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Rosita ◽  
Nurul fitri Sugiarti Syam ◽  
Ayu Lestari ◽  

Menstrual pain (dysmenorrhea) is one of the menstrual disorders that most women experience in adolescents. With one of the nonpharmacological practice stretching techniques can be done with the goal of knowing if there is an application effect on the intensity of menstrual pain (dysmenorrhea) in adolescents women. The type of research is an experimental design with the design approach used is the pre test- post test control group design, which is done in SMKN 01 makassar 2020 with 32 people research respondents, according to the two-split criteria for interagency and control groups as the pre-and post data processing technique on each group. Based on data normality tests, non-distribution of normal results, the tests used were wilcoxon tests. Furthermore, the pre-post normality test of unregulated data control interventions using the mann-whitney test.Research shows that test results on the pre post interventions using wilcoxon tests came p value (0,000 < 0.05). control groups using mann-whitney tests got p value (0,000<0.05). Thus it may be determined that there is an intermediate effect on the intensity of menstrual pain (dysmenorrhea).Based on the results of this study is expected for all elements that include educational agencies, subsequent researchers, teenagers and communities are able to provide information about abdominal tracks exercises as non-pharmacological therapy to reduce the intensity of hairsty pain (dysmenornea).

2021 ◽  
Vol 12 (9) ◽  
pp. s728-s740
Mario Henrique Bueno Moreira Callefi ◽  
Thais Moreira Tavares ◽  
Gilberto Miller Devós Ganga ◽  
Moacir Godinho Filho

The blockchain was initially developed for use in the banking sector. However, over time, different areas of knowledge have adopted these technologies, including transportation operations. This use of blockchain in the transport sector is mainly due to the ability of this technology to enable the data generated by these activities to be reliable. In addition to aspects related to data immutability, blockchain enables greater data privacy, as well as making it possible for the data control process to be decentralized. In this sense, it was carried out a systematic literature review (RSL) to identify the general publications panorama on the topic, and to identify the capabilities enabled by the blockchain in the context of transportation operations. RSL has great potential to make it possible to deepen the literature on a given topic. The analysis of the RSL results included the realization of two stages. The first step consisted of a quantitative analysis of data from a sample of 50 articles, to identify this research field about the distribution by journal, year, and author. This first step enabled a general analysis of the field of study on the use of blockchain in transportation. The second stage consisted of a qualitative analysis of the ten most relevant articles in this field of study. In this way, it was possible to understand more about the use of blockchain in transport operations, as well as to identify seven capabilities enabled by the blockchain. These capabilities represent abilities that blockchain technology allows the transport sector today, demonstrating the importance of its use, as well as of study.

2021 ◽  
Leanne M Currie ◽  
Kathy Rush ◽  
Lindsay Burton ◽  
Mona Mattei ◽  
Matthias Görges

Personal health records are increasingly being deployed in healthcare settings. In this study we explored patients’ perceptions of personal health records in a rural community in Canada where a primary health network is being deployed. A focus group was held and data were thematically analysed. All patients used technology on a regular basis. Themes included communication and information sharing, issues with access to prior health records, data content and data control and features and functions for continuity of care. Participants expressed desire to be owners of their own record, but described instances where they might be too ill to do so. Participants were hopeful that the functions of a personal health record might help to overcome frustrations with current fragmented information and open to using technologies as part of their care process. Personal health records are promising technologies to overcome fragmented care in rural communities.

Computation ◽  
2021 ◽  
Vol 9 (12) ◽  
pp. 132
Thangavel Poongodi ◽  
Prem Prakash Mishra ◽  
Chee Peng Lim ◽  
Thangavel Saravanakumar ◽  
Nattakan Boonsatit ◽  

We investigate robust fault-tolerant control pertaining to Takagi–Sugeno (TS) fuzzy nonlinear systems with bounded disturbances, actuator failures, and time delays. A new fault model based on a sampled-data scheme that is able to satisfy certain criteria in relation to actuator fault matrix is introduced. Specifically, we formulate a reliable controller with state feedback, such that the resulting closed-loop-fuzzy system is robust, asymptotically stable, and able to satisfy a prescribed H∞ performance constraint. Linear matrix inequality (LMI) together with a proper construction of the Lyapunov–Krasovskii functional is leveraged to derive delay-dependent sufficient conditions with respect to the existence of robust H∞ controller. It is straightforward to obtain the solution by using the MATLAB LMI toolbox. We demonstrate the effectiveness of the control law and less conservativeness of the results through two numerical simulations.

2021 ◽  
Ruqing Liu ◽  
Jingguo Zhu ◽  
Feng Li ◽  
Yan Jiang ◽  
Chenghao Jiang ◽  

2021 ◽  
Vol 5 (6) ◽  
pp. 52-61
Qinyu Feng ◽  
Renjie Cai

This paper is based on the phenomenon of Tittytainment and big data control. It discusses the ways in which working youths live and work in their large suburban communities in Beijing as well as their leisure and entertainment activities. Then develops a problem statement and research questions. In addition, the project explores this reality phenomenon dialectically through the analysis and speculation of the new virtual reality technology “Metaverse.” Based on a critical design approach, the phenomenon is explored through a detailed description and examination of reality, before critically suggesting the possibility of future social control by big data companies through the “metaverse” space. Furthermore, this paper alerts to the neoliberalism that dominates globalization through anti-utopian expressions, waking up young people who are compromised by big data control and addicted to Tittytainment.

2021 ◽  
B. Visakamoorthi ◽  
K. Subramanian ◽  
Muthukumar Palanisamy

Abstract In this paper, a fuzzy memory-based coupling sampled-data control (SDC) is designed for nonlinear systems through the switched approach. Compared with the usual SDC scheme, by employing the Bernoulli sequence, a more general coupling switched SDC that involving the signal transmission delay is designed. The Lyapunov-Krasovskii Functional (LKF) is presented with the available characteristics of the membership function, and a coupling sampling pattern, for the T-S fuzzy systems. Based on LKF, together with time derivative information of membership function, and the generalized N -order free-matrix-based inequality, the suitable conditions are obtained in terms of linear matrix inequalities (LMIs) for guaranteeing the asymptotic stability and stabilization of the concerned system. Then the desired fuzzy coupling SDC gain is attained from the solvable LMIs. In the end, two examples are given to validate the derived theoretical results.

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