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2022 ◽  
Vol 12 (2) ◽  
pp. 782
Shunjun Hong ◽  
Xiaozhou Hu

In the process of conveying coarse-grained minerals, the internal flow-through passage components of mining pumps are subject to wear. The flow of coarse particles in such pumps is complex and changes constantly, making it necessary to study the non-steady-state wear characteristics and test the flow passage components. The evolution of the surface wear rate for the flow passage components during one third of a rotation cycle (120°) of a mining pump impeller with small, design, and large flow rates was analyzed in this study based on a discrete phase model (DPM). The flow that occurs during an entire rotation cycle of the impeller was investigated. The wear test was carried out with a small test pump with the same specific speed as and a similar structure to that of the deep-sea mining pump. The test results were compared with the numerical calculation results of the deep-sea mining pump obtained by using the same numerical calculation method and wear model, and the test wear area was found to be more consistent with the numerical calculation wear area. The results show that the numerical calculation method used in this article can more accurately predict the surface wear of the passage components of the mining pump and provides a suitable method for the prediction of the wear characteristics of the mining pump.

2022 ◽  
Xuebang Gao ◽  
Li Xie

Abstract. Sandy dust weather occur frequently in arid and semi-arid areas. It is important to actually detect the sandy dust grain concentration or the visibility of the sandy dust weather for weather forecasting. In this paper, based on numerical calculation of the effective detection distance of different radar detecting the sandy-dust weather with different strength, a scheme to detect sand/dust weather applying existed meteorological radar stations is proposed in this paper. The scheme can be efficient to detect sandy dust weather, for it makes a good supplement to the current deficiencies in detecting sandy dust weather and it’s a cost-saving detection way by using the existed meteorological radars. In addition, the effect of charges carried by sand/dust grains and the relative humidity on the effective detection distance of radar is also investigated, and it shows that these effects will not change the proposed scheme. It will be promising to detect the sandy dust weather in the way of disastrous weather precaution by using this scheme.

2022 ◽  
Vol 12 (2) ◽  
pp. 550
Yiheng Song ◽  
Ziying Wang ◽  
Jie Chen ◽  
Jinxiang Chen

Curved surfaces can give plates a unique aesthetic effect and physical advantages in acoustics and optics. Assembling such curved plates can greatly improve the image of buildings and enrich their functions. It is thus not surprising to notice that their wide applications in designed or completed buildings in China have become a trend. Thus, this study offers a comprehensive summary of the application progress of curved plates in the architectural field from three aspects: image expression, acoustic characteristics, and optical characteristics. On this basis, future directions are proposed. The main findings or suggestions are as follows: (1) climate harshness has increased recently, and the safety of structures and materials and the coupling effect of the two must be fully considered when designing the shapes of curved surface buildings; (2) research on the mechanism and numerical calculation of curved diffuser systems with different sizes and curvatures needs to be further developed; and (3) experimental studies of various and complex curved plates and different conditions to explore their optimal reflectivity, transmittance, absorptivity, and other optical properties will be an important development direction.

Dan Huang ◽  
Xiao-Qing Li ◽  
Wen-Chao Song

In this study, grading of surrounding rock was based on rock mass basic quality (BQ) values according to the specifications in China. Numerical approach was to construct synthetic rock mass (SRM) model to represent the jointed rock mass, and obtain the strength of the rock mass. It represented intact rock by the bonded particle model (BPM), and represent joint behaviour by the smooth joint model (SJM) to construct the discrete fracture network (DFN). In the Hongtuzhang Tunnel, the micro properties of granite cores with different weathered degrees were determined by the validation process, and the calculation representative elementary volume (REV) of surrounding rock was 15 m×15 m. Five slightly weathered, three slightly to moderately weathered, and two moderately weathered granite surrounding rock mass models were established based on the probability distribution of joint sets in each borehole, the conversion BQ value was acquired according by the calculated strength of rock mass model. It was discussed the differences of surrounding rock grades between the geological survey method and the numerical calculation method, and then found that the geological survey report is higher than the numerical calculation method predicted. And the numerical calculation is consistent with the actual excavation of rock mass at borehole A1388.

2021 ◽  
Vol 10 (1) ◽  
pp. 39
Yao Shi ◽  
Jinyi Ren ◽  
Shan Gao ◽  
Guang Pan

In order to study the influence of pressure-equalizing exhaust at the shoulder of a submarine-launched vehicle on the surface hydrodynamic characteristics, this paper establishes a numerical calculation method based on the VOF multiphase flow model, the standard RNG turbulence model and the overset mesh technology; the method compares the fusion characteristics of the air film at the shoulder of the underwater vehicle, as well as the distribution of surface pressure along the vehicle’s axial direction. The results show that the approximate isobaric zone derived from air film fusion can greatly improve the hydrodynamic characteristics of the vehicle, and the number of venting holes determines the circumferential fusion time of the air film. The greater the number of venting holes, the sooner circumferential fusion starts.

2021 ◽  
Vol 33 (6) ◽  
pp. 257-264
Moon Su Kwak ◽  
Nobuhisa Kobayashi

This study established a numerical model capable of calculating the wave overtopping rate of coastal structures by nonlinear irregular waves using the FUNWAVE-TVD model, a fully nonlinear Boussinesq equation model. Here, a numerical model was established by coding the mean value approach equations of EurOtop (2018) and empirical formula by Goda (2009), and adding them as subroutines of the FUNWAVE-TVD model. The verification of the model was performed by numerically calculating the wave overtopping rate of nonlinear irregular waves on vertical wall structures and comparing them with the experimental results presented in EurOtop (2018). As a result of the verification, the numerical calculation result according to the EurOtop equation of this model was very well matched with the experimental result in all relative freeboard (Rc/Hmo) range under non-impulsive wave conditions, and the numerical calculation result of empirical formula was evaluated slightly smaller than the experimental result in Rc/Hmo < 0.8 and slightly larger than the experimental result in Rc/Hmo > 0.8. The results of this model were well represented in both the exponential curve and the power curve under impulsive wave conditions. Therefore, it was confirmed that this numerical model can simulate the wave overtopping rate caused by nonlinear irregular waves in an vertical wall structure.

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