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Arij Michel

The article uses evolutionary game theory analysis as the research object, which is the most commonly used research method of institutional change, and summarizes some methods in the research of institutional change, and points out the advantages and disadvantages of evolutionary game analysis in the research of institutional change and through the comparison of cutting-edge methods and evolutionary games to see the development direction of future research institutional changes.

2021 ◽  
Vol 8 ◽  
Linda Shao ◽  
Weiren Zhu

Metasurfaces, a kind of two-dimensional artificially engineered surfaces consist of subwavelength unit cells, have recently attracted tremendous attention, owing to their exotic abilities for tailoring electromagnetic responses. With active lump elements incorporated into the design of metasurfaces, dynamic reconfigurabilities enabled by external stimuli could be realized, offering opportunities for the dynamic manipulation of electromagnetic waves. In this mini review, we present a brief review on the recent progress of electrically reconfigurable metasurfaces at microwave frequencies. A brief discussion will also be given with our outlook on future development direction and possible challenges in this interesting field.

Shunjiang Ma ◽  
Gaicheng Liu ◽  
Zhiwu Huang

With the development of sports in colleges and universities, the research on innovation reform of sports industry has been deepened. Therefore, based on the above situation, a study of the status quo and development direction of sports industry in colleges and universities based on the Euclid algorithm is proposed. In the research here, according to the traditional sports industry concept to sum up, and then according to the advantages of computer technology to deal with the relevant data. In order to realize good overlap between data, an application of Euclidean algorithm is proposed. In the test of Euclidean algorithm, the efficiency and function of the algorithm are tested comprehensively, and the test results show that the research is feasible.

Junming Hou ◽  
Weixue Hu ◽  
Wei Wang ◽  
Hongjie Zhu ◽  
Zhi Rende

Manual harvesting of large area fruits is inefficient, which consumes manpower and resources. Mechanized harvesting is the inevitable trend of fruit harvest. Vibration harvesting is one of the important forms in terms of fruit mechanized harvesting. According to the different striking parts of fruit trees, the vibration modes were classified as trunk, crown, and branch types. The harvesting efficiency of fruit is an important index to measure the quality of all fruit harvesting machines. The reduction of fruit damage is considered in the harvesting of vulnerable fruits. In this study, the development of vibration harvesting technologies were studied in terms of vibration mode. The development of fruit damage, harvesting efficiency, and fruit tree modeling were discussed. Finally, the development direction of fruit vibration mechanized harvesting was looked forward. Machinery instead of manpower, fully mechanized harvesting is the inevitable development direction of fruit harvesting.

2021 ◽  
Vol 27 (2) ◽  
pp. 95-101
Hun-Sung Kim ◽  
In Ho Kwon ◽  
Won Chul Cha

2021 ◽  
Vol 43 (4) ◽  
pp. 307-318
Euntae Yang ◽  
Hyang-Mi Kim ◽  
Ho Bin Jee ◽  
Seung Hyun Song ◽  
Changkyoo Choi

Objectives : The status of the future development direction of the water industry in Gyeongsangnam-do Province have been explored.Methods : The status of the global and domestic water industry and the local water industry in Gyeongsangnamdo was examined through a simple survey analysis and the utilization of related-statistical data and databases. Also, the water industry development strategies of Gyeongsangnam-do were investigated by considering the status and the regional and industrial-based characteristics of Gyeongsangnam-do.Results and Discussion : The global water industry and markets have constantly been grown. The growth of the global water market was forecasted to slow down a bit due to the recent COVID-19 epidemic. On the other hand, it has promoted investment in new areas such as monitoring viruses in sewage. Although the infrastructure of the domestic water industry is well established, there are several problems such as profit structure by simple facility investment, and the poor financial condition and the lack of technical skills of the water industry-related companies. The supply rate of water and sewage in Gyeongsangnam-do was shown lower than the national average due to many islands and mountainous areas. The number of water industry-related companies was found to be about 1300 and Gyeongsangnam-do has quite a large number of water industry-related companies compared to other provinces. By sector, manufacturing industries that produce water-related components such as valves and pumps accounted for more than 60%. By scale based on the number of employees showed that “less than nine” accounted for more than 60%. More than 86% out of the total number of local water-industry companies did not conduct research and development activities. Many companies suffer from difficulties to develop technologies and pioneer new markets owing to the financial burden and lack of professional manpower. To overcome these difficulties and promote the local water industry, strategies such as creating an environment for water industry promotion, establishing a corporate support system, strengthening domestic and foreign networks, and expanding the scale of the domestic market by creating a new water business and finding additional demand by utilizing local characteristics and industrial advantages.Conclusions : Although there are various problems that need to be solved to develop the water industry in Gyeongsangnam-do Province, the Korean government is making efforts to develop the water industry these days. It is necessary to establish and implement effective development strategies and policies for promoting the local water industry in Gyeongsangnam-do Province.

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