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2022 ◽  
Vol 12 ◽  
Chuan Mou ◽  
Yi Tian ◽  
Fengrui Zhang ◽  
Chao Zhu

This study aims to explore the current situation and strategy formulation of sports psychology teaching in colleges and universities following adaptive learning and deep learning under information education. The informatization in physical education, teaching methods, and teaching processes make psychological education more scientific and efficient. First, the relevant theories of adaptive learning and deep learning are introduced, and an adaptive learning analysis model is implemented. Second, based on the deep learning automatic encoder, college students’ sports psychology is investigated and the test results are predicted. Finally, the current situation and development strategy of physical education in colleges and universities are analyzed. The results show that when the learning rate is 1, 0.1, and 0.01, there is no significant change in the analysis factors of recall, ndcg, item_coverage, and sps. When the learning rate is 1, their analysis factors change obviously, and it is calculated that the optimal learning rate of the model is 1. And the difficulty of the recommended test questions by using the sports psychology teaching method based on adaptive learning and deep learning is relatively stable. The test questions include various language points of sports psychology. Compared with others methods, adaptive learning and deep learning can provide comprehensive test questions for sports psychology teaching. This study provides technical support for the reform of sports psychology teaching in colleges and universities and contributes to optimizing the information-based teaching mode.

2022 ◽  
Vol 27 (1) ◽  
pp. 50-63
Ahmad Syukran Baharuddin ◽  
Abdul Manan Ismail

This research examines parameters in taking maximum benefits from recognized Islamic schools concerning the rulings of a person’s Zakat distribution without paying it to Zakat centre. Fatwa of the National Fatwa Committee of Malaysia has been used as a model in this research. This discussion has been completed through a critical descriptive approach to describe the matter, conforming to scholars’ opinion and its analysis through reliable sources in Islamic jurisprudence and its origins, thus coming up with reasonable appropriate results. The directives and principles were extracted from Islamic rulings and linked to the current situation of the Islamic society so that this study would not remain merely imaginary theories, far from the reality of the community. The researchers meditated and criticized the advisory opinion issued by the National Fatwa Committee of Malaysia on the provision of distributing zakat directly to its receiver without paying it to the Zakat centre. The researchers found that the National Fatwa Committee adheres to the parameter in issuing fatwa, as it has issued a fatwa that contrary to the opinion of the official recognized fiqh school in Malaysia by considering appropriate interest.

2022 ◽  
Vol 16 (4) ◽  
pp. 49-56
M. V. Zhizhina ◽  
V. B. Danilovich

The article addresses the problems of methodical support for establishing the statute of limitations when conducting a forensic document examination, directly affecting the admissibility of an expert’s opinion as evidence in legal proceedings. Establishing the statute of limitations for the execution of documents’ requisites is one of the most demanded tasks when considering all categories of cases – administrative, arbitration, civil, criminal. Analysis of the forensic practice of this type of examination in legal proceedings shows the application of various methods and approaches. Such variety raises questions among both the judicial and legal communities. For example, what existing methods are scientifically substantiated, tested, certified, lead to reliable results, and can be used to solve expert tasks? Which are unsuitable for the use in expert practice, and for what reasons?To confirm the suitability of their author’s developments for forensic examination, individual non-state experts provide various patents and certificates. How legal and permissible is this practice?The article offers a competent analysis of the current situation on the example of the widely used method of “wet copying”

2022 ◽  
Vol 14 (2) ◽  
pp. 790
Jaroslava Kubáňová ◽  
Iveta Kubasáková ◽  
Kristián Čulík ◽  
Lukáš Štítik

The article focuses on expanding the use of barcodes in selected logistics activities in a company. Our study discusses the application of barcode technology to selected logistics activities in the company in order to address the error rate in these activities and to control ownership of this technology in other logistics activities within the company during the COVID-19. The priority of the testing phase was to point out the elimination of errors in the original versus the newly proposed solution for the company on 10 products. In the test phase, the 10 products with the highest turnover in the company were used to point out the elimination of errors in various logistics activities, especially the time saved compared to the work of human personnel in the company. The company has this technology at its disposal, in the parent company as well as in the subsidiary. It was only a matter of expanding the use and applicability of this technology as well as other possibilities for research hypotheses, which we outlined at the end of the article. In this article, we focus on RFID and barcode technologies, since the company initially considered using RFID technology, however, chose the use of barcodes because it was an already known work technology. The current situation affected with COVID-19 disease requires many advantages and disadvantages of both technologies.

2022 ◽  
Vol 12 ◽  
Min Tang

Based on entrepreneurial psychology, the current situation of foreign students’ use of learning strategies in Chinese learning is explored, the overall situation of learning strategies in this process is analyzed, and the relationship between foreign students’ use of learning strategies and various factors are obtained through the designed questionnaire survey. First, a questionnaire suitable for the research respondents is designed to investigate the current situation of foreign students’ use of learning strategies in Chinese learning; second, 200 questionnaires are distributed, and 195 questionnaires are recovered, with a recovery rate of 97.5%. After the invalid questionnaire is excluded, the effective rate is 95%; furthermore, the reliability of the questionnaire data is analyzed by SPSS25 software, and Cronbach’s α coefficient is 0.869, which proves that the questionnaire has high reliability; finally, the overall situation of foreign students’ use of learning strategies in Chinese learning is analyzed from the aspects of their majors, their levels of Chinese proficiency, Chinese learning time, age and personality. The results show that the frequency of using cognitive strategies in learning Chinese is the highest, with a score of 3.689; There is a positive correlation between the use of learning strategies and the degree of proficiency of Chinese; Among them, the foreign students who have studied for 2–3 years use learning strategies the most frequently, and the students aged 28–32 use learning strategies the most frequently in the Chinese level test 4. This study provides new ideas for foreign students’ Chinese teaching and has a certain reference for foreign students’ Chinese teaching strategies.

2022 ◽  
Sergey A Trigger ◽  
Alexander M. Ignatov

The SIR model of the epidemic spread is used for consideration the problem of the competition of two viruses having different contagiousness. It is shown how the more contagious strain replaces over time the less contagious one. In particular the results can be applied to the current situation when the omicron strain appeared in population affected by the delta strain.

2022 ◽  
Vol 2 (1) ◽  
pp. 52-59
Anne Rufaridah ◽  
Wuri Komalasari ◽  
Ridholla Permata Sari

Background: The dominant factors that influence Covid-19 prevention behavior can be divided into three domains; knowledge, attitude and action. Knowledge is the result of knowing after people have sensed certain objects. Attitude describes whether a person like or dislike towards an object. Action is a response to a stimulus that is active and observable.Methods: This study aims to determine the public's perception towards Covid 19 Prevention in Ganting Parak Gadang Village, East Padang. The type of research used is the Winshield Survey. The sample used 24 families by random sampling at TNI AD Ganting Parak Gadang dormitory, RW: 08 consists of RT 01,02,03,04,05,06.Results: The results of this research showed that the respondents' perceptions of 100% considered the current situation is seriously in dangerous and should not be considered as trivial cases, 62% of handling COVID-19 carried out preventive behaviors such as maintaining immunity, 71% of people's behavior in worshiping choosing to worship at home, as much as 75% did not go to planned events. Knowledge of respondents 84% still doubted and did not know about the symptoms of covid 19 and as much as 23% did not know about OTG covid 19 is 62% knew from social media.Conclusions: The conclusion in this study are attitude and the highest percentage of preventive actions in the good category compared with the lower percentage of prevention knowledge. The suggestion in the study is that the public is expected to maintain health protocols by continuing to follow government recommendations in efforts to prevent Covid-19.

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