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2022 ◽  
Vol 14 (1) ◽  
pp. 25
Gianfranco Lombardo ◽  
Michele Tomaiuolo ◽  
Monica Mordonini ◽  
Gaia Codeluppi ◽  
Agostino Poggi

In the knowledge discovery field of the Big Data domain the analysis of geographic positioning and mobility information plays a key role. At the same time, in the Natural Language Processing (NLP) domain pre-trained models such as BERT and word embedding algorithms such as Word2Vec enabled a rich encoding of words that allows mapping textual data into points of an arbitrary multi-dimensional space, in which the notion of proximity reflects an association among terms or topics. The main contribution of this paper is to show how analytical tools, traditionally adopted to deal with geographic data to measure the mobility of an agent in a time interval, can also be effectively applied to extract knowledge in a semantic realm, such as a semantic space of words and topics, looking for latent trajectories that can benefit the properties of neural network latent representations. As a case study, the Scopus database was queried about works of highly cited researchers in recent years. On this basis, we performed a dynamic analysis, for measuring the Radius of Gyration as an index of the mobility of researchers across scientific topics. The semantic space is built from the automatic analysis of the paper abstracts of each author. In particular, we evaluated two different methodologies to build the semantic space and we found that Word2Vec embeddings perform better than the BERT ones for this task. Finally, The scholars’ trajectories show some latent properties of this model, which also represent new scientific contributions of this work. These properties include (i) the correlation between the scientific mobility and the achievement of scientific results, measured through the H-index; (ii) differences in the behavior of researchers working in different countries and subjects; and (iii) some interesting similarities between mobility patterns in this semantic realm and those typically observed in the case of human mobility.

2022 ◽  
Vol 4 ◽  
Alessandro Di Girolamo ◽  
Federica Legger ◽  
Panos Paparrigopoulos ◽  
Jaroslava Schovancová ◽  
Thomas Beermann ◽  

As a joint effort from various communities involved in the Worldwide LHC Computing Grid, the Operational Intelligence project aims at increasing the level of automation in computing operations and reducing human interventions. The distributed computing systems currently deployed by the LHC experiments have proven to be mature and capable of meeting the experimental goals, by allowing timely delivery of scientific results. However, a substantial number of interventions from software developers, shifters, and operational teams is needed to efficiently manage such heterogenous infrastructures. Under the scope of the Operational Intelligence project, experts from several areas have gathered to propose and work on “smart” solutions. Machine learning, data mining, log analysis, and anomaly detection are only some of the tools we have evaluated for our use cases. In this community study contribution, we report on the development of a suite of operational intelligence services to cover various use cases: workload management, data management, and site operations.

2022 ◽  
Vol 17 (1) ◽  
pp. 1-23
Levente Alpek B. ◽  
Róbert Tésits ◽  
Melissza Zita Lempek ◽  
Péter Kókay ◽  

The scholarly journal Modern Geográfia has been providing a publication platform for researchers of geography and, more broadly, the natural and social sciences for 15 years now. Effective dissemination of scientific results is of paramount importance in broadening the horizons of both basic and applied research. The aim of the present study is to explore the role of Modern Geográfia in the above process, thus to outline its profile and possible directions for its further development. The applied method can be an effective help in formulating the portfolio and the strategic goals of other scholarly journals. The methodological basis of the research is provided by the statistical analysis of the journal based on a primary database containing several indicators. The results cover the number of articles published in the journal, in addition to the dynamics of the publications, its profiling, the presentation of the affected topics, and the evaluation of the trends of recent years. In addition to all this, the study reviews the team of professionals that has given content to the journal with the results of its scientific research.

2022 ◽  
Vol 2 (1) ◽  
pp. 2-12
Bánier Ramírez Reyes ◽  
Nicholaus Mtegho Banzi ◽  
Yoel Rodríguez Valera ◽  
Harold Font Puente ◽  
Yanara Almaguer Pérez ◽  

La investigación se realizó en la oriental provincia de Granma, área que destaca por sus resultados científicos relacionados con el comportamiento productivo de la especie bubalina en Cuba. El objetivo fue estimar el peso vivo a través de medidas corporales  en bucerros desde el nacimiento hasta los ocho meses de edad. Se registraron datos de 1 302 animales, hembras y machos nacidos de 120 búfalas  de la raza Buffalypso en  el período 2008 a 2015, las medidas corporales: alto de la cruz (AC), longitud del cuerpo (LC), perímetro torácico (PT), perímetro abdominal (PA), ancho de la pelvis  (AP), largo de la pelvis (LP) y ancho del tórax (AT) fueron medidas con cinta métrica en cm. Mientras el peso vivo (PV) fue determinado con plataforma digital, todas las maniobras se hicieron cada 30 días. Los modelos predictivos utilizados fueron: Quetélet,  PV = (PT)2 (longitud de cuerpo) (87,5); Crevat,  PV= (PT) (Longitud del cuerpo) (PA) (80) y Correa, PV= (PT)2(Longitud del cuerpo)/ 300. Los resultados comparativos por sexo arrojaron diferencias altamente significativas (P<0,001) para el PA y diferencias significativas (P<0,05) para el PT, PV, LP y LC a favor de los machos. EL modelo que mostró mejor ajuste (r2=0,96, P>0,001) combinó tres variables (PT, PA y LC), aunque el perímetro torácico solo mostró parámetros elevados (r2=0,94, P>0,001). Finalmente se concluye que las elevadas correlaciones entre las medidas corporales y el peso vivo,  demuestran  que las variables estudiadas pueden por si solas o combinadas explicar el comportamiento del peso vivo, pero la ecuación de predicción del PV (kg) a través de PT (cm) propuesta atribuye mayores ventajas para la práctica del pesaje.   The research was carried out in the eastern province of Granma, an area that stands out for its scientific results related to the productive behavior of the buffalo species in Cuba. The objective was to estimate live weight through body measurements in calves from birth to eight months of age. Data were recorded on 1 302 animals, females and males born to 120 buffaloes of the Buffalypso breed in the period 2008 to 2015, body measurements: height at the withers (AC), body length (LC), thoracic perimeter (PT) , abdominal perimeter (PA), pelvic width (AP), pelvic length (LP) and chest width (AT) were measured with a tape measure in cm. While the live weight (PV) was determined with a digital platform, all the maneuvers were done every 30 days. The predictive models used were: Quetélet, PV = (PT) 2 (body length) (87.5); Crevat, PV = (PT) (Body length) (PA) (80) and Correa, PV = (PT) 2 (Body length) / 300. The comparative results by sex yielded highly significant differences (P <0.001) for the PA and significant differences (P <0.05) for the PT, PV, LP and LC in favor of males. The model that showed the best fit (r2 = 0.96, P> 0.001) combined three variables (PT, PA and LC), although the thoracic perimeter only showed elevated parameters (r2 = 0.94, P> 0.001). Finally, it is concluded that the high correlations between body measurements and live weight show that the variables studied can, alone or in combination, explain the behavior of live weight, but the prediction equation of LW (kg) through PT (cm ) proposal attributes greater advantages to the practice of weighing.

2022 ◽  
pp. 788-806
Mamata Rath

Research and publication is considered an authenticated certificate of innovative work done by researchers in various fields. In research, new scientific results may be assessed, corrected, and further built up by the scientific neighborhood only if they are available in published form. Guidelines on accountable research and publication are currently set to encourage and promote high ethical standards in the conduct of research and in biomedical publications. They address various aspects of the research and publishing including duties of editors and authorship determination. The chapter presents research and publication system using big data analytics and research data management techniques with a background of information systems and need of information in research data management.

2021 ◽  
Vol 34 (06) ◽  
pp. 1793-1799
Oleg Moskvichev ◽  
Svetlana Leonova

The article deals with the organization of high-quality interaction of various types of passenger transport in the transport- interchange hub. Urban and regional interchange hubs are being studied. A methodology based on the use of quantitative methods and implemented with the help of software products (the developed program "Effective transfers" and the well-known simulation modeling programs PTV Visum, AnyLogic) is suggested. This method is applicable for any city and includes 3 stages. At the first stage, the number of passengers in the transport-interchange hubs who transfer from one type of urban public transport to another is predicted; the direction of passenger traffic is determined; urban routes that require schedule approval are chosen. At the second stage, the number of passengers who use the considered transport-interchange hub to transfer from suburban, intercity transport to urban modes of transport is predicted. At the third stage, the schedule of all types of transport is coordinated; the need for rolling stock is determined; passenger traffic is modeled and studied at the hub in order to rationally organize the planning structure of the transport-interchange hub. The obtained scientific results can be used in the design of a system of transport and transfer hubs and planning the placement of transport and social facilities on the territory of the transport-interchange hub.

MZM Nafeel

Learning different languages for different reasons in addition to the mother tongue is essential in the present context, like learning Arabic in Sri Lanka. Arabic is the language of religion of Islam. Muslims in Sri Lanka have been learning this language since the emergence of Islam for religious purposes. Religious educational institutions were established many years ago in Sri Lanka. These institutions (madrasas) for teaching the Holy Quran and religious sciences appeared in the late eighteen centuries. However, there are shortcomings in these educational institutions in terms of their educational and administrative activities. A study on "Challenges faced by Arabic Madrasas in Sri Lanka", aims to reveal the entry of Arabic into Sri Lanka and its status. It also identifies the challenges and difficulties faced by these institutions in teaching Arabic. To obtain accurate scientific results, this study follows the descriptive qualitative method, using primary and secondary information, primary data was collected through interviews with specialists in teaching Arabic. For secondary data, books and other authentic documents were studied. In this study, the researcher has identified difficulties in teaching Arabic in the Sri Lankan context; designing teaching materials due to lack of agreement among the institutions, difficulties in appointing efficient teachers since the salaries are not attractive, unavailability of good environment for education and the lack of modern equipment.


A review of the reports of the last two Moscow International Symposia on Solar System Research has been completed. In the first part of the review, 43 reports of the main session of the "Mars" section are considered. The works of leading experts in the field of planetary science cover a wide range of scientific and applied problems - from the study of the geological history and climate of Mars, the search for traces of life and subsurface water reserves, to new technologies in planetary research, mission planning, as well as monitoring solar activity and radiation conditions in the interplanetary space, orbit and the surface of Mars. The data obtained in the last two decades has made it possible to significantly advance in understanding the nature of Mars, but many unresolved questions remain regarding the climate in the early era, the existence of the Martian oceans in the past, biological and geological activity. The scientific results obtained by unmanned spacecraft should be fully taken into account in the development of manned deep space exploration programs. Key words: Solar system, planetology, international symposium, deep space, automatic interplanetary stations, Mars, Moon, reports review

ScienceRise ◽  
2021 ◽  
pp. 18-24
Olena Bilyk ◽  
Yulia Bondarenko ◽  
Oksana Kochubei-Lytvynenko ◽  
Liudmyla Burchenko

The object of research is the technology of bakery products enriched with a mixture of germinated grains of wheat, corn, barley and oats. Investigated problem: The problem of using a mixture of germinated grains is the formation of a closure sticky crumb in baked goods with a mixture. The reason for this is the high activity in the mixture of amylolytic and proteolytic enzymes. The solution to the problem consists in the developed multicomponent mixture (MM) to improve the consumer properties of bakery products, the formulation of which includes 15 % of the flour mass of the germinated grain mixture. Main scientific results: On the basis of experimental studies, the formulation of the "Solodok+" multicomponent mixture has been developed. The mixture contains: chicory inulin, dry milk whey enriched with Mg and Mn, apple pectin, phosphatide concentrate, enzyme preparation Deltamalt FN-A 50 and ascorbic acid. The optimal dose of the "Solodok+" MM for bakery products is 2.5 % by weight of flour. The area of practical use of the research results: "Solodok+" MM is recommended to be used in the production of bakery products enriched with sprouted grains at enterprises of the bakery industry of various capacities. An innovative technological product: "Solodok+" MM helps not only to reduce the stickiness of the crumb, improve its porosity, increase the volume of products, but also lengthen the freshness of unpackaged products. Scope of application of the innovative technological product: Bakery products with a mixture of sprouted grains and "Solodok+" MM have increased nutritional value, high consumer properties and are intended for a wide range of consumers.

ScienceRise ◽  
2021 ◽  
pp. 53-59
Gulshan Bayramova

Investigated problem. Implementation of the concept of an entrepreneurial university necessitates the formation of a system of activity indicators of educational institutions. The main scientific results. It is specified that the activity of entrepreneurial universities and educational institutions that try to comply with this concept should be systematically rated. The author analyzes modern approaches to estimation of the activity of entrepreneurial universities. The own viewpoint to this evaluation on the basis of calculation of an integrated indicator is offered. The main stages of the algorithm for estimating the activity are described. An integrated activity indicator for five universities has been calculated. The ranking of educational institutions in accordance with the calculated desegregated measures and the concept of entrepreneurial university has been held. The results of the analysis showed that the studied educational institutions from the United States are more in line with the concept of the entrepreneurial university than European ones. The area of practical use of the research results. The practical results of the study can be used in the process of estimating the activity of entrepreneurial universities. Innovative technological product. The scientific approach to the evaluation of the activity of entrepreneurial universities proposed by the author allows to form their rating, to track the position of each educational institution in the dynamics. Scope of application of the innovative technological product: educational policy at the micro- and macroeconomic levels.

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