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Li Zhang ◽  
Qianqian Chen ◽  
Li Yang ◽  
Yining He ◽  
Keke Guo ◽  

The conversion of phenyl boronates to phenol by hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) usually requires the base as the chemical assistant. In this work, we reported a base-free reaction between the phenyl...

Manel Mansour ◽  
Hamza Kahri ◽  
Mouhieddinne Guergueb ◽  
Houcine Barhoumi ◽  
Enrique Gutierrez-Puebla ◽  

Herein, we report the synthesis of the copper-based MOF, Cu3(SDBA)2(HSDBA), using solvothermal method. The physicochemical properties of the as-prepared sample were examined by X-ray diffraction, scanning electron microscopy, energy-dispersive X-ray...

Zhiliang Zhang ◽  
Jiaqi Lu ◽  
Bingqian Lv ◽  
Wei Liu ◽  
Shuyuan Shen ◽  

The gas-liquid jet flow was proved to be capable of inducing chemical consequences which can lead to the decomposition of methylene blue (MB). The reaction process follows a pseudo-first-order kinetics....

Nathan Martin ◽  
Vivien Lacour ◽  
Cécile Mong-Tu Perrault ◽  
Emmanuel Roy ◽  
Yamin Leprince-Wang

A high-volume, low-pressure microfluidic photocatalytic microreactor was created and demonstrated here. This high-flowrate microreactor, based on an innovative design developed by the start-up Eden Tech, was produced by a simple...

Tejas A Gokhale ◽  
Amol Bhanudas Raut ◽  
Sheetal K Chawla ◽  
Bhalchandra Mahadeo Bhanage

This work aims to explore cascade and sequential one pot syntheses pathways for N-substituted pyrrolidones from aryl aldehydes and bio-derived levulinic acid (LA) using molecular hydrogen and ammonia. This process...

Jan Bárta ◽  
Lenka Procházková ◽  
Michaela Škodová ◽  
Kateřina Děcká ◽  
Xenie Popovič ◽  

Based on our long term experience with the operation of a photochemical pilot plant, we propose an UV light-based technology for syntheses of nano-dimensional metal oxides (case study for ZnO,...

Zachery Crandall ◽  
Kevin Basemann ◽  
Long Qi ◽  
Theresa L Windus

The automation of chemical reactions in research and development can be an enabling technology to reduce cost and waste generation in light of technology transformation towards renewable feedstocks and energy...

Cloudius Sagandira ◽  
Sinazo Nqeketo ◽  
Kanysile Mhlana ◽  
Thembela Sonti ◽  
Paul Watts ◽  

Continuous flow chemistry has opened a new paradigm in both the laboratory and pharmaceutical industry. This review details the recently reported literature on continuous multistep telescoped synthesis of active pharmaceutical...

Gui Chen ◽  
Kuiyi You ◽  
Xiangbo Gong ◽  
Fangfang Zhao ◽  
Zhenpan Chen ◽  

An efficient method for highly selective preparation of the high value-added benzyl alcohol (BOL) and benzaldehyde (BAL) from liquid-phase catalytic oxidation of toluene with molecular oxygen over CeO2-MnOx composite oxides...

Adrian-Ioan Ioan Dudu ◽  
Laszlo Csaba Bencze ◽  
Csaba Paizs ◽  
Monica Ioana Tosa

The enzymes encapsulation in sol-gel matrix can be improved using some additive acting on enzyme activity and/or stability. Ionic liquids, poly-hydroxy compounds, sugars, etc. have been previously reported as additives....

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