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Changxin Shen ◽  
Lian Liu ◽  
Xiaoyao Yin ◽  
Fengqin Tu ◽  
Kejia Wu ◽  

Abstract Perchlorate concentrations in 387 unhusked rice samples from 15 main producing provinces in China were investigated by HPLC–MS/MS. The results indicated that perchlorate displays a mean level of 17.17 μg/kg in unhusked rice samples. Intriguingly, we also found that perchlorate is mainly observed in rice husk among of these collected unhusked rice samples, while less observed in rice bran and milled rice. Specifically, the perchlorate levels in rice were found in the husks (73.61%), bran (10.09%) and milled rice (19.52%), respectively. Our results indicated that there is no significantly perchlorate exposure risk in edible milled rice. We suggested that perchlorate in rice can be greatly removed if deep processed unhusked rice and there is no perchlorate exposure risk in edible milled rice.

Sneha Edla ◽  
Ananthan D. Thampi ◽  
Abhijith B. K. Pillai ◽  
Vishnu V. Sivan ◽  
M. Muhammed Arif ◽  

A. K. Pandey ◽  
O. P. Chauhan ◽  
N. Roopa ◽  
A. Padmashree ◽  
S. S. Manjunatha ◽  

Vidya P. Sabale ◽  
Gunjan G. Gadge

Abstract Background The aim of the present research work was to fabricate a novel gastroretentive drug delivery system in the form of tablets using a combination of natural polymer and rice bran wax with an intention to control drug delivery and to enhance the gastric residence time of the model drug Famotidine in the gastrointestinal tract. Results The results of the preliminary trial batches prepared by using the hot melt granulation technique resulting in six different formulations showed good physicochemical characteristics and tablets conformed to the Pharmacopoeial specifications. Gastroretentive tablets containing natural polymer showed prolonged drug release comparable to Methocel. The optimized formulation (C3) using 32 factorial design showed FLT 27 ± 2.47 s, SI 92.68 ± 1.36% and % CDR 98.89 ± 0.39% at 12 h. The stability studies indicated the stability of the formulation during storage. Conclusions It was concluded that the release profile fitted best to zero-order equation with non-Fickian diffusion mechanism of drug release which demonstrates swelling-controlled drug release mechanism. Thus, the formulated tablets have the potential for improved release and gastroretentive properties. Graphical Abstract

2022 ◽  
Vol 10 (B) ◽  
pp. 1-12
Lilis Lisnawati ◽  
Sri Poeranto ◽  
Agustina Tri Endharti ◽  
Moch. Istiadjid Edi Santoso

BACKGROUND: Fertility is affected by both the reproductive organs and external factors (genetics, hormones, radiation exposure, use of insecticides, and nutrition). The histological structure of the ovaries is an indicator of reproductive function. Insect repellent use with pyrethroid active ingredients and its impact on health has become a discussion in the medical sector for years. Disruption of the reproductive system homeostasis may cause several issues, from disruption of ovarian function to infertility. γ-Oryzanol has higher antioxidants than vitamin E. It is found mostly in rice bran oil (RBO). Researchers have investigated the effectiveness of RBO and γ-Oryzanol, but the number of studies focusing on the reproductive system is very limited. Results of in silico showed anti-inflammatory potential, and nitric oxide γ-Oryzanol is stronger than the antioxidant activity. It also showed γ-Oryzanol bond with Foxo3a and Growth Differentiating Factor 9 (GDF9), indicating the γ-Oryzanol potential for reproductive health (women). Studies also reported that γ-Oryzanol administration caused anti-inflammatory and antioxidant activity compared to RBO in improving ovarian physiological function using tumor necrosis factor α (TNF-α) levels, Foxo3a expression, and GDF9 expression exposed to one push transfluthrin as the parameter. AIM: We aimed to investigate antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activity of γ-Oryzanol compared to rice bran oil to repair ovarian histological structure from one push transfluthrin exposure effect. METHODS: Experimental research, post-test only control group design approach, with a completely randomized design, consisted of 6 (six) groups of Wistar strain female rats. They were exposed to one push with the active ingredient of transfluthrin 21.3%, by inhalation for 6 hours, RBO 0.3 mg/g/ body weight (BW)/day, γ-Oryzanol 3.75 ml/g/BW/day. Statistical analysis was done with the Mann Whitney’s posthoc Kruskal Wallis test with IBM SPSS version 25 software. RESULTS: γ-Oryzanol had more potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant activity than RBO in improving the ovarian histology structure (including maintaining ovarian weight, increasing follicular growth, and suppressing follicular abnormalities) through decreased TNF-α levels and decreased Foxo3a expression, and increased GDF9 expression. CONCLUSION: The administration of γ-Oryzanol improves the ovarian histological structure from free radicals effects, namely exposure to one push of transfluthrin.

Shiro Tochitani ◽  
Yoshiteru Maehara ◽  
Takahiro Kawase ◽  
Takamitsu Tsukahara ◽  
Ryoichi Shimizu ◽  

2022 ◽  
Vol 335 ◽  
pp. 00037
Bambang Suwignyo ◽  
Rifqi Danang Subagya ◽  
Andriyani Astuti ◽  
Nafiatul Umami ◽  
Ali Agus

This study aimed to determine the effect of raw materials Legetan in the form of fresh and hay on the physical quality of pellets. Legetan (Synedrella nodiflora) was used as main ingredient, in the form of fresh and hay. The research method used a Randomized Completely Block Design (RCBD). Then, if there was a significant difference, it will be analyzed further using Duncan multiple range test (DMRT). The treatments consisted of P1 = 10% rice bran + 90% fresh Legetan; P2 = 20% rice bran + 80% fresh Legetan; P3 = 10% rice bran + 90% hay Legetan; P4 = 20% rice bran + 80% hay Legetan. The variables measured were rendement, color, texture, and price. The results showed that the utilization of Legetan forage as raw material, both hay and fresh with the proportions of rice bran either 10:90 or 20:80, had no significant effect on the physical quality of Legetan forage pellets. However, the higher the portions of Legetan forage in the forage pellets, the more affordable the pellet price will be.

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