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Upravlenets ◽  
2022 ◽  
Vol 12 (6) ◽  
H. Tezcan Uysal ◽  
Murat Ak ◽  
Mukaddes Özlem Çelik

2022 ◽  
Vol 9 ◽  
Yuxin Li ◽  
Bingmei Guo ◽  
Yongchao Wang ◽  
Xiaoyan Lv ◽  
Rong Li ◽  

Background:In China, sickness presenteeism, job burnout, and fatigue are common among nurses during the COVID-19 pandemic. We propose the prevalence of sickness presenteeism can adversely affect nurses' physical and mental health, negatively impact their work productivity and quality, and pose a threat to patients' safety. Therefore, this study examines the mechanism of productivity loss caused by sickness presenteeism, fatigue, and job burnout.Objectives:To investigate the serial-multiple mediating effect of job burnout and fatigue in the relationship between sickness presenteeism and productivity loss among nurses.Methods:A multicenter cross-sectional survey was undertaken by administering an online questionnaire from December 2020 to May 2021. Stratified cluster sampling was used to include 3,491 nurses from 14 hospitals in Shandong Province, China. Variables were measured using the Sickness Presenteeism Questionnaire, Stanford Presenteeism Scale, Chalder Fatigue Scale, and Maslach Burnout Inventory. Data analyses were carried out using descriptive statistics, one-way analysis of variance, independent-samples t-test, Pearson correlation analysis, hierarchical regression, and bootstrapping method.Results:From the 3,491 nurses who volunteered in this online survey, only 2,968 valid questionnaires were returned. Sickness presenteeism exhibited a prevalence of 70.6% during the COVID-19 pandemic. The average score of health-related productivity loss was 15.05 ± 4.52, fatigue was 8.48 ± 3.40, and job burnout was 39.14 ± 19.64. Sickness presenteeism was positively associated with fatigue and job burnout while job burnout was positively associated with nurse fatigue. Sickness presenteeism, fatigue, and job burnout were also positively correlated with health-related productivity loss. Statistically significant paths via the single mediation of fatigue and job burnout were established. A statistically significant serial-multiple mediating effect of fatigue and job burnout on the association between sickness presenteeism and productivity loss accounted for 35.12% of the total effect size.Conclusions:There was a high incidence of sickness presenteeism and job burnout among Chinese nurses. High-frequency sickness presenteeism may result in increased productivity loss through the two mediating effects of fatigue and job burnout. Sickness presenteeism may increase fatigue, promote job burnout, and result in increased productivity loss among Chinese nurses during the COVID-19 pandemic.

2022 ◽  
Vol 6 (1) ◽  
pp. 25-28
Qingguo Meng ◽  
Xiaojing Liu ◽  
Xiaojing Liu

Administrators are the implementers of the management in colleges and universities; however, their job scopes are relatively boring and complicated, with heavy workload and high work pressure, causing some of them to be less active and slack off in their careers. Therefore, under the guidance of psychological contract theory, colleges and universities should adopt various measures to deal with job burnout among college and university administrators. In this paper, the main causes of job burnout among college and university administrators are analyzed, and specific countermeasures are proposed from the perspective of psychological contract theory, hoping to help college and university administrators improve their work enthusiasm.

2022 ◽  
pp. 858-876
Çağlar Doğru

In this chapter, cultural intelligence, one of the most crucial capabilities of employees for overcoming the cultural obstacles of different countries, is figured out in depth. This is attained by checking out the relationships between cultural intelligence, job burnout and task performance of expatriates who are employees sent by their company to a host country for a period. Since expatriates are the employees who face actual barriers in adapting and living in different cultures, a quantitative research was conducted among 156 expatriates working at the marketing department of different multinational companies, operating in Turkey. According to the results, expatriates with high cultural intelligence face burnout less at the workplace. Moreover, task performance of these employees tends to increase because of their cultural intelligence. Consequently, with the help of this chapter, a paramount empirical study on cultural intelligence and its correlates is added to the literature.

2022 ◽  
Vol 32 (1) ◽  
pp. 40-48
Sara Mohammadi ◽  
Sedigheh Hanani ◽  
Fardin Amiri ◽  
Nimamali Azadi ◽  

Introduction: Job burnout is a long-term response to job-related emotional and interpersonal stressors. These stressors are associated with individual, interpersonal, and organizational factors. Objective: This study aimed to determine the degree of burnout and its related factors among surgical technologists. Materials and Methods: This analytical cross-sectional study was conducted in hospitals affiliated with the Iran University of Medical Sciences. A total of 125 surgical technologists were recruited by stratified sampling method. The study data were collected using a demographic questionnaire and Maslach Burnout Inventory (MBI) and then analyzed by the independent t-test, 1-way analysis of variance, and multiple linear regression with a simultaneous model. Results: More than half of the participants (52%) were in the age group of fewer than 30 years. The Mean±SD scores of job burnout in terms of intensity and frequency were 47. 88±17.5 and 47. 95±17.42, respectively. The mean job burnout scores of the majority of surgical technologists in dimensions of emotional exhaustion (intensity), depersonalization (intensity and frequency), and reduced personal accomplishment (intensity and frequency) were at a low level, but it was at a moderate level in the dimension of emotional exhaustion (frequency) among more than half of them. Through a multiple regression, the identified predictors of job burnout (frequency) were education level (β=9.377, 95%CI; 1.618-17.136, P<0.05) and work experience (β=-21.091, 95%CI; -38.201- -3.980, P<0.05). Meanwhile, education level (β=8.320, 95%CI; 0.568- 16.073, P<0.05), work experience (β=-30.976, 95%CI; -54.715 - -7.236, P<0.05), and hours of night shifts per month (β=-10.660, 95%CI; -18.205- -3.115, P=0.01) predicted job burnout (intensity). Conclusion: The job burnout of more than half of surgical technologists in the dimension of emotional exhaustion (frequency) was at a moderate level. Novice workers and operating room BScs suffered more from job burnout than those with an Associate degree and experienced workers. In this regard, healthcare and planner providers must pay attention to operating room BScs, especially novice workers.

2022 ◽  
Vol 132 ◽  
pp. 01003
Altanchimeg Zanabazar ◽  
Sarantuya Jigjiddorj

The business environment has becoming exceptionally unsteady and competitive recently. Information technology advancements and ever changing customer preferences has played a substantial role in an increase of the significance of highly productive, committed and loyal employees. These changes bring both advantages and challenges need to be addressed. The more challenges accelerate, the more issues come up to solve in timely manner. For any organizations, not only taking care of the customers but also employees of the organization should be treated equally taking a better care about their psychological and physical health as well as creating a healthy work environment. The objective of the current research is to study correlations of workload, job burnout and organizational commitment in the case of nurses working in the Health Center of Selenge aimag, Mongolia. According to the results, an increase of mental workload nurses by one unit results in job burnout increases by 0.578 (beta) unit and leads to the decrease of the organizational commitment by 0.437 (beta) unit. Moreover, one-unit increase of job burnout leads to decrease of the organizational commitment by 0.301 (beta) unit.

2021 ◽  
Vol 1 (2) ◽  
pp. 209-218
Muhamad Husnul Rizqi ◽  
Agus Riyanto

This research has a purpose was to determine the effect of social support and burnout on police performance at Polrestabes Bandung both descriptively and verification consisting of simultaneous and partial. There is a population of 296 members of the Bandung Police Satsabhara Polrestabes and 75 respondent were abtained using the slovin method, using multiple linier regression analysis, classical assumption test, and hypothesis testing. which were tested using SPSS 25 for window application, and police performance are descriptive analysis, it is explained that social support, job burnout, and police performance are in the good category, the results of the verification analysis prove that social support significantly & positively affects police performance, while job burnout significantly & negatively affects police performance, then social support and job burnout simultaneously affect police performance.  

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