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Nagehan Uskan

Natives of the New World is a short documentary film shot on cell phones by the Kino Mosaik collective, which was founded in Lesbos Island, Greece, in 2018. The migrants who were members of the collective tried to transform the period when they were stuck in Lesbos waiting for the decision on their asylum applications into a constitutive process. Kino Mosaik’s main goal was to oppose the passive, apolitical, and victimized migrant image created by mainstream media and many artistic representations. The collective thought that this was possible only from their perspective, and they made this film as an action against stereotypical representational systems. In the short documentary, not only are the difficult conditions that migrants have to deal with made visible but also the forms of collective resistance they have developed against them. This article will analyse Natives of The New World by comparing it with the representational tools it opposes.

2021 ◽  
Vol 3 (2) ◽  
pp. 79-86
Muhammad Arif Saeed ◽  
Aftab Hussain Gillani

In the long run of modernity and technicality, the use of smart appliances in every field of life has been the need and demand of the era. The evidential representation by using modern devices is permissible in various developed judiciary cultures of the world. Pakistani courts and the judiciary system are also adopting modern devices to present the evidence in the courts for authentic decision-making. The articles and sections of Qanun-e-Shahadat order, 1984 and Electronic Certification Accreditation Council under Section 18 clarified using modern technologies to present the evidence in the courts with state and religion's perspectives of acceptability. The study descriptively demonstrated various types of modern devices use for evidential representation of offenders data; press reports and press clips, fax, email and internet evidence, cell phones, computer-related data, audio recordings, photographs and screenshots, video films and video cassettes, CCTV footage, polygraphy test and DNA test. In each type of modern evidential representation, the registered, recorded and solved cases have also been mentioned as proof of modern devices application in court decision-making feasibility. The study found that the unapproached low-class sector of society feels reluctant to rely on and use modern devices for court hearings and decision-making due to unawareness and unavailability of modern resources. There is also the issue of some insecurities and inadequacies of using modern devices as evidential representation because of editing, cropping and regenerating the duplicate evidence that could not be verified due to lack of technical flaws and advancement of computerized technology.

2021 ◽  
Vol 2 (2) ◽  
pp. 301-310
Kholida Ismatulloh ◽  
Jamaluddin Jamaluddin ◽  
Baiq Desi Dwi Arianti ◽  
Rasyid Hardi Wirasasmita ◽  

Literacy ability teaches students to be diligent in reading and writing. In this case, teacher creativity is needed in determining effective and efficient ways. Elementary school is the basis for learning literacy because elementary school is the beginning of a child learning to read and write. Due to the current situation of Covid-19, students have not been able to study at school effectively and regularly. The teaching-learning process is carried out online, and students are asked to understand the use of information technology such as Android cell phones. The students moved to provide teaching by increasing the literacy culture of students with the help of technology as a medium to support their learning, without having to forget the importance of reading and writing from their textbooks. The resulting activities are digital literacy activities and learning while playing, where students are tasked with connecting information to their group members. The results obtained by the students became more enthusiastic and interested in learning such as reading and writing lessons because they were presented attractively on the display of media and learning videos.

A. Dayana Amala Jothi

Mobile phone plays a predominant role in the modern because mobile phones are used by people at all levels. Generation Z, have never known a world without the Internet, cell phones or ipods."Generation Z" -- independent, stubborn, pragmatic and always in a rush. These youngsters, born after 1995 and unaware of a world without Internet, live a life that seems a million miles removed from the hopes, dreams and morals of previous generations. They are so hooked into the digital world that some academics have nicknamed them "the mutants". Gen Z, also known as iGeneration, Homeland Generation.

Majid Jadidi ◽  
Morteza Isa Abadi Bozcheloei ◽  
Majid Mirmohammadkhani ◽  
Abbas Ziari ◽  
Fatemeh Paknazar

Purpose: Despite the two decades of using cell phones, there are still considerable controversies about the biological effects of the Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) produced by cell phones. Sleep disorder among hospital staff is an important issue for the health care system not only due to the health of its employees but also to the reduction of the staff performance quality and the increase in medical errors. This study aimed to explore factors that may affect the sleep quality of hospital staff and to examine the association between sleep quality and cell phone usage. Materials and Methods: In this study, participants consisted of 288 employees (35.51 ± 8.42 years old) of two hospitals, and their sleep quality was assessed using the Pittsburgh sleep quality index. Results: Sixty-six percent of participants had good sleep quality and nearly 68% of the employees worked in shifts. The cell phone use among participants averaged 10.74 ± 3.03 years, and less than half of the staff stated that call durations of their cell phones were less than 5 h/day. More than 90% of the staff mentioned no use of hands-free. There were no statistically significant differences between job characteristics, sleep quality, and items related to cell phones, except the use of hands-free. Conclusion: In our study, using hands-free during phone calls was associated with poor quality sleep. Different factors, such as decreased levels of electromagnetic fields reaching the brain, can be involved in this effect. These results must be interpreted with caution due to the low number of subjects and the limitations of our study.

Mihail Bugera ◽  
Vasiliy Veklenko

Despite the fact that in recent years a number of committed crimes in Russia has decreased in general due to the taken measures, crimes against property are still prevalent within the overall structures of crime and considered a major problem. Theft of cell phones has a special place in this structure. It is worth noting that although the cell phones have acquired many additional functions, in recent years they are no longer the luxury goods and are in the category of everyday things that are now necessary (and available) for almost all classes of citizens. An analysis of the market for cell phone sales in Russia shows that over the last years the number of cell phones has increased significantly, while in large Russian cities their number equaled the number of residents (which means 100 phones per 100 inhabitants). The author, on the basis of statistics, points out a clear trend of continued growth in sales of smartphones, as well as an expansion of the market for expensive devices. Based on data on crime situation generally the article further shows that theft make up more than half of all crimes committed. This number, of course, includes theft of cell phones, but due to the lack of data on this specific type of theft, it is difficult to determine where they stand in the overall picture. The author provides a classification of this type of crime according to the place and the ways these crimes are committed, illustrating them with the materials of particular criminal cases, and gives practical recommendations to mobile phone users that will reduce the risk of smartphone theft. Having studied the domestic and foreign (UK, USA) experience in the field of combating such crimes, the author examines a number of measures aimed at preventing cell phone theft. The author believes that the solution to these problems in particular may be the adoption of a law on the state database of mobile phones, as has already been done in some foreign countries.

Hadiya Sibghatullah ◽  
Sibghatullah Muhammad Ali Sangi ◽  
Elsamoual Ibrahim Ahmedani ◽  
Ali Alqahtani ◽  
Abdulhakim Bawadekji ◽  

Background: Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus has become a global concern. To date numerous studies have been conducted but little literature is available to explain the effects of mobile phone radiation on pancreas, where from Insulin is secreted. In Some studies, effects of ionizing radiation have been examined and established the relationship between cell phone exposure and cell damage. Objectives: Objectives of study were to observe the effects of mobile phones, connected with WiFi on the pancreas. Methods: 40 male Wistar Albino rats were exposed tomobile phones connected with Wi-Fi for eight weeks. Results: The histopathological examination of the rat pancreas revealed that, exposure of rats to cell phones and Wi-Fi causes significant damage to the rat pancreas. Conclusion: The ionizing radiation emitted from cell phones and WiFi causes increase in oxidative stress leading to inflammation and pancreatic cell death that may affect glucose homeostasis.

2021 ◽  
pp. 026666692110608
Essam Mansour

The primary goal of this research is to examine Egyptian pregnant women's health information needs and behaviour in terms of their thoughts, perceptions, attitudes, motives, interests, techniques, preferences, tools, and other factors that influence their use of health information. Six focus groups with an effective size of 64 women were used in a qualitative approach. Approximately two-thirds of the Egyptian pregnant women sampled in this study were between the ages of 26 and 35, had a Bachelor's degree (BA), and were classified as upper-middle income. Approximately two-thirds of the pregnant Egyptian women sampled were able to precisely identify these needs and use appropriate means to meet them. Many of them preferred to communicate with their families, relatives, peers, and friends, particularly those who are currently pregnant or have recently delivered, via cell phones or inperson meetings. Verbal communication with mothers and relatives, friends, as well as gynaecologists and healthcare providers have been identified as the most commonly used communication channels. Pregnant Egyptian women surveyed used health information sources to assist with pregnancy-related tasks such as understanding the requirements for monitoring the foetus's health, nutrition, weight, growth, and movement, and finding suitable and affordable birthplaces. The majority of them have used a variety of technologies for day-to-day communication, particularly cell phones, the Internet, social media, and social networking sites such as WhatsApp and Facebook. Because of the difficulties associated with pregnancy, many pregnant women have stated that using any type of library to meet their health information needs plays no significant role. The most significant barriers encountered by Egyptian pregnant women in this study were a lack of time, a lack of money, and a lack of knowledge about appropriate sources of information.

2021 ◽  
pp. 126958
Campista-León Samuel ◽  
López-Espinoza José Uriel ◽  
Garcia-Guerrero Joel Tohevaris ◽  
Alfonso-Corrado Cecilia ◽  
Clark-Tapia Ricardo ◽  

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