence of local governments, coal-related enterprises, and the public. This paper explores whether China could declare a “coal phase-out”, and the possible reasons for doing so, by constructing an evolutionary game model with two correlations. MATLAB was used to simulate the model results to determine the effectiveness of the fractal results of the model, and the entropy method was used to calculate the development level of “coal phase-out” related indicators in China and Germany. The results show that: (1) The government can phase out coal only when coal-related enterprises and the public can benefit from reducing coal production and consumption. In addition, these benefits are needed to ensure stable economic and social development without affecting people’s daily lives; (2) The development level of relevant indicators of “coal retreat” in China is lower than that in Germany. Based on these results, it is concluded that it is difficult for China to announce a “coal phase-out” at present. Faced with this reality, China should improve the efficiency of coal use, install carbon capture and storage facilities, vigorously develop renewable energy and reduce the share of coal in the energy system.

Electronics ◽  
2022 ◽  
Vol 11 (2) ◽  
pp. 233
Thirupathi Samala ◽  
Vijaya Kumar Manupati ◽  
Jose Machado ◽  
Shubham Khandelwal ◽  
Katarzyna Antosz

Current manufacturing system health management is of prime importance due to the emergence of recent cost-effective and -efficient prognostics and diagnostics capabilities. This paper investigates the most used performance measures viz. Throughput Rate, Throughput Time, System Use, Availability, Average Stay Time, and Maximum Stay Time as alternatives that are responsible for the diagnostics of manufacturing systems during real-time disruptions. We have considered four different configurations as criteria on which to test with the proposed integrated MCDM (Multi-Criteria Decision-Making)-TOPSIS (Technique for Order of Preference by Similarity to Ideal Solution)-based simulation approach. The main objective of this proposed model is to improve the performance of semi–fully flexible systems and to maximize the production rate by ranking the parameters from most influenced to least. In this study, first, the performance of the considered process parameters are analyzed using a simulation approach, and furthermore the obtained results are validated using real-time experimental results. Thereafter, using an Entropy method, the weights of each parameter are identified and then the MCDM-based TOPSIS is applied to rank the parameters. The results show that Throughput tTme is the most affected parameter and that Availability, average stay time, and max stay time are least affected in the case of no breakdown of machine condition. Similarly, Throughput Time is the most affected parameter and Maximum Stay Time is the least affected parameter in the case of the breakdown of machine condition. Finally, the rankings from the TOPSIS method are compared with the PROMETHEE method rankings. The results demonstrate the ability to understand system behavior in both normal and uncertain conditions.

2022 ◽  
Vol 2022 ◽  
pp. 1-10
Lan Zhang

With the continuous development of social economy, social sport is more and more valued and favored by the people as a universal and nationwide sport, but it should be noted that social sport involves a wide range of aspects, but due to its particularity, it is also constrained by economic development. In view of these needs and limitations, three technical methods of entropy method, RSR (rank-sum ratio), and TOPSIS are introduced, to sort out the development of social sports, national physical development, social sports guidance, and the number of people to be measured in various places based on the relevant technologies of smart cities in this paper, realize the application analysis of social sports in the public service level. This paper aims to provide a scientific evaluation and evaluation method for social sports information cloud services. The results of simulation experiments show that the evaluation of social sports information cloud service quality based on smart cities is effective, and the comprehensive application of methods can be implemented perfectly, and the further promotion and popularization of social sports services can be realized.

Xin Xu ◽  
Jing Hu ◽  
Li Lv ◽  
Jiaojiao Yin ◽  
Xiaobo Tian

An urban ecological recreational space (UERS), which connects the natural environment with urban residents, is an important guarantee for developing a livable city and improving the well-being of residents. However, there is a serious imbalance between the supply of UERSs and the demand of residents in many big, rapidly developing cities. Previous studies usually used indicators such as scale or quantity to measure the supply level of UERS enjoyed by residents, ignoring its own quality differences. Therefore, taking the urban development area of Wuhan as the research object, we measured the quality of UERS from four dimensions using the entropy method and designed a method to measure the supply service level under the hierarchical travel threshold to analyze the supply level of UERSs based on a community unit. Finally, combined with the demand characteristics of different groups, the matching relationship between supply and demand of UERSs in each community is quantitatively analyzed. The results show the following: (1) The quality of UERS in urban development area of Wuhan varies greatly and its distribution is extremely uneven. (2) The level of supply services and the demand level vary greatly, and the overall performance has a trend of decreasing from the city center to the periphery. (3) The overall matching relationship between supply and demand of UERS is not ideal, and more than half of the communities are in supply deficit or without services. Our study provides a novel perspective on quantifying the supply–demand relationship of UERS. It can more accurately guide decision-makers and planners in determining areas with mismatches between the supply and demand of UERSs and in making targeted layouts of UERSs and relevant policies.

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