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2022 ◽  
Vol 507 ◽  
pp. 120000
Xuguang Tang ◽  
Jingfeng Xiao ◽  
Mingguo Ma ◽  
Hong Yang ◽  
Xing Li ◽  

2022 ◽  
Lev Salnikov ◽  
Saveli Goldberg ◽  
Parvathy Sukumaran ◽  
Eugene Pinsky

Based on a meta-analysis of human genome methylation data, we tested a theoretical model in which aging is explained by the redistribution of limited resources in cells between two main tasks of the organism: its self-sustenance based on the function of the housekeeping gene group (HG) and functional differentiation, provided by the (IntG) integrative gene group. A meta-analysis of methylation of 100 genes, 50 in the HG group and 50 in IntG, showed significant differences ( p<0.0001) between our groups in the level of absolute methylation values of genes bodies and its promoters. We showed a reliable decrease of absolute methylation values in IntG with rising age in contrast to HG, where this level remained constant. The one-sided decrease in methylation in the IntG group is indirectly confirmed by the dispersion data analysis, which also decreased in the genes of this group. The imbalance between HG and IntG in methylation levels suggests that this IntG-shift is a side effect of the ontogenesis grownup program and the main cause of aging. The theoretical model of functional genome division also suggests the leading role of slow dividing and post mitotic cells in triggering and implementing the aging process.

Land ◽  
2022 ◽  
Vol 11 (1) ◽  
pp. 121
Sandra Ricart ◽  
Antonio M. Rico-Amorós

Peri-urban interfaces tend to ensure water supply relying on their surrounding’ resources, generating water disputes when asking for collaboration. The urban-rural matrix of the Marina Baja county in southern Spain is characterized by inland irrigation and coastal tourism development, being the most water-intensive activities in Benidorm. This contribution addresses the following research question: Can a better and systematic understanding of stakeholders’ behavior and interactions increase water resilience in urban-rural interfaces? Data were collected from semi-structured interviews and questionnaires to 19 key stakeholders representing government officials, water managers, and the agricultural, tourism, and environmental sectors. Data were analyzed following the SAA and using MaxQDA® Analytics Pro 2020. A triple-loop analysis on water governance has been developed and applied to synthesize stakeholders’ behavior when addressing urban water resilience to face climate change impacts: relevance and representativeness (to be), recognition and assessment (to do), and collaboration (to share). Results highlighted how Benidorm’s urban water resilience is conditioned by four main learnings from stakeholders’ perception and interaction: (1) ‘feeling represented’ is related to stakeholders’ capacity to negotiate decisions, (2) lack of political will and Benidorm’s leading role increase stakeholders’ feelings of underrepresentation, motivating power imbalance, (3) stakeholders’ actions are less valued than stakeholders’ roles and functions, and (4) agreements are benefited by predisposition (willingness), but also by the compatibility of discourses (affinity) and the technical-management facilities (viability).

Zhenshuang Wang ◽  
Yanxin Zhou ◽  
Ning Zhao ◽  
Tao Wang ◽  
Zhong Sheng Zhang

To explore the spatial network structure characteristics and driving effects of carbon emission intensity in China's construction industry, the investigation combined the modified gravity model and social network analysis method to deeply analyze the spatially associated network structure characteristics and driving effects of carbon emission intensity in China's construction industry, based on the measurement of carbon emission data of China's construction industry from 2006 to 2017. The results show that the regional differences of carbon emission of construction industry are significant, and the carbon emission intensity of construction industry show a fluctuation trend. The overall network of carbon emission intensity shows an obvious &ldquo;core-edge&rdquo; state, the hierarchical network structure is gradually broken. Economically developed provinces generally play a leading role in the network, and play an intermediary role to guide other provinces to develop together with them. Among the network blocks, most of the blocks play the role of &ldquo;brokers&rdquo;. The block with the leading economic development has a strong influence on the other blocks. The increase of network density, the decrease of network hierarchy and network efficiency will reduce the construction carbon emission intensity.

Emilio Renzi

Salvatore Veca (31 October 1943 - 7 October 2021) was not only a lecturer in many universities, including eventually Pavia, but also an active intellectual in many important civic structures. A brilliant pupil of Enzo Paci at the University of Milan, editor of the journal «aut aut», Veca chaired the Fondazione Feltrinelli and the Casa della Cultura in Milan and was the author of many books on philosophy based on the critical introduction of Anglo-Saxon analytical culture. The presentation in Italy of the work of John Rawls was important and marked the liveliest interest in the problem of the “just society”. He played a leading role in the debate on the possible developments of the Italian left after the fall of the Berlin Wall. For the Expo Laboratory he was responsible for drafting the “Milan Charter” on environmental sustainability.

2022 ◽  
pp. 1-16
Henry Summerson

This article discusses an important aspect of the law relating to theft in thirteenth-century England, and one of the ways in which that law developed. Central to it is the argument that the treatise The Mirror of Justices and references in court records and reports show that a short statute enacted early in the reign of Edward I, probably in 1278, categorically defined 12d. as the amount, whether in goods or money, at which larceny became a capital felony, incurring judgment of death. As well as setting out the evidence for this hitherto overlooked ordinance, the article also argues that the statute can be associated with some significant developments in the way petty theft was treated subsequently. In particular it had the effect of promoting the development of penal imprisonment, while since the task of valuation was given to trial juries, it further enhanced the leading role of the latter in determining the fates of the men and women whose lives depended on their verdicts.

Alexander Alexandrovich Ermakov

The Article describes the peculiarities of colour shades in the Golden Retriever breed. The separate attention was given to nowadays existence of different standards of coat colour in this breed across the world, and these standards admit a broad variety of different shades in golden colour. Herewith it has been established that the white pigmentation colour of golden retrievers is unallowable in any of “Kennel Club” standards valid for today. The special focus was put to the genotype of breed, which presupposes the existence of double recessive gene (e/e) that predetermines creamy shade of coat colour. It was discovered that exactly the gene MC1R, its autosomal-recessive inheritance, plays the leading role in defining the coat colour of dogs and in the exterior of the breed. It was assumed how and why this genotype is widespread in population, at which extent sub-populations are distinguished (American and English-European ones), and also there was the option offered related to breeding the pure line on the basis of knowledge about karyotype of dogs, that were obtained in a course of predicative screening of E-locus.

Tatyana Zotova ◽  
Madina Azova ◽  
Anastasia Lukanina ◽  
A. Ait Aissa ◽  
Mikhail Blagonravov

Essential hypertension (EH) is a multifactorial disease with a hereditary predisposition. Genes encoding the renin-angiotensin system (RAS) play a leading role in the stabilization of elevated BP in the course of EH, which determines the relevance of our clinical and genetic study. The study was based on the determination of the frequencies of polymorphic markers of the AGT, AGTR1, ACE, ITGB3, PPARG genes in 2 groups, depending on the age of patients (up to 60 years - group1, n=18, and after 60 years - group2, n=31), for the intergroup frequencies comparison and comparison of group frequencies with population data. Genotyping by gene polymorphisms was performed by real-time polymerase chain reaction. 24-hour ambulatory BP monitoring (ABPM) and Holter HR monitoring were conducted. Phenotypic features of the course of EH were accompanied by changes in the frequency characteristics of the studied genotypes. In patients of group 1, an increase in the frequency of protective genotypes of the ACE(II) and ITGB3(TT) genes was observed (p=0.004;0.015), which confirms the hypothesis of a possible favorable course of EH in patients under 60 years.

2022 ◽  
pp. 1-20
Rongjian Xie ◽  
Yucai Jia ◽  
Yuanmei Wu ◽  
Peiyun Zhang

During major epidemics, monitoring vaccine quality can ensure the public health and social stability. Considering that social media has become an important way for the public to obtain external information during the epidemic. We developed a dual regulatory system of vaccine quality with the government in the leading role and the participation of We Media, and constructed a four-party evolutionary game model (government regulatory agency, We Media, vaccine industry groups, and the public) and analyzed the stability of each game player’s strategy choice. The system’s possible equilibrium points are identified using Lyapunov’s first law. Then the game trajectory between stakeholders is simulated by MATLAB, the effects of initial intention and parameters on the evolution process and results are analyzed. The results show that to ensure the quality and safety of vaccines and stabilize network public opinion during epidemics, the government should invest in an effective supervision mechanism. By strengthening responsibility, increasing penalties, and reducing supervision costs, the probability of vaccine industry groups providing high-quality vaccines is effectively enhanced. Restricting the behavior of We Media and supervising vaccine industry groups to reduce speculation reduces the cost of government supervision and improves its efficiency.

2022 ◽  
Vol 12 (1) ◽  
pp. 472
Luminita Oancea ◽  
Eugenia Panaitescu ◽  
Mihai Burlibasa ◽  
Catalin Gagiu

(1) Background: The success of prosthetic treatment with implant support depends on the combined effort of the team doctor-technician, each of them being responsible for the validation of execution stages. (2) Methods: we composed an online questionnaire with 18 multiple choice questions, using the Google Forms application. It was filled out by an equal number of prosthodontic specialists and dental technicians. Differences and associations were evaluated by Likelihood Ratio test, Linear by Linear association test, Kruskal-Wallis H test, Pearson Chi-Square test and the Fisher’s Exact test. (3) Results: Differences and similarities were found between the statements of prosthodontic specialists and dental technicians. Years of experience are correlated with the number of restorations, impression techniques and types of restoration (p ≤ 0.05). Similar answers for both groups were registered for preferred screw retained type of prosthetic abutment and most frequently reported complications. (4) Conclusions: The different perspectives of the two members of the prosthodontic team regarding the leading role in the treatment plan, type of abutment, impression technique and prosthetic design of implant fixed restorations has been revealed in our study. Similar education curricula and standards for continuing training courses after graduation are necessary for prosthodontic specialists and technicians in Romania.

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