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2022 ◽  
Vol 43 ◽  
pp. 54-61
Merle T Fairhurst ◽  
Francis McGlone ◽  
Ilona Croy

2022 ◽  
Vol 12 (01) ◽  
pp. 47-75
Julio Moreno-Díaz ◽  

The research analyzes the use of the social network Instagram as a tool for the dissemination of party programmatic lines in the elections to the Community of Madrid in 2021. For this purpose, attention is paid to the man- agement and visibility of the candidates' posts, the thematic composition of the electoral programs and their argumentation in the social network, as well as the possible strategies used in this field as a complement to the celebrity of the leader. Using a methodology based on content analysis, complemented by quali- tative analysis, a sample of 377 posts published on the profiles of the six candi- dates for the regional presidency were studied. The study addresses variables such as the post type, the scene of action, the prominence of the leader and the propagandistic argument. The results show the potential of Instagram in the dissemination of political action plans despite the lack of a common strategy to promote it as a real communication channel with the electorate. In addition, the personalization of the candidate, the ideological component of the posts and the determination of the election news during the campaign are required.

Retos ◽  
2022 ◽  
Vol 44 ◽  
pp. 763-773
Alba Adá Lameiras ◽  
Yolanda Rodríguez-Castro

  Twitter se ha convertido en un nuevo canal de comunicación en el que se comparte gran cantidad de información deportiva, sobre todo, entre las personas más jóvenes. Jóvenes que forman su identidad de género a través de los mensajes que reciben, por lo tanto, se considera de suma importancia analizar cómo son representadas las mujeres en los medios deportivos en España en sus cuentas de Twitter. ¿Refuerzan los estereotipos o comunican desde una perspectiva igualitaria? A través de una metodología cualitativa se analizan las imágenes publicadas sobre mujeres durante 6 meses (marzo a agosto de 2016), en cuatro medios deportivos españoles (@ElPaís_Deportes, @ABC_Deportes, @Marca y @MundoDeportivo). Los resultados muestran cómo los estereotipos y la objetivización de las mujeres se están trasladando de las mujeres deportistas a las no deportistas. En definitiva, la desigualdad se mantiene en Twitter, aunque de forma más encubierta influyendo en la percepción que tiene la sociedad sobre los roles de género en el deporte y la importancia de las deportistas en la sociedad actual.  Abstract. Twitter has become a new communication channel in which a large amount of sports information is shared, especially among younger people. Younger generations form their gender identity through the messages they receive, therefore, it is of utmost importance to analyse how women are being represented within the Spanish sports media Twitter accounts. Do they reinforce stereotypes or do they communicate from an egalitarian perspective? Through a qualitative methodology, the images published about women during 6 months (March to August 2016), of four Spanish sports media accounts (@ElPaís_Deportes, @ABC_Deportes, @Marca and @MundoDeportivo) are analysed. The results show how stereotypes and objectification of women are moving from female athletes to non-athletes. Ultimately, inequality remains on Twitter, although in a more covert way, influencing society's perception of gender roles in sport and the importance of female athletes in today's society.

2022 ◽  
Vol 19 (2) ◽  
pp. 025203
S P Kulik ◽  
K S Kravtsov ◽  
S N Molotkov

Abstract The analysis of the security of quantum key distribution systems with respect to an attack with nondemolishing measurement of the number of photons (photon number splitting—PNS attack) is carried out under the assumption that in the communication channel in each parcel there is a pure Fock state with a different number of photons, and the distribution of states by number of photons has Poisson statistics. In reality, in the communication channel in each parcel there are not individual Fock states, but a pure coherent state with a random phase—a superposition of Fock states with different numbers of photons. The paper analyzes the necessary experimental resources necessary to prepare individual Fock states with a certain number of photons from the superposition of Fock states for a PNS attack. Optical schemes for implementing such an attack are given, and estimates of experimental parameters at which a PNS attack is possible are made.

Chemosensors ◽  
2022 ◽  
Vol 10 (1) ◽  
pp. 29
Federico Calì ◽  
Luca Fichera ◽  
Nunzio Tuccitto

The effect of the communication channel size on the transport and subsequent detection of chemical messengers is investigated on millimetric and micrometric channels. The transport of the information carriers, being characterized by an advective and a diffusive contribution, was simulated by varying the flow velocity and the diffusion coefficient. Then, to evaluate the information quality, the Intersymbol Interference (ISI) between two consecutive signals at a specific release delay was estimated. This allowed us to verify that operating under micrometric channel conditions has a larger flow velocity range to obtain completely separated successive signals and smaller release delays can be used between signals. The theoretical results were confirmed by developing a prototype molecular communication platform operating under microfluidic conditions, which enables communication through fluorescent nanoparticles, namely Carbon Quantum Dots (CQDs).

Sensors ◽  
2022 ◽  
Vol 22 (1) ◽  
pp. 398
Anna V. Bogatskaya ◽  
Andrey E. Schegolev ◽  
Nikolay V. Klenov ◽  
Evgeniy M. Lobov ◽  
Maxim V. Tereshonok ◽  

We consider two of the most relevant problems that arise when modeling the properties of a tunnel radio communication channel through a plasma layer. First, we studied the case of the oblique incidence of electromagnetic waves on a layer of ionized gas for two wave polarizations. The resonator parameters that provide signal reception at a wide solid angle were found. We also took into account the unavoidable presence of a protective layer between the plasma and the resonator, as well as the conducting elements of the antenna system in the dielectric itself. This provides the first complete simulation for a tunnel communication channel. Noise immunity and communication range studies were conducted for a prospective spacecraft radio line.

2022 ◽  
Vol 7 (1) ◽  
pp. 143-155
Jin Cheng ◽  

<abstract><p>In this paper, global exponential outer synchronization of coupled nonlinear systems with general coupling matrices are investigated via pinning impulsive control. More realistic and more general partially coupled drive-response systems are established, where the completely communication channel matrix between coupled nodes may not be a permutation matrix. By using pinning impulsive strategy involving pinning ratio and our generalised lower average impulsive interval method, a number of novel and less restrictive synchronization criteria are proposed. In the end, a numerical example is constructed to indicate the effectiveness of our theoretical results.</p></abstract>

2022 ◽  
pp. 285-306
Evika Karamagioli ◽  
Eleni Revekka Staiou ◽  
Dimitris Gouscos

This chapter describes how little is known about how Greek local authorities capitalize on the potential of social media as a communication channel. The authors present the results of following up on a 2014 study assessing major Greek cities' presence on social media at the time. The authors check whether and how Greek cities may have improved their levels of acting and reacting via social media so as to identify eventual positive changes and/or patterns and discuss potential ways to implement comprehensive strategies for social media as civic interaction tools for local governments. A set of 52 major cities all over Greece (administrative capitals of the corresponding prefectures), has been chosen as the research population. Findings show that local authorities are advancing in the exploration of social media for communication with citizens, but have not yet reached a level at which they would use them as catalysts for citizen interaction in order to enhance civic engagement.

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