Role of placental, fetal and cardiovascular markers in predicting adverse outcomes in women with suspected or confirmed pre‐eclampsia

M. Reddy ◽  
K. Palmer ◽  
D. L. Rolnik ◽  
E. M. Wallace ◽  
B. W. Mol ◽  
Angiology ◽  
2021 ◽  
pp. 000331972110125
Atalay Demiray ◽  
Baris Afsar ◽  
Adrian Covic ◽  
Masanari Kuwabara ◽  
Charles J. Ferro ◽  

Increased serum uric acid (SUA) levels have been associated with various pathologic processes such as increased oxidative stress, inflammation, and endothelial dysfunction. Thus, it is not surprising that increased SUA is associated with various adverse outcomes including cardiovascular (CV) diseases. Recent epidemiological evidence suggests that increased SUA may be related to acute myocardial infarction (AMI). Accumulating data also showed that elevated UA has pathophysiological role in the development of AMI. However, there are also studies showing that SUA is not related to the risk of AMI. In this narrative review, we summarized the recent literature data regarding SUA and AMI after providing some background information for the association between UA and coronary artery disease. Future studies will show whether decreasing SUA levels is beneficial for outcomes related to AMI and the optimum SUA levels for best outcomes in CV diseases.

BMC Cancer ◽  
2021 ◽  
Vol 21 (1) ◽  
Jun Li ◽  
Zheng Ge

Abstract Background Acute myeloid leukemia (AML) remains one of the most common hematological malignancies, posing a serious challenge to human health. HSPA8 is a chaperone protein that facilitates proper protein folding. It contributes to various activities of cell function and also is associated with various types of cancers. To date, the role of HSPA8 in AML is still undetermined. Methods In this study, public datasets available from the TCGA (Cancer Genome Atlas) and GEO (Gene Expression Omnibus) were mined to discover the association between the expression of HSPA8 and clinical phenotypes of CN-AML. A series of bioinformatics analysis methods, including functional annotation and miRNA-mRNA regulation network analysis, were employed to investigate the role of HSPA8 in CN-AML. Results HSPA8 was highly expressed in the AML patients compared to the healthy controls. The high HSPA8 expression had lower overall survival (OS) rate than those with low HSPA8 expression. High expression of HSPA8 was also an independent prognostic factor for overall survival (OS) of CN-AML patients by multivariate analysis. The differential expressed genes (DEGs) associated with HSPA8 high expression were identified, and they were enriched PI3k-Akt signaling, cAMP signaling, calcium signaling pathway. HSPA8 high expression was also positively associated with micro-RNAs (hsa-mir-1269a, hsa-mir-508-3p, hsa-mir-203a), the micro-RNAs targeted genes (VSTM4, RHOB, HOBX7) and key known oncogenes (KLF5, RAN, and IDH1), and negatively associated with tumor suppressors (KLF12, PRKG1, TRPS1, NOTCH1, RORA). Conclusions Our research revealed HSPA8 as a novel potential prognostic factor to predict the survival of CN-AML patients. Our data also revealed the possible carcinogenic mechanism and the complicated microRNA-mRNA network associated with the HSPA8 high expression in AML.

2014 ◽  
Vol 210 (1) ◽  
pp. S53-S54
Karen Flood ◽  
Julia Unterscheider ◽  
Sean Daly ◽  
Michael Geary ◽  
Mairead Kennelly ◽  

2021 ◽  
David Tak Wai Lui ◽  
Chi Ho Lee ◽  
Wing Sun Chow ◽  
Alan Chun Hong Lee ◽  
Anthony Raymond Tam ◽  

Ю. В. Алексеева ◽  
Т. Ю. Семиглазова ◽  
Б. С. Каспаров ◽  
Е. В. Ткаченко ◽  
К. И. Прощаев ◽  

Современные подходы к организации диагностики и лечения больных пожилого и старческого возраста со злокачественными новообразованиями позволяют улучшать качество жизни и увеличивать продолжительность жизни. Оценка гериатрического статуса в онкологии позволяет прогнозировать осложнения в процессе комплексного лечения, в том числе лекарственного, модифицировать терапию для уменьшения факторов риска неблагоприятных исходов, осуществлять отбор пациентов на специализированное лечение с использованием стандартных схем. Таким образом, своевременная оценка гериатрических синдромов и их коррекция способна расширить показания к специализированному лечению больных пожилого и старческого возраста. Modern approaches to the organization of diagnosis and treatment of elderly and senile patients with malignant tumors allow to maintain the necessary level of health, improve the quality of life and increase life expectancy. Assessment of geriatric status in Oncology allows: to predict complications during the complex treatment, including drug treatment; to modify treatment to reduce the risk factors of adverse outcomes; to select patients for specialized treatment using standard schemes. So, timely assessment of geriatric syndromes and their correction can expand the indications for specialized treatment of elderly and senile patients.

2021 ◽  
pp. 40-41
Vasudha Rani ◽  
Punam Kumari

Pregnancy is a nature's gift of humanity for procreation and continuation of its race. This gift is however fraught with several complications and has potential threat to the mother and the foetus. When pregnancy is compounded by endocrine disorders such as hypothyroidism, the potential for maternal and foetal adverse outcomes can be immense. While a lot of attention has been focused on the adverse foetal outcomes consequent to hypothyroidism, attention is also being gradually directed towards the adverse maternal outcomes of this disorder. Role of antibody positivity in inuencing outcomes in a euthyroid woman, also needs further clarication. Prompt diagnosis and treatment of hypothyroidism in pregnancy is very essential. Subclinical hypothyroidism also needs to be detected and treated to prevent adverse outcomes, especially maternal. Since women with hypothyroidism during pregnancy, especially of the autoimmune variety might have a are up of the disorder post-partum, or might continue to require thyroxine replacement post-partum, adequate follow-up is mandatory. While targeted case nding is generally practised, recent evidence seems to indicate that universal screening might be a better option. In conclusion, routine screening, early conrmation of diagnosis and prompt treatment allied with regular post-partum follow up, is required to ensure favourable maternal and foetal outcomes.

2016 ◽  
Vol 37 (2) ◽  
pp. 126-133 ◽  
C. Miller ◽  
V. Pradeep ◽  
M. Mohamad ◽  
Z. Izmeth ◽  
M. T. P. Reynolds ◽  

IntroductionThe direct involvement of patients and carers in psychiatric education is driven by policy in the United Kingdom and Ireland. The benefits of this involvement are well known, however, it is important to consider the ethical aspects. This paper suggests how further research could explore and potentially mitigate adverse outcomes.MethodA literature search evaluating the role of patients and carer involvement in psychiatric education was undertaken to summarise existing evidence relating to the following: methods of involvement, evidence of usefulness, patient’s/carer’s views and learners’ views.ResultsThe Medline search produced 231 articles of which 31 were included in the literature review based on the key themes addressed in the paper.Discussion/conclusionThe available evidence is generally positive regarding the use of patients and carers in psychiatric education. However, available research is varied in approach and outcome with little information on the ethical consequences. More research is required to inform policies on teaching regarding potential adverse effects of service user involvement.

2021 ◽  
Vol 19 ◽  
Zinni Manuela ◽  
Pansiot Julien ◽  
Elodie Billion ◽  
Baud Olivier ◽  
Mairesse Jérôme

: Prematurity, observed in 15 million births worldwide each year, is a clinical condition that is a major cause of neonatal mortality and morbidity in short and long term. Preterm infants are at high risk for developing respiratory problems, sepsis, and other morbidities leading to neurodevelopmental impairment and neurobehavioral disorders. Perinatal glucocorticosteroids have been widely used for the prevention and treatment of adverse outcomes linked to prematurity. However, despite their shortterm benefits due to their maturational properties, some clinical trials have shown an association between steroids exposure and abnormal brain development in infants born preterm. Neuroinflammation has emerged as a preeminent factor for brain injury in preterm infants, and the major role of microglia, the brain resident immune cells, has been recently highlighted. Considering the role of microglia in the modulation of brain development, the aim of this review is to summarize the effects of endogenous and exogenous glucocorticosteroids on brain development and discuss the possible role of microglia as a mediator of these effects.

Circulation ◽  
2014 ◽  
Vol 130 (suppl_2) ◽  
Ashwat Dhillon ◽  
Kanhaiya Poddar ◽  
Murat Tuzcu ◽  
Eric Roselli ◽  
Lars Svensson ◽  

Background: Data regarding association of elevated cardiac enzymes and adverse outcomes in patients who undergo aortic valve replacement (AVR) has been inconclusive. Role of coronary revascularization prior to AVR remains uncertain. We sought to understand prognostic implication of post procedure troponin T (TnT) elevation in patients undergoing AVR. Hypothesis: We hypothesized that patients with significantly elevated TnT after AVR will have worse outcomes representing important coronary circulation which is not revascularized. Methods: We retrospectively studied 4648 consecutive patients who underwent AVR at a single tertiary care center between January 2007 and December 2013. These were divided into surgical AVR (SAVR) and transcatheter AVR (TAVR). Median post procedure peak TnT was identified in the SAVR and TAVR groups. Patients were divided into quartiles based on median TnT level. Results: Of 4648 patients who underwent AVR, 4200 (66% male) were SAVR and 448 (59% male) were TAVR. Median post procedure peak TnT values in the TAVR and SAVR group were 0.19 [0.08-0.39] & 0.36 [0.22-0.64] respectively (p<0.001). 6 month mortality was 1.5% (65/4200) in SAVR cases and 2.7% (12/448) in TAVR cases (p=0.08). In patients with TnT less than 50 th percentile, 6 month mortality was 0.7% & 1.8% after SAVR & TAVR respectively (p=0.1). In patients with TnT higher than 50 th percentile, 6 month mortality was 2.4% & 3.6% after SAVR & TAVR respectively (p=0.26). In the SAVR group, mortality was 0.7% in patients with TnT levels less than 50 th percentile & 2.4% in patients with TnT higher than 50 th percentile (p<0.001). See Figure. Conclusion: Peak troponin T was significantly higher after SAVR as compared to TAVR. Higher post procedure peak TnT is associated with increased 6 month mortality. These results are highly significant in the SAVR group. The mechanism and significance of these findings requires further studies.

2021 ◽  
pp. 089692052110523
Asa Maron

Sociologists commonly adopt a bifurcated understanding of the neoliberal state, showing how neoliberalism’s advance coincides with the growing authority of specific actors and ideas inside the bureaucratic state as others’ authority declines. This article complicates this view by probing the dynamics of non-neoliberal action inside the state, demonstrating the ways even demoted state actors can strategically muster power resources to forward distinct policy agendas. Taking a long-term perspective on social policy developments since the early 2000s, this article reviews the case of Israel, where neoliberal policies' new hegemony and adverse outcomes triggered counter-actions inside the state, ultimately leading to policy change. Paying particular attention to the role of ideas, this article argues that by rearticulating their policy mission to align with market conventions, non-neoliberal actors were able to persuade neoliberal actors to support their policy proposals, succeeding to advance creative policy alternatives under hostile political conditions. Highlighting this strategic capacity and ideational resilience and acumen in adapting to neoliberal critique reveals how demoted state actors can manage to sustain entrenched organizational goals and institutional motivations even as they help ease the adaptation of their historical mission to the neoliberal zeitgeist.

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