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The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) is leading the development of global halal trade and has the opportunity to become a leader in the global halal supply chain, especially in global halal logistics. Given the push towards digital transformation in creating a halal ecosystem and regarding the agenda of ASEAN towards a digitally-enabled economy, this study wants to examine whether ASEAN digitally-enabled community is correlated with ASEAN's chances of becoming a global halal logistics. Through a correlation test, it is found that there is a statistically significant relationship between ASEAN digitally-enabled community, as measured in internet subscribers/users per 100 persons and cellular/mobile phone per 100 persons, and the opportunity for ASEAN to become a global halal logistics, measured in ASEAN GDP, total air cargo, total trade in goods, and international air passenger traffic. This is probably the first study that preliminarily confirms digitally-enabled community is very important to strengthen ASEAN's opportunities to become the global halal logistics.

2022 ◽  
Vol ahead-of-print (ahead-of-print) ◽  
Yingyu Zhong ◽  
Yingying Zhang ◽  
Meng Luo ◽  
Jiayue Wei ◽  
Shiyang Liao ◽  

Purpose Grounding the research in the stimulus-organism-resource (S-O-R) framework, this study aims to address the research gap of explaining and predicting the relationship between price discounts, interactivity and professionalism on college students’ purchasing intention in live-streaming shopping. It also attempts to understand if trust plays the role of mediator in the effect of these relationships. Design/methodology/approach This study collected data using a questionnaire protocol adapted and refined from the original scales in existing studies. The partial least squares structural equation modeling was used to analyze data collected from 258 college students in China. Other than assessing the path model’s explanatory power, this study examined the model’s predictive power toward predicting new cases using PLS predict. Findings Results indicated that all three predictors have a positive significant relationship with trust, while only price discounts demonstrate a significant relationship with purchase intention. Simultaneously, the mediation results provide support to the S-O-R framework demonstrating that external factors (professionalism, interactivity and price discounts) can arouse organism (trust), which in return, generate a behavioral outcome (purchase intention). Originality/value This study is the first few studies that focus on college students’ behavioral responses in an online shopping environment. At the same time, this is the first study supplement the explanatory perspective with a predictive focus, which is of particular importance in making sound recommendations on managerial decision-making.


Shift work is a social phenomenon with adverse effects on the lives and health of people in various aspects. This adverse effect decreases shift workers’ ability over a time period. The aim of the present study was to survey disturbances due to shift work and some disorders associated with work ability index among nurses in educational hospitals, Ahvaz, Iran. This cross-sectional survey was conducted among 33 nurses at the Golestan Hospital, Ahvaz, Iran. The survey of shift workers questionnaire (SOS) and the Work Ability Index (WAI) questionnaire was used as data collection tools. The related data was analyzed based on the descriptive statistics, Pearson correlation test, and Spearman correlation test using IBM SPSS software version 19. The results showed that 97% of problems related to the effects of shift work on the individuals’ lives, families, and musculoskeletal disorders, 87.9% related to insomnia and social problems, and 75.8% related to mental disorders. Although it showed a significant relationship between the workability index with the variable of experience and mental disorders, it showed no significant relationship between the prevalence of insomnia and musculoskeletal disorders variables. The results of this study showed that shift working disrupts mental, social, and physical health that ultimately adversely affect the ability of shift workers. Therefore, it was recommended to adjust working hours and allocate the appropriate shifts to improve the workability of individuals.

2022 ◽  
Vol 4 (3) ◽  
pp. 499-515
Siti Hajar Utami ◽  
Maemunah Sa'diyah

This study aims to describe the relationship between emotional intelligence and adaptability in online learning in class VII at SMPN 1 Bogor City. The method used in this research is a quantitative method with a correlation approach. The sample in this study was 25% of the total population of 288 (72 respondents) using simple random sampling technique. This data collection technique uses a questionnaire (questionnaire). Emotional intelligence using a questionnaire with the results of the validity test of 15 statement items, there are 14 statements that are proven valid and the reliability test results of the coefficient of 0.750 are declared reliable. While the ability to adapt in online learning using a questionnaire with the results of a valid test of 15 statements proved valid and a reliability test result of 0.762 was declared reliable. Prerequisite test is done by normality test and linearity test. Data analysis used the analyze correlate-bivariate technique on SPSS 26 with a significance level of 5%. The results showed that there was a positive and significant relationship between emotional intelligence and adaptability in online learning as indicated by the r-count value of 0.623 which means it has a strong correlation. And r-count is greater than r-table (0.623 > 0.232), then Ho is rejected and Ha is accepted. And the two variables also have a significant relationship because the significant value (p-value) is 0.000 <0.05, then Ho is rejected and Ha is accepted. Keyword: Emotional Intelligence, Adaptability, Online Learning

2022 ◽  
Vol 38 (3) ◽  
Kavous Shahsavarinia ◽  
Golnarz Rahvar ◽  
Hassan Soleimanpour ◽  
Mohammad Saadati ◽  
Leila Vahedi ◽  

Objectives: COVID-19 patients develop Life-threatening complications like pneumomediastinum/pneumothorax and emphysema which might experience prolonged hospital stays and additional costs might be imposed on the patient and the health system. The clinical features and outcomes of mechanically ventilated patients with COVID-19 infection who develop a pneumothorax, pneumomediastinum and subcutaneous emphysema has not been rigorously described or compared to those who do not develop these complications. So a systematic review of studies conducted on this subject was carried out to better manage these complications by investigating the underlying factors in COVID-19 patients. Methods: The search was conducted between early January and late December 2020 in databases including PubMed, Scopus, ProQuest, Embase, Cochrane Library, and Web of Science, using the following keywords and their combinations: COVID-19 Complication, Pneumothorax, Pneumomediastinum, Pneumopericardium, and Subcutaneous Emphysema. The extracted studies were screened separately by two researchers based on the PRISMA statement. After eliminating the duplicate studies, the title, abstract, and full text of the remaining studies were reviewed. Disagreements in the screening and selection of the studies were resolved by consensus or through a third-party opinion.  Results: A total of 793 articles were retrieved through the literature search, and 99 studies conducted on a total of 139 patients were finally included The patient mortality was found to have a significant relationship with positive pressure ventilation (P=0.0001). There was no significant relationship between the patients’ death and chest tube insertion (P=0.2) or between the interval of time from the onset of symptoms to the diagnosis of pneumothorax (P=0.7). The mean age was higher in the deceased cases, and the mean difference observed was statistically significant (P=0.001).  Conclusion: With the expansion of our clinical understanding of COVID-19, recognition of the uncommon complications of COVID-19 especially pneumothorax is crucial. Although in our review we couldn’t find a causal relationship between COVID-19 and pneumothorax or association between pneumothorax and death, as it is limited by many variables such as included studies’ design, or incomplete outcome data especially more information about the associated risk factors, we recommend performing more well-designed studies to describe the pneumothoraxes› incidence, risk factors, and outcomes in COVID-19 patients. doi: How to cite this:Shahsavarinia K, Rahvar G, Soleimanpour H, Saadati M, Vahedi L, Mahmoodpoor A. Spontaneous pneumomediastinum, pneumothorax and subcutaneous emphysema in critically ill COVID-19 patients: A systematic review. Pak J Med Sci. 2022;38(3):---------. doi: This is an Open Access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License (, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.

2022 ◽  
Vol 11 (1) ◽  
pp. 493-509
Serkan Gokalp

<p style="text-align: justify;">This research aims to determine the relationship between school principals' cultural intelligence level and teachers' job satisfaction and intention to leave. The relational survey model was used in this study. The data of the research were collected from 800 teachers working in public middle schools in the central districts of Mersin Province in the 2020-2021 academic year. The data were collected through Personal Information Form, Cultural Intelligence Scale, Job Satisfaction Scale, and Intention to Leave Scale. The data were analyzed through correlation analysis, Structural Equation Modeling and Sobel Test. According to the results of the research, a strong, positive and significant relationship was found between the cultural intelligence level of school principals and the job satisfaction of teachers. A strong, negative, and significant relationship was determined between the cultural intelligence level of school principals and teachers' intention to leave. A strong, negative, and significant relationship was determined between teachers' job satisfaction and their intention to leave. It was found that the cultural intelligence level of school principals negatively predicted teachers' intention to leave. It was also determined that cultural intelligence levels of school principals negatively predicted teachers' intention to leave through job satisfaction, and teachers’ job satisfaction was a partial mediator of the relationship between the cultural intelligence levels of school principals and teachers' intention to leave. It was suggested that candidates with high cultural intelligence levels should be given priority in the appointment process of school principals.</p>

أزهار محمد محمد عبد البر

The aim of the research is to identify the personal characteristics of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. The research sample consisted of 360 individuals from different spectrums in society. The descriptive and analytical method was used, and a questionnaire was prepared for the personal characteristics of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and a questionnaire of the moral and human values in the contemporary world. : The personal characteristics of the Prophet Muhammad were as follows: The Prophet Muhammad, upon him be prayers and peace, was characterized by sincerity, honesty and generosity among his companions. He was characterized by humility, justice, forgiveness and pardon. He was characterized by sincerity in secret, openness and mercy for children. He was never afraid of anyone as long as he was right and his courage increased after the prophetic mission, from the human and moral values that have been agreed upon in the contemporary world: love and defense of the homeland, preservation of sacred places, love for school and appreciation of teachers, rationalization of the use of water and electricity, appreciation of scientific progress Generous hospitality, advising others, visiting patients, appreciating professions and respecting their owners, being kind to others, maintaining order, maintaining the law and respecting rights Child, animal welfare, justice, loyalty, patience, honesty, humility and respect for the rights of others, sympathy for the poor, selflessness, sincerity in work, tolerance for others, seeking lawful earnings, suppressing anger, kindness to animals, generosity, avoiding bad behaviors, Hide anger and do good deeds, love beauty, arts and inventions, appreciate scientific progress, provide advice to others, and the research also found that there is a positive and statistically significant relationship between the personal characteristics of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him and between the human and moral values in the contemporary world.

Mohammad Mahdi Peighambari ◽  
Firoozeh Moradkarami ◽  
Anita Sadeghpour ◽  
Bahador Baharestani ◽  
Alireza Alizadeh-Ghavidel ◽  

Background: Several surgical procedures such as excision or exclusion are recommended for the closure of the left atrial appendage (LAA). This study was conducted with the aim to evaluate the success rate of different surgical techniques for LAA closure, their respective complications, and the rate of post-surgical cerebrovascular accident (CVA). Methods: This retrospective study included 150 consecutive patients who underwent LAA closure most commonly after mitral valve surgery within 3 to 6 months after surgery. An expert echocardiographic fellow collected the data on patients’ surgical LAA closure methods and history of CVA, types of prosthetic valves, mortality, and bleeding. Results: The failure rate for complete LAA closure was 36.7% (55 patients) in our study. The greatest success rate of complete LAA closure was seen in purse-string method (75.5%), followed by resection method (71.4%), while the lowest success rate (≈ 33.3%) was observed in ligation method. A significant relationship was observed between clots on the surface of metallic valve and postoperative CVA (P = 0.001; likelihood ratio: 32). significant relationship between partial LAA closure and the incidence of post-surgical CVA (P > 0.050). Conclusion: We observed the highest success rate of complete LAA closure in purse-string method followed by resection method. Interestingly, our results showed that despite the higher rate of residual LAA clot in cases of partial LAA closure, the occurrence of post-surgical CVA was mostly related to the presence of clots on the surface of metallic mitral prostheses rather than the presence of partial LAA closure.

2022 ◽  
Vol 2022 ◽  
pp. 1-5
Alaa Makke

Background. Many factors play a significant role in osseointegration and healing after dental implant insertion and restoration. Some factors are related to dental biomaterials, such as the dental implant, prosthesis, and grafting materials. Other factors can be connected to operator skills and accumulated experience. Local and systemic patient-related factors are crucial in determining the success of the dental implant. Thorough examination and analysis of local factors using available examination tools are vital to prepare the implant candidate for such treatment. The patient’s systemic condition directly affects the healing of the dental implant. One of the most overlooked systemic factors is the patients’ vitamin D level, which influences bone formation around the implant and subsequent osseointegration. The current review examined the available literature regarding the association between vitamin D supplementation and dental implant osseointegration. Methods. Data of this review were derived from recent research available on PubMed, Google Scholar, and Scopus. Inclusion criteria were the relation between the vitamin D serum and dental implant osseointegration or failure. The Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses (PRISMA) checklist was followed to perform the review. The study’s outcome was the need for vitamin D supplementation to prevent implant failure. Results. Five human studies (including case reports, case series, and retrospective studies) and six animal studies. All included studies discussed the relationship between vitamin D, early dental implant failure, and bone implant contact. Three retrospective studies found no significant relationship between vitamin D supplementation and EDIFs in humans. On the other hand, one retrospective study showed a significant relationship in humans. A case report and case series claimed that the implant was successfully placed after vitamin D supplementation. A total of four animal studies showed a significant relationship between vitamin D supplementation and osseointegration of the dental implant. Two animal studies showed no significant association. Conclusion. To ensure optimal treatment outcomes, it is recommended to supplement the patient with vitamin D if the serum level is not within the normal range. Further clinical studies and case reports are needed to confirm the association between serum vitamin D levels and osseointegration.

2022 ◽  
pp. 1-26
Sarah Demmrich ◽  
Havagül Akçe

Abstract The religious openness hypothesis, which states that religious traditions have the potential to integrate faith with intellect, is examined in this study within a migration context for the first time. Based on two lines of research, our central question is whether the sociological context or the Islamic tradition per se explains the (in)compatibility of faith and intellect orientation and their relation to psychological openness. Religious openness, psychological openness (ambiguity tolerance and acculturation strategies) and religiosity were measured among Muslims with a Turkish migration background in Germany. Our findings show a non-significant relationship between faith and intellect orientation and we therefore propose that the secular context is the crucial explaining factor. Religious reflection also moderates the link between different forms of religiosity and ambiguity tolerance. Finally, heterogeneous religious rationalities were uncovered that challenge the negative view of Muslims as fanatic, closed-minded people which prevails among the German majority society.

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