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Raveendra Gudodagi ◽  
Rayapur Venkata Siva Reddy ◽  
Mohammed Riyaz Ahmed

Owing to the substantial volume of human genome sequence data files (from 30-200 GB exposed) Genomic data compression has received considerable traction and storage costs are one of the major problems faced by genomics laboratories. This involves a modern technology of data compression that reduces not only the storage but also the reliability of the operation. There were few attempts to solve this problem independently of both hardware and software. A systematic analysis of associations between genes provides techniques for the recognition of operative connections among genes and their respective yields, as well as understandings into essential biological events that are most important for knowing health and disease phenotypes. This research proposes a reliable and efficient deep learning system for learning embedded projections to combine gene interactions and gene expression in prediction comparison of deep embeddings to strong baselines. In this paper we preform data processing operations and predict gene function, along with gene ontology reconstruction and predict the gene interaction. The three major steps of genomic data compression are extraction of data, storage of data, and retrieval of the data. Hence, we propose a deep learning based on computational optimization techniques which will be efficient in all the three stages of data compression.

2022 ◽  
Brendan Gaesser ◽  
Dylan Campbell ◽  
Liane Young

Experimental psychology’s recent shift toward low-effort, high-volume methods (e.g.,self-reports, online studies) and away from the more effortful study of naturalistic behavior raises concerns about the ecological validity of findings from these fields, concerns that have become particularly apparent in the field of moral psychology. To help address these concerns, we introduce a paradigm allowing researchers to investigate an important, widespread form of altruistic behavior – charitable donations – in a manner balancing competing concerns about internal validity, ecological validity, and ease of implementation: relief registries, which leverage existing online gift registry platforms to allow research subjects to choose among highly neededdonation items to ship directly to charitable organizations. Here, we demonstrate the use of relief registries in two experiments exploring the ecological validity of the finding from our own research that people are more willing to help others after having imagined themselves doing so. In this way, we sought to provide a blueprint for researchers seeking to enhance the ecological validity of their own research in a narrow sense (i.e., by using the relief registry paradigm we introduce) and in broader terms by adapting paradigms that take advantage of modern technology to directly impact others’ lives outside the lab.

منى الشاوي

Educational process has a great impact on the motivation of the learners, and these incentives (motives) are under the control of the teacher who directs the educational process. Accordingly, this action research is carried out to examine the effectiveness of certain teaching/ learning strategies and techniques applied for grade nine students chosen from Fatima Al-Zahra Preparatory School- Qatar to raise their motivation for learning English language. The findings show that external motivations (extrinsic) are among the most important factors in the success of learning English language, which are compensatory factors in the absence of the spontaneous desire to learn that language. The selected students have undergone varieties of active learning strategies, resources and tensive use of modern technology. The methods that are implemented in this study, include the designed questionnaire and the official exams sheets conducted on the targeted students. However, both qualitative and quantitative approaches are used to analyze the data. The present study shows that the students are academically weak in English language, not well motivated to learn English, the learning strategies, resources, and techniques utilized in the classroom proved to be effective to motivate the students and are reflected on the academic performance of the students. Therefore, the data analysis of the success ratio among the targeted students has shown an increase from 41.5% to 91.5% after the application of new strategies and techniques.

2022 ◽  
Vol 11 ◽  
pp. 7
Ian Munro Rogers

The early observations of those who first described babies with pyloric stenosis (PS) are used as a backdrop for the development of the Inherited Primary Hyperacidity theory of cause. Those early truths, uncomplicated by modern technology, have acted as a springboard for pathogenesis. Hyperacidity, male predominance, family history, self-cure, enhanced appetite, and time-sensitive presentation were all well known to the early pioneers. Any system of pathogenesis must explain all these clinical features. The Inherited Primary Hyperacidity theory does this and is a credible explanation for all the clinical features established by these early pioneers. The evidence which supports a delay in maturation of the negative feedback between gastrin and gastric acidity is presented. Such a phenomenon further supports the Primary Hyperacidity theory.

2022 ◽  
Vol ahead-of-print (ahead-of-print) ◽  
Fatima Isiaka ◽  
Zainab Adamu

PurposeOne of the contributions of artificial intelligent (AI) in modern technology is emotion recognition which is mostly based on facial expression and modification of its inference engine. The facial recognition scheme is mostly built to understand user expression in an online business webpage on a marketing site but has limited abilities to recognise elusive expressions. The basic emotions are expressed when interrelating and socialising with other personnel online. At most times, studying how to understand user expression is often a most tedious task, especially the subtle expressions. An emotion recognition system can be used to optimise and reduce complexity in understanding users' subconscious thoughts and reasoning through their pupil changes.Design/methodology/approachThis paper demonstrates the use of personal computer (PC) webcam to read in eye movement data that includes pupil changes as part of distinct user attributes. A custom eye movement algorithm (CEMA) is used to capture users' activity and record the data which is served as an input model to an inference engine (artificial neural network (ANN)) that helps to predict user emotional response conveyed as emoticons on the webpage.FindingsThe result from the error in performance shows that ANN is most adaptable to user behaviour prediction and can be used for the system's modification paradigm.Research limitations/implicationsOne of the drawbacks of the analytical tool is its inability in some cases to set some of the emoticons within the boundaries of the visual field, this is a limitation to be tackled within subsequent runs with standard techniques.Originality/valueThe originality of the proposed model is its ability to predict basic user emotional response based on changes in pupil size between average recorded baseline boundaries and convey the emoticons chronologically with the gaze points.

Iftikhar Ahmad ◽  
Nasir Ali ◽  
Samaira Aziz ◽  
Sami Ullah Khan

The ultra-high significances of thermal radiation, magnetic field and activation energy in thermal enhancement processes allow significant applications in chemical and mechanical engineering, modern technology and various thermal engineering eras. The improvement in energy resources and production became one of the major challenges for researchers and scientists for sustained development in industrial growths. Beside this, the bioconvection assessment in nanomaterials conveys prestigious applications in biotechnology like bio-sensors, enzymes, petroleum industry, bio-fuels and many more. In view of such renewable applications, present exploration discloses unsteady two-dimensional flow of third-grade nanomaterial accommodating gyrotactic microorganisms induced by unsteady stretched Riga sheet in porous medium. The formulated flow problem is further scrutinized by utilizing the chemical reaction, activation energy, thermal radiation and magnetic aspects. The convective Nield constraints are further subjected in the current investigation. Apposite transformations are used to condense the nonlinear developed problem into dimensionless ordinary form. The numerical solution of such similar flow problem is presented via shooting technique. The detailed graphical illustrations of the dimensionless temperature, nanoparticles concentration, velocity and motile microorganisms for physical significance of diverse relevant parameters are deliberated. Furthermore, numerical data of local Sherwood, Nusselt and motile density numbers is designated in tabular form. Study accentuated that velocity increases for higher modified Hartmann and material constants, while the effects of buoyancy ratio and bioconvected Rayleigh numbers are rather opposite. The temperature, microorganism and concentration distributions were enhanced for unsteady parameter. It is also acknowledged that the concentration distribution is enhanced for activating the energy number. Moreover, the microorganism distribution enhances for concentration difference and magneto-porous constants, while bioconvected Lewis and Peclet numbers show conflicting trend.

2022 ◽  
Vol 3 (2) ◽  
pp. 167-182
A Zahid ◽  
Rista Aulia Sholikhah ◽  
Siti Mariyam

Modern society has unknowingly been dominated by modern technology which makes humans passive and uncritical of social conditions, as well as receptive. That people no longer live with technology, but is controlled by technology, this rationality can be seen when cellphones do not have a connection to the internet, it can be said that they will be out of date because they cannot update the latest information. This becomes an interesting discussion because it is almost felt by students, especially students of IAIN Kediri. This research uses a critical study of Herbert Marcuse's technological rationality which leads to one-dimensional humans or commonly referred to as One Dimensional Man. Therefore, this study seeks to explain the phenomena that occur among students related to meeting the needs of data packages that can affect various aspects of their daily lives. The results of this study are the need for a data package for the students of IAIN Kediri as a primary need. This is because with the data package students are able to find out the latest information on matters related to lectures, on the other hand, with the student data package, smartphones are also dominated by various features in it.

Angela MADAN ◽  
Mihai Ioan Rosca

In the 21st century, businesses and communicators have faced new challenges. In the era of modern technology, internationalization and globalization, marketing communication implements new tools, trends and opportunities. Internet and technological development have opened up the potential for two-way marketing communication and online as well as offline communications are required for companies.

2022 ◽  
Vol ahead-of-print (ahead-of-print) ◽  
Meine Pieter van Dijk ◽  
Gigi Limpens ◽  
Julius Gatune Kariuki ◽  
Diederik de Boer

PurposeThis article explores the potential of an emerging group of farmers in Kenya, namely the growing segment of urban-based medium-size farmers, often called “telephone farmers”. To what extent do they benefit from an emerging ecosystem to support them in operating their farms, and what does that mean for the Hidden middle of agricultural value chains, the actors between the farmers and consumers? Unlocking the potential production of telephone farmers will require more services from collectors, traders, transport firms, the storage facilities, wholesalers and processing units and retailers. Ultimately, optimized telephone farm production benefits the business of Hidden middle value chain actors, increases incomes and jobs and improves food security.Design/methodology/approachBased on a survey and in-depth interviews a profile of the telephone farmers is given and their role as innovators is analyzed. The Latia Resource Centre (LRC) provides assistance to medium-size farmers, like the telephone farmers, helping them to prepare business plans and use modern technology and contributing to an emerging ecosystem providing support to all farmers.FindingsThe article analyzes the medium-size telephone farmers. It documents the contributions of this new agricultural actor to developing value chains and a dynamic ecosystem. The paper profiles the telephone farmers first and then identifies what they need and the support they receive. The emerging innovative ecosystem impacts agricultural productivity and production and hence the development of value chains. Small farmers gain access to opportunities offered by telephone farmers, working for them as outgrower or farm worker.Research limitations/implicationsThe authors used a small sample of 51 farmers and covered only a two-year period.Social implicationsSmall farmers are being helped through the emerging eco-system and farm labor acquire skills, which they can also you on another or their own farm.Originality/valueBased on the analysis an even more effective ecosystem is suggested and policy recommendations are formulated before the conclusion is drawn that these medium-size farmers contribute to innovation diffusion, inclusive value chain development and food security and are becoming part of this expanding, innovative ecosystem. Following the debate on food security the results suggest to pay more attention to the development of telephone farmers given their role in developing agricultural value chains and innovative ecosystems.

2022 ◽  
Vol 12 (1) ◽  
Salona Prahladh ◽  
Jacqueline Van Wyk

Abstract Background Forensic and legal medicine requires all documentation to be recorded in a manner that is admissible in court. Issues surrounding privacy, confidentiality, and security mar the implementation of electronic document systems in medicine. Awareness of current legislature governing record keeping and electronic documentation especially in modern medicine and forensic medicine has not been sufficiently explored. This study explored the current South African and international laws that govern admissibility of evidence, especially relating to electronic evidence, for use in court and research, Findings Egypt, UK, Canada and the USA have similar legislation to South Africa regarding admissibility of electronic records. The South African Electronic Communications and Transactions Act no. 25 of 2002 defines data and the Criminal Procedure Act 51 of 1977 further defines the admissibility of evidence in court and the National Health Act regulates publication of deceased information after death. Conclusions Forensic medicine requires all documentation to be admissible in court and the storage of data thus requires proper custodianship and a high level of security, which can be achieved with modern technology. Modern medicine is evolving and technology can create secure and efficient methods of record keeping which will benefit forensic and legal medicine. Knowledge of the laws regarding admissibility of evidence can assist in creating electronic evidence that is permitted in court and can be used for research.

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