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2022 ◽  
Vol 142 ◽  
pp. 104589
Yaocai Ma ◽  
Aizhong Lu ◽  
Hui Cai ◽  
Xiangtai Zeng

أمل صالح سعد راجح

The research aims to study the efforts of the Orientalists in introducing the Prophet Muhammad - may God bless him and grant him peace - and his Sunnah, by introducing the efforts of the Italian Orientalist Laura Vecia Vagleri, and what she referred to in her book entitled (Defense of Islam) of fabrications about Islam and the Prophet Muhammad, may God bless him. Where the slanders and lies that were propagated about the Prophet - Muhammad, may God bless him and grant him peace - were refuted with the aim of distorting his image, and inducing people to hate the Islamic religion and prevent its spread. As researchers, scholars, and thinkers, we seek to protect ourselves from the menstruation of the Prophet - may God bless him and grant him peace - and explain the disadvantages and justifications of those who offend his honorable person, and explore his fragrant biography, and what he added to all humanity in terms of goodness and elevation, and elevating the status of a Muslim human that no individual in another religion has attained. What are the theses or accusations represented by some Orientalists, and others, that were refuted by the Italian Orientalist Laura Vecchia Fagleri through her book Defense of Islam . Therefore, the importance of research is evident in introducing these efforts and refuting the slanders that are broadcast and promoted about the Prophet Muhammad - may God bless him and grant him peace - as the research is a scientific addition that helps clarify these efforts and refute the fabrications about the person of the Holy Prophet. The research relied on the historical method and the descriptive analytical method.

برزان مُيَّسر حــامد الحميــــد ◽  
عبد الرحمن إبراهيم حمـــد الغنطوســــي

The research deals with the narrations of Imam Hanash bin Abdullah Al-Sanani (may God have mercy on him) in the book of the Great Classes of Ibn Saad, and the value of these narrations in form and subject lies in the abundance of their material, and if they are Its importance, and published from the book of Tabaqat by Ibn Saad, it will change the image in the minds of students of knowledge about its value among the followers.Also, by producing a paper represented by historical issues from the masterpieces of our huge Islamic heritage, so perhaps we will have done some duty, serving knowledge, in pursuit of reward and reward from God Almighty. The researchers adopted the analytical method and the descriptive method in this study, and they reached conclusions that can be summarized by saying that these narrations represent a basic foundation in the field of biography and history for ancient and modern scholars, and the outcome of those who wrote about the life of Hanash al-San`ani over the ages and the diversity of places is that he has This Imam Al-Tabi'i held a high position in the novel and its arts, and he has a reputation in other sciences.

2022 ◽  
Vol 27 (1) ◽  
pp. 64-79
Azziz Raouane ◽  
Ruhi Fadzlyana Jailani ◽  
Mualimin Mochammad Sahid

ملخص لقد أقر الإسلام نظام التّوارث بين القرابة فقوى بهذا التّشريع أواصر اللّحمة بين الوارث والمورث، كما سن التّوارث بين الزّوجين ما دامت الزّوجية قائمة بينهما، وأعطى للمعتق حق ميراث عبده الذي أعتقه، وقد هدفت هذه الدّراسة إلى بيان وتحليل استحقاق الميراث بسبب رابطة الإسلام. والتي تنازع استحقاق الميراث بها الموالي للمؤلف قلبه بجهة الإسلام، وبيت المال بكونه جهة ممثلة لجماعة المسلمين. وتكمن مشكلة البحث فيمن له أولوية ميراث المؤلف قلبه أو من لا وارث له، إذا انعدمت الأسباب الأخرى للميراث. وقد اعتمدت هذه الدّراسة على المنهج الاستقرائي وذلك من خلال تتبّع آراء الفقهاء وأدلتهم في شروط استحقاق الولاء بالإسلام في هذا الوقت بذات، والنّظر في استحقاق بيت المال لميراث من لا وارث له من المسلمين، كما اعتمدت على المنهج التّحليلي المقارن في مناقشة آراء الفقهاء وأدلتهم وتحليلها، مع مقارنة هذه الأحكام بما يجري عليه العمل في دوائر الفتوى اليوم. وقد خلصت هذه الدّراسة إلى نتائج مهمة منها: أن بيت المال هو جهة حافظة لأموال المسلمين من الضّياع، وليس جهة وارثة، فإن عرف لهذه الأموال صاحب ردت إليه، وإن لم يعرف لها صاحب مالك وزعت في مصالح المسلمين. وأن جهة الولاء بالإسلام للأشخاص مقدمة على بيت المال شرعا، وأن من لا وارث له شرعا من المسلمين الجدد له أن يوصي بكل ماله لمن كان سببا في إسلامه سواء كان شخصا أو مؤسسة. Abstract Islam has approved the system of inheritance based on accepted scholars justification. In kinship, this legislation has strengthened the bonds between the heir and the bequeathed. Likewise, the inheritance between spouses as long as the marriage exists between them. And he gave the freedman the right to inherit from his slave who had freed him. This study aimed to clarify and analyze the entitlement to inheritance in Muslim new. The problem of the research lies in the one who has the priority of the inheritance in new Muslims, if there are no other justifications for inheritance. This study relied on the inductive approach, by following the opinions of the jurists and their evidence regarding the conditions for inheritance entitlement in Islam currently; and examining the entitlement of Bayt Al-Mal as the beneficiary of the new Muslims who have no heirs. It also relied on the comparative analytical method in discussing and analyzing the opinions and evidence of jurists; comparing these provisions with what is being done in the fatwa departments today. This study concluded important results, including: The Bayt Al-Mal is a custodian of Muslims' money from loss, and not an inheritor. If the owner of this money is known, it will be returned to him, and if the owner of the money is not known, it will be distributed in the interests of the Muslims. The person who guides the new Muslim should be given precedence of inheritance in the Syariah. While, a new Muslim who does not have a legal inheritance has the right to bequeath all his money to whoever was a reason for his conversion to Islam, whether he was a person or an institution.  

2022 ◽  
Vol ahead-of-print (ahead-of-print) ◽  
Abdelkadir Fellouh ◽  
Abdelkader Bougara ◽  
Paulo Piloto ◽  
Nourredine Benlakehal

PurposeInvestigate the fire performance of eccentrically loaded concrete partially encased column (PEC), using the advanced calculation method (ANSYS 18.2, 2017) and the simple calculation method in Annex G of Eurocode 4 (EN 1994-1-2, 2005). This work examines the influence of a range of parameters on fire behaviour of the composite column including: eccentricity loading, slenderness, reinforcement, fire rating and fire scenario. In this study, ISO-834 (ISO834-1, 1999) was used as fire source.Design/methodology/approachCurrently, different methods of analysis used to assess the thermal behaviour of composite column exposed to fire. Analytical method named simplified calculation methods defined in European standard and numerical simulations named advanced calculation models are treated in this paper.FindingsThe load-bearing capacity of the composite column becomes very weak in the presence of the fire accident and eccentric loading, this recommends to avoid as much as possible eccentric loading during the design of construction building. The reinforcement has a slight influence on the temperature evolution; moreover, the reinforcement has a great contribution on the load capacity, especially in combined compression and bending. When only the two concrete sides are exposed to fire, the partially encased composite column presents a high load-bearing capacity value.Originality/valueThe use of a three-dimensional numerical model (ANSYS) allowed to describe easily the thermal behaviour of PEC columns under eccentric loading with the regard to the analytical method, which is based on three complex steps. In this study, the presence of the load eccentricity has found to have more effect on the load-bearing capacity than the slenderness of the composite column. Introducing a load eccentricity on the top of the column may have the same a reducing effect on the load-bearing capacity as the fire.

Electronics ◽  
2022 ◽  
Vol 11 (2) ◽  
pp. 211
Myunghoi Kim

In this paper, we present the impact of a meander-shaped defected ground structure (MDGS) on the slow-wave characteristics of a lowest-order passband and a low cutoff frequency of the first stopband of an electromagnetic bandgap (EBG) structure for power/ground noise suppression in high-speed integrated circuit packages and printed circuit boards (PCBs). A semi-analytical method is presented to rigorously analyze the MDGS effect. In the analytical method, a closed-form expression for a low cutoff frequency of the MDGS-EBG structure is extracted with an effective characteristic impedance and a slow-wave factor. The proposed analytical method enables the fast analysis of the MDGS-EBG structure so that it can be easily optimized. The analysis of the MDGS effect revealed that the low cutoff frequency increases up to approximately 19% while comparing weakly and strongly coupled MDGSs. It showed that the miniaturization of the MDGS-EBG structure can be achieved. It was experimentally verified that the low cutoff frequency is reduced from 2.54 GHz to 2.00 GHz by decreasing the MDGS coupling coefficient, which is associated with the miniaturization of the MDGS-EBG structure in high-speed packages and PCBs.

Electronics ◽  
2022 ◽  
Vol 11 (2) ◽  
pp. 205
Ji-Hun Lee ◽  
Hoon-Ki Lee ◽  
Young-Geun Lee ◽  
Jeong-In Lee ◽  
Seong-Tae Jo ◽  

In this study, the characteristic analysis of a permanent magnet synchronous generator was performed using the analytical method, and the validity of the analytical method was compared with that of the finite element method (FEM). For the initial design, the rotor size was selected using the torque per rotor volume method, and the stator size was selected according to the saturation of the stator iron core. In addition, fast Fourier transform analysis was performed to determine the appropriate magnet thickness point, and it was confirmed that the open circuit and armature reaction magnetic flux densities were consistent with the FEM analysis results. Based on the analytical method, the generator circuit constants (phase resistance, back EMF, and inductance) were derived to construct an equivalent circuit. By applying the equivalent circuit method to the derived circuit constants, the accuracy of the equivalent circuit method was confirmed by comparing the FEM and experimental results.

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