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Merrihan Badr Monir Mansour ◽  
Tamer Abdelkader ◽  
Mohammed Hashem AbdelAziz ◽  
El-Sayed Mohamed EI-Horbaty

Mobile edge computing (MEC) is a new computing paradigm that brings cloud services to the network edge. Despite its great need in terms of computational services in daily life, service users may have several concerns while selecting a suitable service provider to fulfil their computational requirements. Such concerns are: with whom they are dealing with, where will their private data migrate to, service provider processing performance quality. Therefore, this paper presents a trust evaluation scheme that evaluates the processing performance of a service provider in the MEC environment. Processing performance of service providers is evaluated in terms of average processing success rate and processing throughput, thus allocating a service provider in a relevant trust status. Service provider processing incompliance and user termination ratio are also computed during provider’s interactions with users. This is in an attempt to help future service users to be acknowledged of service provider’s past interactions prior dealing with it. Thus, eliminating the probability of existing compromised service providers and raising the security and success of future interactions between service providers and users. Simulations results show service providers processing performance degree, processing incompliance and user termination ratio. A service provider is allocated to a trust status according to the evaluated processing performance trust degree.

Raffaele La Russa ◽  
Stefano Ferracuti

Clinical Risk Management aims to improve the performance quality of healthcare services through procedures that identify and prevent circumstances that could expose both the patient and the healthcare personnel to risk of an adverse event [...]

PLoS ONE ◽  
2022 ◽  
Vol 17 (1) ◽  
pp. e0261070
Seok Hui Kang ◽  
Jun Young Do ◽  
Jun Chul Kim

Introduction We aimed to evaluate the association between the phase angle and muscle mass, muscle strength, physical performance tests, quality-of-life scales, mood scales, or patient and hospitalization-free survival rates in hemodialysis (HD) patients. Methods We included 83 HD patients. The patients were divided into tertiles based on phase angle value. The phase angle was measured using a bioimpedance analysis machine. Thigh muscle area per height squared (TMA/Ht2), handgrip strength (HGS), nutritional indicators, physical performance, quality-of-life, depression or anxiety status, and the presence of hospitalization or death regardless of cause were evaluated. Results In our study, no significant differences were observed in the serum albumin level and body mass index according to tertiles of phase angle. The phase angle tertiles were associated with TMA/Ht2 and HGS. The phase angle was also associated with physical performance measurements and depression or anxiety status. Subgroup analyses according to sex, age, and diabetes mellitus showed similar trends to those of the total cohort. Furthermore, the hospitalization-free survival rate and patient survival rate were favorable in patients with high values for the phase angle. Conclusion The present study demonstrated that the phase angle is associated with muscle mass, strength, physical performance, quality-of-life scale, and hospitalization-free survival in maintenance HD patients.

Chiu-Fan Hsieh ◽  
Tehseen Johar ◽  
Yi-Hao Lin

Abstract The geometric design of a gerotor motor has a significant impact on its function, performance, quality, reliability and cost. When designing a gerotor motor all these features must be considered. A gerotor motor can be classified into two types based on the geometric design; gerolor (pin design) and gerotor (nonpin design). In this article geometric parameters of the two design types are discussed briefly and the operation of the gerotor motor is described as well. A numerical analysis is carried out by using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) tool (PumpLinx) to analyze the fluid flow and predict the performance of both types of gerotor designs. Various characteristics of the two designs of the gerotor motor are investigated and compared which include the gerotor design, fluid flow rate, velocity, pressure and output torque. Comparison of the results found out that using pin design gerotor motor, the flow rate, flow velocity, pressure and torque will vary greatly. Nonpin design can significantly reduce variations in all the flow characteristics thereby enhancing the stability and reduction in the leakage risk.

2022 ◽  
Vol 11 (1) ◽  
pp. 49
Holy Maria Basa ◽  
Lidia Yuni Yanti ◽  
Delvi Meilani Br. Pinem ◽  
Dora Kristyna Munthe ◽  
Wirda Lilia

The purpose of this study is to determine the effect of turnover intention, locus of control, audit fees, and work motivation on the quality of auditor performance at the Medan City Public Accounting Firm in 2021. The choice of the sector in this study is due to very tight competition conditions like now. In this case, the auditor must always maintain their performance so that audit quality is not compromised. Auditors must perform work by professional standards so that trust in the auditor can be maintained. The data used is sourced from quantitative data in the form of questionnaires. Using the Simple Random Sampling technique, a sample of 50 auditors was drawn from five Medan City KAPs.The results showed that locus of control, audit fees, and work motivation had a positive and significant effect on the quality of auditor performance at KAP Medan City. Meanwhile, the turnover intention has a negative effect and does not significantly affect the quality of auditor performance at KAP Medan City. But all variables are affected simultaneously. 

I Ketut Mastika ◽  
Sasongko Sasongko ◽  
Didik Eko Julianto ◽  
Pandu Satriya Hutama ◽  

This study focuses on developing bundling product strategies in the marketing of objects and tourism attractions. The purpose of this research is to examine the application of the bundling product concept as the development of the competitive strategy of tourist destinations. The research was conducted in Bondowoso district, East Java, Indonesia, which has various potential tourism assets. The method used is a descriptive method to analyze data and information relate to the opportunities and development of tourism in Bondowoso. The results indicated that the form of policy direction bundling strategy of Bondowoso tourism products have the opportunity to optimize the product bundling strategy with promotional packages to provide value of customer. The preference of the variety bundle is expected to be higher in the combined evaluation mode rather than in the separate evaluation mode. The Special Interest Tourism is the suitable type of tourism development. The attributes of the destination are expected to satisfy the needs of tourists also the aspects of performance quality which based on emotional motives. Marketing bundling products through promotion can be done by using e-marketing and viral marketing with several forms of social media.

2021 ◽  
pp. 030573562110622
Eitan Ornoy ◽  
Shai Cohen

Mindfulness meditation (MM) has been found to positively affect various aspects related to music performance, yet very few studies have investigated its impact on music performance quality. This study examined whether short-term MM activity would improve vocal skills in regard to pitch intonation, dynamics transmission, and vocal resonation. Experiment and control groups comprising music education students ( N = 55) made pre- and post-intervention recordings of a specially designed solo vocal music excerpt. Intervention consisted of a short-term online MM course covering the main elements exercised in mindfulness practice. Performance evaluation employed novel methods based on both automatic assessment strategies and expert judgments. Statistical analysis failed to indicate a significant effect. However, trends were detected for improvement in dynamics transmission and vocal resonation. Results might attest to MM praxis’ limited influence on music performance quality. The observed trends could, however, evince to the shortcomings of the treatment design. The implications regarding MM’s effect on music performance quality are discussed.

Majid Jadidi ◽  
Morteza Isa Abadi Bozcheloei ◽  
Majid Mirmohammadkhani ◽  
Abbas Ziari ◽  
Fatemeh Paknazar

Purpose: Despite the two decades of using cell phones, there are still considerable controversies about the biological effects of the Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) produced by cell phones. Sleep disorder among hospital staff is an important issue for the health care system not only due to the health of its employees but also to the reduction of the staff performance quality and the increase in medical errors. This study aimed to explore factors that may affect the sleep quality of hospital staff and to examine the association between sleep quality and cell phone usage. Materials and Methods: In this study, participants consisted of 288 employees (35.51 ± 8.42 years old) of two hospitals, and their sleep quality was assessed using the Pittsburgh sleep quality index. Results: Sixty-six percent of participants had good sleep quality and nearly 68% of the employees worked in shifts. The cell phone use among participants averaged 10.74 ± 3.03 years, and less than half of the staff stated that call durations of their cell phones were less than 5 h/day. More than 90% of the staff mentioned no use of hands-free. There were no statistically significant differences between job characteristics, sleep quality, and items related to cell phones, except the use of hands-free. Conclusion: In our study, using hands-free during phone calls was associated with poor quality sleep. Different factors, such as decreased levels of electromagnetic fields reaching the brain, can be involved in this effect. These results must be interpreted with caution due to the low number of subjects and the limitations of our study.

2021 ◽  
pp. 1069031X2110706
Ellen Schmidt-Devlin ◽  
Ayşegül Özsomer ◽  
Casey E. Newmeyer

The authors develop an omni-brand orientation framework: a bi-dimensional conceptualization that allows global (local) brand elements to coexist alongside local (global) elements in creating a gloCal brand. Based on an interpretive analysis of interviews with 50 top executives, the authors offer new insights into building and succeeding as a gloCal brand. The study finds global brands trying to become gloCal by building and nurturing local authenticity. The building blocks of local authenticity are brand image local connection, local iconness, local insights, and originality. Local brands, in turn, try to become gloCal by achieving global acceptance, a perception identified closely with global brands. The building blocks of global acceptance are perceived brand globalness, innovation, product performance quality, and global brand power. Based on follow-up interviews with nineteen executives, the study dives deeper into the drivers of success and conceptualizes a GloCal Success Cycle, which identifies components and strategies that enable brands to win both globally and locally.

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