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2022 ◽  
Vol 13 (2) ◽  
pp. 1-20
Luo He ◽  
Hongyan Liu ◽  
Yinghui Yang ◽  
Bei Wang

We develop a deep learning model based on Long Short-term Memory (LSTM) to predict blood pressure based on a unique data set collected from physical examination centers capturing comprehensive multi-year physical examination and lab results. In the Multi-attention Collaborative Deep Learning model (MAC-LSTM) we developed for this type of data, we incorporate three types of attention to generate more explainable and accurate results. In addition, we leverage information from similar users to enhance the predictive power of the model due to the challenges with short examination history. Our model significantly reduces predictive errors compared to several state-of-the-art baseline models. Experimental results not only demonstrate our model’s superiority but also provide us with new insights about factors influencing blood pressure. Our data is collected in a natural setting instead of a setting designed specifically to study blood pressure, and the physical examination items used to predict blood pressure are common items included in regular physical examinations for all the users. Therefore, our blood pressure prediction results can be easily used in an alert system for patients and doctors to plan prevention or intervention. The same approach can be used to predict other health-related indexes such as BMI.

2022 ◽  
Vol ahead-of-print (ahead-of-print) ◽  
Hasirumane Venkatesh Mukesh ◽  
Vrinda Acharya ◽  
Rajasekharan Pillai

PurposeThe stress-coping model is extensively studied in the academic context. Past studies have primarily focused on different coping strategies adopted by students to overcome academic stress. However, an important question, how to equip students to cope with stress, was ignored. Drawing on stress-coping theory and the extracurricular activity (ECA) literature, the current study investigates the intervention of ECA participation on students’ coping, academic performance, and well-being in a natural setting.Design/methodology/approachThe study follows a “cross-sectional post-test only quasi-experimental design” using a natural experimental setting.FindingsThe findings indicate that participation in ECA has a significant influence on academic outcomes. Different types of ECA participation influence well-being, whereas time spent on ECA positively affects academic performance. Further, the findings also indicate that involvement in ECA moderates the relationship between academic stress and coping.Practical implicationsThe study results have practical implications for designing interventional ECA to enhance students’ academic outcomes and well-being.Originality/valueThe study indicates the effectiveness of ECA participation in dealing with academic stress and the development of constructive coping strategies. Hence, the authors advise the academic administrators to integrate ECA in the academic setting.

2022 ◽  
Vol 12 ◽  
Miika Laihonen ◽  
Kari Saikkonen ◽  
Marjo Helander ◽  
Beatriz R. Vázquez de Aldana ◽  
Iñigo Zabalgogeazcoa ◽  

Plants host taxonomically and functionally complex communities of microbes. However, ecological studies on plant–microbe interactions rarely address the role of multiple co-occurring plant-associated microbes. Here, we contend that plant-associated microbes interact with each other and can have joint consequences for higher trophic levels. In this study we recorded the occurrence of the plant seed pathogenic fungus Claviceps purpurea and aphids (Sitobion sp.) on an established field experiment with red fescue (Festuca rubra) plants symbiotic to a seed transmitted endophytic fungus Epichloë festucae (E+) or non-symbiotic (E–). Both fungi are known to produce animal-toxic alkaloids. The study was conducted in a semi-natural setting, where E+ and E– plants from different origins (Spain and Northern Finland) were planted in a randomized design in a fenced common garden at Kevo Subarctic Research Station in Northern Finland. The results reveal that 45% of E+ plants were infected with Claviceps compared to 31% of E– plants. Uninfected plants had 4.5 times more aphids than Claviceps infected plants. By contrast, aphid infestation was unaffected by Epichloë symbiosis. Claviceps alkaloid concentrations correlated with a decrease in aphid numbers, which indicates their insect deterring features. These results show that plant mutualistic fungi can increase the infection probability of a pathogenic fungus, which then becomes beneficial to the plant by controlling herbivorous insects. Our study highlights the complexity and context dependency of species–species and multi-trophic interactions, thus challenging the labeling of species as plant mutualists or pathogens.

2022 ◽  
pp. 109-120
Alexey Yurichev

The study focuses on gold and silver accessory minerals (native silver, cuprous gold, luanheite (Ag3Hg), unspecified mineral phase (Cu,Ag,Hg), first diagnosed in dunites and apodunite serpentinites of the Kyzyr-Burlyuksky ultramafic massif, which is part of the Kurtushibin ophiolite belt of Western Sayan. The revealed ore minerals are mainly observed in the form of single hypidiomorphic, irregular microscopic precipitates (0.5– 3.0 μm) mainly inside magnetite, much less often in grains of avaruite. Typomorphic and chemical features of ore minerals, their natural setting in rock-forming silicate matrix are characterized. Formation and concentration of these accessory minerals is associated with superimposed low-temperature transformation (hydration) processes affecting original ultramafic rocks. At the same time, the presence of luanheite and an unnamed phase (Cu,Ag,Hg), along with the previously identified potarite (PdHg), is probably evidence of low-temperature conditions of mineral formation during the manifestation of epigenetic processes of serpentinization (lowgrade metamorphism) due to solutions enriched in mercury. The source of such solutions could be gabbro intrusions that penetrated later into the main ultramafic body.

Tobias Schiffler ◽  
Radhika Seiler-Ramadas ◽  
Siniša Štefanac ◽  
Sandra Haider ◽  
Hanna Maria Mües ◽  

Contemporary performance and accessibility are features that enable mobile devices to be increasingly beneficial in the context of optimizing the treatment of psychiatric disorders. Smartphones have the potential to effectively support psychotherapeutic interventions among adolescents and young adults who require them. In the present study, the use and subjective influence of a smartphone app with content from dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) was investigated among transitional age youth (TAY) with borderline personality disorder, focusing on suicidality and non-suicidal self-injury (NSSI), in a natural setting. A longitudinal qualitative approach was used by means of individual semi-structured interviews, where participants were asked about their experiences and associated emotions before and after a testing period of 30 days. A total of 13 TAY with a diagnosed borderline personality disorder between the ages of 18 and 23 were included. Six overarching themes were identified through qualitative text analysis: (1) experiences with DBT skills, (2) phenomenon of self-harm, (3) feelings connected with self-harm, (4) dealing with disorder-specific symptoms, (5) prevention of self-harm, and (6) attitude toward skills apps. In general, the provision of an app with DBT content achieved a positive response among participants. Despite a small change in the perception of suicidality and NSSI, participants could imagine its benefits by integrating their use of the app as a supportive measure for personal psychotherapy sessions.

Aksara ◽  
2022 ◽  
Vol 33 (2) ◽  
pp. 323-333
Sang Ayu Putu Eny Parwati

AbstrakPengenalan budaya lokal sebagai media pengajaran dalam proses belajar mengajar dapat membangkitkan keinginan dan minat, membangkitkan motivasi dan rangsangan kegiatan belajar, bahkan membawa pengaruh-pengaruh psikologis bagi pemelajarnya. Media pembelajaran yang menyangkut budaya pada bahasa yang dipelajari juga dapat membantu peserta didik meningkatkan pemahaman, menyajikan data dengan menarik dan terpercaya, serta memudahkan penafsiran dan memadatkan informasi, seperti yang ada dalam budaya Bali yang dapat diaplikasikan dalam pengajaran BIPA untuk Tingkat Pemula. Dengan menerapkan metode studi pustaka yang berlandaskan pada beberapa sumber dan pengetahuan penulis tentang budaya Bali, tulisan ini dapat dipaparkan dengan metode naturalistik karena hal-hal yang berkaitan dengan masalah budaya dilakukan pada kondisi alamiah (natural setting). Hasil yang diperoleh, yaitu budaya Bali sebagai media pembelajaran BIPA untuk pemelajar Tingkat Pemula, khususnya bagi pemelajar yang sedang belajar di Bali sangat menarik untuk disampaikan sebagai media penunjang pembelajaran utama dan sebagai motivasi untuk meningkatkan kemampuan memahami materi yang sedang dipelajari oleh pemelajar. Pengenalan etika berbicara dalam bentuk sapaan, mengucapkan salam dengan gestur yang tepat, dan mengungkapkan hal-hal yang terkait dengan aktivitas adat dan keagamaan yang masih sangat kental dalam budaya Bali sangat perlu dan menarik untuk diketahui oleh pemelajar. Selain itu, gagasan ini dapat menjadi bahan pertimbangan dalam menyusun bahan ajar atau bahan penunjang pengajaran BIPA untuk Tingkat Pemula selanjutnya, khususnya bagi lembaga BIPA yang ada di Provinsi Bali.Kata kunci: BIPA, budaya Bali, media, motivasiAbstractThe introduction of local culture as arouse teaching medium in the teaching-learning process can arouse desire and interest, evoke motivation and stimulation of learning activities, and even bring psychological influences to the learners. Learning media related to the culture where a language is learned can also help students to increase understanding, present data attractively and reliably, facilitate interpretation and condense information is available in Balinese culture that can be applied in teaching BIPA for Beginner Level. By applying the literature study method which is based on several sources and the author’s knowledge about Balinese culture, this paper can be presented with naturalistic methods because matters relating to cultural issues are carried out in natural settings. The results obtained that the Balinese culture as BIPA learning media for Beginner Level students, especially for students who are studying in Bali is very interesting to be conveyed as a primary learning support medium and as a motivation to improve the ability to understand what is being learned by students. The introduction of ethics speaks in the form of greetings, says greetings with appropriate gestures, and expresses matters related to traditional and religious activities that are still very thick in Balinese culture. In addition, this idea can be taken into consideration in preparing teaching materials or supporting materials for BIPA teaching for the next Beginner Level, especially for BIPA institutions in the Province of BaliKeywords: BIPA, Balinesse culture, supporting materials, motivation

2021 ◽  
Amrih Setyo Raharjo ◽  
Evi Rovikoh Indah Saputri

This study explored the practices of indigenous knowledge-based education. This issue is important to examine because the effects of liberalization and globalization have changed the policy framework of the education sector. This study used qualitative methods with a case study approach. Snowball sampling was used to recruit participants, and data were collected through interviews, observations, and document analysis to understand the educational practices at Sanggar Alam (Salam) Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Salam was an ideal object of research because it has an unusual model of education, on an environmental and cultural basis. Data were interpretated based on the approach of Creswell in order to capture the natural setting. The method of Yin (2003) was applied to verify the data validity. The results of this study indicated that: 1) Salam has an unusual learning model which refers to the education principle initiated by Ki Hadjar Dewantara, that education is to liberate; this is reflected in the teacher’s role as facilitator, and in the learning process which maximizes the environment; and 2) Salam education is built by adopting research-based learning to eliminate irrelevant traditional learning models. These findings indicate that Salam has applied the principles of indigenous knowledge-based education in a concrete way, to guide students to grow without losing their roots. Keywords: freedom education; indigenous based education; Ki Hadjar Dewantara; Sanggar Alam (Salam)

2021 ◽  
Vol 11 (23) ◽  
pp. 72-81
Olavo Avalone Neto ◽  
Jun Munakata

People are drawn to natural settings because they instinctively associate them with providing, nurturing environments. Many studies have linked higher urban greenery ratios to social, psychological, economic, and human health improvements. While urban greenery benefits a large number of people, the monetary burden of its installation and maintenance falls typically to local governments or private entities, requiring urban designers to be able to justify the higher costs of implementation and maintenance. To date, there is still no precise data linking tree cover ratio and the specific effects it has on peoples’ perceptions and impressions of urban plazas or in the environment’s suitability for different activities. This study expands on the findings of previous studies to explore the effects of tree cover ratio and environment scale across twenty-three different evaluation scales. It used immersive virtual environments to control for confounding variables and head-mounted displays to present the stimuli, allowing participants to experience the environment in its totality as in a natural setting. Higher tree cover ratios improved participants’ willingness to stay and pay for goods, improved perception, impressions, and how suitable the environment was for different activities. The specific effects on five measurement scales for activities, nine measurement scales for impression and seven different measurement scales for perception are shown as well as the effects of the interaction of tree cover ratio and environment scale.The effects of sex and architectural background are also tested and discussed. Results offer designers with evidence for the definition of tree amount in relation to environment scale, based on the desired effect.

2021 ◽  
Vol 6 (18) ◽  
Madihah Mat Idris ◽  
Magda Sibley ◽  
Karim Hadjri ◽  
Azhani Abd Manaf

Being in a natural setting and viewing nature have a significant effect on mental health and well-being. Hospital courtyard gardens (HCG) is a common feature found in public hospitals in Malaysia. However, what factors influence the visitation and non-visitation to the HCG are less understood. This study attempts to investigate factors influencing the visit and non-visitation of patients, staff and visitors to the HCGs in three Malaysian public hospitals. The research findings were instrumental to the architects and landscape architects to make necessary improvements for future HCG design and the hospital managers to enhance and retrofit the existing HCG. Keywords: Courtyard Gardens; Visitation; Non-visitation, Public hospital eISSN: 2398-4287© 2021. The Authors. Published for AMER ABRA cE-Bs by e-International Publishing House, Ltd., UK. This is an open access article under the CC BYNC-ND license ( Peer–review under responsibility of AMER (Association of Malaysian Environment-Behaviour Researchers), ABRA (Association of Behavioural Researchers on Asians/Africans/Arabians) and cE-Bs (Centre for Environment-Behaviour Studies), Faculty of Architecture, Planning & Surveying, Universiti Teknologi MARA, Malaysia. DOI:

2021 ◽  
Vol 229 (4) ◽  
pp. 251-256
Birka Zapf ◽  
Mandy Hütter ◽  
Kai Sassenberg

Abstract. Product evaluation portals on the web that collect product ratings provide an excellent opportunity to observe opinion sharing in a natural setting. Evidence across different paradigms shows that minority opinions are shared less than majority opinions. This article reports a study testing whether this effect holds on product evaluation portals. We tracked the ratings of N = 76 products at 12 measurement points. We predicted that the higher (lower) the mean initial rating of a product, the more positive (negative) the newly contributed ratings will differ from this baseline – as an indication of the preferred sharing of majority compared to minority opinions. We found, however, that newly added ratings were on average less extreme than earlier ratings. These results can either be interpreted as regression to the mean or evidence for the preferred sharing of minority opinions.

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