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2022 ◽  
Vol 13 (1) ◽  
pp. 086-091
Nofita Fachryandini ◽  
Shabrina Nur Imanina ◽  
Ayurveda Zaynabila Heriqbaldi ◽  
Widati Fatmaningrum

Introduction: Taro village has a higher risk of gathering the people since it is one of the most popular tourism sectors in Bali hence increasing the potential to spread coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). The level of knowledge plays an important role in determining whether the society is ready to implement the health protocols or not. This community service aims to evaluate the level of knowledge regarding COVID-19 health protocols in the tourism sector in the Taro village. Method: This research was conducted using a quasi-experimental one-group pretest-posttest design in Taro village, Bali. Respondents filled out the questionnaire before and after counseling. The questionnaire consisted of 10 items of knowledge. The participants were Taro’s residents who met inclusion and exclusion criteria. A total of 31 respondents were taken. The data were tested for normality with the Kolmogorov-Smirnov test and analyzed with paired T-test using the IBM SPSS statistics version 25. Significance was determined at a 5% level (P-value ≤0.05). Results: A total of 31 valid filled-questionnaires were collected. In general, Taro’s residents’ knowledge regarding COVID-19 health protocol in the tourism sector was sufficient, but some topics are still insufficient. The mean score before counseling was 79,03 ± 1,340 while the mean score after counseling was 86,13 ± 1,366. There was a significant difference (p<0,05) on level of knowledge (p=0,000) before and after counseling. Conclusion: There was a significant difference in the level of knowledge of Taro village’s residents toward COVID-19 health protocols in the tourism sector before and after counseling.

2022 ◽  
Vol 2 (2) ◽  
pp. 94-103
Ratna Susanti ◽  
Suci Purwandari

The objectives of this community service are: 1. assisting women farmer groups in the use of yard land, 2. educating women farmer groups in efforts to food security during the pandemic. This community service was carried out for 3 months, namely April, May, and June 2021 through the following methods: 1) lectures by the implementation team for the Women Farmer Group in Baran village, Cawas, Klaten who attended a total of 52 people regarding food security education in during the pandemic, 2) distribution of assistance for a number of vegetable seeds to be planted in a predetermined yard, 3) assistance in planting and using vegetables as a source of family nutrition. The result of this community service is that the women in Baran Village, Cawas, Klaten who are members of the Women Farmers Group have an independent business in the form of vegetable plants as a source of nutrition that can be used as a share of crop yields: from, by, for the Woman Farmer Group members.

Pengmasku ◽  
2022 ◽  
Vol 2 (1) ◽  
pp. 12-20
Toni Toni ◽  
Muh. Wildan ◽  
Sabdo Purnomo ◽  
Johan Wahyudi ◽  
Oka Fatra

Changing times require people to be able to keep up with technological developments. One of technologies that plays a big role in changing people’s patterns and lifestyles are electronic technology. The development of electronic technology requires human resources who have competencies that are in accordance with the needs of society and industry. Based on observation survey had been done to Rancagong people, they haven’t understand about electronic too much. So that it’s worth to be done the community service at the location. Several subject matters are soldering practice, LED assembly: Seri and Parallel, LED Blinking Assembly, Assembly of Lighting Sensors Automatically and Amplifier Assembly. Implementation of community service involve lecturers/intructors as embodiment in college obligations. In addition, this activity also involves students in order to get experiences and lesson learned directly. Perubahan zaman menuntut masyarakat untuk dapat lebih mengikuti perkembangan teknologi. Salah satu teknologi yang memegang peranan sangat besar dalam mengubah pola dan gaya hidup masyarakat adalah teknologi elektronika. Berkembangnya teknologi elektronika tentunya membutuhkan sumber daya manusia yang memiliki kompetensi yang sesuai dengan kebutuhan masyarakat dan industri. Berdasarkan hasil observasi yang dilakukan terhadap masyarakat Desa Rancagong, belum banyak masyarakat yang mengerti di bidang elektronika sehingga layak untuk dilakukan kegiatan pengabdian masyarakat di lokasi tersebut. Dalam kegiatan pengabdian kepada masyarakat ini dilakukan beberapa hal yang akan menjadi solusi permasalahan yang ada di Desa Rancagong guna membuka peluang kewirausahaan, diantaranya pelatihan praktek penyolderan, perakitan rangkaian LED seri dan pararel, perakitan rangkaian blinking LED, perakitan rangkaian sensor cahaya otomatis dan merakit amplifier. Pelaksanaan kegiatan ini melibatkan dosen/instruktur sebagai wujud dharma perguruan tinggi. Selain itu kegiatan ini juga melibatkan taruna/taruni sebagai pengalaman lapangan dan media pembelajaran secara langsung.

2022 ◽  
Vol 3 (2) ◽  
pp. 235-242
Tiurniari Purba ◽  
Irene Svinarky

Community Service (PKM) aims to foster housewives in Citra Laguna Housing, Batam. More than 50 percent of the housewives in this housing simply carry out the profession as a housewife without any other activities. Meanwhile, complaints about the inadequacy of household needs are very high. They want extra money to make ends meet. Through this PKM, the implementation method forms direct training and practice on making homemade ice cream products and selling them online or e-commerce. Implementation is carried out twice per meeting. First, fostering participants and practice on how to make ice cream, which was represented by 15 participants. Second, teach and practice buying and selling online through internet media such as through Facebook, Instagram, and others (e-commerce which is familiar among housewives). The results during the two meetings are as follows: 1. Housewives mastered how to make ice cream products with satisfactory results. 2. Housewives know how to download images of products they want to sell in common marketing languages.

2022 ◽  
Vol 3 (2) ◽  
pp. 169-176
Hermaya Ompusunggu ◽  
Anggun Permata Husda ◽  
Elsya Paskaria Loyda Tarigan ◽  
Argo Putra Prima

This service aims to provide online learning guidance during the COVID-19 pandemic which was carried out at the Permata Harapan Vocational School in Batam. This training was carried out for 4 meetings using the zoom application. Community service activities in the form of educational development for Permata Harapan Vocational High School students can provide benefits by applying the methods of implementing training activities, discussions and questions and answers. This service was attended by Mr. Miftahul Ilmi and Mrs. Lolita as teachers at Permata Harapan school and also attended by 20 students. The results obtained from this activity are: the ability of students to the digital world increases, especially for the applications used and the available tools. Students also feel they have a high curiosity to understand the applications used and are interested in the menus offered. The ability to adapt to the online learning system is very necessary for current conditions, where the presenter also conveys motivation to students to continue to be able to follow the lesson well.

2022 ◽  
Vol 3 (2) ◽  
pp. 197-202
Virna Sulfitri ◽  
Henik Hari Astuti ◽  
Budi Santosa

Community Service is one part of the direct contribution from academics, in this case the Faculty of Economics and Business, Trisakti University to the community. On this occasion the Trisakti University FEB team had the opportunity to provide training on Material Flow Cost Accounting (MFCA) for MSMEs. This training is considered important considering that the understanding of MSME actors in terms of the flow cost of material is still very minimal, so that in the implementation of their business there are still very few who apply it in the production process. This training aims to educate MSME actors in terms of flow cost accounting for the use of their production materials, MSMEs can sort out the types and types of materials to be used so as to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of production to increase sales and business profits. PKM training will be carried out using an online method considering the conditions of the COVID-19 pandemic, which until now has not allowed face-to-face/off-line training. The output of this PKM will be published to the public so that it can provide wider benefits.

2022 ◽  
Vol 3 (2) ◽  
pp. 203-212
Saut Pintubipar Saragih ◽  
Mesri Silalahi

Content management system (CMS) is something that is no longer new for all web developers (developers) because currently the platforms used by developers are almost entirely using the concept of a content management system. In this community service activity, coaching has been carried out for business actors in the Barlang Jaya Trellis trellis welding workshop or workshop to have the ability to create a media product and service that you want to market, promote and sell to potential consumers through Content management system software, namely wordpress. During the training phases, instructor deliver basics knowledge in managing websites content and processes to build it, the training includes manage the web admin section, control panel settings also distributed through training to the owners which the results expect the continuity of the development in the future. The marketing, promotion and sales media that are built based on this website are expected to be affected and boost the business possible to increase competitiveness and increase income and increase business processes efficiency in promotion or marketize the products or services and eventually increasing sales significantly.

2022 ◽  
Vol 1 (1) ◽  
pp. 1-5
Melsa Sagita Imaniar ◽  
Rissa Nuryuniarti ◽  
Sri Wahyuni Sundari ◽  
Wiatanti Wiatanti ◽  
Hikmatunnisa Hikmatunnisa

Bungursari Health Center in 2018 had stunting toddlers as many as 219 out of 1140 toddlers (19%). In 2018 there were 28 stunted toddlers with chronic malnutrition conditions, as well as pregnant women who experienced KEK as many as 23 people, as many as 56% of mothers who breastfeed exclusively and mothers as much as 74% have provided complementary breast milk since the age of 4 months and many mothers provide breast milk companion food with a menu that does not meet the STANDARD 4 quadrant WHO. This community service aims to carry out 1000 HPK mentoring training for cadres so that there is an increase in the knowledge and skills of cadres in escorting 1000 HPK so as to prevent stunting. Community Service training of 1000 HPK followed by 30 cadres for 2 days involving expert sources in their fields, namely the Head of Health Center, Midwife Coordinator, Nutritionist and Promkes and Midwife with the expertise of breastfeeding counselors, training is carried out face-to-face question and answer discussion methods and practicums. The results of the activities obtained are in the improvement of the knowledge and skills of cadres in controlling 1000 HPK.

2022 ◽  
Vol 1 (1) ◽  
pp. 57-63
Wan Ridwan Husen ◽  
Asep Wasta ◽  
Denden Setiaji ◽  
Arni Apriani

This paper aims to provide an overview of activities that seek to bring the process of art education directly to the public Community service that started from a discussion between lecturers and youth youth organizations at Perum Arjamukti Kencana in building a tourist village area around Singaparna, Tasikmalaya Regency, from this discussion arose a desire to create activities that involve residents and youth youth groups in arts-related activities. A participatory mural is a mural activity that involves the participation of citizens in its implementation, both before implementation, in its manufacture and after its creation. The method used in this research is descriptive method. The descriptive method used to increase the appreciation of fine arts through participatory murals at Perum Arjamukti Singaparna, Tasikmalaya Regency. The results obtained from research that have been carried out by residents' wishes in the mural participation process are varied, the forms of citizen participation are not only in the form of trying to scratch koas on walls to produce mural images, there are also those who participate in providing consumption, raw materials, documenting works through social media or simply just talking and taking selfies on existing murals.

2022 ◽  
Vol 1 (1) ◽  
pp. 54-56
Nina Pamela Sari ◽  
Asep Muksin ◽  
Putri Nur Anjeli ◽  
Haeya Firda Nisa ◽  
Eri Nugraha

Tuberculosis is an infectious disease whose number is still increasing in Indonesia, especially in Mulyasari Village, Tamansari District, Tasikmalaya City. TB incidence in Tamansari as of November 2020 reached 58 people, 3 people died and 1 person experienced drug resistance. Muhammadiyah is an Islamic da'wah movement for amar ma'ruf nahi munkar whose one of its da'wah movements is concerned with social humanitarian movements in the health sector. One of the health services that continues to be developed by Muhammadiyah is service and counseling to the community about TB disease and socialization of the use of TB Comprehensive PMO guidelines which can improve the cognitive, affective and psychomotor abilities of TB PMO which have an impact on increasing public awareness of TB disease. This program is implemented through counseling to cadres, religious leaders and PMOs in the work area of ??the Tamansari Health Center about TB disease and socialization of the use of TB Comprehensive PMO guidelines. Tamansari Health Center consists of 4 sub-districts, namely Mulyasari village, Sukahurip village, Setyawargi village and Setyamulya village. The results of this community service are an increase in the knowledge of cadres, PMOs and religious leaders about TB control and the formation of the TB Care Muhammadiyah management where in each disctrict there are 4 Muhammadiyah branch managers who collaborate with the village cadre coordinator to participate in monitoring the treatment of TB patients in the Tamansari area.

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