molecular beam epitaxy
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2022 ◽  
Vol 17 (1) ◽  
Yuanfeng Ding ◽  
Huanhuan Song ◽  
Junwei Huang ◽  
Jinshan Yao ◽  
Yu Gu ◽  

2022 ◽  
Vol 6 (1) ◽  
Yoshiharu Krockenberger ◽  
Ai Ikeda ◽  
Hideki Yamamoto ◽  
Hiroo Omi

Б.Р. Семягин ◽  
А.В. Колесников ◽  
М.А. Путято ◽  
В.В. Преображенский ◽  
Т.Б. Попова ◽  

By molecular-beam epitaxy we have grown epitaxial layers of GaAs1-xBix solid solutions with a bismuth content of 0 < x < 0.02. Structural and optical properties of the layers were investigated. We determine the influence of the bismuth flux and substrate temperature on the bismuth incorporation into the growing layers.

2022 ◽  
Vol 355 ◽  
pp. 03047
Hailong Yu ◽  
Hanchao Gao ◽  
Wei Wang ◽  
Ben Ma ◽  
Zhijun Yin ◽  

InP and InGaAs epitaxial layers on InP substrates using molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) have been studied. Carrier concentration and mobility of InP and InGaAs are found that are strongly correlated with the growth temperature and V/III ratio. The InGaAs layers using As2 were compared with the layers grown using As4 from a Riber standard cracker cell. When As4 is used, the highest electron mobility of InGaAs is 3960 cm2/(V·s) with the V/III ratio of 65. When converted to As2, the V/III ratio with the highest electron mobility decreased to 20. With the arsenic cracker temperature decreased from 950 ℃ to 830 ℃, the electron mobility increased from 4090 cm2/(V • s) to 5060 cm2/(V • s).

Н.В. Сибирев ◽  
Ю.С. Бердников ◽  
И.В. Штром ◽  
Е.В. Убыйвовк ◽  
Р.Р. Резник ◽  

A model of spontaneous formation of the core-shell structure in (In,Ga)As nanowire grown via molecular beam epitaxy without independent radial growth is proposed. Within the framework of the proposed model, the distribution of In across the axis of the nanowire was fitted.

В.Г. Дубровский ◽  
М.В. Рылькова ◽  
А.С. Соколовский ◽  
Ж.В. Соколова

A new analytic theory is developed for asymptotic stage of self-catalyzed growth of III-V nanowires (NWs) by molecular beam epitaxy (MBE), where NWs collect all group III atoms deposited from vapor. The shadowing NW length is derived which corresponds for the full shadowing of the substrate surface in MBE. The NW length and radius are derived depending on the effective deposition thickness and MBE growth parameters. It is shown that the NW length increases, and their length decreases with decreasing the array pitch and increasing the V/III flux ratio.

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