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Muhammad Takbir ◽  
Rizal Mustansyir ◽  
Sindung Tjahyadi

This study re-scritinizes Patuntung as a religious category. The aim is to see the various reasons why Patuntung is called religion and to re-examine the basic assumptions of these reasons. The method used in this research is critical discourse analysis which refers to the Foucauldian genealogy theory. As a result, it was found that the Patuntung religion was a new invention from Dutch Christian missionaries in the colony which was later affirmed by Indonesian scholars in the context of Islam later. In addition, there is a construction bias towards Patuntung religion, both world religions (especially Christianity and Islam) and euro-centric bias. Thus, the term religion attached to Patuntung itself is ambiguous.

Ruhul Yusuf ◽  
Muhammad Yaumi ◽  
Muhammad Khalifah Mustami

Abstrack: The purpose of this study is to determine the implementation of emotional and spiritual quotient in learning Islamic religious education at SMA Negeri 20 Pangkep. This type of research is descriptive qualitative with a phenomenological and pedagogical-psychological approach. The location of this research is SMA Negeri 20 Pangkep in class X. The data source is the primary data of all Islamic religious education teachers, while the secondary data is RPP documents related to the object under study. Data obtained through observation, interviews and documentation, then data processing using the Milles and Huberman model (data reduction, data presentation and conclusion) with analysis using triangulation to ensure data validity against the focus under study. The results of this study indicate that the implementation of emotional and spiritual quotient in Islamic religious education learning at SMA Negeri 20 Pangkep is an Islamic religious education learning activity in which several emotional and spiritual quotient indicators are integrated, including; managing self-emotion, empathy, building relationships (relations), meaning and high self-awareness. This concept is combined by the Islamic religious education teacher at SMA Negeri 20 Pangkep in implementing Emotional and Spiritual quotient.

Lydia Megawati

Understanding Judaism must be able to distinguish between two things, namely Judaism as a nation and Judaism as a religion. Jews as a nation known as a nation that is superior or superior to race or nation the other. This is not without reason and cause, the long journey of the Jews and the forgings of life that make them strong. The expulsion that occurs constantly being made the nation's Jews be spread in the whole world, the road to be able to still survive life is to have the skill and certainly intelligence to think. Intelligence that they have formed from the intake of food that has been observed since the age of the womb. The food that is consumed is always observed in many cases.

Rohani Hj. Ab Ghani ◽  
Ahmad Shukri bin Abdul Hamid ◽  
Zulhilmi Bin Paidi ◽  
Mohd Kasri bin Saidon ◽  
Haslinda Hasan ◽  

Malaysia and Indonesia are traditionally neighboring countries in ASEAN and sharing a historical background, language, culture, and religion. It is undeniable fact that Malaysia-Indonesia relations are often influenced by current national issues such as water territorial, Indonesian immigrants, national product, and others.  Reviews These issues always sparked conflicts and Provoked various actions from Indonesians and dieting. Normally, Indonesians are more sensitives compared with dieting when faced with this situation as well. This article focuses on knowledge and understanding of X and Y Indonesian generation on Malaysia-Indonesia bilateral relations. This article incorporates the qualitative method with primary data obtained through a questionnaire distributed amongst respondents. Respondents are consisted of UIN's first-degree students and staff s and were selected by purposive sampling. Apart from that, focus group discussion and interview session was held to get a view from respondents. This article found that X and Y Indonesian generations have a good understanding of Malaysia. They are also usually aware of the importance of Malaysia-Indonesia bilateral relations. In addition, they acknowledged Malaysia as an essential country for Indonesia's present interest. Respondents also showed high sensitivity regarding competition between Malaysia and Indonesia. The important finding of this writing is both generations s acknowledge the fact that they are closest neighboring country and a good relationship should be maintained in facing the global challenge

Jufriadi Jufriadi

This study aims to determine the effect of financial literacy, motivation, and risk on investment in Indonesia through the impact of covid-19 as an intervening variable. This research is a descriptive study that tries to explain the effect of each variable based on references and previous research results. In general, based on the theory and the results of previous research, it shows that financial literacy and motivation greatly affect the desire to invest in Indonesia as well as the risk that does not affect investment because it is a factor that must be anticipated by economic actors. However, the impact of COVID-19 has caused investment in Indonesia to be greatly affected.

Hermansyah Hermansyah ◽  
Muljono Damopolii ◽  
Sitti Syamsudduha

This study aims to explain the description of the principal's leadership management in improving the spiritual intelligence of students at SMK YP-PGRI I Makassar and to explain the impact of the principal's leadership management in improving the spiritual intelligence of students at SMK YP-PGRI I Makassar. The type of research used in this research is qualitative. The results showed that the principal was able to manage all school resources, including Educators, Education Personnel, Students, infrastructure, finance, administration, planning of learning programs, programs of religious activities (spiritual activities), and others. other. Planning of school learning programs through structured scheduling by the Deputy Head of Curriculum with the involvement of the Principal and Educators in the preparation. The Principal of SMK YP-PGRI I Makassar seeks to organize educators and education staff through the division of tasks to each educator and education staff based on their potential and educational background, namely the distribution of task decrees in the hope that educators and education staff can work according to their job descriptions each.

Mursalim Munir ◽  
Usman Jafar ◽  
Barsihannor Barsihannor

The research focuses on examining the dynamics of variants of Islamic thought in Muhammadiyah, especially progressive Islamic thought and conservative Islam. The main objective of this research is to identify how the contestation model of the two variants strengthens its hegemony. To achieve this goal, library research was carried out using qualitative-descriptive-analytical methods and utilizing two approaches, namely historical perspectives and sociological knowledge. Based on the available literature, it is found that two tendencies of thought in Muhammadiyah, namely Progressive Islamic thought and Conservative Islam, contradict each other in areas which in the context of Muhammadiyah are closely related to the ideological dimension, namely the methodology of thought and thought construction. Contestation in this aspect has implications for the emergence of a more practical contestation, namely the efforts to market their ideas and beliefs through organizational structural and cultural channels outside the organizational authority.

Abdullah Thalib

This article is the result of a descriptive qualitative study on the thinking of a community leader in Ntori Village, Bima Regency named H. Usman Mustakim. Appointed as an appreciation for his dedication to the formation of morals in society as a reflection of a complete human being who is not only knowledgeable but also has to have morals. This research uses the Sufism approach, with the data collection method of observation, interviews, and documentation. The data analysis process includes data collection, data verification, and validation, and concluding. The results of this study are a series of efforts by H. Usman Mustakim to form community morals by providing an understanding of the concept of morality in the style of the prophet and should be able to integrate the personalities of the prophet Sulaiman A.S, the prophet Daud A.S, the prophet Yusuf A.S, and the prophet Muhammad Saw. The four prophets are a reflection of the personal ideal as a servant of Allah, encompassing intelligence, assertiveness and strength, beauty and gentleness, and nobility like the prophet Muhammad.

Qaharuddin Tahir ◽  
Sattu Alang ◽  
Nurhidayat Muhammad Said ◽  
Abd. Halik

This study discusses the dynamics of da'wah communication that occurs in the Muslim minority area of Tana Toraja. The main problem discussed was how the dynamics of da'wah communication in the Muslim minority area of Tana Toraja. This research is a qualitative research, with a phenomenological approach in the context of da'wah and communication. Data collection was carried out by observation, interviews, and literature review. The data analysis technique was carried out, referring to the data analysis principles put forward by Miles and Huberman. It offers an interactive model analysis system, which consists of three components, namely data reduction, data display, and drawing conclusions. The research suggested that the dynamics of da'wah communication in the Muslim minority areas of Toraja experienced five phases with different dynamics, namely the pre-colonial era, the colonial era, the independence era, the New Order era, and the reform era.

Murniati Murniati ◽  
Henry Agus Sulistiyono ◽  
Wahidullah Wahidullah

This paper discusses re-conception of the requirements of polygamy marriage in Indonesia. It is expected to reach a fair for husband, wife, and children as well as to achieve the spirit of marriage goals. Juridical normative research methods are used to see injustice in the requirements of polygamy in UUP No.1 of 1974, namely 3, 4, and 5, and which do not correlate with Article 1 of that law. The research suggests that the understanding the text as well as patriarchal culture are the leading contributors to the injustice and must be resolved, so the dignity of marriages that is beneficial by protecting the parties without discrimination and humanity can be realized.

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