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2022 ◽  
pp. 1-11
Gilberto Hanssen Androvandi ◽  
Carlos Enrique Carrasco-Gutierrez ◽  
Benjamin Miranda Tabak

Myroslav Syvyi ◽  
Nataliya Lisova

The proposed article is based on an analysis of publications on field observations published in the then Polish and Ukrainian periodicals, collections of materials from scientific forums at various levels, works collections of individual Polish and foreign scientific institutes, etc. The purpose of the article was an attempt to analyze and generalize the research results of the study area in the field of Quaternary geology and geomorphology. It should also be noted that publications from the listed sections of physical geography are encountered quite sporadically and in significantly smaller numbers than articles on purely geological disciplines such as mineralogy, petrography, lithology, tectonics, etc. The study of geological and geomorphological objects and processes was carried out on the territory of Western Volyn-Podillia, which at that time was a part of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. The works mainly concerned the study of the stratigraphy of anthropogenic sediments distributed in the Podillia loess and loess soils, continental glaciations and related glacial and fluvial-glacial deposits, surface and underground karst, etc. It was established that significant in volume and depth of generalization of works on the geological and geomorphological structure the region features at that time was not. The studies that were carried out were not systematic, they were often carried out on the researchers initiative and without adequate funding, with localization mainly in the territory with open at that time deposits of certain minerals types. Analysis of publications can be stated as follows: the study of Quaternary deposits of the region and loess in particular was carried out with extensive use of laboratory studies, paleontological method, chemical, particle size distribution mineralogical and petrographic analyzes, the method of separation of loess minerals in heavy liquids, paleontological and archaeological observations, etc., were progressive at that time. It should be noted that individual reports on the determination of the age of the Quaternary strata were poorly synchronized with each other and a reliable generally accepted scale for the division of these deposits in this period was not agreed. During this period, factually substantiated schemes of geomorphological zoning of both the Podillia region as a whole and its individual components were proposed. Regular relationships of the relief features of the region with the lithogenic base, neotectonic movements, glacial and fluvial-glacial processes are traced. Significant progress is noted in the study of stratigraphy, lithology of local loess strata, problematic issues of their genesis are discussed. Among the few works on the study of the loess cover of Volyn-Podillia, the work of Yu. Polianskyi and Yu. Tokarskyi attracts attention first of all. The works on the study of loess are important due to: a) their almost ubiquitous distribution in the described territories; b) value for stratigraphic subdivision of the Pleistocene; c) controversial genesis; d) widespread use for the production of bricks and tiles. Work on the study of surface and underground forms of the Podillia karst has spread. Systematic mapping of individual underground cavities begins which gave impetus to their use in the future as objects of tourism. The largest number of works is devoted to the problems of studying the relief and modern physical and geographical processes in the interwar period. At the same time, along with purely descriptive publications, works appear where conclusions are based on the use of cartographic materials, which allowed researchers to identify significant patterns in the morphological features of the region. In the period under study, numerous publications by soil scientists also appeared, in which Quaternary sediments are considered as parent rocks on which soils were formed, the dependence of the type of soil on the lithology of the underlying rocks is established. In general, the works of Polish and Ukrainian researchers in the characterized period laid a reliable foundation for modern ideas about the geological and geomorphological features of the region. Keywords: geomorphological studies, Quaternary deposits, glacial deposits, stratigraphy, morphology, loess deposits.

2021 ◽  
Vol 6 (01) ◽  
pp. 1-12
Tita Safitriawati ◽  
Indar Fauziah Ulfah ◽  
Neneng Widayati

Abstract: Development of Hajj funds in Indonesia for the 2016-2019 period. This research uses a descriptive method by analyzing data taken from secondary data directly to the BPKH website and literature study. The data analysis technique used is data collection, data reduction, data display, verification, and concluding. The results of this study indicate that the optimization of investment in hajj funds through Sukuk and Islamic bank deposits has increased from year to year so that it can increase financing in organizing Hajj. In 2018, referring to PP. 5 In 2018, BPKH plans to differentiate Hajj fund investments in gold (5%), direct investment (15%), and other investments (10%). Besides, the proportion of placement of funds in savings/time deposits decreased to 50% and placements in Sukuk to 20%. Then, in 2020, the proportion of placement of funds in savings/time deposits will again decrease to only 30% and transfer this proportion to Sukuk and direct investment.

2021 ◽  
Vol 1 (3) ◽  
pp. 725-734
Rizka Halimatusa’diyah ◽  
Ruhadi Ruhadi ◽  
Ade Ali Nurdin

The study aims to determine the effect of stock prices and profit-sharing, which is likely to affect the mudaraba deposits of Islamic banking and to determine the characteristics of variables that have a dominant influence. The method that is uses an explanatory descriptive method. The data analysis technique uses multiple regression analysis. The results showed that stock price variables have not significant effect on mudaraba deposits, and profit-sharing variables have a significant effect on mudaraba deposits. Profit-sharing ls a variable that has a dominant influence and has a strong relationship with Islamic bank mudaraba time deposits from 2014-2017. The findings of this study contribute to Islamic banks to improve the profit-sharing scheme so that Islamic banks are able to dominate the market share of fundraising in the form of mudaraba deposits by providing competitive profit sharing offers.

2021 ◽  
Vol 1 (2) ◽  
pp. 181-196
Soimun Rohman ◽  
Ermawati ◽  
Murniati Ruslan

Sharia banks in conducting business activities must be based on sharia principles. Based on the mandate of Law Number. 21 of 2008 concerning Islamic Banking and BI Regulation Number. 6/24 / PBI / 2004 that the DSN has the duty and authority to stipulate fatwas regarding products and services in the business activities of Banks which carry out business activities based on Sharia principles. To ensure that the deposit products at Bank Muamalat comply with the standards set by the DSN, a research was conducted at Bank Muamalat Indonesia, the Palu branch. Deposit products at the Palu branch of Bank Muamalat Indonesia use the Mudharabah Mutlaqah contract, where BMIs are given freedom in managing customer funds. Then it is reviewed on the rules of the DSN-MUI Fatwa Number. 03 / DSN-MUI / IV / 2000 based on the 6-point provision that must be implemented to achieve sharia principles. In its implementation, the mudharabah time deposit product run by Bank Muamalat Indonesia, Palu branch has met these provisions. so theproduct of mudharabah time deposits or deposits in the Palu branch of Bank Muamalat Indonesia is in accordance with the fatwa.

2021 ◽  
Vol 3 (1) ◽  
pp. 70-75
May Linda Nugraheni ◽  
Chaidir Iswanaji

The purpose of this study was to determine the Acceptance and Management of Customer Funds at Bank Jateng, Magelang Coordinator Branch. This type of research is qualitative, because it emphasizes the process that is taken from the phenomenon and then the conclusion is drawn. The object of this research came from 20 informants or resource persons who work at the Bank Jateng, Magelang Coordinator Branch. The data source of this study came from an informant who was interviewed structurally. Based on the data analysis, it can be concluded that: (1) Receipt of customer funds at the Magelang Coordinator Branch Bank Jateng uses the accrual-based method. Where the funds received by the Magelang Coordinator Branch Bank Central Java can be in the form of demand deposits, savings deposits, and time deposits. These funds are collected from the community. (2) Management of customer funds at the Magelang Coordinator Branch Bank Central Java uses a cash-based method. The management of customer funds at Bank Jateng, the Coordinator of Magelang Branch, is in the form of loans, such as: PLO credit, Small Business Credit (KUK), Multipurpose Credit, People's Business Credit (KUR), KFW Loans, and additional business capital for family business activities.

2021 ◽  
Vol 4 (2) ◽  
pp. 143-148
Mikhael Armando Manullang ◽  
Hasanul Fahmi

Many people who want to own a motorbike, but do not have sufficient funds to buy a motorbike in cash, require a way to own a motorbike using a credit payment system. The formulation of the problem to be resolved in this study is how to design the SPK in determining motorcycle loans for new customers at PT Adira Finance using the SAW method. The limitation of the problem in this research is that the application does not handle the investment of funds from customers in the form of savings, time deposits and others, the application only supports the decision to grant credit to customers with predetermined criteria and the application does not handle the addition of customer criteria. The research objective is PT. Adira Finance can determine creditworthy debtors and prepare SPK to determine creditworthiness at PT. Adira Finance. From the results of the calculation of the V value above, a ranking is made: V1 = Customer 1 (0.91) V4 = Customer 4 (0.91) V2 = Customer 2 (0.63) V3 = Customer 3 (0.51) V5 = Customer 5 (0.31).

2021 ◽  
pp. 203-215
Rafael Hotz

In this article, our goal is to examine a controversy very dear to Austrian economists: that of the legitimacy of the fractional reserve banking system, defined as a system in which the bankers keep in their vaults a quantity of money (narrowly defined) lower than the quantity of cash deposits granted to their clients. In the Austrian vision, the monetary supply, broadly defined (Mises, 1971), consists of money properly said, plus monetary substitutes (bank notes, cash deposits), plus credit-money, this one corresponding to any future right to a monetary sum (time deposits, promissory notes, pre-fixed derivatives). In a narrow sense, money supply consists in money properly said (fiat-money or commodity money). We must, however, clarify some aspects of the money supply. Monetary substitutes have their origin in the monetary certificates. Monetary certificates, in their turn, are tools utilized to confer information about the medium of exchange. For instance, precious metal coins mintage confers information about the metal’s purity and about the weight of the coin; bank notes and current account balances confer information about the amount, overseer and proprietor of the deposited money. So, money certificates can change the agents’ valuations concerning the particular good in question, even being able of independent valuation. Monetary certificates can be physically connected to the medium of exchange or separated from it. In the case of physically connected monetary certificates, we have what we normally call monetary substitutes. Monetary substitutes can, due to their nature, work as property titles to the very medium of exchange. Contemporaneously, monetary substitutes usually can be identified with cash deposits (current account balances) and paper checks, provided that the use of bank notes is increasingly rare. Having made those clarifications concerning monetary substitutes, we will, following Mises (1971, p. 135), call fiduciary media the quantity of monetary substitutes that exceeds the quantity of money properly said. However, before proceeding with our Investigation about the consequences of the legalization of the production of fake monetary substitutes (fiduciary media), we must explain what would be a fake monetary substitute and the nature of this counterfeiting. We must, therefore, start our argumentation establishing some differences about the nature of loan and deposit contracts [x].

2021 ◽  
Katharina Wetterauer ◽  
Dirk Scherler ◽  
Leif S. Anderson ◽  
Hella Wittmann

<p>Debris-covered glaciers are fed from steep bedrock hillslopes that tower above the ice. These headwalls are eroded by rockfalls and rock avalanches, mobilizing fractured bedrock, which is subsequently deposited on the ice surface along the sides of valley glaciers and transported downglacier on and in the ice. Where glaciers join, marginal debris merges to form medial moraines. Due to the conveyor-belt-nature of glacier ablation zones, debris tends to be older downglacier and, for typical Alpine glaciers, single deposits may persist on the glacier surface for hundreds to a few thousand years.</p><p>Recent observations in high-alpine glacial environments suggest that rock walls are increasingly destabilized due to climate warming. An increase in headwall erosion and debris deposition onto glacier surfaces will modify glacial mass balances, as surface debris cover alters the rate at which underlying ice melts. Consequently, we expect that the response of debris-covered glaciers to climate change is likely also related to the response of headwalls to climate change.</p><p>In this context, we quantify headwall retreat rates by measuring the concentration of in situ-produced cosmogenic <sup>10</sup>Be in debris samples collected from a partly debris-covered Swiss valley glacier. By systematic downglacier-sampling of two parallel medial moraines, we aim to assess changes in headwall erosion through time for small and delineated source areas. Our results indicate that indeed, nuclide concentrations along the medial moraines vary with time: downglacier and further back in time deposits have higher nuclide concentrations, whereas upglacier and more recently deposits have lower concentrations. Currently, we explore possible processes which could account for <sup>10</sup>Be concentration changes through time, other than changes in erosion rates. These include the sensitivity of <sup>10</sup>Be concentrations to supraglacial transport time and to temporal and spatial changes in nuclide production rates on the deglaciating headwalls. First analyses reveal, however, that neither the additional accumulation of <sup>10</sup>Be during transport nor changes in source area production rates associated with the uncovering of formerly ice covered headwall parts alone can account for the observed trend.</p>

Hsu Yu Shin ◽  
May Zin Ong

This article aims to discuss the comparison of economic activities including time deposits, investment, income and needs. The advantage of a bank by raising reserves through stores is that the cash put away can take longer, considering that stores have a moderately long period of time and the recurrence of withdrawals is additionally uncommon. Hence the bank can unreservedly utilize the credit of these stores. Income in common is regularly related to the sum of cash an individual gets as a result of something done, done, or contributed. The pay is at that point utilized or went through to meet different needs in life for a certain period of time. it is vital to have Financial Management by giving need scale by prioritizing all things that are vital since the more noteworthy a person's pay more often than not the more he needs. The survey results within the AES business group show a significant comparison of the amount of income derived from investment and sales that generate income, while time deposits are rarely performed as a principal economic activity in generating income.

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