Construction of Network Multimedia Teaching Platform System of College Sports

2021 ◽  
Vol 2021 ◽  
pp. 1-11
Wumei Li ◽  
Xiaorui Fan

With the development of computer technology and related disciplines, the application of multimedia technology to education is rapidly becoming the mainstream technology of educational technology. This article mainly researches the construction of college sports network multimedia teaching platform system. The physical education management module is the main module in this sports network teaching platform. Therefore, the physical education management module is tested in the testing process. Each module adopts a black box test method. In the system analysis, by dicing, slicing, rotating, and other operations on the data warehouse constructed with the student's performance data, the data are observed from different angles, which is convenient for the teacher to understand the teaching effect. This article adopts the method of grade evaluation to finally determine a number of indicators that are not contradictory and nonrepetitive. The end of a teaching unit or a series of teaching activities must be evaluated at different levels. The biggest difference between process evaluation and summative evaluation is that it not only attaches importance to objective measurement and quantitative analysis but also attaches importance to the subjective judgment and qualitative analysis of both teaching parties, which requires a combination of the two. The test environment of the system is to simulate the real operating environment of the system. A cloud computing service platform is built in the school's central computer room to provide services such as dynamic resource scheduling and dynamic load balancing. There are very few schools that use college sports networks to develop educational functions, only reaching 7.8% of the total number of campus networks. The results show that the multimedia teaching platform greatly promotes the teaching effect of college physical education.

2020 ◽  
Vol 9 (7) ◽  
pp. 10
Chen Li ◽  
Mingyuan Zhao ◽  
Yiyuan Yang

With the development of information technology, multimedia technology has been widely used in various disciplines, and has achieved very good results in actual teaching, effectively improving the quality of teaching. The application of multimedia teaching in college physical education is a typical example. Teachers can present the demonstration and imitation of physical education by means of multimedia display, which can effectively improve the efficiency and enthusiasm of students in learning. This article focuses on the application of multimedia network teaching platform and physical education, aiming to better improve the quality of physical education in colleges and universities and improve students’ sports ability.

Zhengmei Jin ◽  
Youguo Shi

rapid development of multimedia teaching technology makes modern teaching forms more and more diversified. Especially in recent years, mutual integration of some new technologies and multimedia technology has improved diversity of multimedia teaching ecological system. Based on the above background, this paper designed a multimedia teaching system based on inductive technology. This system takes SCM, CAN bus and sensor technology as the core and forms a full set of intelligent and inductive multimedia teaching platform through construction of peripheral circuit. This paper adopted experiment teaching method to study the application of this system in the course of Introduction to Physical Education. The results verify that, this system has a significant effect on improving students’ learning interest, active thinking ability, generalization and summarization ability, and examination scores, so it can be further promoted in other courses of college PE specialty.

2013 ◽  
Vol 380-384 ◽  
pp. 2109-2113 ◽  
Lin Ying Du

With the development of multimedia and information network technology, physical education has broken the traditional teaching mode. Furthermore, teaching method and content have also been innovated. The process of sports teaching has not only been confined to the classroom. The class also implements the multimedia teaching process outside. Under this background, this paper has designed the manufacturing operation of aerobics multimedia teaching content by taking advantage of the WEB and VRML technology. At the same time, the vc++ programming software has also been used to control program so as to develop the multimedia network and interactive teaching platform for aerobics. In addition, it also gives the basic framework and module of multimedia teaching platform and realizes the process of integrating in-and-out-of-class teaching. Finally, this paper evaluates the feasibility and stability of the experimental teaching platform system. Experimental studies have shown that this kind of teaching is beneficial to exercise the students multi-dimensional thinking ability, and can develop their creative thinking, thus achieving the teaching effect that gym and learning can be unified.

2020 ◽  
Vol 4 (9) ◽  
Weifeng Huang

Nowadays, colleges and universities in our country pay more and more attention to physical education. Basketball is one of the most popular sports in colleges and universities, and its teaching theory research and teaching reform have gradually become the key content of college physical education. This article first explains the current problems in college basketball teaching, and then puts forward some suggestions on how to improve the basic theoretical teaching level of college basketball, and analyzes the practical application of basketball techniques and tactics in colleges and universities in order to provide a broad range of college sports Teachers provide some useful suggestions in basketball teaching.

Zhang Yangsheng

College physical education is too one-sided, which makes the teaching process evaluation meaningless. Based on this, based on neural network technology, this article combines artificial intelligence teaching system to build an artificial intelligence sports teaching evaluation model based on neural network. The artificial intelligence model starts from the process evaluation and the final evaluation. Moreover, it uses a recurrent neural network for data training and analysis, and introduces a new decoder to perform data processing, and introduces a simplified gated neural network internal structure diagram to build the internal structure of the model.In addition, this study designs a control experiment to evaluate the performance of the model constructed in this study. The research results show that the artificial intelligence model constructed in this paper has a good effect in the performance prediction and evaluation of college sports students.

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