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From past the development direction of logistics centers covering problem, the main solution is almost always relying on modern computer and gradually developed intelligent algorithm, at the same time, the previous understanding of dynamic covering location model is not "dynamic", in order to improve the unreasonable distribution of logistics centers deployment time, improve the service coverage, coverage as the optimization goal to logistics centers, logistics centers as well as each one can be free to move according to certain rules of "dot", according to the conditions set by the site moved to a more reasonable. The innovation of all algorithms in this paper lies in that the logistics centers themselves are regarded as the subject of free "activities", and they are allowed to move freely according to these rules by setting certain moving rules. Simulation results show that the algorithm has good coverage effect and can meet the requirements of logistics centers for coverage effect.

Fengnan Zhao ◽  

With the rapid rise of information technology and the continuous update of science and technology, society has stepped into the digital age, which accelerates the prosperity of visual culture, and news has entered the era of reading pictures. The development of digital technology not only brings convenience to news photography, but also brings great challenges to professional news photographers. The advantage is that the buttons of digital cameras have replaced the technical means of traditional film photography, thus greatly reducing the threshold of photography. This article will explain the two development directions of photojournalism in the digital age, evaluate the contribution of documentary photojournalism to society, and also consider some development constraints.

2022 ◽  
Vol 6 (1) ◽  
pp. 13-19
Han Yu ◽  
Ang Zhan

Self-cleaning coatings for tunnels can effectively remove dust and stains accumulated over the surface of tunnel linings and their appurtenances due to the closed environment and poor ventilation. This paper systematically introduces the current research status of self-cleaning coatings for tunnels, focusing on the development of super-hydrophobic self-cleaning coatings, superamphiphobic self-cleaning coatings, exhaust gas degradation coatings, fire retardant coatings, and tunnel de-icing coatings. The advantages and disadvantages of the five functional coatings are then briefly described, and the problems of self-cleaning coatings for tunnels at the present stage are pointed out. Finally, the development direction of self-cleaning coatings for tunnels is proposed to provide a reference for the research and application of self-cleaning coatings for tunnels.

2022 ◽  
Vol 12 (2) ◽  
pp. 550
Yiheng Song ◽  
Ziying Wang ◽  
Jie Chen ◽  
Jinxiang Chen

Curved surfaces can give plates a unique aesthetic effect and physical advantages in acoustics and optics. Assembling such curved plates can greatly improve the image of buildings and enrich their functions. It is thus not surprising to notice that their wide applications in designed or completed buildings in China have become a trend. Thus, this study offers a comprehensive summary of the application progress of curved plates in the architectural field from three aspects: image expression, acoustic characteristics, and optical characteristics. On this basis, future directions are proposed. The main findings or suggestions are as follows: (1) climate harshness has increased recently, and the safety of structures and materials and the coupling effect of the two must be fully considered when designing the shapes of curved surface buildings; (2) research on the mechanism and numerical calculation of curved diffuser systems with different sizes and curvatures needs to be further developed; and (3) experimental studies of various and complex curved plates and different conditions to explore their optimal reflectivity, transmittance, absorptivity, and other optical properties will be an important development direction.

2022 ◽  
Vol 6 (1) ◽  
Mustakim Mustakim ◽  
Kasmar Kasmar

Supervision of Bhabinkamtibmas in the use of village funds, aims to ensure that Bhabinkamtibmas can carry out their duties properly. The method used is a normative legal research method with a statutory and conceptual approach. The results of this study indicate that the supervision of Bhabinkamtibmas in the use of village funds is needed to increase the role of Bhabinkamtibmas in village development and coordinate with village community leaders. Because when many community leaders supervise, it is better for the Village Government not to abuse their positions and KKN in the implementation of village development because village funds can tempt officials to do wrong. Bhabinkamtibmas should be involved since planning or deliberation in the hamlet/village, village deliberations (musrenbangdes) so that the development direction is according to priorities in the village and monitoring the village development process. Thus the task of supervising Bhabinkamtibmas can run smoothly, so that it can build a prosperous village without corruption, collusion and nepotism.

2022 ◽  
Vol 355 ◽  
pp. 03032
Runnan Liu ◽  
Guangze Liu ◽  
Pengfei He ◽  
Xingzhi Lin

Based on the analysis of the causes of ship accidents, the development prospect and development direction of ship intelligent safe driving, the artificial intelligence safety prediction and intervention model is put forward. This model solves the problem of ship intelligent safety prediction by using intelligent analysis technology and network technology, and promotes the development of ship intelligence and ship safety navigation technology. Additionally, it expands the channels of obtaining information, connects the ship's mechanical and electrical equipment, collects, stores and analyzes the data reasonably, and constructs the intelligent analysis and processing platform of ship small-world data processing to implement intelligent intervention. What is impressive is that it makes ship navigation safer, more economical, more reasonable and optimized, and accelerates the development of ship artificial intelligence safe navigation.

Reshma Prashad ◽  
Mei Chen

Health literacy is a critical foundation that needs to be considered prior to the development and deployment of consumer e-health technologies. The authors indicate the problems associated with the lack of effective health literacy strategies in current consumer e-health interventions and then present a patient-centered, disease-specific, task-relevant, and contextualized health literacy approach. The goal of such an approach is to help patients better understand their illnesses make sense of their health data, make informed decisions, and more effectively manage their health conditions. The authors make five recommendations concerning health literacy in order to make e-health interventions effective. They also describe next-generation health literacy interventions that take advantage of emerging technologies such as speech recognition, natural language processing, artificial intelligence, automatic translation, and augmented reality. Finally, the authors point out a research and development direction towards an intelligent, integrated, and connected consumer e-health solution.

2022 ◽  
Vol 2160 (1) ◽  
pp. 012057
Purong Wang ◽  
Guoyin Xu

Abstract As one of the most effective techniques for fine particle processing, high gradient magnetic separation is mainly used in the separation and enrichment of fine and weak magnetic particles and other important industrial fields. High gradient magnetic separator is a new type of high intensity magnetic separator, which has strong ability to capture fine and weak magnetic particles, developed on the basis of ordinary high intensity magnetic separator. Based on the early periodic- high -gradient magnetic separators, the optimization development direction of high gradient magnetic separators and their application characteristics of various high gradient magnetic separators in these decades were summarized, and the future development directions of high gradient magnetic separator were presented.

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