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Hoai-Nam Truong ◽  
Dominique Garmyn ◽  
Laurent Gal ◽  
Carine Fournier ◽  
Yann Sevellec ◽  

Listeria monocytogenes is a human pathogen. It is the causative agent of listeriosis, the leading cause of bacterial-linked foodborne mortality in Europe and elsewhere. Outbreaks of listeriosis have been associated with the consumption of fresh produce including vegetables and fruits. In this review we summarize current data providing direct or indirect evidence that plants can serve as habitat for L. monocytogenes, enabling this human pathogen to survive and grow. The current knowledge of the mechanisms involved in the interaction of this bacterium with plants is addressed, and whether this foodborne pathogen elicits an immune response in plants is discussed.

2021 ◽  
Vol ahead-of-print (ahead-of-print) ◽  
Tonny Ograh ◽  
Joshua Ayarkwa ◽  
Dickson Osei-Asibey ◽  
Alex Acheampong ◽  
Peter Amoah

PurposeThis paper aims to provide a systematic review of extant literature on supplier selection by identifying drivers of integration of Environmental Sustainability (ES) into supplier selection, with the aim of classifying them under broad categories for the development of a framework showing the interrelationships among them.Design/methodology/approachA search was ran for selected keyword themes using three powerful and rigorous search engines: Scopus, Google Scholar and Science Direct, to identify relevant articles from 12 peer-reviewed journals. These were desk reviewed through manual filtering to select drivers of integration of ES into supplier selection.FindingsThirty-one drivers identified from 41 relevant articles as propelling integration of ES into supplier selection were then classified into five categories: strong policy direction, high level of commitment, desire for high reputation, robust technology and availability of green products. This yielded a framework showing the interconnectedness among the drivers.Research limitations/implicationsThe study contributes to the body of knowledge by developing a classification of drivers of integration of ES into supplier selection. The interconnectedness brought to the fore a more subtle appreciation of the drivers of green integration, which could help expand current knowledge outside the narrow scope of isolated drivers. This study provides detailed analyses of drivers of green integration into supplier selection.Originality/valueThis paper provides a comprehensive review of drivers of integrating green into supplier selection, which is lacking in the body of knowledge on ES.

Aleix Bayona-Feliu ◽  
Andrés Aguilera

DNA replication ensures the correct copying of the genome and the faithful transfer of the genetic information to the offspring. However, obstacles to replication fork (RF) progression cause RF stalling and compromise efficient genome duplication. Since replication uses the same DNA template as transcription, both transcription and replication must be coordinated to prevent Transcription-Replication Conflicts (TRCs) that could stall RF progression. Several factors contribute to limit the occurrence of such conflicts and their harmful impact on genome integrity. Increasing evidence indicates that chromatin homeostasis plays a key role in the cellular response to TRCs as well as in the preservation of genome integrity. Indeed, chromatin regulating enzymes are frequently mutated in cancer cells, a common characteristic of which is genome instability. Therefore, understanding the role of chromatin in TRC occurrence and resolution may help identify the molecular mechanism by which chromatin protects genome integrity, and the causes and physiological relevance of the high mutation rates of chromatin regulating factors in cancer. Here we review the current knowledge in the field, as well as the perspectives and future applications.

Check List ◽  
2021 ◽  
Vol 17 (6) ◽  
pp. 1623-1626
Teodora Koynova ◽  
Pavlina Marinova ◽  
Nikola Stanchev ◽  
Nikolay Natchev ◽  
Daniel Jablonski

The Xerotyphlops vermicularis (Merrem, 1820) complex represents small, burrowing snakes that occur from the Balkan Peninsula to Afghanistan and generally they are mostly observed during the springtime. In the present study, we report new records of this snake (10 individuals observed) from Elenite village in coastal Bulgaria. According to current knowledge, they represent the northernmost locality of the species in the Balkan Peninsula. We expand the known distribution of X. vermicularis and help to fill information gaps.

Zootaxa ◽  
2021 ◽  
Vol 5071 (4) ◽  
pp. 505-536

The family Pompilidae is a little-known insect group in Mexico, which comprises insects known as spider-hunting wasps. This study aimed to review and update the occurrence of pompilids in Mexico and provide information on their geographical distribution. A total of 305 species and 46 genera were compiled, of which 131 species and 11 genera were added to the Pompilidae species list in Mexico. Moreover, we provided data on the geographical distribution of 216 Pompilidae species and highlighted 126 species as registered only from this country, which accounted for 41 % of the total species. The nearctic portion in Mexico is the most studied area, with 203 species, whereas only 96 species are listed from the neotropical region of the country. Four subfamilies were represented: Pompilinae with 161 species, Pepsinae with 128 species, Ceropalinae with ten species, and Notocyphinae with six species. Anoplius was the most species-rich genus with 41 species, and Sericopompilus neotropicalis was the most widely distributed species. The analysis suggests a high diversity of the family Pompilidae and underlines the need to further explore southern areas of Mexico.  

Mostafa Moradi Sarabi ◽  
Esmaeel Babaeenezhad ◽  
Maral Amini ◽  
Mozhgan Kaviani ◽  
Fakhraddin Naghibalhossaini

: Bilirubin is the main waste product of heme catabolism. At high concentrations, bilirubin may cause toxicity, especially in the brain, kidney, and erythrocytes. Membrane and mitochondrial dysfunction, oxidative stress, apoptosis, necrosis, endoplasmic reticulum stress, excitotoxicity, inflammation, and epigenetic modifications are the main mechanisms of toxicity triggered by bilirubin in susceptible organs. Many studies have shown that there is an interaction between bilirubin and epigenetic modifications in metabolic and immune diseases. In this review, we first outline the toxicity mediated by bilirubin and then summarize the current knowledge linking bilirubin and epigenetic modifications in metabolic and immunometabolic disorders.

Autism ◽  
2021 ◽  
pp. 136236132110567
Mirko Uljarević ◽  
Gail A Alvares ◽  
Morgan Steele ◽  
Jaelyn Edwards ◽  
Thomas W Frazier ◽  

Despite their high prevalence and clinical importance in autism, unusual and restricted interests remain under-researched and poorly understood. This study aimed to characterize the frequency and type of interests in autism by coding caregivers’ open-ended responses in a sample of 237 autistic children and adolescents ( Mage = 8.27 years, SDage = 4.07; range: 2.08–18.25 years). It further aimed to explore the effects of age, sex, cognitive functioning and social and communication deficits on the number and type of interests. We found that 75% of autistic youth had at least one interest and that 50% of those children showed two or more different interests. The most frequent interests were sensory-based (43%), with a majority of these interests relating to the visual modality. Interest within vehicles/transportation, fictional characters, television/digital versatile disk/movies, computers, and video games, constructive, mechanical objects, animals and plants, and attachment to specific objects were also prevalent. Logistic regression showed that being male, having a co-occurring intellectual disability and having more severe social and communication impairments were associated with a higher probability of having one or more restricted interests. Sex was significantly associated with the type (χ2 = 37.52, Phi = 0.37, p = 0.021) of restricted interests, with females showing a significantly higher percentage of creative interests and males significantly higher percentage of interest in characters, vehicles/transportation, computers/video games, mechanical objects and constructive interests. Theoretical and measurement implications are discussed. Lay abstract Despite being highly prevalent among people with autism, restricted and unusual interests remain under-researched and poorly understood. This article confirms that restricted interests are very frequent and varied among children and adolescents with autism. It also further extends current knowledge in this area by characterizing the relationship between the presence, number, and type of restricted interests with chronological age, sex, cognitive functioning, and social and communication symptoms.

2021 ◽  
Sowon Park ◽  
Jong-Seong Kug

Abstract To prevent excessive global warming, we have faced a situation to reduce net carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. However, the behavior of Earth’s terrestrial biosphere under negative emissions is highly uncertain. Herein, we show strong hysteresis in the terrestrial carbon cycle in response to CO2 ramp-up and -down forcing. Owing to the strong hysteresis lag, the terrestrial biosphere stores more carbon at the end of simulations than at its initial state, lessening the burden on net-negative emissions. This hysteresis is latitudinally dependent, showing a longer timescale of reversibility in high latitudes. Particularly, carbon in boreal forests can be stored for a long time. However, the hysteresis of the carbon cycle in the pan-Arctic region depends on the presence of permafrost processes. That is, unexpected irreversible carbon emissions may occur in permafrost even after achieving net-zero emissions, indicating the importance of permafrost processes, which is highly uncertain based on our current knowledge.

2021 ◽  
Ray Hilborn ◽  
Vera N. Agostini ◽  
Milani Chaloupka ◽  
Serge M. Garcia ◽  
Leah R. Gerber ◽  

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