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2022 ◽  
Vol 5 (2) ◽  
Agus Widodo ◽  
Merdieco Rivandi

ABSTRACTThe purpose of this study was to determine student achievement in the manufacturing process subject before giving treatment, to determine student achievement in the manufacturing process course after treatment, to determine whether there was an effect of the inquiry method on student achievement in the manufacturing process course and to find out whether there is a difference in learning achievement after treatment on the use of the inquiry method and the demonstration method. The type of research conducted by the researcher is Quasi Experiment. The research design used is Non Equivalent Control Group Design. The subjects of this study were third semester students (Industrial Engineering) at the Cikarang Industrial META Polytechnic. Data collection techniques were carried out through objective tests, observations of the welding process and assessment of welding results with performance. The results showed that the learning achievement of electric arc welding subjects before being given treatment in the control group and the experimental group had the same initial ability and the data results showed that there were still many students who had not finished. Learning achievement after being given treatment increased in both the control group and the experimental group. After learning with the inquiry method there is an influence on student learning achievement. Besides the effect, there are also differences in learning achievement after being given treatment, namely by comparing the results of the pretest and post-test, after the application of the demonstration method the test results have a significant percentage difference. Keywords: Inquiry Method, Learning Achievement, Electric Arc Welding  ABSTRAKTujuan dari penelitian ini adalah untuk mengetahui prestasi belajar mahasiswa pada mata kuliah proses manufaktur sebelum pemberian perlakuan, mengetahui prestasi belajar mahasiswa pada mata kuliah proses manufaktur setelah pemberian perlakuan, mengetahui ada tidaknya pengaruh metode inquiry terhadap prestasi belajar mahasiswa pada mata mata kulaih proses manufaktur dan mengetahui ada tidaknya perbedaan prestasi belajar setelah perlakuan pada penggunaan metode inquiry dan metode demonstrasi. Jenis penelitian yang dilakukan oleh peneliti adalah Quasi Eksperimen. Desain penelitian yang digunakan adalah Non Equivalent Control Group Design. Subjek penelitian ini adalah mahasiswa semester III (Teknik Industri) di Politeknik META Industri Cikarang. Teknik pengumpulan data dilakukan melalui tes objektif, observasi terhadap proses pengelasan dan penilaian hasil las dengan unjuk kerja. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan bahwa prestasi belajar mata pelajaran las busur listrik sebelum diberikan perlakuan pada kelompok kontrol dan kelompok eksperimen memiliki kemampuan awal yang setara dan hasil data menunjukkan masih banyak mahasiswa yang belum tuntas. Prestasi belajar setelah diberikan perlakuan mengalami kenaikan baik pada kelompok kontrol maupun kelompok eksperimen. Setelah pembelajaran dengan metode inquiry terdapat pengaruh pada prestasi belajar mahasiswa. Selain pengaruh terdapat juga perbedaan prestasi belajar setelah diberikan perlakuan yaitu dengan membandingkan hasil pretest dan post-test, setelah penerapan metode demonstrasi hasil tes memiliki persentase perbedaan yang cukup berarti .Kata kunci: Metode Inquiry, Prestasi Belajar, Las Busur Listrik

2022 ◽  
Vol 11 (1) ◽  
pp. 103-116
Emmanuel Bizimana ◽  
Dieudonné Mutangana ◽  
Adrian Mwesigye

<p style="text-align: justify;">The performance in biology at the secondary level has not been as good as expected. This has been a matter of concern. Thus, there has been a continuous focus on exploring newer innovative learner-centered and friendly instructional strategies to enhance understanding and retention in biology. This study, therefore, determined the effects of Concept Mapping (CM) and Cooperative Mastery Learning (CML) on fostering retention in photosynthesis among secondary schools in Nyamagabe district, Rwanda. A pre-test and post-test non-equivalent control group quasi-experimental design was used. Data were obtained from 151 students taught with CM, 144 students taught with CML, and 154 students taught with Conventional Teaching Methods (CTM). The Photosynthesis Retention Test (KR-21= 0.82) was used for data collection. The data were mainly analyze d using mean and Analysis of Covariance (ANCOVA). The results showed that the CM and CML treatment groups outperformed the CTM group in retention in photosynthesis. There was a statistically significant difference in favor of the CM between the two experimental groups. The male and female students taught using CM retained equally in photosynthesis while gender difference was revealed in the mean retention scores of the students exposed to the CML, with females retained significantly higher than males. The study concluded that the CM and CML strategies were more effective than CTM. It was suggested, among other things, that teachers should be encouraged to apply CM and CML strategies when teaching biology.</p>

2022 ◽  
Vol 3 (1) ◽  
pp. 2134-2145
Raudatul Mispa ◽  
Aminuddin Prahatama Putra ◽  
Muhammad Zaini

Tujuan: Mendeskripsikan (1) pengaruh penggunaan e-LKPD berbasis live worksheet pada konsep protista terhadap hasil belajar kognitif produk (2) pengaruh penggunaan e-LKPD berbasis live worksheet pada konsep protista terhadap hasil belajar kognitif proses. Metode: Menggunakan pendekatan quasi experiment dengan desain The Non-equivalent Control Group Design. Sampel penelitian adalah X MIPA 3 dan 4 yang masing-masing berjumlah 28 orang sebagai kelas eksperimen dan kelas X MIPA 2 berjumlah 29 orang sebagai kelas kontrol. Teknik analisis data untuk hasil belajar kognitif menggunakan uji Mann-Whitney. Hasil: Menunjukkan (1) terdapat pengaruh penggunaan e-LKPD berbasis live worksheet terhadap hasil belajar kognitif produk peserta didik (sig. 0,045), (2) terdapat pengaruh penggunaan e-LKPD berbasis live worksheet terhadap hasil belajar kognitif proses peserta didik (sig. 0,038). Perlunya inovasi kembali terhadap e-LKPD, serta merencanakan pengalokasian waktu dengan benar dan terencana.

2022 ◽  
Vol 6 ◽  
R. Muhammad Amin Sunarhadi ◽  
Sugeng Utaya ◽  
I Komang Astina ◽  
Budijanto Budijanto ◽  
Pranichayudha Rohsulina

Geography education is realized in learning that combines the study of physical and human geography in a spatial context. GIS Learning in universities is directed to be able to equip students in the use of spatial information which must be accompanied by the ability to manage it cognitively. This study aimed to assess the effectiveness of Spatial Thinking Ability learning materials development. The model used in this research and development study was the Dick & Carey model. Field trial was carried out by experimental research using a Quasi Experiment model. The trial design was Post-test Only, Non-Equivalent Control Group Design. The trial was carried out on sixth-semester undergraduate students at Muhammadiyah Surakarta who had taken a GIS course with as many as 41 students. The activity took place in March 2018. In this study, some students were given treatment in spatial thinking ability learning. The result shows a U value of 56 and a W value of 209. When converted to a Z value, the value is -3.943. Sig value or P-Value of 0.000 <0.05.

Mathematics ◽  
2022 ◽  
Vol 10 (2) ◽  
pp. 184
Andrey Borisov ◽  
Alexey Bosov ◽  
Gregory Miller

The paper presents an optimal control problem for the partially observable stochastic differential system driven by an external Markov jump process. The available controlled observations are indirect and corrupted by some Wiener noise. The goal is to optimize a linear function of the state (output) given a general quadratic criterion. The separation principle, verified for the system at hand, allows examination of the control problem apart from the filter optimization. The solution to the latter problem is provided by the Wonham filter. The solution to the former control problem is obtained by formulating an equivalent control problem with a linear drift/nonlinear diffusion stochastic process and with complete information. This problem, in turn, is immediately solved by the application of the dynamic programming method. The applicability of the obtained theoretical results is illustrated by a numerical example, where an optimal amplification/stabilization problem is solved for an unstable externally controlled step-wise mechanical actuator.

2022 ◽  
Vol 38 (1) ◽  
pp. 110-118
Francisco Domingo Fernández-Martín ◽  
José Luis Arco-Tirado ◽  
Mirian Hervás-Torres

The aim of this study was to check the impact of an intervention program based on peer-tutoring on self-regulated learning of freshmen, as well as on peer tutors. The sample consisted of 102 freshmen (51 experimental group y 51 control group) and 50 seniors from four different university degrees. Self-regulated learning was measured by the Motivated Strategies Learning Questionnaire. After assigning freshmen randomly to either the experimental or control condition, the study adopted a quasi-experimental research design with a non-equivalent control group controlled by statistical techniques, the intervention consisted of 20 individual tutoring sessions highly structured to freshmen delivered by seniors or tutors, after receiving three sessions of training on tutoring. The results yield statistically significant differences in self-regulated learning on participants. El objetivo de este estudio fue demostrar el impacto de un programa de intervención basado en la tutoría entre iguales para mejorar la autorregulación del aprendizaje del alumnado universitario de nuevo ingreso, identificando asimismo sus efectos en el alumnado tutor. La muestra estuvo compuesta por 102 estudiantes de nuevo ingreso (51 grupo experimental y 51 grupo control) y 50 estudiantes de último curso de cuatro titulaciones. La autorregulación del aprendizaje se evaluó a través del Cuestionario de Estrategias de Aprendizaje y Motivación. Después de asignar aleatoriamente al alumnado de nuevo ingreso a la condición experimental o control de un diseño cuasiexperimental con grupo control no equivalente mejorado con técnicas de control estadístico, la intervención consistió en 20 sesiones individuales de tutoría altamente estructuradas con el alumnado de nuevo ingreso, dirigidas por el alumnado de último curso o tutor, que fue previamente entrenado para ello en tres sesiones de formación. Los resultados arrojan diferencias estadísticamente significativas en autorregulación del aprendizaje para el alumnado participante.

Shazia Sarwar ◽  
Muhammad Samiullah ◽  
Fazal-ur- Rahman

Abstract This study was conducted to determine the effect of Cognitive Acceleration Programme on the critical thinking skills of 9th graders. The posttest only non-equivalent control group design was used. Two sections of class 9th were selected conveniently for experimentation. There were 80 participants (girls) in the experiment. There were 30 intervention lessons in the experimental classrooms. The posttest was designed based on Cornell Critical thinking test. Test was validated by experts from the Faculty of Education, Allama Iqbal Open University Islamabad. The data were analyzed by the SPSS. The independent sample t-statistics were applied for control and experimental groups separately. The t-value for the comparison of performance of experimental and control group in sub-skills of critical thinking i.e., inference, deduction, assumption, interpretation, and argumentation showed significant difference. The results showed that critical thinking skills can be developed significantly through cognitive acceleration programme. So, the thinking science activities were recommended to science educators to incorporate into the classroom to accelerate critical thinking of students. Keywords: Cognitive Acceleration, Critical Thinking, Inference, Deduction, Assumption, Interpretation, Argumentation

2021 ◽  
Vol 2 (2) ◽  
pp. 121-127
Grace A. Naram ◽  
Cosmas Poluakan

Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk mengetahui pengaruh model pembelajaran Science Technology Society (STS) berbasis multiple representation terhadap hasil belajar IPA siswa SMP Kristen Tongke di era pandemi covid-19. Penelitian ini merupakan penelitian quasi experiment menggunakan rancangan penelitian non equivalent control group design. Sampel yang digunakan pada penelitian ini diambil dari semua populasi dengan menggunakan teknik sampling jenuh yang terdiri dari 2 kelas, yaitu kelas VIII A sebagai kelas eksperimen dan kelas VIII B sebagai kelas kontrol yang masing-masing terdiri dari 15 orang. Data dianalisis menggunakan SPSS versi 21 dan diperoleh nilai sig sebesar 0,001 < 0,05 maka Ha diterima dan H0 ditolak. Sehingga dapat disimpulkan bahwa terdapat pengaruh model pembelajaran STS berbasis multiple representation terhadap hasil belajar IPA siswa SMP Kristen Tongke di era pandemi covid-19.

Sagita Darma Sari ◽  
Marcatus Soleha ◽  
Indah Rahmadaniah

Berdasarkan data hasil Riset Kesehatan Dasar (RISKESDAS) tahun 2018,  prevalensi angka kejadian anemia pada kehamilan di Indonesia sebanyak 48,9%. Faktor penyebab anemia pada ibu hamil adalah karena kekurangan zat besi dalam tubuh. Salah satu upaya untuk meningkatkan penyerapan zat besi didalam tubuh yaitu dengan cara meningkatkan asupan vitamin C. Rosella (hibiscus sabdariffa) merupakan tanaman herbal dengan kandungan vitamin C yang tinggi 9 kali lipat dari jeruk citrus dan 10 kali lipat dari buah belimbing. Tujuan dari penelitian ini adalah mengetahui efektivitas seduhan teh rosella kering terhadap peningkatan kadar hemoglobin pada ibu hamil trimester II. Metode penelitian ini menggunakan Quasy Eksperiment dengan pendekatan non-equivalent control-group, Analisa data menggunakan analisis univariat, bivariat menggunakan uji t-test. Sampel dalam penelitian ini adalah ibu hamil trimester II dengan jumlah 20 responden dibagi menjadi 2 kelompok. Kelompok eksperimen diberikan seduhan teh rosella kering dengan dosis 115,2 mg/kgBB/hari sedangkan pada kelompok kontrol diberikan tablet Fe 1x1/hari. Setelah 14 hari, maka akan dilakukan pemeriksaan kadar hemoglobin kembali baik pada kelompok eksperimen maupun pada kelompok kontrol. Hasil uji t-test dengan taraf signifikansi α = 0,05 didapatkan ( p value = 0,045) pada kelompok eksperimen dan (p value = 0,046) pada kelompok kontrol dengan nilai rata-rata terjadi peningkatan kadar hemoglobin pada kelompok eksperimen sebanyak 1.070 gr/dl sedangkan rata-rata peningkatan kadar hemoglobin pada kelompok kontrol 0.900 gr/dl sehingga dapat disimpulkan adanya efektivitas seduhan teh rosella kering terhadap peningkatan kadar hemoglobin pada ibu hamil trimester II.

2021 ◽  
Vol 11 (2) ◽  
pp. 175-180
Jofi Kuswanto ◽  
Muh. Nasir ◽  
Ariyansyah Ariyansyah

Penelitian ini merupakan jenis penelitian quasy experimental dengan desain equivalent control group. Sampel dalam penelitian ini adalah siswa kelas X SMA Negeri 1 Wera. Teknik pengambilan sampel yang digunakan adalah teknik cluster random sampling dengan materi keanekaragaman hayati. Proses pengumpulan data peneliti menggunakan instrumen tes, , observasi, Dari hasil penelitian, model pembelajaran konvensional terhadap Kemampuan Literasi Sains pada kelas kontrol diperoleh nilai rata-rata pretest sebesar 66.79 dan nilai rata-rata posttest sebesar 79.29 sedangkan model pembelajaran gaided inquiry terhadap Kemampuan Literasi Sains pada kelas eksperimen diperoleh nilai rata-rata pretest sebesar74.64, dan nilai rata-rata posttest sebesar 85.71. Hasil uji hipotesis kemampuan literasi sains ditemukan nilai sig 2-tailed 0,02. Oleh karena nilai sig < 0,05, artinya H0 ditolak H1 diterima, maka dapat disimpulkan bahwa pembelajaran biologi dengan model gaided inquiry berpengaruh terhadap Kemampuan Literasi Sains siswa kelas X pada materi keanekaragaman hayati di SMA Negeri 1 Wera. Kata Kunci : gaided inquiry, Kemampuan Literasi Sains

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