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أمل صالح سعد راجح

The research aims to study the efforts of the Orientalists in introducing the Prophet Muhammad - may God bless him and grant him peace - and his Sunnah, by introducing the efforts of the Italian Orientalist Laura Vecia Vagleri, and what she referred to in her book entitled (Defense of Islam) of fabrications about Islam and the Prophet Muhammad, may God bless him. Where the slanders and lies that were propagated about the Prophet - Muhammad, may God bless him and grant him peace - were refuted with the aim of distorting his image, and inducing people to hate the Islamic religion and prevent its spread. As researchers, scholars, and thinkers, we seek to protect ourselves from the menstruation of the Prophet - may God bless him and grant him peace - and explain the disadvantages and justifications of those who offend his honorable person, and explore his fragrant biography, and what he added to all humanity in terms of goodness and elevation, and elevating the status of a Muslim human that no individual in another religion has attained. What are the theses or accusations represented by some Orientalists, and others, that were refuted by the Italian Orientalist Laura Vecchia Fagleri through her book Defense of Islam . Therefore, the importance of research is evident in introducing these efforts and refuting the slanders that are broadcast and promoted about the Prophet Muhammad - may God bless him and grant him peace - as the research is a scientific addition that helps clarify these efforts and refute the fabrications about the person of the Holy Prophet. The research relied on the historical method and the descriptive analytical method.

خالد مصطفى السراحنة

Islamic invocation It's importance ,features and the Contemporary risks and effects it faces This study deals with the importance of ivocation and shows the characteristic, risks,and effects that faced in order to find pure society full with brotherhood and remove all hatness to achieve ideal and respectful society according to the favour and order of our God .

حرقاس وسيلة ◽  
بَهتان عبد القادر

The study aims to identify the difficulties of teaching-learning performance facing teachers, whether in terms of performance or reception by students in light of the Corona pandemic and quarantine. The study relied on the descriptive approach to evaluate the teaching-learning performance with the application of a questionnaire for teachers and another for students. The results revealed several difficulties facing the professor and the student alike, whether in terms of controlling the skills and techniques of distance education and its technological means, or regarding the organization of lessons and pedagogical activities.

بكاري مختار ◽  
بن سعيد لخضر

This paper aims to highlight the importance of investing in renewable energies in order to advance sustainable development in Algeria, as investment in this field has known continuous development in recent years, convinced that renewable energies are the most important and strategic option for achieving sustainable development in the future, and has been reached To a set of results, the most important of which are that renewable energy has the ability to meet the need for development in Algeria, as well as its ability to increase development and growth on a large scale, and renewable energy plays an important role in translating the dimensions of sustainable development, as its development projects contribute to achieving Economic gains, improve social conditions and preserve the environmental heritage for future generations, in order to achieve sustainable development.

بيان عايد الغراغير

The study aimed to identify the effectiveness of the use of blended learning in developing self-organized learning skills for basic stage students from the perspective of English language teachers. A teacher and a teacher were chosen randomly. The results showed the reality of education about the effectiveness of using blended learning in developing self-organized learning skills among primary school students from the perspective of English language teachers. They are also keen on the basic stage because of its great role in refining the students’ personality and thought, in addition to the ease of electronic communication with students at any time, especially at this time and the developments in the region. In light of the findings of the study, it recommends conducting more educational studies on blended education and a role in the self-organized learning process in terms of its dimensions and applications in educational institutions and other institutions.

عقبة جنان

The problem of sustainable development emerged in today’s environmental crisis is mainly caused by the Western modernist model of consumption. The later fails to preserve the environment and keeps its promises for sustaining it.Their failure questions, in myriad of ways, the ethical dimensions of human attachment to their environment. The present paper aims at investigating the contribution of people’s ethical commitment in protecting the environment in creating the fair balance between the demands of present generations and the future generations. It attempts also to approach the question of sustainable development from applied philosophy and Islamic ethics perspectives. The study uses the analytical and descriptive method to deal with the problematic relationship between ethics and sustainable development. It concludes that the lack of the environmental ethics hinders establishing a sustainable development for our environment.

منى الشاوي

Educational process has a great impact on the motivation of the learners, and these incentives (motives) are under the control of the teacher who directs the educational process. Accordingly, this action research is carried out to examine the effectiveness of certain teaching/ learning strategies and techniques applied for grade nine students chosen from Fatima Al-Zahra Preparatory School- Qatar to raise their motivation for learning English language. The findings show that external motivations (extrinsic) are among the most important factors in the success of learning English language, which are compensatory factors in the absence of the spontaneous desire to learn that language. The selected students have undergone varieties of active learning strategies, resources and tensive use of modern technology. The methods that are implemented in this study, include the designed questionnaire and the official exams sheets conducted on the targeted students. However, both qualitative and quantitative approaches are used to analyze the data. The present study shows that the students are academically weak in English language, not well motivated to learn English, the learning strategies, resources, and techniques utilized in the classroom proved to be effective to motivate the students and are reflected on the academic performance of the students. Therefore, the data analysis of the success ratio among the targeted students has shown an increase from 41.5% to 91.5% after the application of new strategies and techniques.

برزان مُيَّسر حــامد الحميــــد ◽  
عبد الرحمن إبراهيم حمـــد الغنطوســــي

The research deals with the narrations of Imam Hanash bin Abdullah Al-Sanani (may God have mercy on him) in the book of the Great Classes of Ibn Saad, and the value of these narrations in form and subject lies in the abundance of their material, and if they are Its importance, and published from the book of Tabaqat by Ibn Saad, it will change the image in the minds of students of knowledge about its value among the followers.Also, by producing a paper represented by historical issues from the masterpieces of our huge Islamic heritage, so perhaps we will have done some duty, serving knowledge, in pursuit of reward and reward from God Almighty. The researchers adopted the analytical method and the descriptive method in this study, and they reached conclusions that can be summarized by saying that these narrations represent a basic foundation in the field of biography and history for ancient and modern scholars, and the outcome of those who wrote about the life of Hanash al-San`ani over the ages and the diversity of places is that he has This Imam Al-Tabi'i held a high position in the novel and its arts, and he has a reputation in other sciences.

فراس محمد إبراهيم ◽  
سعد عبد الله سعد ◽  
سكينة علي حسن

This study discusses the situations of education, labor and the use of technology in the Kingdom of Bahrain during the Corona pandemic and the precautionary measures taken by the Kingdom of Bahrain during this serious pandemic. The study started with a simple introduction of the Corona virus to show the historical background of this virus. The researchers collected the necessary data and statistics related to the subject of the research from trusted resources and they relied the results of the questionnaire to reach the best conclusions, as the questionnaire included some important questions related to the topic of research. The aim of this study is to come up with a complete vision about the Corona crisis that has gripped the whole world in a terrified way, and the study includes the precautionary measures and internal decisions taken by the government in the Kingdom of Bahrain related to the distance learning in various governmental and private educational institutions, as well as the status of labor in different Sectors. Research also focused on the impact of the use of technology in reducing the impact of the pandemic, and it was found that the results were identical or close to the researchers' expectation. This study showed the prompt interaction shown by the leadership of the Kingdom of Bahrain during the event, which tends to a positive impact on adaptation to continue education and labor stability in different sectors. It also showed that Bahrain possesses excellent technological infrastructure that helped to confront the crisis successfully.

عباس محمد أحمد عبد الباقي ◽  
محيي الدين سليمان إبراهيم حسين

Language is a coherent system that is subject to many relationships, and the sentence is the most important linguistic structure in this system. Words do not perform a function on their own. Rather, their function becomes clear when the parts capable of carrying the meaning are fused into the interconnected sentence and by the convergence of interconnected sentences a coherent text is formed. Therefore, modern linguistics has tended to study the necessity. Text beyond is a network of sentences linked by multiple linguistic relationships. The aim of the research is to highlight the role of linkage in the construction and cohesion of the text by addressing the links of succession and conclusion for their clear effect on the coherence and harmony of the text. The importance of research appears through monitoring and following up the succession and conclusion links and showing how they are used in building texts. The most prominent expected results are: It turns out that most of the deduction links consist of words and phrases, while most of the sequence links consist of letters and a few words. The researcher also found that succession links are always more used in texts than deduction links.

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